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The musings of Jez Melb Punter
The 1st July 2012 will herald the beginning of a carbon tax, due to be implemented by Gillard Labor.  All things going well, an ETS will be introduced in 2015.  Apparently our climate, which has been ever changing, long before we arrived - is apparently suffering due to the alleged, unsubstantiated impact of carbon emissions - and guess what?

It needs a big new tax on everything to rein it in.

Thats right.  A great big new tax on everything will save us.  Apparently.

It's got nothing to do with the ideological achievement of re-distributing wealth or lining the depleted Labor Government coffers with gold or achieving a 2013 surplus - its about the environment, stupid!  This is a furphy of monsterous proportion.  A carbon tax will do absolutely nothing to ease the pressure on the environment.  It's a tax that will reap plenty for the government whilst achieving left wing political goals of redistributing wealth but will serve the environment in no way whatsoever.  You pay more.  And the environment?

The emissions continue.

But we hope and pray that business, out of the kindness of there heart - change there ways.  We're wishing, hoping and praying.  Taking real action on greening up, is just far too hard.  It seems making a real move towards clean, green energy and promoting sustainable living is not viable - it's just all too hard for Labor and The Greens - especially with a tax on the table.

There's a reason why climate based taxation systems have been littered with frauds, bankruptcy and collapse in the United States (Chicago) and in the European Union.  Let me make my own thoughts on climate change clear.  I dispute man made warming.  The evidence, despite the demonisation of sceptics is speculative, at best - and the figures we thought were concrete some months ago, have been proven as fudged and fixed.

I believe our climate has and will continue to change.  It has long before we arrived and since then.  We will continue to experience natural disasters; this is not unusual.  However, I am all for the greening up of our way of living.   I hate to use a political cliche, but I'm for real action.  You know, constructive and genuine ways of cleaning up; the promotion of clean energy, and projects.

There seems to be a belief that larger nations are listening and waiting for us, as an example, investment in clean energy, a discussion on nuclear energy and strong pushes in green initiatives in Australia.  I mean.....Laugh  Seriously.  This tax is too cute by half.  It's a joke.  Australian's have been squeezed tightly enough, financially, under this government - there's not much more left to extract.

Enough's enough. I say no to a carbon tax.

It seems the only way to get this proposterous idea off the table, is to change the government.

Your thoughts?
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