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Anaglogs Daughter
15 Feb 13 14:51
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Friday, February 15, 2013

There were fears last night for the future of the staff at one of Cork’s largest bookmakers, Cashmans.

A sign appeared in the window of the bookmakers’ store in Passage West which read: “Ceased trading, details to follow.”

It is believed there was a meeting of the business’s staff at its branch in Sullivan’s Quay in Cork City yesterday.

Late last night, a number of staff were still at the location although its door was shut. One staff member did emerge but said he had no comment to make.

Earlier, a staff member told the Irish Examiner jobs were being lost. A businessman in Passage West said he had been speaking to a senior figure in the firm and had been told all the shops in Cork were to close.

Established in 1973, Cashmans had shops spanning both the city and county. In 2009, it sold five of its 11 shops to Ladbrokes
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Report lapsy pa February 15, 2013 2:54 PM GMT
Sorry about the jobs but a firm i never liked.
Report irishbookmaker February 15, 2013 2:56 PM GMT
Are they gone ?
Report Kelly February 15, 2013 4:23 PM GMT
Whats the score if you have an ante post bet with them ?  Do you just lose and put it down to bad luck ?
Report workrider February 15, 2013 4:40 PM GMT
interesting question kelly ....
Report db1974 February 15, 2013 4:51 PM GMT
Generally that's the story Kelly. Sometimes a chain will take them over and honour any ante-post vouchers. I seem to recall one of the big chains (Ladbrokes I think) doing this once or twice over the last few years.
Report da fallon factor February 15, 2013 6:05 PM GMT
when Spoils took over any old Celtic shops they honoured any ante post bets that had been placed with Celtic
Report Cupwinkcook February 15, 2013 7:45 PM GMT
sad, spent my apprenticeship in the Maylor st branch
Report Tolmi February 15, 2013 8:06 PM GMT
If my memory serves me correctly Liam Cashman was the first bookmaker to allow singles on his soccer coupon with the minimum treble restiction in place elsewhere.He also was the first that I know of to introduce every horse a price every race.

They never moved with the times to develop a decent online operation and look like paying the price for not doing so...just like Celtic.
Report brain dead jockeys February 15, 2013 8:28 PM GMT
the game has need a well drilled organisation with focus on consistent returns......also need good furnished offices now so punters are nice and warm when they are doing their nuts on cartoon racing etc..........cashmans offices were not exactly 5 star
Report Eddie Batt February 15, 2013 8:28 PM GMT
Remember getting a pund accum up when I went to see U2 in Cork in 1987.I would spend hours scanning their CHeltenham prices when I first got the Internet-they made a few mistakes.I was still betting with them up until the 2002 festival-after that they seemed determined to be under the odds on everything.Sorry to see them go but they have been irrelevant for a long time.
Report Eddie Batt February 15, 2013 8:36 PM GMT
I remember being absolutely amazed when I first went into one of their shops -they had someone shouting out odds on anything and everything.
There are a couple of shops closing in Waterford CIty next week-incredibly tough game these days.
Report Cupwinkcook February 15, 2013 8:51 PM GMT
14/1 My Way de Solzen for the stayers was the last one I remember making a few bob on.

Liam would price up on a Friday evening for Saturday racing and the arbers would steam in.

Internet killed them. No point in these companies going online, just end up with arbers skimming and closing accounts.
Report Kelly February 15, 2013 9:50 PM GMT
Assuming they are gone , predict they wont be the last . Offices have now become a liability as the punters nowadays are more savvy and have a phenomenal choice .  So disciplined punters ( the ones who win normally) can pick and choose .

The job structure in bookies has changed , total jobs may have gone up , but the High street offices have been taking the hit . Its only going one way .
Report verylucky February 16, 2013 8:56 AM GMT
Sad to see a once forward looking bookie not move with the times and having to close, was probably the last bookie with a boardman - Paddies copied the Cashman model, across the board dbls etc Indos on the rack?
Report dashero February 16, 2013 9:45 AM GMT
Cannot speak with respect to Cashmans, but the last thing Celtic bookmakers needed was an effort at internet bookmaking. No offence to them but their retail operation was about 20 years behind the game in every aspect ,from trading office to shop counter ,so trying to create a competitive website was beyond them. Their haphazard strategy of trying to have as many shops as possible led them to opening offices in crazy locations and often paying far over the odds to acquire  existing shops/chains...
Report jefflebowski February 16, 2013 4:12 PM GMT
Sad to see the employees lose their jobs, but this was on the cards since Ladbrokes took their best shops three or four years back. The company took a serious turn for the worse around then, joke operation since. I know some of the longest serving staff lost their jobs and got shafted at that time, while some shadey dealings saw the remaining shops taken over by the shower running it since then -  consisting of Cashman Jnr (who always struck me as a bluffer), the former manager of the Dillons Cross branch and a few of their cronies from the days before that deal. Cashman Jnr wouldn't get a job sweeping the streets if it wasnt for his old man and the guy from Dillons Cross was always the loudest voice in the in there, usually talking intolerable **** while you're trying to watch the racing. Can't say i'm too upset for them, just a shame they've cost a few people their jobs.
Report rock piper February 16, 2013 5:36 PM GMT
They were the first firm to price up the 2003 Ericsson when Henrietta Knight confirmed that Best Mate would travel over and nobody else bothered until after the Xmas, Cashmans made Beef or Salmon Fav with Best Mate 5/2 or 11/4, this place followed suit and I spent days laying all the beef and backing all the Best Mate. Best Mate was sent off at odds on and skated in and I was green on every horse to 4 figures, great days not so easy now.
Report reb February 16, 2013 6:29 PM GMT
Sorry to hear they're closing. Genuinely independent in their day. Provided their own prices and laid a decent ante-post bet pre 2006.

Celtic Bookmakers was a property gamble, dashero.
Report dashero February 16, 2013 7:01 PM GMT
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