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03 Aug 13 18:43
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Laugh Quality stuff! LaughLaughLaughLaugh

Volcano has blown his top
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Report Irish_Celtic August 4, 2013 12:23 AM BST
A thug?  Get a grip he done what he had to do,and is a brilliant footballer. Will be a hero if they win it.

Up to the Gaa to cop on and change the rules then,and while they are at it,seperate the rules for hurling and football and stop all the bullsh1t.
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 12:32 AM BST
On a separate point I never knew until today the referee could send a player off after the event. I assume no one else could have made the decision to send Penrose off other than the referee and for him to do that he must have had to look at the television coverage of the incident. Penrose can have no complaints but can this kind of sending off only happen if the incident happens between the end of the first half and the start of the second half.
Report tobywong. August 4, 2013 12:35 AM BST
cavanagh said tyrone were told in the dressing room someone would be seeing red , surprised harte didn't sub penrose before 2nd half started
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 12:38 AM BST
Good point Tobby. I never thought of that. Wonder could they have substituted Penrose or would they have to let an official know in order for them to do so in which case he would have been sent off being Tyrone could have taken him off.
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 12:41 AM BST
What ruling was the referee able to send him off under? I imagine if Penrose had committed the offence a second before the referee blew for half time he could then not have been sent off at the start of the second half.
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 12:51 AM BST
I will leave you all with a question.

Which was the more cynical offence. Cavanagh fouling a player to prevent a shot at goal or the Cork player lifting the ball deliberately off the ground in the goalmouth to prevent a shot at goal.
Report brain dead jockeys August 4, 2013 1:05 AM BST
the referee can send a player off at any time for any offense...........thats the rule.......its called common sense
Report Monte Christo August 4, 2013 1:55 AM BST
Kavvie  personal agendas aside what has the current problems in the GAA got to derry city FC ?
Report Kelly August 4, 2013 2:36 AM BST
Joe Brolly is an articulate and intelligent guy , but is a bit of a ball hopper .  Always was , my wifes nephew roomed with him in boarding school .

Ref his footballing ability , Joe will admit he never jumped for a ball in his life  , he was lucky that he played on a very good county team that contained 2 superb midfielders who invariably won their battle and over ran the opposition half backs to deliver brilliant ball ( in Joes case , low) to their forwards .  Hard to play defensively against mid fielders powering through , anyone who has played the game knows that . Joe was fast and skilful , could only play corner forward at county level though , dont recall him ever operating successfully at half forward for Derry . Thats a different ball game  , more hurly burly  , harder hits etc , the engine room so to speak .

He is right though that actions such as Sean Cavanagh's effectively bring the game into disrepute . No paricular blame attaches to Sean , nearly every other player in Ireland would have done the same . Its the rules which need brushing up , until they are the situation or similar will continue .

Did not see Joe during the Monaghan match , I was tuned into BBC NI , where Geezer talked a lot of sense , along with the other pundits . Their comments ranged over the debate of "professional " fouls etc . The days of refs not getting help from other officials has to be cleaned up , two or more sets of eyes are obviously better than one set . But some refs would not like that , and they probably vote themselves in  , not unknown in GAA circles the retention of power .
Report silvergreaser August 4, 2013 10:04 AM BST

link to rant
Report Rocketfingers August 4, 2013 10:08 AM BST
Brolls is one of a kind seen him in the Brandywell a few times, nice chap.
Report Roger De Bris August 4, 2013 11:22 AM BST
change the rules.
Report GANT007 August 4, 2013 1:19 PM BST
Rocketfingers........Try promote your own little game instead of knocking something that's doing well.
Report freddiek August 4, 2013 1:20 PM BST
"Brolls" . lol, dear oh dear
Report GANT007 August 4, 2013 1:22 PM BST
And he was seen at the brandywell.........must be salt of the earth or did some of his clients invite him.
Report GANT007 August 4, 2013 1:28 PM BST

  03 Aug 13 23:48 

  20 May 10 
    | Topic/replies: 6,940  | Blogger: Rocketfingers's blog   

Brilliant stuff from Brolls, sometimes when i am speaking about GAA Soccer to the cabbage patch kids of Kavvie and gant i get upset like that. They don't understand the kids are allowed to choose their pastime now and the the GAA mst change their version of soccer before they lose more to Rugby, Real football and Hurling

Comedy gold........Rugby will always be popular in Ireland and the Premiership does not interfere with the GAA season.
John Delaney should give you an auld gig of promoting the loi.
Report Rocketfingers August 4, 2013 1:32 PM BST
Shame people don't like him now for what he said, he spoke the truth and now the GAA will ask their media monkeys to slate him. I always get the feeling from him if he was not paid to watch the GAA he would not watch it, i think this in itself is something the GAA must worry about, surely instead of slating him over the coming days they should go to Joe and say right our game is broken will you help us fix it please?
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 1:53 PM BST
No one has still answered my question. Brolly disgracefully targeted Sean Cavanagh while the very same offence ( arguably more cynical and deliberate ) happened in the following game but was skipped over.
Brolly even went as far as to claim he has never played in a football team over 20 years where he or any team mate ever made a deliberate or cynical foul.
Report GANT007 August 4, 2013 1:58 PM BST
Brolly hates Tyrone fullstop.........pinch of salt stuff.
Rocketfingers..........he is the Roddy Collins of our sport. Is Roddy the man to get the loi out of the gutter........don't think so.
Report kingkauto August 4, 2013 1:59 PM BST
I play full back at senior club level and let me tell you that what Cavanagh did is what you are supposed to do. Players at every level in all counties know that and Brolly knows it too. To call Cavanagh a thug (as some clown has above) or to question his "maniliness" because of this is absolute bolllox of the highest order. To me listening to Brolly it was just an opportunistic rant to boost his profile and have people like forumites here talking about him and it was cringeworthy listening to him preaching from the moral high ground about an incident that he knows too well is common practice.

Cynical? Yes of course but it was in full view of the referee, wasnt dangerous and he got punished to the full extent allowed. The referees hands were tied as by the rules of the game that is a yellow card offence so to say he should have got sent off is wrong.
All in all Ulster football is a terrible spectacle, so negative and defensive.. The rules need changing, that is the problem not Sean Cavanagh..
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 2:21 PM BST
He also singled out Tyrone for cynical play at the end of games and specifically yesterday. Every team will adopt cynical tactics in the last few minutes of a championship game if they hold a slender lead as Tyrone did in the last two matches. I have no doubt Tyrone would have pulled players down if the opposition had possession in the last few minutes yesterday but the irony is yesterday Tyrone had possession for almost the entirety of injury time and were passing the ball back and forwards. So now they are even being targeted for cynical play for holding on to the ball.
Report silvergreaser August 4, 2013 2:25 PM BST
Totally agree Brollys has selective tunnel vision when it comes to Tyrone, it was the same after the Meath game he could barely disguise his obvious hatred, yesterdays rant was fueled by hatred as much as it was Cavanaghs tackle.

I'm all for analysts speaking their mind but at least do it fairly not with obvious bias.
Report tobywong. August 4, 2013 2:26 PM BST
i think paddletoe if cavanagh had taken macmanus out a la shane o neill for cork in the hurling last week ( different sport but you get my drift ) , there would be less about it , it was the cynical element to the tackle that people take umbrage with, fwiw he done nothing wrong imo.
Report Rocketfingers August 4, 2013 2:30 PM BST
Lads bottom line Brolly is right the game is broken, it's up to the powers of be in HQ to fix it.
Report lustrumm August 4, 2013 2:45 PM BST
The Boys on TV3 stuck the knife into Tyrone as well and Mickey Harte as well. They also made the same point as I did and that is the fisting going off the field at half time is the real sin. I'll be honest I can't stand the sight of Harte any more with his holy Joe attitude outside of the game and his criminal attitude within it
Report Tolmi August 4, 2013 2:56 PM BST
What Cavanagh did was dealt with correctly by the referee and he only did what any defender in the situation should do.Brolly allowed his dislike of Tyrone influence his reaction.In reality if the same foul were committed by a player from Brolly's own county there would probably not even have been a mention of it.
Report Roger De Bris August 4, 2013 3:05 PM BST
So if the rule was changed to award 3pts to the team the foul was committed on, then we'll see how many more of these fouls we'd see.
Report Tolmi August 4, 2013 3:09 PM BST
How do you judge what type of offence precisely merits a 3 point penalty?
Report silvergreaser August 4, 2013 3:14 PM BST
Virtually all penalties given in GAA are for cynical fouls basically one guy stopping another guy from scoring a goal why was Cavanaghs any different in Joe Brollys eyes?
Report Roger De Bris August 4, 2013 3:17 PM BST
last man outfield.
Report Rocketfingers August 4, 2013 3:32 PM BST
Goal scoring position.
Report silvergreaser August 4, 2013 3:42 PM BST
When Donaghy was dragged down in the box first half it was a cynical challenge to stop Donaghy getting his shot off on goal, mystery why a penalty wasn't given?, basically no different than Cavanaghs tackle to prevent a penalty and goal scoring opportunity, a cynical foul is a cynical regardless of circumstance or what part of the field it was committed.
Report kavvie August 4, 2013 3:43 PM BST
liam hayes said it wasnt even a foul!!
Report silvergreaser August 4, 2013 3:45 PM BST
Yeah I hear him at halftime diagreeing for the sake of disagreeing.

Crowley just dragged down a Cavan man there rugby style
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 10:59 PM BST
I see the Sunday game sticking up for Brolly. The point about cynical play is one thing but yesterdays controversy was not about cynical play which everyone agrees should be looked at but all about the personal attack on one player from a panellist who was talking from such moral high ground that he claimed in all his years playing football he has never committed a cynical act of foul play or witnessed a team mate doing so. Because if he had seen a team mate committing a cynical act in all his playing days he surely would have said to them what he said to Cavanagh. The hypocricy is beyond belief.
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 11:12 PM BST
I expect Brolly will revise what he said and claim he was using Cavanagah as an example but I would like to ask Brolly where was his courage over 20 years of playing football in saying to a team mate what he said to Cavanagh when they committed a cynical act of foul play on a football field. Brolly likes to talk about virtuous and manly qualities in others but maybe he should look at himself.
Report Kelly August 4, 2013 11:21 PM BST
3 incidents ( at minimum ) over the weekend highlighted the problem that exists within football . One referee is not enough on a 160 by 100 yard playing surface , linesmen need to be more involved , and video replays maybe should be allowed , each team allowed 3 challenges  each match to a reffing decision , penalty of one point if you get it wrong . The cricket people have it spot on , except for not invoking a 5 run "charge" for an incorrect DRS .

Sean Cavanagh first , no specific criticism of the player who had an excellent game , but with the ground he covered maybe it was odds on he might be involved in controversy . His foul was unworthy of his efforts in the match , but within the rules and the prescribed punishment he had no option . Rules need to take account of situations like this , only logical step is to remove the player from the game , possibly without further sanction .

Michael Shields , lying on the ground in the square , clearly grabbed  the ball off the ground in the act of regaining his feet , clear penalty , but referee , linesmen , and 2 umpires ( feet from the action ) all ignored it . Video would have maybe overturned that sin of omission , could have materially affected the outcome of that match ( didn't eventually ) .

Kieran Donaghy caught an excellent ball on the edge of the square , and in the act of shooting he was clearly pulled from behind , clear penalty to most , and potential sanction against defender . Ignored by referee , linesmen , umpires , video appeal necessary . Did not affect ultimate result , but maybe did affect the way Donaghy played subsequently , things would probably have been different if he had scored the goal or been awarded the penalty .

Plus one Monaghan player got booked for an excellent tackle on Sean Cavanagh ( resonance with Gooches supposed foul a couple of weeks ago ) , may have affected his subsequent play in the match . Review clears him .

Probably other incidents worthy of review , but if we can use Hawkeye ( very satisfactorily) why not use other available means , cricket , rugby and other sports do , why not GAA ?
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 11:24 PM BST
I will even make a prediction. Brolly will say he needed to be controversial and outspoken in order for cynical play to be focussed on and will take credit because it is being discussed. In my mind his words yesterday were those of a coward.
Report kingrat August 4, 2013 11:25 PM BST
brolly is a class act,in all departments.Wink
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 11:32 PM BST
Plus one Monaghan player got booked for an excellent tackle on Sean Cavanagh ( resonance with Gooches supposed foul a couple of weeks ago ) , may have affected his subsequent play in the match . Review clears him .

I thought it was a clear tackle myself when I first saw it but a video review of this incident would have given a free to Tyrone and seen the Monaghan player booked for a cynical foul because if you watch it again he pulled at Cavanaghs jersey from behind just before the tackle.

Cavanaghs foul was equally cynical but it was made with no attempt to get away with it. It was not cheating within the rules. When you see players pulling jerseys its both cynical and cheating because there is nearly always intent to get away with it.
Report kingrat August 4, 2013 11:36 PM BST
Report Kelly August 4, 2013 11:42 PM BST
Joe needs to think back to the early nineties when at least one of his team mates spent most of his match "getting in the way " of opponents with superior footballing skills , third man tackling etc . Every match . He was very good at it , and our lads acknowledged it , he did get a good few slaps for his activity ,  none of the referees ever twigged him or if they did , they did nothing about it .

Saw a lot of players getting "stopped" in their forward runs by opponents who just happened to be in the way ( deliberately ? )  , all weekend .  Video shows this up , hard to detect in the course of a fast paced game with 28 outfield players . But if the rules and the officials dont see it or punish it , players will continue to do it .
Report paddletoe August 4, 2013 11:53 PM BST
I am sure Brolly went over to those team mates and told them to their face they were a disgrace and not men. Or maybe not. Maybe he was too busy making sure his socks were pulled up to pull his team mates up on their lack of courage and obscene qualities.

Credit where credit is due. He made a great sacrifice in giving away one of his kidneys. It was a courageous act but in my book a person has never any more courage than they were born with and Brolly was never blessed with much. He talks about courage off the field when he was coward on the field.

I have bumped into some big sporting stars who would not give a child the time of day because they thought they were so important but Sean Cavanagh is not only a great football player but also a great man who gives him time to everyone he meets.
Report Kelly August 4, 2013 11:58 PM BST
Jersey pulling is a perennial problem paddletoe , goes on all the time along with push offs .  Often its hard to figure out who is sinned against and who is the sinner , who started it  . Some sports decree the jersey as part of the player , rugby and American football  among them , not sure of Aussie rules . Video again might help detect perennial offenders .

Doubt I would have jersey pulling as a capital offence , except in certain circumstances  , and some players are happy to put up with it as they get away with a retro flung arm to detach the offender . It was not prevalent when I played football though , neither was third man tackling , but overall tackling was possibly more ferocious then than now . And fewer subs allowed .
Report Kelly August 5, 2013 12:02 AM BST
Cavanagh comes across that way to me , paddletoe , wish we had him . As would most counties !
Report paddletoe August 5, 2013 12:03 AM BST
Spillane said some nasty things about Tyrone in the past but he was never personal and entitled to his views but what Brolly said will never be forgotten. He has shown himself up to be a coward and a hypocrite.
Report kingrat August 5, 2013 12:03 AM BST
yeah! cavanagh is a great example to the kids,thats how u play football lads Winkah will u ever stop paddy toe,yre not fit to lace brolly's boots his pomp ,brolly was a top class footballer and nobody can take that away from him.he has brains to burn and calls it as he sees it.imo he done the game some sevice by highlighting that type of sh1te!
Report paddletoe August 5, 2013 12:12 AM BST
Rant over. I would be saying the same if Brolly had said what he did against a player from another county. It was a cheap and cowardly attack on an amateur player who gives a lot to the sport and his community over and above his football talents.

Goodnight lads. Don't give Tyrone a pups chance against Mayo but i will be there in hope to watch the countries top footballer put it up to Brolly.
Report freddiek August 5, 2013 12:22 AM BST
Joe also said that Kavanagh was maybe the best player of the last 10 or so years so it wasnt all negative
Report Kelly August 5, 2013 12:28 AM BST
Include Joe Brolly ( in his pomp) on the Donegal team today , net effect zero . Put Sean Cavanagh in the team , net effect would not be zero . Thats a difference .

Like Joe , we know each other from way back , through uni team observation  and memorable matches in the early/ mid nineties, plus I bump into him shopping and we have a bit of  good humoured banter always . Kidney donation was stellar , raised awareness too , but I dont buy in 100% into his anti Tyrone stuff .  We all have views on other counties behaviour , some of it based on fact , and some on blind prejudice . I hate the Tyrone tractor boys who always seem to be in the way when I am driving west , but that does not mean I dont appreciate the good that the GAA in particular have done for the county , particularly over the last 30 years . Let them be , Joe .  Move on .
Report silvergreaser August 5, 2013 12:03 PM BST
yeah only Tyrone do the cynical stuff Joe?
Report paddletoe August 5, 2013 1:10 PM BST
Well, I thought Brolly would have softened his personal attack on Sean Cavanagh over the weekend once the steam cleared from his ears but I just heard him on a phone in on radio ulster and he was even more entrenched in his views.

One caller asked if Brolly himself had ever committed a cynical act while playing to which he replied no. However, the question should have been has he ever witnessed a team mate commit a cynical foul and the second part of that question should have been if so why did he not have the courage to say the same things to their faces that he chose to say about Sean Cavanagh considering his abhorrence of cynical fouling and the moral high ground he is taking.

He then went on to make a comment about Sean Cavanagh which would fall under slander in any court of law. He stated and I quote word for words -"Sean Cavanagh has said by his own admission he is a serial fouler". I am calling Brolly a liar and if Cavanagh ever said those exact words Brolly can sue me for libel.
Report the stunning August 5, 2013 1:45 PM BST
It was great TV for sure,think it badly needed to be said,the punditry in GAA had gone very stale,this will stoke it up a bit.Really is a storm in a tea cup,rules are changing next year anyway.Wonder why was Mickey Harte  so against the rule changeLaugh.
Report ilikewavingatbuses August 5, 2013 1:45 PM BST
'you don't agree with the evidence of yer own eyes' I lost itLaugh
Report kincsem August 5, 2013 2:13 PM BST
Well done Brolly.
GAA football needs to be fixed.  Preventing players playing football has become acceptable, as has taking out players with sneak off-the-ball attacks.  What has been more worrying over the years is that nobody condemns this.  What will happen is they will circle the wagons, as usual.
The GAA can put out as many TV ads as they like promoting the game (often laughably during/after soccer or other sports), but making the game a football game, not a basketball game, and a skillful, sporting game, would do more to promote it.
Report kavvie August 5, 2013 2:17 PM BST
the rules ned to be changed.end of story.
Report Rocketfingers August 5, 2013 2:31 PM BST
Imagine that the highlight of the GAA football season so far is Brolly's passionate plea !
Report paddletoe August 5, 2013 2:42 PM BST
Have been saying for a long time that the most cynical fouling in gaelic and which needs to be eradicated is the jersey holding off the ball. You see it in every single game and 8.25 in the following clip is a perfect example. There is a certain irony that the team is the club Joe Brolly played for.
Report GANT007 August 5, 2013 2:56 PM BST
Rocketfingers......What's the highlight of the loi year so far?.
Report brain dead jockeys August 5, 2013 3:01 PM BST
its amazing to thin though that if u rugby tackle your opponent when hes thru on goal u wont get sent off............its incompetence gone mad
Report paddletoe August 5, 2013 4:08 PM BST
Not as amazing as players still falling for Cavanaghs shimmy after 13 years of doing it.
Report Rocketfingers August 5, 2013 5:11 PM BST
I'd have to think about that gant but it took place on the pitch for sure Wink
Report paulie wallnuts August 6, 2013 9:37 PM BST
brolly is a ****.....mickey harte wasnt jumping up and down after the game..yes he was smiling...Christ he was entitled to smile his team just reached an all Ireland semi final...
Report The Gotchee August 6, 2013 10:23 PM BST
Brolly was right in his condemnation of Cavanagh's rugby tackle. Isn't it about time this issue was properly addressed? The hand pass is another big problem in gaelic football. It is inhibiting the opportunity for skilful players to play the game. The likes of Mickey Harte and Jim McGuinness instead of being lauded should be ostracised from the GAA. They have collectively turned the sport into an ugly game. If they have any self respect they will go at the end of this campaign. Thankfully there are three real football teams left in the championship.
Report silvergreaser August 7, 2013 11:05 AM BST
Tyrone and Donegal didn't introduce the hand pass into the game gotchee, both Dublin and Kerry teams of the late 70's and early 80's perfected the hand pass style of play as such its become a permanent fixture for the whole 31 counties.

To be honest the hand pass actually encourages teamwork if you look back on some of the TG4 gold games from the early 70's most of the game was just blind kick and run football, aimless balls sent in in hope that one of your own players catches it, it was ugly stuff not a semblance of tactics involved.

Tyrone like to play swift counter attack football which when played well is a joy to watch, they're no more dirty or cynical than most other teams just like Kilkenny in the hurling their sins are the ones the media like to selectively pick out while ignoring the other saintly teams sins.
Report Kelly August 7, 2013 11:21 AM BST
Antrim were the first high profile team to perfect the hand pass style of play , in the forties . But the rules were changed apparently , never saw that Antrim team myself , although I know some who played in that team .

The Kerry -Dublin "era" where you were allowed to hand pass ( no striking motion ) into the net was farcical from a traditional footballing perspective .

Still think hand pass should be restricted to getting people out of trouble , instead of basketball .The only basketball rule I would incorporate would be a system of team foul count , so that after a certain number of fouls/ ticks the offending team would be punished somehow . That would stop the blockers / serial fouling teams .
Report padlock August 7, 2013 12:02 PM BST
how can you lot take this hand passing macho fowling game seriously?,just don't watch it simple,or have the good old gaa and the
plonkers on rte persuaded you that this is a great entertaining sport ffs walofs imo
Report padlock August 7, 2013 12:04 PM BST
what really pi$$es me off is the people who talk about this gaa kak in the pub as it's thier only conversation piece,boring old ireland bull$hit
Report kavvie August 7, 2013 12:50 PM BST
padlok when you hear gaa kak being talked about move away or better still move pub?maybe go to a pub where sky sports news is blaring away giving us news headlines about a reading player who just tweaked a hamstring?!?..way more intesting!!
Report Rocketfingers August 7, 2013 1:29 PM BST
Padlock you're right it's not football it's handball, let me tell you a story my mate was the best footballer in his county his county who i name told him he was not needed because he kicked the ball too much, no joke. They told he had to hand pass it. My other friend who was very fit but no good was picked as he could catch a ball and just lay it off, again i won't name the county but he went 2 full championships game without kicking the ball once. Sometimes we meet up for a jar in the clubhouse and we have a laugh about it, mad.
Report Kelly August 7, 2013 5:35 PM BST
Dead simple , limit the hand pass to 2 consecutive , even our worst referees can count to 2 .  Used to be a rule that worked fine , but think there may have been vested interests in removing the rule , ie teams with players who could not kick the ball properly .
Report kavvie August 7, 2013 8:22 PM BST
rocket he played for his county for 2 full years league and championship and never kicked the ball once!?!?...yer a good one
Report brain dead jockeys August 7, 2013 9:17 PM BST
its a flawed game.......article in the examiner today calling for rugby tackles to be allowed........something needs to be done.
Report silvergreaser August 7, 2013 9:47 PM BST
Why is everyone getting so holier than thou about football all of a sudden, if you talk to an old sweat in the pub about GAA he's likely to tell you a story or two about the hard men he use to play against or with, you very seldom see full on punches thrown in the game these days, harp back to that Dublin team of the 70's Brian Mullins and co or that Meath team of the 80's where punching an opponent or two was just part and parcel of the game.
Report Rocketfingers August 7, 2013 9:53 PM BST
Kavvie learn to read, i said 2 full championship games.
Report Kelly August 7, 2013 10:50 PM BST
Dublin team of the 70's was full of good footballers .  Some of them could look after themselves , and occasionally some opponent .

Meath team of eighties / early nineties was also full of good footballers  , one exception , our lads always wanted to play on him as they reckoned they had a good chance of being man of the match . The tough stuff was limited though to a few of them  , most wanted to play football  , and they were good .

Best ever team , Kerry --mid seventies to mid eighties approx - hadn't one bad footballer in their ranks , 7 or 8 were stellar , but they could look after themslves , and one or two could sort out opponents who transgressed .

The increased TV input , replays etc mean it is harder than ever to get away with bad fouls or persistent fouling , every pundit and Tom Dick and Harry is on the case . Nobody wants a return to Sigerson style football as it was in my day where people cut lumps out of one another and nobody was ever sent off . But we still want to see physical challenges , high fielding , good defending and good attacking .  Competitive sport in other words . Dont like the basketball though !
Report GANT007 August 7, 2013 11:00 PM BST
The professional fouling has to be stamped out one way or the other. Kids watching this will carry on that way and as Eamonn Dunphy said it's like Irish kids rolling around faking injury after watching certain top premiership players. Example example example.
Report freddiek August 7, 2013 11:10 PM BST
was the meath player Beggy, kelly?
Report GANT007 August 7, 2013 11:13 PM BST
I doubt it was Beggy.......maybe a corner back.
Report Kelly August 7, 2013 11:20 PM BST
Not fair to identify the player in question lads .  He would have been good on most other counties panels at the time , but our lads were good too , and he posed no threat to them individually . Thats a big plus too when you are running out onto Croker , nothing like a bit of self confidence .
Report The Gotchee August 7, 2013 11:26 PM BST
Colm Coyle nap
Report silvergreaser August 8, 2013 9:08 AM BST
Seems a bit odd Kelly that you're praising the Kerry and Dublin teams of the late 70's early 80's yet you're also complaining about the modern game and basketball?.

Both Dublin and Kerry played virtual basketball back then bamboozling opponents who had not yet mastered the art of the hand pass, so you could say both Kerry and Dublin were the founders of the modern game?.
Report padlock August 8, 2013 10:30 AM BST
its the lack of skill that drove me away,just argy bargy handball zzzz
Report Kelly August 8, 2013 6:38 PM BST
Silvergreaser , they changed the rules back then .  Kerry and Dublin were still the best around even after the rule change .  Because they were talented they could adapt , and effectively revert to traditional football . Doubt many of current practitioners of a hand pass / possession football system could do that .
Report Kelly August 8, 2013 6:47 PM BST
The other point silvergreaser , is that any semi intelligent footballer can play the modern system , where high fielding has become semi redundant ( suiting Joe in his salad days ) , hand pass travel is paramount , possession is the god .  Its only the good players who can rise above that if the rules are changed ,  which is where Kerry in particular come in .  They have morphed their game to suit the climate , generally they consistently adapt and prevail thorugh all / most of the changes .  They cant win them all , but they have won more in last 15 years or so than anyone else despite the drift from their traditional football values .
Report dj876 August 8, 2013 6:51 PM BST
Joe Brolly has today retracted his comment about questioning Kavangh as a man.
I thought he could have expressed his views without becoming hysterical and as emotional as he was.Although his argument certainly had substance,his desire to court controversy doesn't appeal to me.
I would also question the amount of publicity generated by his admirable organ donation but was the only motive to create greater awareness of organ donation.
Report kavvie August 8, 2013 7:00 PM BST
dj im afraid you are barking upthe wrong think he would have a kidney removed for publicity?...a sad comment.he wanted to keep it secret but it got out.sadly the organ no fan of his comments re gaa  but it took a good man to donate to a non relative.
Report dj876 August 8, 2013 7:08 PM BST
No Kavvie not at all,questioning that the motive for creating the extent of the publicity was solely to create awareness of organ donation.
Report dj876 August 8, 2013 7:17 PM BST
I described it above as admirable.
Report Kelly August 8, 2013 7:21 PM BST
How many of us would have participated in an organ donation to a non relative ?
Report kavvie August 8, 2013 7:24 PM BST
fair enough.he was famous before the had nothing to do with his media work im sure
Report dj876 August 8, 2013 7:34 PM BST
I haven't suggested that either but Brolly is certainly egotistical and he milked the publicity afterwards but the reason for milking it was apparently just to create awareness of organ donation.
Report kavvie August 8, 2013 7:54 PM BST
i agree totally with him about the opt out rather than opt in..what puzzles me is why it isnt in already?all it takes is a bit of legislation.would be a great step forward.i know lots who are/have been waiting on organ donation.
Report silvergreaser August 8, 2013 9:44 PM BST
I know Kelly that Kerry have been the most consistent and successful team and the GAA revamped the hand pass rule from the basketball of Dublin and themselves but Kerry are still one of the finest exponents of the hand pass it has always been part of their make up since the Micko days.
Report The Gotchee August 8, 2013 10:03 PM BST
I didn't realise that Joe Brolly's organ donation failed. That is so sad for all involved. Seeing him on the TV, I thought he looked a bit shook. In light of what he has been through he is a brave man.
Report The Gotchee August 8, 2013 10:17 PM BST
Report Kelly August 8, 2013 10:45 PM BST
Silver , it worries me a bit when the words "finest exponents of the hand pass " appears in print . Hand passing is so easy peasy I believe it should rank among the lowest of skills in our game . Maybe its a shrewd move by some to develope the easiest skill into a game plan , its not for me though , needs to be severely restricted so that kicking the ball is restored to its proper place at the top of the skills count .

Generally Kerry will be able to master the inherent skills in football better than most others  , thats the main reason they keep winning through the years and in different sets of playing circumstances . The original "finest exponents" of the hand pass was the Antrim team of the forties , who had a lot of good gaelic footballers in their ranks . Their hand pass game though was I think geared to beating teams like Kerry who traditionally had better catch and kick players . Antrim have hardly had a decent side since those days .
Report padlock August 9, 2013 6:11 AM BST
"top of the skills count" LaughMischief
Report silvergreaser August 9, 2013 7:20 AM BST
Kelly I see your point but the hand pass is used mainly to retain possession to try and work yourself into a shooting position, most teams are reluctant to kick as they're more likely to lose possession with the kick pass. I agree that it discourages certain skills of the game, but a good corner or half forward will often make space for himself to allow for the long kick pass, kick passing hasn't been eliminated just done less often and neither has high fielding if the keeper kicks the ball out into the midfield area, but the likes of Cluxton often looks for a short ball to one of his defenders for Dublin to build from the back.

As you say the only solution is for the GAA to have a limt on the number of hand passes before the ball has to be kicked, lets say 4 hand passes, although it might cause a little confusion when the player receiving the 4th hand pass has to remember he's the last one and has to kick the ball.

But whats to stop them from just giving a little tiddler of a foot pass before starting another passage of hand passing?.
Report Kelly August 9, 2013 10:21 AM BST
Nothing stopping them doing tiddlers , Silver .  However the point about tiddlers is the distance between the hand and the foot and the control , expert opposition players will find it easier to get the ball back .  I have nothing against teams playing keep ball as long as it involves kicking or soloing , dispossessing the opposition is a much forgotten skill recently because its hard to get the ball from a team playing basketball ( or netball as some of my friends say , but oops thats a girls game isn't it !) .
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