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The musings of Jez Melb Punter
This is a debate that never dies and constantly lingers.  It's a white hot issue with two clearly defined and passionate sides.  Most people have an opinion on jumps racing - industry participant/racing enthusiast or not.  Jumps racing, to be or not to be?  That is the question. 

The sport has been around in this country since 1832.

I'm not an expert on the sport but for what its worth, I'm pro-Jumps racing.  Thats not to say I'm not devastated to see the loss of an animal during a Jumps event and get goose bumps seeing that infamous green tarp being carried across the track as a horse suffers. 

This is a debate with plenty of variables at play.

Those in the racing industry and other supporters of jumps racing point out that horses that are raced over jumps are pampered and nurtured in a professional environment. They are fed, exercised, groomed and sheltered. Supporters maintain that the lives of jumps racers are extended for years, and consequently their quality of life is extended when able to compete in jumps races.

For those against the sport - it is inhumane and unacceptable that it is still conducted in the 21st century. They argue that jumps horses can suffer and die at approximately twenty times the rate of flat race horses there is obviously cause for concern. They also raise the welfare issue when thoroughbreds have finished their racing careers many are left to starve in paddocks and thousands are slaughtered each year for pet food and for human consumption overseas.

What do you think about Jumps Racing?
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