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21 May 22 21:48
Date Joined: 09 Mar 21
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Not a bad programme, bit slow, but can't read some of the answer options because the writing is too small...
And no, I've not got a 6 inch screen
Anybody else the same?
Pause Switch to Standard View Anyone watching this 1% club on ITV?
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Report onlooker May 21, 2022 9:53 PM BST
On the NEWS - when somebody is speaking in a Foreign Language  (which quite often given Ukraine situation) ...

They put the TRANSLATION  in Tiny White letters - on a very Thin black strip across the screen  Cry

Obviously designed by some 'fresh out of Uni' IT Geek .... who thinks that everybody else has a 20-years-old 20/20 vision.Sad

Ignorant idiots.
Report elise May 21, 2022 9:59 PM BST
a 1%er would move closer to the telly imo
Report Regbutler May 21, 2022 10:06 PM BST
I can't afford the TV licence
I'm watching the neighbours through their patio doors
Report elise May 21, 2022 10:09 PM BST
lol vg
Report Regbutler May 21, 2022 10:17 PM BST
Just reminded myself of a true story from the 60s
In those days TV high street shops, like Radio Rentals and Redifusion, used to leave their TVs on in the shop windows on a Sunday when they were closed
One Sunday afternoon on The Golden Shot, someone was lining up Bernie the Bolt, when the pips went on the phone line...
Turned out he was in a phone box in the High Street watching the programme through the shop window!!!

The above will make no sense to anybody below 60, possibly 55
Report Ramruma May 22, 2022 4:56 AM BST
I'm with OP. The murder mystery addresses in particular were unreadable. Perhaps if I had a 56" telly...
Report JayRogers May 22, 2022 7:57 AM BST
Can mind the mobs of folk that used to gather outside Currys, Dixons wherever for Final Score pre mobile.
Go the pub now and everyone sitting watching their own tv.
Report JayRogers May 22, 2022 7:57 AM BST
Can mind the mobs of folk that used to gather outside Currys, Dixons wherever for Final Score pre mobile.
Go the pub now and everyone sitting watching their own tv.
Report brians May 22, 2022 8:38 AM BST
The first question is usually something like “ which is the odd one out, London , Paris or a custard tart, .?” and at least 5 will get it wrong ! I often wonder how some people manage to get dressed.
Report pumphol. May 22, 2022 9:11 AM BST
The question when put up covers the whole screen for about three seconds then it goes really small till time is up, I just pause it when it first appears to see what it actually says !
Report geoff m May 22, 2022 2:40 PM BST
Brian .Is it London ?

As i once ate a custard tart in Paris, but not in London.LaughLaughLaugh
Report michael59 May 22, 2022 3:01 PM BST
i press pause read and think about the answer then continue , by the time the adverts come on im 4 mins behind , fast forward bosh back on the show CoolCool
Report TameTheTiger May 22, 2022 3:05 PM BST
Youre correct Geoff, but for the wrong reason. London doesnt have an "a" in it Cool
Report geoff m May 22, 2022 3:40 PM BST
Obvious now TTT. Dont know how i missed it.
Report beccaboo May 22, 2022 4:57 PM BST
Ha ha reminds me of the time i was seeing this girl. She liked to go shopping on saturday afternoons,the bother i had of trying to time every race to watch in shops selling tvs was stressful.
Report i_agree_with_nick May 23, 2022 2:13 PM BST
I wonder how many of the 1% who got the final question correct, actually knew the answer rather than guessing.

For those who haven't seen it, Saturday's 1% qu:

What is the next letter in the sequence?

Report geoff m May 23, 2022 2:36 PM BST
final 1 beat me.
Report duffy May 23, 2022 2:55 PM BST
The question about how many of the word "is" was in the question was total b0ll0x if you ask me.....answer should have been 2.
Report duffy May 23, 2022 3:00 PM BST
They don't necessarily get harder either, the one about the months on the end of the words stuck out like a sore thumb yet it was something like the 25% question. It's just how you see some questions and not others.
Report duffy May 23, 2022 3:01 PM BST
good show thoughGrin
Report swiftynifty May 23, 2022 4:22 PM BST
I got everything right bar the 1% in week one but have gone downhill fast since. Some ambiguous questions out there too.
Report brians May 24, 2022 10:14 AM BST
The answer is Paris, as that is the only one you can add -ian and get a new word. Londonian and Custard Tartian are just nonsense. Surprised you lot didn't get it.
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