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Posted by: North-East Trends Fan on Jul 3, 2014 at 11:43:54 AM
SEASON 2013-14 P/L: -187.5pts ROI: -55.15% (SEASON 2013 FINAL P/L: +85.23pts ROI: +20.79%) This week's event is The Greenbrier Classic from The Old White TPC in West Virginia. Playing as one of the easier Par 70 tracks on tour, the event should be a test of approach play as well as demanding a deft touch on and around the greens. My value selections are below: [b]Selections (all prices from Betfair unless stated):[/b] George McNEILL 2pts @ 85 - Steady type with two wins to his name on Tour and in reasonable form of late - T17 here last year Chris STROUD 2pts @ 75 - In a consistent run of form of late - T18 here in 2011 John HUH 1.5pts @ 130 - The young New Yorker is an in-form shot-maker who has already won on tour Ted POTTER JR 1.5pts @ 140 - Won this event...
Posted by: North-East Trends Fan on Jul 4, 2013 at 11:58:36 AM
[b]Selections: Brendon DE JONGE 3pts @ 55 Martin FLORES 2pts @ 130 Jeff OVERTON 2pts @ 90 Jonathan BYRD 1pt @ 330 Ben CURTIS 1pt @ 340 Sean O'HAIR 1pt @ 300[/b]