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05 Apr 22 23:02
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PP pushed the price of Tiger Woods to make the cut in the Masters out from evens to 2/1 . 2/1 is a sporting price , evens a terrible one given Tigers current unsubstantiated ability to play 36 holes at Augusta .

Max Bet £10 , fair enough . Except that the only bet they would take was 10pence . To win 20p .

Unbelievable !
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Report frank60 April 12, 2022 12:07 PM BST
I won 450e from PP a few years ago on the golden globes awards. They limit me to a couple of cent after that on all bets. Same here on sportbook Kelly.
Report timberman April 16, 2022 11:59 AM BST
ppowers dont want anyone that has any level of intelligence.They are paranoid about anyone with a decent brain .

They want to fleece those who have limited or little brainpower with cartoon racing etc , everyone else is seen as a threat despite the fact 98/99% of people lose money punting if they were let bet with powers .
Report Kelly April 19, 2022 4:46 AM BST
Sometimes they have decent offers in their shops , subject to fairly tight limits stakewise . I suspect they have a team dedicated to identifying serial addicted idiot punters a la post office connections . Any intelligent punters get the bums rush .

Visited one of their shops recently post covid  , it used to be busy throughout the day way back . Lots of regulars have disappeared , they seemed to be busy only when there are offers around .  Guess thats the norm for most of the high street bookies nowadays  , one local firm have little or no offers  most days , and few during the once classified "bigger " meetings .

Visited a **** pitch last week , on Grand national day .  They had a meeter / greeter there a la "the old days" when all the housewives money was about . Wont be one there next year I suspect . Think there were 3 people in the shop , once upon a time there might have been queues to get on . Changed times .
Report Kelly April 19, 2022 4:47 AM BST
Thats a Boyler .
Report kavvie April 19, 2022 6:33 PM BST
i went into a boyler shop one saturday recently to view a classic trial and the scot national. i was driving to kerry .it was about 3.30 .a spacious shop. but it was empty.there is a pub either side of it. while i was there 1 lad came in stayed 3 min  and left. i was there 20 min. changed times indeed.
Report Kelly May 15, 2022 4:01 AM BST
Went into a Boyler shop yesterday just after racing started at the earliest Saturday meeting , on FA cup final day too .  3 staff , 1 punter .

I wonder how long it will be before we see more bookie high street closures ?
Report monarch May 15, 2022 10:58 AM BST
The two Spoilsports shops near me are just full of lads and ladies playing Roulette and Bingo. If the staff turned off the racing I doubt anyone would even notice. A sad state of affairs.
Report Rowley Mile May 18, 2022 9:02 PM BST
Blackrock county Dublin?
Report kincsem June 8, 2022 4:50 PM BST
For the first time in thirty years I did not have a bet on the Oaks or Derby.
On 2nd October 2021 I bank transferred Euro 200 to the Betfair Euro bank account.
My money was not put on my Betfair account, and never will be in my account.
Betfair customer services (webchat only, no e-mail or phone contact allowed) promised 14 times to investigate.
I have not had a bet with Betfair, or anywhere else since.

My guess is if I had a bet in a Paddy Power shop and it won they would want a DNA sample, a letter from the archbishop, facial recognition proof, and my autobiography.
Reap what you sow.
Report Rowley Mile June 10, 2022 12:31 PM BST
Sheesh, that’s just pretty bad
Report kincsem June 14, 2022 10:24 AM BST
Today, 12 June 2022, 255 days after I deposited Euro 200.00 on 2nd October 2021.

Your query has been referred to the Customer Champion Team who deal with complaints, disputes and appeals.
I have reviewed your query and my understanding is that a EUR200 deposit was made on the 2nd of October 2021.
This did not reflect on the account and you raised a complaint with us as a result.
I have investigated your claims and I can confirm that we have escalated all the information that you provided us to investigate for you.
Following provision of the documents to our payments provider, we were able to locate the transaction and action this manually into your account which you will find available on your next log in.
Furthermore, we would be more than happy to offer compensation for the delays in service and for your cooperation during the investigation.
As such, we are offering EUR100 in free sports bets as full and final resolution to this complaint. Kindly reply to this email if you would like to accept this offer.

When I received the above e-mail this morning I immediately withdrew my Euro 200.00 to my bank account.  I will check if it arrives.
I have no interest in the Paddy Power Betfair offer of a Euro 100.00 free bet.
It probably has strings attached, like you have to lose a few grand before you can use the 100.00, or you can never withdraw the 100.00.

On 3rd October I missed betting Euro 200.00 on Torquator Tasso in the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe at odds of 110 and higher (see 2021 Arc thread) as my funds were not in my account.
I am deeply suspicious of the bank payee account to which I transferred the Euro 200.00 in October - Worldpay AP Limited.
The present CEO of Paddy Power Betfair, Peter Jackson, was chief executive of Worldpay UK, a funds transfer business.

I would not trust the Chairman of Paddy Power Betfair, Gary McGann, or the chief executive of Paddy Power Betfair, Peter Jackson, with Euro 0.01.
Report monarch June 14, 2022 5:31 PM BST
Good to hear that you have FINALLY got your 200 quid back. But the PP/BF offer of 100 in free bets is quite frankly a slap in the face after that long of a delay. They should hang their heads in shame really, both with the error and the offer.
Report kincsem June 14, 2022 5:53 PM BST
Thanks for the comments.
I could not care about the Euro 200.00.
The satisfaction I have is I gave them the publicity they deserve.
Report Kelly June 15, 2022 4:47 AM BST
kincsem , did you correspond in writing with PP in the course of your dispute ?

If so could you post the address on here as I need to write to them .

Well done . Events like yours need maximum publicity .
Report frank60 June 15, 2022 8:17 PM BST
Happy N1 Kincsem
Report kincsem June 16, 2022 2:21 PM BST

There is no phone number, no e-mail address, no postal address you can use to contact Paddy Power Betfair.
You must use Betfair Webchat to contact customer services.
Betfair will tell you they introduced webchat to enhance customer service and experience.
The reality is Betfair webchat is there to prevent you dealing with Betfair.
Betfair customer services do nothing.
Betfair have wonderful procedures you may find on the Betfair website if you hunt around for them.
There is a universe of difference between beautifully written procedures, and a company who will deal with their customers.
Report kincsem June 16, 2022 2:23 PM BST
I must emphasise the documents I supplied that resulted in my money coming back to me are the documents I supplied many times to Betfair webchat customer service without result.
Report kincsem June 16, 2022 2:25 PM BST

Please read this from the Guardian website
Greg Wood Fri 22 Jan 2021 17.17 GMT

Betfair has apologised to one of its customers after he was left out of pocket for many weeks when an attempted deposit of nearly £100,000 to place bets on the US election in November was taken from his bank but did not credit to his account.
The customer, a long-standing account holder with the betting exchange who lives in Ireland and bets mainly on horse racing and sport, arranged the transfer of €110,000 (£98,000) a week before the election on 3 November, having confirmed with Betfair’s customer service department that there were no limits on the amount he could deposit and that the deposit would be accepted. He also fulfilled all of the firm’s “KYC” – Know Your Customer – requirements.
When the credit failed to appear on his account statement, he became increasingly concerned that his money had effectively vanished, but despite numerous daily contacts with Betfair’s customer service department, no one could tell him where it had gone.
His frustration increased as the election came and went with the money still missing from his exchange account. He then asked Betfair to return the money to the same bank account from which it had been transferred but again, despite “multiple requests and inquiries” to Betfair’s customer relations and escalations departments, the money remained somewhere in the exchange’s coffers.
Betfair’s market on the US election was the biggest in the exchange’s history, with around £500m matched on the outcome. Several weeks after it was finally settled, however, and more than 10 weeks after the customer attempted to make his deposit, his £100,000 was still missing. The money was finally returned to his account on Thursday, a few hours after the Guardian asked Betfair to investigate its whereabouts and the delay in returning it.
In an email to inform him of the transfer, a Betfair representative apologised for the “inconvenience brought about the delay”. The company declined to offer any further comment when contacted on Friday about the case.
Report kincsem June 16, 2022 2:40 PM BST
While I am on my victory lap I'll post these few lines I e-mailed to my brother when I learned Paddy Power Betfair had given me back my money.

Years ago at The Curragh a bookmaker tried to deny me payment on a winning bet.  I went to the Ring Inspector's office.  He inspected the bookmaker's bet sheets, and I got paid.
A Tote employee at The Curragh took my winning docket, asked me to wait, and disappeared with it.  I spoke to the management and got paid.
A bookmaker at Leopardstown refused to pay a winning bet, claiming I backed another horse.  I stood back a few yards and in a loud voice discussed it at length with him with everyone listening.  I was paid.
The bookmaker who refused me payment at The Curragh tried it a few years later with a tattooed, shirtless, English punter who had had a few beers.  The bookmaker was well known for stiffing people.  I brought the English punter to the Ring Inspector and he got paid.

If you keep at it you will get paid.

Fight the Power Cool
Report timberman June 17, 2022 1:25 PM BST
Its sad what the bookies have created.

Twenty/thirty years ago punters used congregate in shops and discuss the days racing with each other and all have their thoughts, have a bet and invariably lose but had good fun doing that and built up a decent knowledge of racing .

Nowadays Ppowers etc want you to bet on cartoon racing every three minutes or roulette, lose your money ASAP and preferably do that at home on your phone.

Its like a drug dealer trying to change a lad from drinking 4 or 5 pints with his mates twice a week to injecting themselves with drugs in their own bedroom and getting all their money off them leaving them destitute without friends asap.
Report Kelly June 20, 2022 12:29 PM BST
Lots of sharks about . Once upon a time the sharks were individuals , and it was easy to identify them and deal with them . Nowadays the shark syndrome is prevalent throughout society and industry, more is the pity .

Had an incident myself many years ago post traffic incident where a farmer drove into me in Newcastle West. A year later his insurance company were still playing silly buggers and refusing to deal with the case . My wife's first cousin was a high profile solicitor in Dublin , and had been trying to help with the case , to no avail . Said the insurance company were well known for "delaying tactics" . She told me to "call in " to the company's headquarters next time I was driving through Dublin .

I "invaded" the insurance company headquarters with my kids and encouraged them to play football in the foyer while I was attempting to get some movement on the case with the admin staff who claimed they could not find the documentation on the case . The football continued with parental encouragement . The kids loved it . After an hours kickabout  they found the documentation , and 2 weeks later I got the claim settled .

Terrible what you have to go through to get action/ justice .
Report Kelly June 23, 2022 9:34 AM BST
Snap . Tried to back Rory and Sheffler this morning with PP , both to finish top 10 in Travelers , a sporting 7/1 shot ( from a ludicrously short 9/2 initially) .  Maximum stake , 10p . Laughable .
Report frank60 June 23, 2022 1:07 PM BST
Report Kelly June 23, 2022 2:00 PM BST
You are obviously in the "sharp mind" category , frank60 .

They still have some offers in their shops , think I saw that 7/1 in one of their shops yesterday , and they had a good offer of 6/1 Rory or Scottie to win the Travelers . Better that than backing either at 9/1 .

Guess they need to keep a few punters in the shops to play on the machines etc .
Report frank60 June 23, 2022 9:46 PM BST
I was limited to a few cent when my son who is a film buff told me that P.P. were slipping up on the Golden Globe Awards back in 2018 Kelly. 5 of the 6 bets came up and we took a profit of a grand or so. a week later i was limited to very small stakes on all bets. I believe in Australia its illegal for bookies to do this.
Report Kelly June 24, 2022 11:37 AM BST
frank60 , Australia have better rules for regulating bookies than we have ( we have none , its the devil take the hindmost , self regulatory -allegedly - syndrome ). They also used to have a rule for on course bookies that they had to honour a certain level of exposure for each horse at prices they were quoting . Last time I was on course in Australia was 2007 , not sure what current procedures are .

Aussie betting though is largely controlled by the TAB which operates state by state .  The takeout though is substantial and would not be the model I would like . On course in Australia though is not like it is here in UK and Ireland ( or was) , the meetings there revolve largely around the TAB , a race every 4 minutes across the whole country , and the atmosphere is more like being in an open air betting shop with a local on course meeting also thrown in . Entry not dear in 2007 , £3 as I recall for a decent meeting in the Gold Coast which included a race card covering all the meetings across Australia ( encouraging wagering on the Tab no doubt every 4 minutes) , and food was reasonable unlike on a lot of ours . Good day out , but value wise punting not unduly attractive .

I have no record of "fleecing " PP , just standard punting across a variety of sports when the odds were attractive . They do not like anyone seeking value or people who are tuned into market moves , they want to concentrate on fleecing idiot addictive punters , and those addicted to "machine " activity . Value seekers and selective tuned in  gamblers not welcome except for ludicrous 10p stakes . Nearly all the bookie firms adhere to this current model as I see it .

Old style on course bookies no longer exist , likewise the high street shops which were once upon a time part of society and the community are sparsely populated by machine addicts mainly , there is no craic in ANY shop I now visit ( occasionally) . One of the Belfast Ladcrooks shops which was once upon a time in the top 3 shops turnover wise in Ireland does not open on Sundays ( recent legislation allowing Sunday opening ) . No punters obviously .

Sad demise , most clued in punters now operate from home or mobile phones .
Report frank60 June 26, 2022 4:55 PM BST
Nice reply Kelly. There was some sharp minds on this forum in the past , nice if they would give their opinions on the subject but unfortunately many of them have left.
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