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Whippin Piccadilly
13 Sep 21 16:19
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Where does he rank on your "Greatest 2 Mile Chaser" list? He's at the top of mine
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Report Whippin Piccadilly September 13, 2021 4:23 PM BST
Just above Sprinter Sacre, Viking Flagship, Moscow Flyer.
Report Greenacres September 13, 2021 4:27 PM BST
Why do I feel there could be a changing of the guard at Seven Barrows with James Bowen coming very much to the fore!!
Report Jumping-cuckoo-monk September 13, 2021 4:30 PM BST
A monster when that turbo kicked in.
Report penzance September 13, 2021 4:41 PM BST
gone out in one piece,owes no one.
Class horse.
Report ashleigh September 13, 2021 5:34 PM BST
to spend his retirement with fitzy.Wink
Report Tiger Tiger September 13, 2021 6:05 PM BST
Superb horse. That race against Cyrname took its toll, on both of them.
Report Gordon63 September 13, 2021 6:14 PM BST
very very good horse - bit short of sprinter sacre and badsworth boy and I'd say moscow flyer would have beaten altior more often than not...someone with more knowledge of equine physiology and physchology than myself would have to comment but I find it hard to believe that one single race affected cyrname and altior to the apparent extent that it has
Report Mat22 September 13, 2021 9:02 PM BST
Awesome Nag.
Would love to know What Henderson thinks between A Prime Sprinter Sacre v a Prime Altior over 2m at Cheltenham Who comes out on top???
Sprinter for me but only just.Cool
Report portmanpark September 13, 2021 9:38 PM BST
over rated
Report jimnast September 14, 2021 8:08 AM BST
without doubt behind the 3 gordon mentions and to be honest i dont think portmanpark is that far out.
Report wroughtironronn September 14, 2021 10:28 AM BST
Is Fitzy going into dressage then.......
Report salmon spray September 14, 2021 1:36 PM BST
He'd never have caught Dunkirk.
Report antony_27 September 14, 2021 4:00 PM BST
Flagship Uberalles was a top class 2 miler in his day too imo
Report glentoby September 14, 2021 4:32 PM BST
Not sure where to rank him overall and not sure that Nicky ever pushed the issue of beyond 2 miles as far as he could/should have.Don't even agree with his view that the Cyrname race caused any damage,he was never flogged to bits in that race.As one of his biggest fans I doubt he ranks in the top two,two mile chasers,what I do think is he was probably the best that never ran in the KG on Boxing Day and probably could have won,too Frankel like imvho in terms of campaigning?
Report handtorofe September 14, 2021 4:40 PM BST
I think One man would have given most a run for their money if they had kept him to 2 mile
Report duffy September 14, 2021 5:40 PM BST
Good horse but below Sprinter, Viking, Masterminded, Pearlyman, Badsworth and probably Martha's Son maybe more.

Perhaps unfairly judged because his legacy is hamstrung as he reigned in a poor era.
Report swiftynifty September 14, 2021 5:46 PM BST
Send the poor horse some earplugs rather than polos.
Report strontium September 14, 2021 8:02 PM BST
I wish him a happy retirement, but he was nowhere near as good as peak Sprinter Sacre or Masterminded (just considering recent examples). As Duffy says, he ran in a poor division at the time.
Report Whippin Piccadilly September 14, 2021 10:07 PM BST
Poor Era? Laugh Yeah, Un Deux Sceaux(10xG1 Wins) & Min (7xG1 Wins) were complete mugs! Altior made them look selling class. As for Master Minded...please stop! Laugh Bridle merchant who beat what exactly? As much as I liked Well Chief and Co they weren't in the same league as UDS & Min.
Report Tiger Tiger September 14, 2021 10:14 PM BST
I agree with Whipping Piccadilly.

Its hard to judge horses from different era's but anyone who doesn't rate Altior amongst the best ever two milers really should have a word with themselves.
Report Whippin Piccadilly September 14, 2021 10:37 PM BST
I like you Tiger! Grin Will you be available to take your place back in Team Shrewdie?
Report strontium September 14, 2021 10:38 PM BST
Sprinter Sacre beat Sizing Europe, a champion chaser, half the track in the Champion Chase.  Master Minded beat Voy Por Ustedes, a champion chaser, 19 lengths in the Champion Chase. Altior never did anything close to that. He was a good 10-12 lbs below the other two at their best. Still a fine horse, but not a great.
Report Tiger Tiger September 14, 2021 10:49 PM BST
Its all bout opinions strontium and my opinion is that your opinion is misguided, misjudged and wrong.

Sorry WP, I'm a stubborn fooker and will stick to my word, wont go anywhere near anything where the hypocrite tobymug is involved. I wish you and the team all the best though.
Report Whippin Piccadilly September 14, 2021 10:50 PM BST
Totally fine about yourself thinking SS was better, but I ain't having MM. Get out of it! lol VPU won the weakest QM in history, it was already very weak before Well Chief fell early on in the race. VPU was a better horse at 2M4F anyway and duly turned the tables on the bridle merchant over that trip in emphatic style. ABSOLUTLEY no chance that MM was better than Altior...none whatsoever.
Report Whippin Piccadilly September 14, 2021 10:51 PM BST
Fair enough Tiger. Thanks man.
Report jimnast September 15, 2021 12:14 PM BST
good afternoon tiger

after having a word with myself i do accept the horse was not over rated i think in the end i was so fed up of the way henderson carried on i held it against the horse which of course its not the horses fault the trainer has gone the way he has gone,however i would still have him behind sprinter,badsworth and moscow.
Report Whippin Piccadilly September 15, 2021 1:45 PM BST
Btw, Credit to Walsh & Nicholls for achieving what they did with MM. Ruby was the perfect jockey to keep a horse on the bridle for as long as possible.
Report sixtwosix September 15, 2021 7:37 PM BST
Altior could well have been the strongest finisher of all the 2 mile champs.
However his flat spots a long way from home imo would have probably put him on the deck vainly attempting to keep in the same postcode as the superlative Sprinter Sacre.
I had my biggest ever bet on Sprinter Sacre at 1/4 in this race......he never looked anything other than the winner .....but I was still wobbling like a jelly.

Master Minded was like Cyrname given a ludicrous rating for one race , beating the very ordinary Voy Pur Ustedes.

Badsworth Boy was quicker and a slicker jumper (at Cheltenham) than any of the other champs.

3 , not 2 unlike the others , effortless victories under hands and heels by 10 lengths minimum to a distance .....he is still alone on 3 wins .....and may always be so.
Report strontium September 15, 2021 8:13 PM BST
Nobody has mentioned Flyingbolt yet, who Timeform have 18 lbs better than any of them.
Report iswearitsoath September 15, 2021 10:16 PM BST
Based on his Supreme win, he'd surely have won at least one champion hurdle (though he'd probably have looked in trouble at some stage. A great without doubt, but I agree that he reigned in a weak era and don't see how he could be rated above Sprinter Sacre or Moscow Flyer.
Report iswearitsoath September 15, 2021 10:16 PM BST
Based on his Supreme win, he'd surely have won at least one champion hurdle (though he'd probably have looked in trouble at some stage. A great without doubt, but I agree that he reigned in a weak era and don't see how he could be rated above Sprinter Sacre or Moscow Flyer.
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