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22 Nov 10 09:38
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This is fantastic news for us, cant wait til next season to start Grin
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Report Prince Rupert November 23, 2010 11:45 AM GMT
Thought there must be a reason why Drury left and then came back.

Typical Speedway. Have a play off between Ipswich and Newcastle for the final Elite League place, Ipswich win, then decide they don't want the place after all, so obviously the team to go up is..... Birmingham!?!

Anyway, good luck to the Brummies. Should be some cracking local derbies with the Wolves and the Bees next year.
Report worcesterwilly November 23, 2010 1:56 PM GMT
Its a strange one on 3 counts...

(1) Brummies lost money last year....attendances fell away badly and Patchett has relinquished licence and the stadium does'nt lend itself to any more than around 1000 fans...

(2) Can an area like that sustain 3 Elite League sides.....Wolves have a hardcore of 1500,Coventry marginally less and Brummies wont be able to cap in to any old Cradley Heath support simply because the Dudley Heathens....are doing very nicely at amaeur level borrwing Monmore/Perry Barr....

(3) I agree- it makes a total mockery of the play offs...I assume Newcastle were offered a slot...and declined thats assumed.... up s/h been Edinburgh,then Sheffield........Brummies dabbled with top tier before and were perennial strugglers....
Report Prince Rupert November 29, 2010 8:26 AM GMT
Anybody know what's going on?
Now Coventry and Peterborough will not be competing in the Elite League next season.
Is this all recession-linked or is some other plan being hatched?
Developments eagerly awaited.
Report worcesterwilly November 29, 2010 8:35 PM GMT
Peterboro have cash problems hence swapping with Kings Lynn although unsure which of the lower Leagues Peterboro wil be in...

Coventry - far more complicated...apparently they objected to the 42 points limit - as they would have to rejig they threatened to pull out in protst...League said you have until yesterday to submit you entry...they did'nt so have been kicked out...WELL DONE THE LEAGUE I SAY....Coventry are serial cheats....serially losing matches early season to falsify averages and sneak riders in after 2 months of season when League really hots up.....besides...2 of the riders they claim they'd lose...Kennett and Bridger are'nt even Coventry assets....they belong to Eastbourne....

Suspect Coventry will try and sneal back in - personally I'd rather see Sheffield or Edinburgh come up and let Coventry stew on their own illict little tricks...
Report mcateer March 26, 2011 1:10 PM GMT
we sneal back in Laugh where is the speedway markets?
Report MikeWood March 27, 2011 11:26 PM BST
emailed betfair earlier, markets should be up within a few days. which would be handy as the season has already started!
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