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12 Oct 14 22:12
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Ok since i'm thoroughly bored of waching these 2 douche bags swinging handbags at each other, its time to think about next year, starting with some random guesses about how the grid might end up. For a start, I don't think Marussia will make it but since Caterham still might, I'll assume they will.


Even though they've fell out, I can't see it being much of a contest from here on in. Rosberg's proven himself to be even more of a bottler than Hamilton and now Lewis is brimming with confidence, I expect he'll finish this one off without further incident. Merc will continue with the same in 15 and if Nico slips quietly into his #2 role, maybe longer.

I'm not expecting any major surprises from the big teams. The writing seems to be on the wall regarding Vettel and after the embarrassment they suffered having to pay Kimi out in 2010, I can't see anyone at Marenello wanting a repeat. 2016 though I expect them to bring in someone else, maybe Hulkenberg although since he's not been so hot this year, he may have missed his moment.

Red Bull
Confirmed - nothing more to say except it should be quite exciting between the two of them, they're both class!

Again, the writing seems to be on the wall after Alonso's not so cryptic words today. Kev's done well and after the flack they took for sacking Perez, I can't see them doing the same again. I do have to wonder why they're so keen on Alonso who's spectacularly failed to drive Ferrari forward but I suppose he's still highly rated and there's not much of an alternative around.

Great year for Williams, if its not broke, don't fix it!

Force India
No noise out of the team whatsoever to suggest they won't retain these 2 and since neither really has a realistic possibility of a step up, it should suit them too.

Toro Rosso
Has Sainz been confirmed yet? If not I expect its only a matter of time although if I was Antonio Felix da Costa i'd be feeling seriously jilted! That said i'm done trying to second guess the recruitment policies of Red Bull, it wouldn't surprise me if they hired someone else we've never heard of!

Undecided but probably Grosjean
Maldonado for some bizarre reason is confirmed. I know he brings money but there's seriously better pay drivers around then him. Chilton must be fuming! Romain seems confident enough his place isn't in doubt but Lopez wants to bring Esteban Ocon into the team and its probably not beyond him to do something crazy and sack the experienced driver who's landed a bunch of podiums in favour of an 18yo unknown.

van der Garde
First and foremost, the fact that Gutierrez has outperformed Sutil this year nails his coffin well and truely shut. I wondered what they were doing bothering with him this year but when the pay drivers out qualifying him, he's surely finished. Esteban on the other hand will probably get another shot. That team is seriously short of money, worse than most people know and with 5 years experience in the team, he's an absolute no brainer. Crashing in Monaco where he had his only realistic possibility of points has effectively finished his chances of getting a drive elsewhere. Giedo has 20-30m lined up from dutch sponsorship and is a shoe in for the other drive. All this Sirotkin rubbish is just white noise.

Who knows
Who cares
Basically, whoever comes up with the most money will get the pleasure of coming last every week, completely moot point.

Ah well, enjoy tearing my views apart... oh and yes i still think hamilton is a moron, even though he's going to land the title. the only thing i'll give him credit for is having the balls to walk out on mclaren and join mercedes when he did although I don't think any of us really expected it to be this easy for him. A hollow victory Tongue Out
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Report Pleasegivemeanailedontip October 18, 2014 9:39 AM BST
Think there's a place for button on the grid, if not Mclaren then maybe force India or lotus?
Report thebandit October 18, 2014 1:34 PM BST
Would slightly disagree at your Sauber comments. Don't have the qualifying performances to hand but would put Sutil as the equal of Guiterrez if not slightly ahead race pace/result wise. But wouldn't surprise me if they keep the pay driver. As you say, they're short of money and money talks...
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