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31 Dec 09 11:52
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"The burka is not a religious problem, it's a question of liberty and women's dignity." Sarkozy

I'm not usually a fan of his, but in France they are allowed to discuss such matters. I'm off to hide.

Head Bags

"I've a problem," said Prophet Mohammed
"Which is causing me quite a to do,
We're surrounded by ugly women,
(Though there's plenty of pretty ones too)."

"The men think it spoils reputations,
To be seen with a woman quite plain,
So they asked me to find a solution,
To remove such a character stain."

"I suggested, "Don't take them out with you,
Just leave them at home with the kids,
But the mullah said, "no you can't do that,
It is something that heaven forbids"

"I replied that these girls are quite homely,
And their cooking is really a treat,
If you want to impress then just invite,
Your friends round for something to eat."

"They weren't happy with this suggestion,
Comparisons still would be rife,
When one man has married a cracker,
And another an ugly wife."

"At last I came up with the answer,
Quite brilliant, it has to be said,
If you've married an ugly woman,
Make her wear a bag on her head."

"The head bags became quite a fashion,
Made of silk and with eye holes and lace,
But the women who now had to wear them,
Felt their humbling was quite a disgrace."

"The society of ugly women,
(It was actually a quite different name),
Then met to discuss the injustice,
Of telling the world of their shame."

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My question to Sarkozy would be 'How do you know?'

Sure, no doubt in a lot of cases what he says is true. But is it true for EVERY single woman?
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