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04 Aug 12 02:44
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The Moon Landings

It was the realization of a goal that President John F. Kennedy had set eight years earlier in a speech to Congress:

“First, I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.”

Kennedy's speech to congress in May 1961 was made just one month after the USSR had successfully put man (Yuri Gagarin) in space for the first time. Two years earlier the Soviets had successfully put Sputnik the first man made satellite into orbit. During this period the US had struggled to put anything larger than a 2 kilo bag of sugar beyond the confines of our own planet.

Given that the Soviets were way ahead of the Americans doesn't it seem strange that a politician no less
a President would risk his reputation that in just over 8 years they would be capable of both landing a man on the moon and returning him to earth  and advertising his intention's to the Soviets? And what if the Soviets beat him to it? The whole project would have been meaningless!

The only way he could make such a speech is if he knew for certain that the US would achieve that goal within the decade and for certain that the Soviets wouldn't. And how could he have possibly known that?

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 UFO Santa Claus Alien Encounter nsa cover up

Watch the video.
Santa Clause is the Code name US Astronauts used to tell NASA of encounters with UFO's.
The Astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission didn't know it but the so called UFO traveling alongside them was infact guiding them and would both land them on the Moon and lift them back off, by use of a tractor beam.
Only a handful of people within the President's own circle & at NASA knew of this.
Santa Clause of course brings gifts, but why would the occupants or beings controlling the UFO  be helping the Americans to land men on the moon?

They arrived in the late summer of 1947 from Bocalis Sati a binary star system in the constellation of Hydra some 250 light years from Earth. Their mission a 50 year contract to manage and police the Earth. To guide it safely through the five decade Ultimate Risk period, that civilizations that evolve in Solar Systems (which are as common across each galaxy as blades of grass in a meadow), & reach the  scientific & technological ability to produce Nuclear Warheads, must go through. Safely without destroying themselves, damaging neighboring systems, & by keeping other alien and possibly malevolent visitors attracted by the nuclear fallout transmitions across the galaxy. From harming the Earths Eco systems.

To be continued.....
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Report blackburn1 November 6, 2013 12:29 PM GMT
They're not stories though, its just nonsense. The world is full of crackpots who can type out a few paragraphs of garbage.
Report northernlad5 November 6, 2013 12:30 PM GMT
No I didn't!

Flash Gordon was rather stupid. Star Wars boring.
I did watch the Twilight Zone & Early Star Treck but only because as a family my dad chose the programmes and to be fair to him, there wasn't a great deal of choice.

I'd rather watch a documentary about anything, current affairs or politics than any fictional offering. I very rarely watch films unless based on true stories.

I've always hated science fiction and would often wander off up stairs to read my dads First & Second World War Books.

Never read comics.

Wouldn't it be easier just to accept what I described happened?
Report blackburn1 November 6, 2013 12:31 PM GMT
Wouldn't it be easier just to accept what I described happened?

Jesus wept
Report blackburn1 November 6, 2013 12:33 PM GMT
Story writers are Jeffrey Archer and J K Rowling, nlad is just another deluded fantasist. He writes tall stories every day, its impossible to believe a word he says
Report northernlad5 November 6, 2013 12:48 PM GMT

If you have read this from the start you would know that absolutely nothing has been plagiarized from anywhere.

Not only does it cover the Moon landings (ever heard that story before) to-
An external multi-womb emerging in a lake with an original sketch - heard or seen that before.
Then of course there was my trip to Bocalis Sarti the Guardians home binary system in Hydra. - ever heard that before.

Problem for doubters is it all fits together, makes sense and is even explained in a simple mathematical formulae.

Look at my moniker beside my username - I sketched it - its a worm hole! Ever seen
it before?

I'm not the slightest bit interested in writing a fictional book, & wouldn't know how, and have clearly not got the imagination to get through a first page.
Report Menelaus November 6, 2013 12:54 PM GMT
@ northernlad

Why don't you address paddletoe, Gnarley or mickstick by their proper name? EO.

You do realize that willingly participating in this charade enables it, yes?
Report paddletoe November 6, 2013 1:04 PM GMT
Northern Lad respect your loyalty to Melanus but you must realise that the price for that "friendship" is that you can never disagree with anything he says.
Report northernlad5 November 6, 2013 1:11 PM GMT
Because Menelaus I'm beginning to think Paddletoe, Gnarley, mickstick etc. Don't know they are EO. Although I'm pretty sure he knows he's them!

He has spent so much time developing them & you notice they are appearing more and more often. Initially disagreeing with him but gradually coming around to his way of thinking.
I think they genuinely think they are real.

Mickstick gave himself away by posting a nasty thread after we took him & EO apart (Irish loan). Exactly the thing EO does after being smashed.

Paddletoe plays the innocent attempting to come across as unbiased but I note the EO sarcasm coming through now on here.

Gnarly always appears polite so I'll humor him till EO gets frustrated.

Besides the last thing I want to do on this thread is give attention seeking EO another platform.
Report paddletoe November 6, 2013 1:12 PM GMT
If you don't agree with Papal infallibility NL you should not put up with Melanus's sense of infallibility.
Report northernlad5 November 6, 2013 1:13 PM GMT
Yes paddletoe dear, now don't you fret!

Menelaus WinkWinkWink
Report paddletoe November 6, 2013 1:23 PM GMT
There are some people who I would blindly follow to the gates of hell. So I respect your loyalty NL.
Report northernlad5 November 6, 2013 1:31 PM GMT
Actually I do agree with Papal Infallibility!

The Pope as head of the Catholic Church has traditionally had the final say on all matters of Catholic doctrine. PI doesn't mean he can't be wrong just that his word is err.. Gospel

Anyway I don't want this thread to go the way of the Chit Chat version with so many irrelevant interruptions it starts to loose its continuity and cohesion.

If people want to comment please stick to the thread topic.
Report Menelaus November 6, 2013 1:32 PM GMT
@ northernlad

Nice post, thanks for the response.

I too think that he is engrossed in this grotesque fantasy so deep, he's completely lost track of reality, and often confuses alter-egos, shadows and voices in his head with.......real people.

I asked as much yesterday, "How do you manage to convince yourself that the lie........real?"

Impossible to do if you have your wits and senses about you, easy to to do when you are deranged.

At any rate, all I was trying to say is that you made your point, time to move on to something else. Participating in this obscene charade, no matter how good the motivation, only helps dignify it.

Let the poor deranged man alone in his madness. His biggest enemy is not you or's HIMSELF.
Report northernlad5 November 6, 2013 1:45 PM GMT
True Mene, everyone to their own, but my way of dealing with EO is to completely ignore him since coming back from suspension. I don't have the time and to be honest can't type fast enough to counter the many hours a day he spends plotting abuse to get a reaction.

If you choose to take him on day after day with all his many aliases & cronies-

   06 Nov 13 13:23

"There are some people who I would blindly follow to the gates of hell".

Say's it all really.

Good luck, as you continue to win each & every argument, but I couldn't be bothered giving him any sort of platform - even a scaffold!
Report northernlad5 November 7, 2013 4:24 AM GMT
Adam, Eve, & the Neanderthals: Peripheral Conclusions.

I say peripheral because I learned a knew way of assessing vast amounts of information quickly and accurately. You need to remember that at the time I was getting these visions I was also picking up a lot of other information. I once saw a drama based on Watson & Cricks discovery of DNA. It was said that his research team would often remark on Watson's uncanny ability to see things nobody else could, saying - “Watti's hot today!”

And during that period my mind felt like it was on fire in finding answers to questions that previously I wouldn't have had a clue.

At the same time I was studying these visions and their significance, I was also studying many other subjects all simultaneously. The sub atomic, world religion, human sexuality & physiology, the space race etc etc etc.

I learned to look at things from the outside in, like a spherical jigsaw. - The whole system. Take all the waves of information and place inwardly, moving towards points or pillars of conclusions to give an overall definitive and probable truth. Probable,because absolute truths if wrong or not wholly right  would lead me down wrong paths.

So Adam & Eve & The Neanderthals what did it all mean?

A third and shorter vision than the first two. I found myself back in the Forrest  were I'd first seen Adam and Eve. I saw a group including Adam & Nerco, about a dozen men,more than half their number Neanderthal, very slowly moving towards some particular trees and bushes.
Coo coo, coo, - it was a human male up in one of the trees this his hands cupped making this bird sound.
The group all closed in from different direction as the man in the tree pointed down to his left about ten feet away. Something suddenly shot out attempting to escape the group, and as two humans tried to get a net over it, a neanderthal threw himself on top of what now appeared to be a fawn or small dear, grabbed it around the neck and with one yank, I could hear the cracking of bone and the creature lay dead. Its legs still nervously twitching.

What the visions seemed to be telling me was that far from enemies, adversaries or even rivals, early humans had a deep working a social relationship with neanderthals.

I'd obviously heard of neanderthals but couldn’t of told you when they existed in relationship with early humans. Nor exactly were they lived,  I must have seen early images of neanderthals looking more like gorillas, and apparently very aggressive, and later representations based on archeological remains that were very accurate, and close to what they really looked like.

I spent time studying in the library.
The claim that neanderthal's were destroyed by early humans I could dismiss quite confidently.

Also that they may have starved as animals died off after the Ice Age.
I had been able to date the visions somewhere between 30,000 – 25,000 years ago.

I had noticed that in the cave vision there had been very few neanderthal children playing outside the cave to the number of adults inside, particularly in comparison to Adam & eve's small group with almost as many children. Also there were about half a dozen or so neanderthals either lying down and being tended as if unwell, and a male with a crude looking crutch and a female who seemingly couldn't walk and dragged herself around the floor of the cave.
Strangely all the neanderthals looked middle to late middle age with fewer adolescents and fewer kids.
There didn't seem to be any old neanderthals.

Whilst studying I was quite struck with the poor condition of some of the Neanderthal skulls and bones in archeological photo's and especially in comparison to some much earlier hominid remains.
I think I remember reading a report that neanderthals suffered chronic arthritis.

Why was the 'Venus fertility Goddesses' as their known, so valuable to the neanderthals?

It seemed obvious from all the information neanderthals were at the point of my visions failing to breed successfully.

Humans it seemed were producing these figurines and trading them in an attempt to help the neanderthal reproduce in successful numbers.

All white European's have up to 4% neanderthal DNA.
Could it have been that when all else failed including the 'Venus fertility figurines', in the last few decades of Neanderthal existence, humans offered themselves to impregnate the females and when that failed, offered human women as surrogates, but the neanderthal's fertility, now gradually being switched off by solar coded changes, too few human women gave birth and no doubt to the neanderthals despair, those that did, gave birth to humans not neanderthals.

Man has always had a special relationship with animals. The more intelligent the animal the closer the relationship. Even in our sophisticated mehanised computer controlled world – Mans best friend is his still his dog. Are our canine companions just a consolation in the primeval parts of our brain, still longing for our original best mate the neanderthal.

To be continued.......
Report zorrostrikes November 7, 2013 7:31 AM GMT
you earthlings are brain fooked?
Report northernlad5 November 13, 2013 4:11 AM GMT
After 17 Years I Still Keep Coming Back To The Same Conclusions.

When studying Neanderthals and Human Evolution 17 years ago, I with Castor & Pollux's encouragement came to a set of conclusions.

That modern **** Sappiens didn't evolve from any other sub-species. Neither  we  nor the sub -species evolved from Apes. And Apes didn't evolve from any prior specie.

All the evolutionary changes and changes to the planet Earth & atmosphere were inter – related and products of Solar Coding.

After 17 Years I Still Keep Coming Back To The Same Conclusions.

When studying Neanderthals and Human Evolution 17 years ago, I with Castor & Pollux's encouragement came to a set of conclusions.

That modern **** Sappiens didn't evolve from any other sub-species. Neither  we  nor the sub -species evolved from Apes. And Apes didn't evolve from any prior specie.

All the evolutionary changes and changes to the planet Earth & atmosphere were inter – related and products of Solar Coding.

Of course there was one massive problem with my conclusions-

How could species simply appear from nowhere, and what about the close similarities between early apes and the various extinct homonids as in the famous diagram of a chimpanzee type ape, gradually getting taller, and straightening up through various stages, too  eventually evolve into modern man?

In Sept 96 I was given the answer before I'd started asking the question.

The vision – the External Multi Womb. At first, despite the fact that it did not come from my mind, and  Pollux  admitted I would see visions that I had no experience of, and looking at it, neither had anybody else EVER. I couldn't take it seriously. It was just too weird, too implausible.

Spiraling Problems With The Accepted Evolutionary Model.

My main problem with the evolutionary model back then was the 'Out of Africa' Model & the diversity
of modern humans, and the sudden appearance of modern humans in all four corners of the Earth in such a short time period according to archeological finds, and in particular the modern human skull.

It was generally accepted then that we did not evolve from Neanderthals. The upper arm bone of a Neanderthal is three times the thickness of a human and there would not have been enough time for natural selection to make those changes, and we co existed with them in Europe, were they are not found any where else in the world.

The 'Out of Africa! ' model however depends on a link with **** Erectus &  **** Hibilis. As in 30,000 years Modern Humans (**** Sappiens) could not have evolved in Africa and spread out to inhabit practically the whole planet. So **** Erectus & **** Hibilis who are found in a lot of different locations around the globe  (But certainly not all )are supposed to have done most of the leg work from a much earlier period. Without them it is simply impossible for  modern humans to have spread from Africa out through Asia up to far East Russia cross the Bering straights into Alaska down the Western region of the North Central & South America along the Andes to reach the islands of  Tierra Del Fuego in only 15000 years.

I have looked over the problems again in the last few weeks to find that far from the problems I found 17 years ago being solved, or in anyway overcome, the problems have spiraled with many new ones.

Here's a few-

More Problems for Alleged Human Evolution
Kyle Butt, M.A.

“Most of us remember seeing the drawings in science textbooks. The evolution of man depicted in its various “well-documented” stages, from ape-like ancestor to modern **** sapiens. This “ape-like-ancestor-to-man,” gradual progression entrenched in science textbooks for the past four-five decades, posted in museums of natural history and force-fed to several generations, is currently coming under heavy attack—and not just from creationists.
In 2000, renowned paleontologist Meave Leakey and her co-workers discovered two fossils in Kenya. The team reported on the fossil finds in the August issue of Nature magazine (448[7145]:688-691). The fossils Leakey found were of alleged human ancestors named **** erectus and **** habilis. It was supposed by many in the scientific community that **** habilis was the human ancestor that evolved into **** erectus which evolved into humans. Leakey, et al., reported, however, that the skull they found of **** erectus was in walking distance to an upper jawbone of **** habilis (Borenstein, 2007). Thus, the new find suggests to the scientific community that **** habilis did not evolve into **** erectus, eliminating another key character from the evolution-of-man progressionary chart.
What reactions has this new find evoked? Borenstein wrote that it “pokes holes in the chief theory of man’s early evolution—that one species evolved from another” (2007). Fred Spoor, a co-author of the Nature article, said the new fossils paint a “chaotic kind of looking evolutionary tree rather than this heroic march that you see with the cartoons of an early ancestor evolving into some intermediate and eventually unto us” (as quoted in Borenstein, 2007). Borenstein also interviewed Bill Kimbel, science director of the institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University. Kimbel noted that the old idea of human evolution “is just too simple and keeps getting revised.” He noted that the evolutionary scientific community “used to think **** sapiens evolved from Neanderthals. But now we know that both species lived during the same time period and that we did not come from Neanderthals” (2007).
It is obvious to the unbiased observer that something is dreadfully wrong with alleged human evolution. We are supposed to believe that humans evolved over millions of years from knuckle-walking, ape-like creatures into upright, intelligent, talking humans. When we ask for proof of this idea, we are told that the fossil record verifies the various stages of this evolution, and the evolutionary community is gracious enough to provide cartoon-like illustrations depicting the stages that are supposedly documented by the fossil evidence. Yet, when we begin to analyze the data behind the picture, we are told, “Oh, we’re not sure that ape-like creature had anything to do with human evolution.” Or we are told, “Right, well those two lived at the same time so the one could not have evolved into the other.”
What, then, are we told to do with this ever-shifting, elusive human family tree that is continuously rearranged and redefined? We are simply told to trust that humans really did evolve and not worry over the “details” of how it happened. Susan Anton, another co-author of the Leakey report, said that she expects “anti-evolutionists” will use the new information to attack evolution, but she says that would be a mistake. “This is not questioning the idea at all of evolution; it is refining some of the specific points. This is a great example of what science does and religion doesn’t do. It’s a continous [sic] self-testing process” (as quoted in Borenstein, 2007).
Consider Anton’s statement. We are told that humans evolved from ape-like creatures, given as evidence a series of alleged ancestors, then told that they are not really ancestors at all, but that we should still believe in human evolution. The truth of the matter is, humans did not evolve from lower mammals, and the “evidence” that is constantly being “refined” is so tenuous that a measly skull and jawbone can rewrite an entire family tree that evolutionary scientists have spent millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of work-hours, and half a century concocting. The material in the science textbooks of 50 years ago is useless and obsolete, yet at the time of its printing it was touted as irrefutable evidence for human evolution. The material in the textbook tomorrow will be in the same lamentable shape in another 40 years. Thus, we have a perpetual, vicious cycle in which the idea of human evolution is based on material that is constantly being refuted, but the most recent is said finally to be “it.” When will the evolutionary community cast an honest look back at the sordid history of their beloved theory of human evolution and recognize the cyclic of dishonest in which they are trapped? As one critical writer noted: “These people do not know who begat whom, and they can’t tell dates with any credibility; they keep losing links into gaps and moving things around, yet they expect us to believe they are the Masters of Enlightenment when telling us where we came from” (“**** habilis Contemporary...,” 2007)”.

Other problems for Human Evolution, Nachman’s U-Paradox
December 29, 2006
Posted by scordova under Intelligent Design

Cornell geneticist John Sanford pointed out many problems confronting the theory of Darwinian evolution, particularly human evolution. (See: Genetic Entropy ) Many of his arguments were subtle. Among them was his discussion of a somewhat obscure paper: Estimate of the Mutation Rate per Nucleotide in Humans by Nachman.
Nachman writes:
The high deleterious mutation rate in humans presents a paradox.
What Nachman’s paper discusses is the idea of purifying selection (getting rid of bad mutations). If a population on average is receiving 3 deleterious mutations per individual, each female would have to be making 40 offspring to provide sufficent population resources to purge the bad mutations out of the population. But only 3 deleterious mutations per individual might be extremely optimistic. What if we’re dealing with more?

How much time and population resources would be needed to maintain the population if each individual is adding 100 deleterious mutations per generation (even 100 might be optimistic)? But the problem is worsened by the fact this is just to maintain the status quo, much less evolve the population. This problem is the U-Paradox.
To evolve the population, one needs to add new mutations and either fix some mutations and remove (purify away) others. Haldane’s dilemma deals with the difficulty of fixation. Nachman U-Paradox problem deals with the difficulty of purification. Even if the mutations were neutral, Nachman’s paper still poses the problem of how to purify away neutral mutations such that the genomes between each member of the species remains relatively similar (humans are about 99.5% similar to each other).
Recall that for innovation to happen mutations need to be added. Thus, there is the associated cost of getting rid of unwanted innovations. I would argue that calculations should include purifying away even many neutral mutations because of the high degree of mono-morphism between each member of the species (i.e., humans are about 99.5% similar to each other).
Sanford vigorously objected to the hand-waving in Nachman’s paper and Nachman’s appeals to “synergistic epistasis” to kluge away the problems. “Synergistic epistasis” was essentially a phrase to cover up a serious problem [for example, the Darwinists concocted "abiogenesis" and compartmentalized away a major problem for their theory]. There may be isolated examples of “Synergistic epistasis”, but as a generalized principle and cure-all for the U-paradox, Sanford is highly skeptical.
Nachman pulled the number 3 out of the air simply based on the fact he didn’t think human females would be making more than 40 offspring on average (that would mean some girls need to have 70 kids to make up for the under-producers that have only 10 kids).
The average number of such mutations is designated by the symbol, “U”. For 3 deleterious mutations, U=3. What if U=100 (a more realistic, but still optimistic number)? How hard will the females have to work at making kids?
Consider then that we humans have a 180,000,000 base pair difference from chimps, about 6% difference (see: Humans only 94% similar to chimps, not 98.5%). Does one get the sense a problem is lurking somewhere?
Let’s assume (very generously) that for every 3 desirable mutations fixed we need to purify out 3 unwanted mutations. For the chimp human divergence we would be dealing with 90,000,000 nucleotides (180,000,000 / 2 ). 90,000,000 /3 = 30,000,000 generations or about 600,000,000 years. What if U=100? Recall, U=3 was just pulled out of the air! U=100 has some experimental verification, and it may actually be far worse.
I’ve glossed over a multitude of issues, and I’m sure the Darwinists will be angrily objecting. I can already anticipate all the misrepresentations and distortions the Darwinists in the blogsphere will offer (their usual modus operandi). Well, I’ll counter that they need seriously work the numbers and make a convincing case. Right now, human evolution from accepted evolutionary principles is speculation at best. If a fine geneticist like John Sanford finds the numbers objectionable, then it will at least give me pause.
I’m not saying the issues have been conclusively resolved one way or another, but I post this to suggest, the issue of human evolution via any sort of accepted mechanism is far from settled. The Darwinists to their credit are very clever. When confronted with a insurmountable problem, label the problem as being fixed by a yet undefined mechanism. In this case, the kluge is “synergistic epistasis”.
A Problem With Human Evolution - A Question Posed To Everyone
Evolution is described as the origin of species through the product of cumulative evolutionary changes over billions of years. Basically, a minor change in the code that makes up a life form, past on to it descendants, combine with additional changes to their descendants over many years, to make a new species. So in order for a change to be carried on, the first organism with that change must reproduce, as must their descendants.
Human and chimpanzees are like species. According to the theory of evolution, we share a common ancestor. Genetic research has yielded findings that state out DNA is 99% the same. One key difference between the species is chromosome 2. Humans have 46 chromosomes (23 chromosome pairs). That is two sex chromosomes (either XX female or XY male) and 44 autosomes . Autosomes work the same in either male or female, and everyone has two copies of each chromosome 1 through 22. One from the mother and the second from the father. The same is true for all species, except for the number of chromosome pairs and the sex chromosomes (some species have different chromosomes and different methods of combination).
Chimpanzees (and other ape species) however have 48 chromosomes (24 pairs). Two sex chromosomes and 46 autosomes. This means that somewhere along the line, the ancestor of humans made the change from 48 chromosomes to only 46. Scientists have discovered that this happened by combining two chromosomes. There was a fusion even in which what is known in chimpanzees as Chromosomes 2A and 2B fused to make what is in humans Chromosome 2. Also a part of Chromosome 9 contributed to the mix. All humans have this fused chromosome. This suggests it was single event. This means that an early hominid experienced such a mutation. He (for the sake of reference, it could have just as easily been a she) has chromosomes 1, and 3-22 from one parent with fused Chromosome 2. That would make 22 autosomes. Then the normal 1, 2A, 2B and 3-22 from the other parent, making a total if 23 autosomes. Combined with the two sex chromosomes would make 47. This presents a problem.
In order for meiosis to occur and make gametes (sperm or eggs) there must be an even number of chromosomes. They must be in pairs. If they are uneven, the organism is sterile. For example, mules, which are the mating of a horse and a donkey. Donkeys have 62 chromosomes and horses have 64. Mules would then have 63, and it is for this reason they are generally sterile. This human ancestor would have experienced the same problem. While he may have been perfectly healthy with all the required genetic material to build a healthy body, the inability for meiosis would mean the mutation couldn't be spread. There are a few scenarios in which this could happen.

Scenario 1 - Two human-chimpanzee ancestors produce an embryo with 47 chromosomes
This embryo would grow, become fully formed and be born. As healthy as he may appear to be, he would be sterile. He could mate as many times as he liked but with out meiosis, no offspring would result.
Scenario 2 - Human-chimpanzee ancestor with 48 chromosomes develops a mutation only in the germ line
This human ancestor may have had 48 chromosome in every cell in his body, except one gamete in which the fusion event occurred. This gamete fused with another to make an embryo. This would delay the end of the bloodline only one generation as the offspring would experience the same problem as in scenario 1.
Scenario 3 - Human-Chimpanzee ancestor develops a 49th chromosome.
The fusion event happen as a result of merging of an extra copy of 2A and 2B. So all the normal chimpanzee chromosomes would be present with an extra new chromosome, human chromosome 2. The uneven number would render this organism sterile.
Scenario 4 - Human-Chimpanzee develops Chromosome 2, but lacks other chromosomes, or extra copies of others
A parent had an even number of chromosomes after the fusion event by having extra copies of another chromosome or by missing a chromosome. Such an organism could have experienced major mutations. This would normally be lethal, but if such a creature survived to adulthood and mated, there are a few possible outcomes.
  4A - If the parent was missing chromosome, this mutation could prove lethal to a child if passed on for require genetic material could be absent.
  4B - The half of the genetic material that was passed on might not match up properly with that passed on from the mate.
  4C - Required chromosomes could be passed on along with Chromosome 2, creating a sterile offspring like in scenario 1.
Scenario 5 - Human-Chimpanzee ancestor with Chromosome 2 was able to breed with either species through unique circumstances
Through a combination of any of the above scenarios this organism with the first copy of Chromosome 2 was able to bred with what ever would become either chimpanzee or human. The lack of Chromosome 2 in chimpanzees proves this did not occur. Also the offspring would still be surrounded by other like organisms with the standard of 48 chromosome. There would still the risk of sterility as seen in above scenarios, or lethal mutation.

The question is, can science explain how these problems were solved and humans changed from mere apes to what we currently are?

So the problems with the  accepted scientific models of our Evolutionary progression have just got greater over the 17 years and above are just a few of them.

Because of the jaw bone problem alone we could not have evolved from **** Hibilis – **** Erectus to modern humans **** Sappiens.

So back to the question how could humans just appear from nowhere in around 30,000 years and populate practically the entire planet in just 15000 years. The answer I keep coming to is they simply couldn't, at least not without some other mechanism helping.

Look again at the External Multi Womb.

It would explain a great deal of how different species managed to appear from nowhere. Explain because they were born fully adult, how they survived, and were already capable of reproducing.
Explain how for a given period of turbulence the EMW's were produced all over the world bringing various progressions of species, as the Earth moved closer and closer to producing the ultimate specie, as its gravitational and Geo magnetic field changed and Solar Coding did its work. at least for the time being, and eventually produced  modern man. There is of course a very old story handed then written down of our very first ancestors. Not sub-species but fully human, Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. Is the vision I had the true story of Adam, Eve & the Garden of Eden?


There is a rather disturbing implication however to this alternative evolutionary/creation model.
It would mean that humans did not all come from a single source - Africa, and that we are not brothers and sisters but cousins. Africans evolving in Africa, North Europeans evolving in Northern Europe, Americans in the America's and the Japanese (hearing music on the opposite side of their brains) in Japan. We are in fact different species of humans, but instead of major differences in size and tail lengths etc, Solar Coded refinement has ironed out the differences to just mainly cosmetic, skin, hair, and eye colour etc.

I'm going to give it a break for a week or two, so but will return with-

Musca Domestica (The House Fly) & My Trip With Castor & Pollux To The Sub-Atomic.
Report bongo November 15, 2013 11:24 PM GMT
Moving hundreds of miles to Blackpool to start a new life leads to madness, even attempted grievous bodily harm. An article about one of the most evil men in the UK, defended in court by a representative of the most despised profession in the UK imv,


"After his release, Modiak moved to Blackpool and changed his name to Wood in a bid to start a new life."
"Someone made a remark that drunken Modiak, 56, would be more comfortable at a gay bar."

Don't take any chances - there are strange forces at work in this town by the sea. Visit at your peril.
Report bongo November 16, 2013 4:07 PM GMT
and the Japanese (hearing music on the opposite side of their brains) in Japan

The problem with that is it simply isn't true:
"Prof. Tsunoda set out to research the physiological difference between the brains of Japanese and of the other races. The results of his research led to a surprising discovery. The human brain is divided between the left and right spheres, with each having different functions. The right brain is called the music sphere, because it is where the sounds of music, machinery and noise is processed. The left brain is called the language sphere, because it processes sound logically and intellectually, namely being where the spoken word is comprehended. Up to this point Japanese are the same as Westerners."

There is a difference in brain function between between Japanese speakers ( as first language ) and others: but it's not hearing music.

Yet another case of a theory being back-fitted inocrrectly, like reversing a HGV into a garage built for a car, and when this is pointed out, saying oh the theory that HGVs can fit in garages for cars is still sound, it was just that particular garage.

As i've said before to nlad5, the way to test a theory is to use it to make some predictions. So far C&P have provided none.
Report northernlad5 November 17, 2013 1:32 AM GMT
I heard about the Japanese hearing music on the opposite side of their brain in the early 1970's but I can't remember where, probably NME or Melody Maker.

"Which side of the brain engages with music can also be subject to cultural influence. The Japanese process their traditional popular music in the left hemisphere, whereas Westerners process the same music in the right hemisphere. Music and language are processed separately; they are localized in homologous regions of the opposite hemispheres". -

See more at:

As you have cast doubt Bongo, I have just dug up the above from
So you assertion is clearly wrong. Brainworld puts the difference down to cultural influence, but we all have deeply ingrained cultural influences. What isn't explained is WHY the Japanese & no one else.

It is though, only one mute point and in my very last sentence-

"Solar Coded refinement has ironed out the differences to just mainly cosmetic, skin, hair, and eye colour etc.!"

So I didn't totally propose that the difference could not possibly be down to other reasons.

"As i've said before to nlad5, the way to test a theory is to use it to make some predictions. So far C&P have provided none".

I never claimed Castor & Pollux provided 'theories'!
Report bongo November 17, 2013 2:19 AM GMT
You put up the differences in Japanese brain function as evidence that humans do not have a common source. You've now backed down and worked out that the differences are 'cultural'. Which has blown away that piece of evidence you gave.

Northernlad5: 16 Aug 2012 @ 18:02
'Solution of the Speed of Light Paradox.
My theory explains the “Speed of Light Paradox” that will make sense of why whatever the speed/velocity of the observer & in whatever direction the speed of light always remains the same'

Ah, so the theorising is all coming from yourself then.

Still no predictions arising from this though.

The knowledge about Neanderthal DNA in humans is quite recent - that could have been you saying that northernlad5 back in the 1990s, with the refinements about Europeans. But no - with you, it's all wait for the geneticists and archaeologists to come up with some results and then back-fit to say this is all as explained.
Report northernlad5 November 17, 2013 3:33 AM GMT
As for the Speed of Light, my theory explains it, and it makes sense in our everyday experience. The universally accepted theory does not make sense in our every day experience. When I first wrote that the speed of light can not have an absolute speed and was wrong, it was dismissed as crazy. Today more and more scientists are beginning to question the Speed of Light as the maximum speed of the Universe.

Of course the theories came from me & not Castor or Pollox.

Science back in 1996 determined we did not evolve from Neanderthals & despite the recent discovery that nearly 4% of Euro DNA is from that specie doesn't alter that.

The visions, and my developing theory, suggested we didn't come from H0m0 Hibilis nor H0m0 Erectus, nor indeed apes either. Accepted Science (as I've shown in extracts), is know coming to the same conclusions.

In my opening post 4/8/12 I mentioned that during the Moon landings, The Eagle Module was placed on the Moon, not through its own power, but by use of a tractor beam controlled by the Guardians. No such thing as a tracter beam! - People laughingly dismissed. On posting the same claim on Chit Chat a few months back, Rocking Horse sent me an article claiming scientists had just produced the first functioning tractor beam.
Report northernlad5 November 17, 2013 3:36 AM GMT
Sorry this should have preceded the last post.

Bongo, first you said the Japanese don't hear music on the opposite side of their brains, after 40 years it took me a few minutes to show that they do. The article claims it is down to 'cultural inflences'. I say it is 'natural'. The article fails to explain Japanese 'cultural influences', or why they should be any different from any other nations given we are all supposed to have evolved from the same source.. I do at least explain why Solar Coded various quantum influences will have produced different packages and it would be most peculiar if we were all the same.
There is no back tracking and as I said-

“I learned to look at things from the outside in, like a spherical jigsaw. - The whole system. Take all the waves of information and place inwardly, moving towards points or pillars of conclusions to give an overall definitive and probable truth. Probable, because absolute truths if wrong or not wholly right  would lead me down wrong paths”.

So nothing is ever set in stone as nothing - because of the quantum influencing of Solar Coding can ever be certain, that is all I meant.
Report bongo November 17, 2013 9:42 AM GMT
As for the Speed of Light, my theory explains it, and it makes sense in our everyday experience. The universally accepted theory does not make sense in our every day experience.

It matters very little that the universally accepted theory doesn't make sense to many. What matters is that when someone shows a willingness to study where the theory came from ( Mickelson-Morley for example ), then it makes sense. It makes sense to everyone with a BTEC Level 3 or better in Science, and many many lay people. And what is vital is that the theory has been put into practice, and the cost of your supermarket shop is cheaper because of things like satellites with GPS which take account of the theory. The theory works when it is applied to technology.

Yours doesn't.
Report Mexico November 17, 2013 10:24 AM GMT
Bongo you make a good point.

Time & time again Nlad demostrates that he lacks the basic grasp of mathermatics & science.

Special relativity is not that difficult to understand for somebody of above average intelligence. General Relativity is a bit/lot more difficult  but has been backed up by observations. GPS would not work without taking into account that the speed of light is constant for all observers.

Madlad deciding that a theory which fits observations is incorrect & she/he replaces it with a theory which does not fit observations.

There is no substance to nlads theory - it is little more than an equation a 5 year old could use ie. "5c - 4c = c"
Report northernlad5 November 17, 2013 11:38 AM GMT
Arf Arf Arf.

You both completely misunderstand what I'm saying-

".....GPS which take account of the theory. The theory works when it is applied to technology".

GPS will work, just as a transistor works with the application of quantum mechanics but scientists although able to utilise QM admit they don't know how QM works or why.

An 'ether' was once thought by scientists to permeate space holding the planets in position.
The planets do seem to be held in position fitting observations. But it wasn't an 'ether'.
holding them.

Mexico loves to play the "I'm more intelligent than you!" smarmy arse!
Can't even understand that without increased immigration there will not be enough workers to pay revenues to cover the cost of the elderly in the near future.

Nor can he understand that global warming can not be attributed to man because he thinks the ocean temperatures are rising.

That how good his mathematics are.

He also no doubt thinks Pinochet was not a fascist!
Report northernlad5 November 17, 2013 11:43 AM GMT
We know the speed of light is constant for all observers, & and we know that the speed is 186,282 mps - the question is WHY and HOW!
Report Mexico November 17, 2013 12:09 PM GMT
madlad, you have failed to address the simple point that you lack the basic grasp of mathermatics & science. You have replaced a theory which matches observations with one which does not. Your mathermatics to "prove" your theory is on a par with a 5 year old (2c-c=c or 5.8c-4.8c=c).

Are you aware that immigration has nothing to do with the speed of light or your lack of the a basic understanding of science?

Are you aware that global warming has nothing to do with the speed of light or your lack of the a basic understanding of science?

Are you aware that my thoughts about a Pinochet has nothing to do with the speed of light or your lack of the a basic understanding of science?

mps????  Are you aware that using SI units rather another unit of measurment would help to demostrate that you have a basic understanding of science?
Report Menelaus November 17, 2013 1:22 PM GMT
"Are you aware that my thoughts about a Pinochet has nothing to do with the speed of light or your lack of the a basic understanding of science?"

Mexico, I don't pretend for a minute to understand the deep meaning of your incredibly intelligent post, albeit in Hegelian dialect, but this line intrigues me.

What exactly are your thoughts on Pinochet, because we've had a number of threads so far where that deranged poster you said had low IQ got schooled on the "reality" of who Pinochet really was but……….you were nowhere to be seen.

So I doubt anyone one here, northernlad included, has the faintest idea what your thoughts are on the murderous fascist Pinochet (that's not my view by the way, that's the view of those who spent countless hours researching classified CIA official documents and wrote about it) because they seem to be a highly guarded secret, cards held very close to your chest never to be put on the table...........since you never expressed them.

One must wonder why?Wink
Report chatlame November 17, 2013 2:43 PM GMT
People are busy, have family and jobs and cannot entertain you all the time.
Report bongo November 17, 2013 4:09 PM GMT
@ nlad5 : you don't need to have a degree to get that the fact constant measurements of light has consequences. There are plenty of people who are not doctors who have a pretty good understanding of how the body works, and how to look after it. Transmitters, receivers, transponders, transistors are all used daily but not many could make one themselves or explain why they work ( i can't ), but we know there are places you can send your children to study these things. Intelligence isn't needed, just an open and willing mind.

The Brian Cox programme this weekend (. ) from 13 minutes has a good explanation of why clocks run slower if you're moving. Not by much, and not by enough to be needed to land a spaceship on the Sea of Tranquility many kilometres across in 1969 for which classical mechanics was enough. But it's enough that the automated reach truck in the supermarket warehouse or that crane at DP World's new docks need to be in the right place to within a mm to make their lift if they are using GPS.

You want to know why light speed is constant - nobody really knows, it's a consequence of Maxwell's equations, but why do his equations work would be your next question presumably. You'll never get to a final answer, just another why question.
Report northernlad5 November 18, 2013 1:54 AM GMT
Mexico, you did this prior to my Solution To The  Speed of Light Paradox 16/8/12 on this thread.
After, - you ignored my explanation and started going on about Uranium atoms.
The explanation is still there if you had wanted to argue any point but you ignored it.
It may have escaped your notice but now the topic in question is evolution.
What has the speed of light got to do with evolution?
You start going on about a past theory simply to try and muddy the waters and confuse . You had plenty of opportunity at the time, but my solution explaining how visible light forms relative to the observer and also explains red and blue shift, left you dumbstruck, so you do what you always do, change the subject.
If you want to argue stick to the current topic, because I'm about to explain aspects of the sub – atomic and don't want to be answering questions about the Speed of Light or Neanderthals when I'm finished.
Finally as far as your concerned,- 'c' the speed of light is not & can not be the maximum speed of the Universe. If it were, the Guardians could not have traveled 250 light years in 2.5 Earth years to reach us in 1947.

Your problem Mexico as others have pointed out, is that you always accept the official narrative whether it be political or scientific, and refuse to ever question anything. Your the sort of person that threw people into gas chambers cos the government said its the right thing and had to be done.


I don't need a degree in anything!

“You want to know why light speed is constant - nobody really knows, it's a consequence of Maxwell's equations, but why do his equations work would be your next question presumably. You'll never get to a final answer, just another why question”.

I am (as far I know) the only human  to actually see, & witness electromagnetic radiation, in motion, and forming visible light having seen it slowed right down. I don't question either 'c' the speed, nor the fact it is constant for all observers regardless of their position or  speed. But I have actually seen EMR form visible light so I am the only one who actually knows HOW & WHY.
Report Mexico November 18, 2013 6:46 PM GMT
Lad - have you spoken to a Psychiatrist about your situation?
What was the assesment of that car crash where you hit your head?

So we have....

If it were, the Guardians could not have traveled 250 light years in 2.5 Earth years to reach us in 1947.

So should we consider the psooibility (however remote) that nobody traveled 250 light years in 2.5 years just to make contact with one uneducated person with a low social standing & left zero evidence of their visit?
Report Ivor November 18, 2013 6:59 PM GMT
Stoppit Mexico. We don't tell people with alzheimers that they are barmy! Shocked
Report northernlad5 November 18, 2013 7:24 PM GMT

"So should we consider the psooibility (however remote) that nobody traveled 250 light years in 2.5 years just to make contact with one uneducated person with a low social standing & left zero evidence of their visit?"

That's what really gets in your goat isn't it Mexico, that the Guardians would dare make contact with a person of such low social standing!

Report bongo November 18, 2013 10:21 PM GMT
I am (as far I know) the only human  to actually see, & witness electromagnetic radiation, in motion, and forming visible light having seen it slowed right down. I don't question either 'c' the speed, nor the fact it is constant for all observers regardless of their position or  speed

So what northernlad5 saw was clearly not electromagnetic radiation. The poor lad - a disarming belief that he has a special place in the universe, to communicate information about how we got here and how physical laws operate. Views that are of no use to anyone, because, well because they don't explain the past any better than explanations that we already have and they don't tell us anything about the future.
Report northernlad5 November 19, 2013 2:59 AM GMT
"one uneducated person with a low social standing!"

I can tolerate objective criticism, even un-objective critisism with a degree of personal insult, as in the first part of the above sentence, but not the beyond the pale insult in the second half of the sentence, from a fascist racist arse wipe like Mexico, who has simply carried his extreme right wing issues onto this thread!

Blocked - Mexico!
Report Mexico November 19, 2013 8:12 AM GMT
Lad, I am worried that you are not getting the help and medication you need.

It the unlikely event that ET did visited Earth are we not allowed to speculate as to who they may visit.

Maybe they would visit a head of state? somebody high up in the UN? Maybe some scientists at Atop University? Maybe an uneducated person with a low social standing?
Maybe ET would leave some evidence of their visit?

Why is the education level and social standing of the person the little green men off limits? Any body with above average intelligence & a decent education would consider this question without bursting into tears.
Report Menelaus November 19, 2013 9:34 AM GMT
Mexico, all you are doing again is simply showing your ingrained respect for authority.

I didn't participate in this thread because this is not where my expertise lies but I believe there are many examples recorded in many religions where their god of choice chooses to "speak" to them through the most common, basic and often uneducated of people.

You do know where the Dali Lama is found, yes?

So stop spewing nonsense all because of your "I will obey" nature.
Report Menelaus November 19, 2013 9:46 AM GMT
I didn't think of this when I put the first post up but I suppose Virgin Mary, one of the most major figures in the Christian faith, was not selected because she was a head of state, or a princess, or a university professor. She was very common and totally uneducated.
Report Menelaus November 19, 2013 9:47 AM GMT
Put the "I Will Obey" sign down, Mexico, you'll see the world better. Love
Report Mexico November 20, 2013 6:57 PM GMT

So with all your wittering about gods speaking, the Dali Lama & Mary , I assume you agree with me that my post...

So should we consider the psooibility (however remote) that nobody traveled 250 light years in 2.5 years just to make contact with one uneducated person with a low social standing & left zero evidence of their visit?"

is relevant.

I don't really know much about Si-Fi but was under the impression that when the little green men land on Earth they say "Take me to your leader" rather than "Let's visit some uneducated low paid , mentally ill liar in some god forsaken bedsit in some depressing northern town". Maybe it is what aliens do? Nothing wrong in asking the question is there Menelaus.

Menelus do you believe nlad is hypocritical to swear & abuse other forum posters for little reason but starts crying and hides as soon somebody questions why aliens a would travel across space to achieve sweet F all.
Report Angel Gabrial November 20, 2013 8:00 PM GMT
Perhaps Castor & Pollux were attracted by the illuminations Mexico and mistook Blackpool for Las Vegas. They wanted to know more about the human gambling psyche and realising their logistical error stumbled across NLad  playing on the 2p pusher down on the prom.

I can see how this is feesible. Surely you must realise the psooibility(must be an alien word).
Report Menelaus November 20, 2013 8:16 PM GMT
Calm down, Mex, that's all of obfuscation for a whole lot of nothing.

I couldn't care less about this sci-fi stuff to even comment on it, and you should take your grievances with northernlad somewhere else, I'm not your man to settle them for you.

"Maybe they would visit a head of state? somebody high up in the UN? Maybe some scientists at Atop University?"

All I did was to point out that your assertion that some supreme intelligence beings would make "contact" with humanity through a head of state, or someone else of status or a member of the intelligentsia IS FLAWED TO THE CORE.

According to billions of humans, there are no more intelligent, omnipotent and powerful beings in the infinite universe than OUR OWN GODS. And those OFTEN, in just about every religion, have chosen to "make contact" or "speak to us" through VERY COMMON AND UNEDUCATED PEOPLE. Some actually as in the case of "choosing" the Dali Lama, and "selecting" Virgin Mary to carry God's own child QUITE INTENTIONALLY

Put the sign down, because shouting "hey look over there, Melly thinks there are little green men that can fly" has nothing to do with my posts. Just that your bias for always looking up to authority, has conditioned you to assume that IF there was ever contact with ETs, it will have to be with heads of state, etc. etc.

Mans religions/beliefs around the planet suggest otherwise.
Report Menelaus November 20, 2013 8:16 PM GMT
all = a lot
Report Menelaus November 20, 2013 8:24 PM GMT
BTW, have you finally clued in what 2.5 seconds of free fall really means?

Report northernlad5 November 20, 2013 8:25 PM GMT
Long before I went to Blackpool, and as a young wipersnapper, I realised the psooibilitythat although on for example the coinfall, an avalanche of 2p's may fall over the edge occasionally. I also realised that there could be long periods of putting 2p's, in were nothing fell over the edge,thus I considered the psooibility that for every 2p I put in, I'd at best, and on average psooiblyonly get one back!

Bit like bothering with Mexico really - too great a psooibility of nothing to be gained

Report Menelaus November 20, 2013 8:36 PM GMT
I don't mean to hijack this thread, and I promise this will be my last post on it as I have better things to do with my time than waste it trying to convince Mexico to put the "I will obey" sigh down but........

NIST's Half-Admission of Yet Another 9/11 Smoking Gun

The U.S. Senate will hold a confirmation hearing this week on the nominee for Secretary of Commerce, Gov. Gary Locke. This cabinet position oversees the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), the government agency responsible for investigating and reporting on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. NIST tried to avoid admitting that there was any freefall acceleration when the building came down on September 11, 2001. All the way to their draft final report on August 26, 2008, nearly seven years after the event, the NIST report's lead authors held firmly to their position that freefall did not occur.

Once NIST invited comments on its draft report, it was more or less forced to accept the indisputable explanations based on the publicly available videos proving that freefall had occurred. David Chandler, a high school physics teacher and AE911Truth researcher, provided the most compelling argument in a video seen widely on YouTube.
In their final report issued November 20, 2008, the NIST report's authors stated they had made a more detailed examination, and found a 2.25-second period in which the center roofline exhibited a "freefall drop for approximately 8 stories." Chandler had measured a 2.5-second period. For all practical purposes, the time period can be thought of as two seconds.

The NIST report did not state the significance of a freefall drop. The significance is that during that period of freefall, all of the gravitational energy (also known as potential energy) is converted to energy of motion (also known as kinetic energy). There is no energy available for doing other work, such as breaking up structural columns or hurling structural pieces out of the way. Figure 1 is an illustration depicting these points.

NIST tried to hide its admission of freefall from public view, by not listing it in the description of the changes it made in response to public comments.

Admitting to freefall leads directly to the question, what source of energy eliminated the eight stories of building structure? Evidently the NIST authors didn't want to go there. The chart (figure 2) below speaks for itself. They tried to hide their dramatic change of position, that WTC7 did fall freely for two seconds. Gravitational forces alone can't come close to explaining how the building came down.
The two attached figures are intended as aids in explaining the NIST-freefall issue to influential non-technical people. U.S. senators and Gov. Locke need to receive this information early this week so the matter can be handled responsibly during the confirmation hearing.
If President Obama keeps his promise to restore science to its rightful place — above politics — there is a chance these two seconds will indeed live in infamy, with a full recognition of what they tell us about the nature of the 9/11 attacks, the Pearl Harbor of the 21st century. If, instead, he and his eventual Commerce Secretary bury these two seconds and their clear meaning, the infamy will fester and spread underground, continuing to undermine the public's understanding of what really happened on 9/11.
Report northernlad5 November 20, 2013 8:40 PM GMT
As for the Guardians visiting Los Vagas? - Your thinking Martians (Mars Attacks).
I'm sure Castor & Pollox had no desire to do backing vocals with Tom Jones at Caesars Palace.
Report Mexico November 20, 2013 8:42 PM GMT
Menelaus are you for real?

You witter on about an "I will obey" nature, then use examples from organised religion.

That is good Men. Top bombing
Report Mexico November 20, 2013 9:17 PM GMT
Men - Another 9/11 cut & paste great work Men.

So what do you believe?

Did 4 planes crash into WTC/Pentagon/field?

If so - who do you think flew them into these buildings?
Report Angel Gabrial November 20, 2013 9:37 PM GMT
Did NORAD fail 4 times on the same day to intercept Mexico?

What`s your opinion of Foo Fighters Mexico and i don`t mean Dave Grohl and gang.
Report Menelaus November 20, 2013 9:46 PM GMT
@ Mexico

I have no idea to be honest who orchestrated the 9/11 crime, but I do know the government version of events stinks to high heaven.

Neither do the 2,000 Architects and Professional Engineers know, they are structural design professionals who are asking for an independent inquiry on how WTC7 collapsed. The official explanation is in conflict with their profession, physics and science.

All I know, is what they know, that skyscrapers don't fall in freefall when they catch fire. In fact, they don't fall at all. If kinetic energy didn't break up those structural columns, then what did?

And NIST's weak efforts to at first hide freefall all together and then gloss over it, puts into question everything else we were told about 9/11 by the US government.

All everyone is asking for is for an independent inquiry, not the government investigating itself.

I have no interest in hijacking northernlad's thread. So let's leave it at that, because what *YOU* believe is your prerogative and your choice and I have zero interest in trying to get you to see the world through a different lens. It would be an exercise in futility.
Report northernlad5 November 20, 2013 9:52 PM GMT
Ignore Mexico, I've blocked him, reason being he clearly doesn't read what is written just makes stupid allegations like grappler based on his own petty prejudices. We all know that had EO written the thread
there would be no criticism.

Why are they stupid?
Both Mexico & grappler continually assert that if aliens had visited the Earth, they would not have bothered with an 'uneducated', 'low life', unemployed, down on his luck, with marital problems, reduced to living in a Blackpool bedsit, which I may have been at that time. They would have visited presidents, Nasa, ect.  Yet in the very opening post -

“Santa Clause is the Code name US Astronauts used to tell NASA of encounters with UFO's.
The Astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission didn't know it but the so called UFO traveling alongside them was in fact guiding them and would both land them on the Moon and lift them back off, by use of a tractor beam.
Only a handful of people within the President's own circle & at NASA knew of this.
Santa Clause of course brings gifts, but why would the occupants or beings controlling the UFO  be helping the Americans to land men on the moon?”

Of course If they had read through the entire account they would have seen details of the Guardians, meetings with Truman, Stalin, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and how  their mission and relationship changed once Stalin died.
My account also gives details of how the Guardians designated different space projects to different sides - The Soviets putting a satellite then man in orbit,then the space station.
The Americans Moon Landings, The Space Shuttle. - My account even explains why!

Why the hell do they think an encounter with aliens would be posted on a politics forum?
The entire account is based on their work with the leading politicians & scientific experts of the day to both police the Cold War and prevent a nuclear Armageddon. It was only in the final year of 50, that they visited someone other than a leading Cold War players  (as far as I know). So they wanted someone ordinary to tell of their extraordinary mission. What is so strange or unacceptable about that?

It is Mexico & grappler who are both 'uneducated' & 'low life'  cos either they can not read, or they can, but still waste their and everybody else's time, talking absolute untrue, (as proven above) biased, authoritarian, rubbish.

Mexico doesn't seem to bother posting anywhere other than this thread.
Mexico try the Pinochet thread and join EO if you want to spew out untrue & biased rubbish.
Report Eeternaloptimist November 20, 2013 11:17 PM GMT
Mad Lad

I rather suspect that if I'd started this thread the difference would have been that people would have been laughing with me rather than at me because I would be having some fun. You seem to believe this malarkey and the only idiot jumping on your charabanc is the man himself Meltdown Melly. Laugh
Report Menelaus November 20, 2013 11:41 PM GMT
And I rather suspect that had you started this thread, the big difference would have been that we'd have about twelve aliases confirming that everything is true.

Despite the flowery language, you are halfwit, a low IQ deranged mug with rancid views who has been bend over real bad on here.

If you weren't the aliases wouldn't be needed.

Try to go sleep one night without muttering "Melly" between your teeth, it might help with the nightmares.Love
Report Ldee December 11, 2013 7:47 PM GMT
So whats happened to the latest on this fantasy?
Report northernlad5 December 11, 2013 8:16 PM GMT
Its not a fantasy Ldee, and is half written, but there is the problem of making sure the  information is put in a way that is both true to the advanced nature of alien technology,
and the sub atomic setting (how do you describe colour were there is none?),and also in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

Coming soon!
Report blackburn1 December 11, 2013 8:25 PM GMT
It's not just this thread ldee on others he's got 3 different fathers and his mothers a red Indian. He's a millionaire who until recently drove a cab and lived in a bedsit.

He's bonkers but a nasty piece of work with it
Report northernlad5 December 11, 2013 8:28 PM GMT
Report Eeternaloptimist December 11, 2013 11:17 PM GMT
Don't forget he owns Blackpool tower.
Report northernlad5 December 12, 2013 11:46 AM GMT
The House Fly (Musca Domestica) and a trip to the sub-atomic.

Part One.

I had sat down with my evening meal to watch the 6pm news.
I had steak pudding, potato's, peas and mashed carrots all covered with lashings of rich brown gravy.
Can't remember what was actually on the News, as it was still quite early in my amazing new relationship with the men from another world, and I found it very difficult to focus, think, or concentrate on anything else.

As I greedily scoffed down my meal I looked over at the TV, and just remember seeing images without hearing what was said. I noticed what I thought was a washing up liquid bubble floating in my line of vision. The so called bubble quickly expanded however to fill the whole of the space in front of me from floor to ceiling. I'd noticed something inside as it grew, and quickly realised it was Castor & Pollux. I'd practically finished my meal and left some carrots at the side of the plate that I put down on the floor beside me. The bubble was over six feet in diameter, Caster and Pollux just stared at me and I back at them, sort of frozen in surprise.

“Get in!” said Castor.

'This should be interesting!' I thought as I  got up.

I entered the bubble looking down, not quite sure where to place my feet, I noticed my hands, arms & body had become like Castor & Pollux, like made up of blue electrical energy with lots of white flashes of light shooting through it.
The three of us stood in a central position.

“What is this?”

“We are taking you on a journey!”  said Castor, who was stood in front of Pollux & I, and who I had a feeling was about to pilot the craft.

“We are taking you somewhere none of your kind have ever been before!” added Pollux.

The bubble craft was exactly that, like a giant detergent bubble, and from the inside I could see everything outside quite clearly in my flat, including above the naked light bulb, - I must remember to get a shade, I thought, but as I looked up at it, I suddenly noticed it quickly shrink and seemingly getting further away, much much further away – like miles!
I looked around and down and I could see the plate I'd been eating off was now like an enormous desert of just shinny whiteness, with around the the very distant horizon a white ridge, except to my left there  stood an enormous range of orange mountains, with lakes and rivers or streams at its base, but a rich brown in colour. I did of course immediately realise that the orange Alp like range of mountains was in fact the carrots and the brown lakes and rivers – the gravy that I had left on my plate.
We seemed to be heading towards the base of the carrot mountains. And between some lowly carrots that as we continued to shrink and getting smaller and smaller, I could see the individual grains of carrot that now looked like piles of orange boulders, but not a uniform orange as they had been, but various bright shimmering reds, oranges and yellows. I could see too that the gravy rivers were no longer uniform in colour or smooth, but like boulders floating in a murky brown liquid.
There was a pool of what appeared to be clear water and we seemed to be heading for that, - the surrounding grains of carrot now appeared like huge boulders as we continued to descend between them and towards the water.
Castor was stood in front of Pollux & I.
I looked to my right and up slightly, as he was taller that me, at Pollux's head. I had never been so close to the aliens before, and noticed although he had a dark recess, - a hole in the side of his head, he didn't actually have any surrounding ear or lobe.
On the side of his broad neck were a series of dark lines like flaps but that remained closed – gills I thought. He obviously sensed me looking at him as he turned to look me in the eye. Quite daunting!
The large pale yellow eyeballs. The oval retina that was split a bit like a crocodiles, but horizontally rather than vertically. The oval black pupil bordered with a reddish & blueish retina respectively below and above the pupil.

“Take notice - we  are about to enter the sub atomic.” he said.

With that I looked down at the water, only it wasn't water but like some sort of festering pool of seemingly living organisms slowly sliding over each other. There was still white light coming from above, but to my left and right, no longer the massive orange  boulders, but just an orangie coloured horizon band of light that seemed to surround  us. As if knowing my confusion and reading my mind, as to what we were now heading towards.....

“Their water molecules.”   said Pollux with a quick glance towards me.

As they became bigger and clearer I could see that these 'molecules' as Pollux had called them, were each made up of three parts. In the middle of each,  a large  dark grey spherical object and joined to each towards the bottom side a smaller but not solid like the central sphere, but streaks of similarly dark grey cloud that shifted about over its circumference.

As we descended toward one of the many molecules floating around I could see we were reaching the cloud streaked surface of one of the lower smaller spheres-

“We are entering a Hydrogen atom.”  said Castor.

Once we had descended below the streaky cloud I noticed that everything started to blur slightly.
There were no longer any clearly defined lines. The back of Castor's body was blurred and as I looked to my right Pollux's left yellow eye seemed to be vibrating as was his head. My hands too, without feeling anything were vibrating as if I had a severe case of St Vita's dance.
I looked out and up.

“What are those streaky clouds made of?”

“Its a single Electron.” said Pollux

There were great flashes of light and when I asked what was causing them, Pollux replied.

“It is the interplay between the Election and the Proton. That is how they commun..........”

Then glancing at me-

“ they talk to each other.”

“Where is the Proton?”

“Over there.”  he said looking to his right.

Far in the distance I could see a bright silvery coloured sphere quite small but growing as we traveled towards it. I say coloured and  Pollux must have read my mind cos I wondered why both the orbiting electron cloud and the proton were both dark and bright shades of  of metallic grey.

“There is no colour.”  said Pollux

“But if you want colour just let your mind imagine it!”

I closed my eyes for a second, and when opening them, the proton  now appeared a bright glowing vibrating red. The electron, a deep dull blue.

Suddenly and from my left side a fussy green cloudy object was heady straight for us quickly growing in size as it out grew and was about to consume us...


I turned to my body  instinctively to be side on to them while arching my shoulder to protect my head and grabbed Pollux......I don't know trying to protect him I think, as he hadn't seemed to have noticed the threat.

“Get Off!”  he said, as my left hand went straight into his chest and my right through the back of his left shoulder and out the other side, just as zillions of the green bubbles came straight through the craft, through us and went out the other side.

“There just Neutrino’s – they cant harm us!” he said, as I dislodged my hands from inside his body and straightened myself up.

'They certainly can't harm you.' I remember thinking.

“Sorry...I just wasn't expecting that!” I said.

Part Two coming soon.
Report Ldee March 26, 2014 4:27 PM GMT
Come on Northern, were still waiting for part 2 Excited
Report call me a taxi March 26, 2014 8:03 PM GMT

Strait-jackets and Risparidone are available in the foyer.
Report northernlad5 March 27, 2014 2:33 PM GMT
Yes thanks very much Ldee. I had meant to return and finish this particular part of my experience, but xmas and some long running problems at work meant I could not concentrate long enough to do it justice and put it over exactly as it was. I will try and finish it in the next few days however.

Thanks for the interest!
Report northernlad5 April 6, 2014 4:10 AM BST
We were going deeper now and as we came close to the pulsating silver red proton nucleus we began to turn going into orbit. I noticed we were no longer standing parallel to the nucleus but gradually the angle changed until we were at a forty five degree angle. I didn't feel anything. No centrifugal force that I would have thought from my only other experiences, fairground rides as a child or driving at speed around tight bends as an adult that were in any way comparable.
I was now not even flinching with the neutrinos going straight through the craft and our bodies.
I did notice that this transparent bubble we were traveling in reacted to the occasional flashes of light darkening instantly.

My attention switched from what was outside the bubble to the  machine itself.
It was as I said just like we were in a detergent bubble. There was absolutely nothing inside it and at every point around us including the part we were stood on was again absolutely transparent.

“What is this craft made of?”

“Menapythalolene” said Pollux.

“That sounds like an Earth word...can we make it?”

“No, you lack the same compounds available to us, but your scientists at NASA are aware of it, and by using our  techniques taught to them, have developed crude materials needed for basic space exploration. As did the Soviets”

My attention was then drawn to Castor who stood in front of us was apparently piloting the craft.
I had noticed he slightly moved his head but apart from that there was little body movement.

“How is castor steering...there is no controls, no steering mechanism or computer console.....”

“With his mind!   What you would call computer micro technology is built into the fabric of the entire machine. It is sensing and monitoring and reacting to every impulse in our body's. Changes in direction, increases and decreases in speed, contracting and expanding are all read and acted upon by the craft reading slight changes in neuron patterns in Castor's brain.

“I'm taking us out of  proton orbit!”   said Castor.

“Increasing speed”

With that the craft spun out and away from the fast diminishing proton. Quite quickly our bodies changed our positions back from 45 degrees to standing parallel with the proton.

“You take over control “  Castor said, giving me a quick glance  over his shoulder.

“I don't know....”

“Just concentrate on going straight ahead, the craft will do the rest” encouraged Pollux.

“Do we need to change positions?”

“No, the machine will pick up your thoughts”

“Transferring control 3-2-1...your now driving the craft”  Castor  continued.

We continued traveling out towards the streaking clouds, that were in fact just a single neutron orbiting
the proton.

“Can I change direction?”

“Think left or right the craft will respond”

“It was I thought 'left' we moved to the left. 'Right' we  moved to the right.

“Spin left”

“tumble forward” 

“Spin right & tumble forward”

The craft responded instantly on each command, we were both spinning and tumbling.
Only later did it sink in what had actually happened. Had it been possible for any observer to witness our passage they would have see a clear bubble with three bluish beings spinning and tumbling like three high divers all leaving the top board and in perfect synchronization but passing their vision horizontally instead of falling vertically.

My adrenaline pumping with sheer exhilaration!

Gradually I brought the craft slowly back to our normal position as we were fast approaching the electron cloud.

“Taking back control ... 3 - 2 – 1” said Castor.

“That was fantastic...this machine is phenomenal...incredible!” I said.

I wasn't sure what happened  but the electron cloud we were approaching  seemed to have changed...

“Approaching the oxygen atom”  said Castor.

“The blue metallic cloud seemed more dense and there didn't seem to be any gaps. As we got closer, Caster seemed to find one and we hurtled on inside the oxygen atom. This time as we continued I couldn't see a nucleus, as in the hydrogen atom, but in the distance in the direction we were heading just another electron cloud formation. The flashes of light were more frequent and intense. Again Castor found a gap and as we went through I could already see ahead of us the most incredible sight. The nucleus was huge like a cluster of glowing red ruby jewels, separated by slightly larger yellow gold opaque spherical studs. All shimmering, pulsating, vibrating.  Flashes of fork lightening bursting out from the red objects. I'd figured the red were protons as in the hydrogen...then the yellow gold must be neutrons.

“This nucleus is is much bigger”

“There are eight protons and eight neutrons in the oxygen nucleus” said Pollux.

“What would happen if there were no neutrons?”

“ Even encased in solid steel the size of the atom, the protons repellent force would rip it apart, - the strong nuclear force is the strongest force in your universe!”

Universe? I thought. I had just eaten some food not so long ago and now I am inside it, and all the greatest stories of moon landings and pictures from Hubble, fantastic though they are can not be anymore incredible and mysterious as to what I am witnessing inside my dinner.

“How is this craft powered?”   I asked Pollux.


He went on...

“Primarily the psi particle, which you'll know as a charmed quark, also known as the gypsy has the unique ability to hide its charge from surrounding sub particles. In combination with other quarks we can utilise them to switch charge,- positive, negative, and neutral, to both repel and attract, creating double thrust, or to take a stable position”

Though I'd heard of quarks, I knew only that they were some sort of sub atomic particle and wondered if Pollux credited me with far more knowledge than I actually had at that time.

Final Part Coming Soon.
Report Eeternaloptimist April 6, 2014 11:55 AM BST
Fucck me.
Report Menelaus April 6, 2014 11:58 AM BST
I already have.
Report Eeternaloptimist April 6, 2014 11:59 AM BST
I didn't notice but then you'll be used to people telling you that baby cocck.
Report Menelaus April 6, 2014 12:58 PM BST
Oh, you've noticed, big time, and it shows. Because the words say one thing but the actions speak of another. Wink
Report Eeternaloptimist April 6, 2014 1:44 PM BST
Only in your mind Melly. Have you never noticed that what you take for my loud screams have an eerie echo to them?
Report Menelaus April 6, 2014 1:49 PM BST
blink chatlame blink
Report Eeternaloptimist April 6, 2014 1:52 PM BST
No need when you've already done it. Remember call or fold sucker? Sure you do. LaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaughLaugh
Report Menelaus April 6, 2014 1:53 PM BST
blink Gnarley blink
Report call me a taxi August 7, 2014 11:32 PM BST
Northernlad and his mate Menelaus showing their true colours.

And they ask you to take them seriously  under the guise of Irish_Celtic and ExtremeX.
Report call me a taxi August 16, 2014 12:19 AM BST
Northernlad, when are you going to finish this?
Report Eeternaloptimist August 16, 2014 1:28 AM BST
Don't answer that Mad Lad. They might be watching. Joking aside we've all made posts and invented threads where we ask why but imagine you were this guy and this is the post that will occasionally be brought to the top as long as there is a politics forum. Shocked

No wonder he left with his tail between his legs with a half eaten kebab in his hand. I'll bet he didn't finish it. Nobody ever does.
Report ExtremeX August 16, 2014 7:51 AM BST
joking aside

what joking, and who exactly are you
talking to?
-there is no one else here

hardly a day goes by without you
spitefully mentioning northernlad
in a bunch of your rancid, anti-social,
racist and hate filled posts,
or bump up his posts from months ago
asking him questions although
you damn well know he is no longer around
-so where exactly is the joke in all of that?
- i can see the manic obsession, the malice,
i can see the madness clearly,
but there is no joke to be found anywhere

the only joke i see on here every day
is a lunatic who can't
pry himself away from this chat forum
for five minutes,
engaging himself  from early am
to early am......the following day,
every day,
day after day,
- a very tragic joke but a joke nonetheless

he left with his tail between his legs

your sick schizophrenic mind
is playing tricks on you again
the two other people posting on here know
that what actually happened is that
he took you to school so many times,
you reached your pain threshold,
raised a white flag and
started reporting him until he got the boot
- and somehow your cowardly sick
mind thinks that's.......winning

with a half eaten kebab in his hand

better to walk away with a half eaten kebab in hand
than wearing diapers riveted to a chair all day,
banging away at a keyboard, living
a schizophrenic fantasy around the clock,
and waiting for the nurse to show up to feed you

schizophrenia is not only a serious illness,
it's a debilitating illness
Report call me a taxi August 16, 2014 1:29 PM BST

And that concludes episode 2 of 'My Life - by Menelaus'

Tune in soon for episode 3.

Cue the outro music... Laugh

Report Eeternaloptimist August 16, 2014 1:42 PM BST
Well Melly having read this same post for about the hundredth time you do make a fair point this time amongst the rest of your shiit. I can't be sure that Mad Lad is still around although others are pretty sure he is. We know for sure that you're still here though and still contributing your one post to the forum. God you are one boring cnunt. Honestly. Boring as fucck. No wonder all you have is a puncure kit and the doll and even she must be getting fed up wth listening to your boring shiit. And being bitten in half of course.
Report paddletoe August 16, 2014 3:10 PM BST
There are a lot more dangerous interests to have in life than believing in visitors from other planets.

A simple thing like going under hypnosis shows just how much of the human brain/mind is capable of being used in lots of more ways and in ways we don't even understand because the words to describe some things have not even been invented.

When the most knowledgeable experts in science describe things like time travel and the planets they are limited by the boundaries of normal understanding and there may be more advanced forms of life who know things we are not yet capable of understanding never mind finding the words to describe them.

I know nothing about science and the planets but that would seem common sense.
Report Eeternaloptimist August 16, 2014 6:57 PM BST
Fair points paddletoe but then ask yourelf what are the chances of this super intelligent extra terrestrial life finding earth and then out of 6 billion souls choosing one of the betfair massive and one of their maddest to impart the great wisdom of the universe?

Is it cos they like kebabs?
Report paddletoe August 16, 2014 8:30 PM BST
Apologies if I give the impression otherwise but I was just giving a general and personal opinion.

From the extracts I have read I could not blame anyone for having a respectful scepticism of this story but you should not be too harsh in your opinions when a person has out of the norm beliefs which are no harm to others.

If you post things on here you invite other people to give their opinions but I think its not in the spirit of debate to use this personal and rather nice story to discredit northern lads opinions on other topics which are unrelated.

Just like to be fair.
Report Eeternaloptimist August 16, 2014 9:29 PM BST
I don't know you paddletoe. You could be a mass murderer with bodies under your patio. You could be a swindler of the first order or a coward who ran away so a friend could take a beating due to your big mouth. But. Here's the thing. Until proven otherwise I think I've got a decent antenna. Now I know for a fact that despite my frequent bluster and wind ups that I'm a stand up guy. I suspect the same of many others who have posted here for years. I strongly suspect, despite as yet limited evidence, that also to be the case with you.

Now I never knew what marking someones card was until I was about 8. In the late 70's my dad used to take me to Belle Vue dogs and I'd play on the park they had while he enjoyed the races. He'd be stopped by all and sundry and they would ask him to mark their cards. He explained briefly what it was about, that people asked him to mark their card as to the best bets in each race. Sometimes 20 or 30 people at a meeting. He didn't say why. As I grew older it only dawned on me what it was all about when a gambler who used to call at our house said to me one day that the old fella was the finest judge of either a dog or horse he'd ever seen. Which then made sense seeing as he'd stopped visiting the dogs when he started the family in the early 60's and yet nearly 20 years later people still sought out his view. To my knowledge he only ever steered one person wrong and that's another altogether different story.

Now I'm good but this fella was a genius. Simple as that.

My point? I'm going to mark your card for you. Melly is a delirious bellend beset by serious problems and probably beyond help. I don't think he's that bad a person though. Just deranged.

The one I call Mad Lad though is not to be trusted, pitied or believed. Space travel is neither here nor there. When he calls peoples wife's spastics or themelves spazz shagggers and plenty of other direct obscenities and then refuses a straightener to sort it out then he ticks all the boxes. The negative ones. You wouldn't want him near you in the trenches. You wouldn't want him near you full stop. You'd worry about his teeth sticking in your knuckles and giving you some nasty disease.

In short fucck him. He's a gobshiite and a coward.
Report epicurean August 16, 2014 9:54 PM BST
I wish you would speak your mind EO.
Report Eeternaloptimist August 16, 2014 10:16 PM BST
One of my many faults epicurean. They don't call me the shrinking violet for nothing. Laugh

By the way and not to curry favour but the name? I like it. What greater thing could we aspire to?
Report paddletoe August 16, 2014 11:22 PM BST
EO i remember something you did a while ago on here which showed me why your the MAN far more than all the battles you must get tired of winning on this forum.

It was not something you said. It was the things you did not say because you were debating a topic with a very nice person and you understood the difference in the importance of sometimes treating people different and making allowances for that fact. You could have put two bullets in that young mans head ( I don't mean literally ) but you showed sometimes even when your right you can be wrong.

I can only speak for myself but sometimes i fear i treat everyone on here the same. Sometimes i don't make enough allowances for the fact not everyone has the same personality as i have. They might be more sensitive. By the way there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

I like Northern Lad and Menelaus becauase i like debating with them and i enjoy the banter. I fear sometimes i beat them up a bit too much. I truly hope they never take anything i say too personal. It cant be easy coming on here every day and getting beat up as much as them pair of fellas.
Report paddletoe August 16, 2014 11:30 PM BST
How can you not like a person who has more guts than cool hand luke and keeps throwing punches into thin air long after they have lost the fight.
Report paddletoe August 16, 2014 11:40 PM BST
This forum might be a parallel universe for overgrown kids to debate the problems of the world but I agree with EO there should be place for any personal comments about a persons family.
Report Eeternaloptimist August 17, 2014 12:33 AM BST
And why shouldn't you eat 60 eggs? Nobody remembers they day they saw someone eat 20 eggs. Eveybdy remembers the day they saw someone eat 60 eggs.

I'm shaking it boss. Laugh
Report Eeternaloptimist August 17, 2014 12:34 AM BST
And nobody appreciates a good keyboard but when you get a rubbish one........Shocked
Report call me a taxi August 23, 2014 12:38 AM BST
Where is northernnutjob?

Is he sending kebabs to his Hamas friends in the tunnels?
Report Eeternaloptimist August 23, 2014 2:30 PM BST
If he wants to help them rather than kill them he'd be wise not to.
Report call me a taxi August 24, 2014 10:34 AM BST
Has he been banned?
I just clicked on his name and no profile came up.
I put 'Irish' in the search box - none of those that came up were him.
Then I tried 'Celtic' - same thing.
Report ExtremeX August 24, 2014 11:26 AM BST
still can't get him out of your mind, eh oirish?

i applaud the kid,
he really did a job on you
otherwise you still wouldn't mention him
every day
long after he gave you a brutal pasting and left

i hope he looks in every now and then,
he would enjoy very much
what he sees
i certainly amLove
Report call me a taxi August 24, 2014 1:27 PM BST
still can't get him out of your mind, eh oirish?

I'm English, hope that helps.

otherwise you still wouldn't mention him every day

Errr.. I didn't notice he was gone until this morning, hence the post....this morning. 

long after he gave you a brutal pasting

Like you, he couldn't paste wallpaper without facking it up, much like your lives really.

long after he gave you a brutal pasting and left

left LaughLaughLaugh

i hope he looks in every now and then,
he would enjoy very much
what he sees
i certainly am

Don't drop that mirror, you could get 7 years bad luck.
Report Eeternaloptimist August 24, 2014 2:44 PM BST
Why do it to yourself Melly? Seriously? So brutalised you've been reduced to one post on a loop. Is this it for you? Reduced to rubble after building a palace of the deranged mind? You poor fellow.
Report paddletoe August 24, 2014 4:31 PM BST
Its like watching a remake of one flew over the cuckoos nest.
Report Eeternaloptimist August 24, 2014 5:14 PM BST
A bad one. He's more Jack Dromey than Jack Nicholson. Laugh
Report David Fishwick Minibus Sales June 21, 2015 1:31 AM BST
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