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NY Giants @ Philadelphia

Maybe there are really smart bettors out there who will tell you Vick’s performance last week, the weight of money for the Eagles, and the Giants stumbling last time out, means that the clever play is on New York with the points. Well, I’m as numb as a boot – hell, I don’t know what a whole bunch of nines are – so I’m staying on board the Philly choo choo.

The home fans are going to be blowing the doors off Lincoln Financial Field and you’re going to have to be made of stern stuff to go in there and try to stop the Eagles’ juggernaut.

I won’t rehearse Vick's performance last week, save to say if Kitna can bend over Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster with the deep ball, then heaven knows what the Vick/Jackson combination is going to do. Puppy love is still arrogant enough to step up to a blatant challenge, so as the Giants drop guys to cover the ball over the top, don’t be surprised to see Vick launch the ball and wait to see if Jackson can arrive 70yds downfield. Oh, and he will. All this means defenses are obsessed with one guy who can damage you in so many ways that other members of the offense come free to damage you too; look for a little love all round with guys like LeSean McCoy on the ground and Jason Avant in the slot contributing.

On the other side of the ball, Philadelphia are almost as intimidating and the loss of Steve Smith is huge for the Giants because if there is a gap in the armour, it’s against the pass. Nicks is big and talented but will draw double coverage and Manningham, although he will see the ball a lot, often has difficulties completing his routes. All that said, Eli Manning has put up impressive numbers against the Eagles in the past, so perhaps not all is lost. On the ground the Eagles’ defense is very solid, so Bradshaw could be in for a long night if he tries to pound it up the middle; he’ll most likely catch out of the backfield and will be a danger.

Manning will also have to deal with a nicked up OL, and the loss of David Diehl and Shaun O’Hara does not bode well; Shawn Andrews had better contain Trent Cole or things could get bloody. Andrews is listed as questionable, so I fear for the left side. Eli will have to get rid of the ball quickly and his receivers had better be where they’re supposed to be as the pressure comes.

I’ve got to say, I’m trying to rein in my eagerness here, but I’ll temper my excitement (it’s not safe at my age) and give the points and watch two good sides duke it out.

Pick: Eagles -3.5 (4pts)
Pick: 1st TD Michael Vick 16/1 (0.5pt)
Pick: Anytime TD Jeremy Maclin 11/10 (1pt)

I hate to go back to this bet, but with the state of the NY OL and the lack of pressure their D brought last week on Dallas’s lumbering OL (and Vick’s mobility) this spread seems out of whack. I know the Giants haven't given any sacks recently, but really ...

Pick: Sacks Supremacy: NY Giants/Philadelphia Sell at 0.4 (1pt/tick)
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