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29 Apr 21 14:32
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... and therefore - obviously - unusable. Cry
Pause Switch to Standard View Betfair Payout/Liability Calculator...
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Report longbridge April 29, 2021 3:10 PM BST
that was raised a few days ago in this thread:

where I posted

"It might be the new version of Chrome that broke it?

I saw this in relation to op-ups not working on another site after upgraing to Chrome 90

Liability/Payout still works for me in non-Chromium browsers"

The pop-up still works for me in IE, but not in Edge (which these days uses Google's Chromium rendering engine used in Chrome).  I do not have Firefox installed these days.
Report onlooker April 29, 2021 3:26 PM BST
Thank you for replying - longbridge ... You are as reliable as ever.

I have tried 3 different Browsers - and All are NON-Runners.

I was using VIVALDI for Betfair - a really slick Browser - and when I switched on today, there was an Update for the Browser, which I Downloaded - and I immediately suspected that, when the Calculator would no longer work

There was another Update only around a week ago - and Betfair was fine after that.

Now NOT working on - Vivaldi - Chrome - Firefox - Edge - Brave

I have run out of Bloody Browsers .... Which Browsers are left, that are not 'Chrome-Based'?

Please don't say IE ... It is Ancient history, surely. ...

- and What are Betfair doing about it? ... if ANYTHING. Cry
Report Nebs April 29, 2021 3:32 PM BST
For me it works in Firefox but not in Chrome.
Report longbridge April 29, 2021 3:35 PM BST
IE is indeed ancient history - I keep it for a couple of old, horrible sites that have not been updated for years and insist on checking if you have a "compatible browser", a test which only IE seems to pass in recent times.

I used it only to confirm it was a Chromium issue as the article I quoted suggested.

As to BF fixing it - is anyone making a book on the month (or year!) in which it will be fixed?
Report Ramruma April 29, 2021 3:59 PM BST
Has anyone actually reported this to Betfair? They might not realise they need to fix their code.
Report onlooker April 29, 2021 4:14 PM BST
Has anyone - TRIED - reporting ANYTHING to Betfair. Cry
Report 11kv April 29, 2021 4:19 PM BST
Been told about it,they have dispatched the top IT exec to Amsterdam to get it sorted.....
Report onlooker May 2, 2021 8:46 PM BST
Found a Solution for my personal situation.

However - It is Browser SPECIFIC - and, sadly, this Solution will NOT work with (most popular) CHROME Browser (the Main Culprit) - along with EDGE or BRAVE ... Not tested the many others.

It will NOT work with the Above Browsers as - Those Browsers are All CHROME-BASED Open Source -
- Annoyingly and frustratingly those Browsers UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY   ... WITHOUT the -('Notify me when a New Version is available - But LET ME CHOOSE to Install') Option that is offered (*via Settings) in Firefox and some other Browsers

FIREFOX , apparently, still seems to Work

So - If you use - CHROME or EDGE ... You are STUCK WITHOUT the Payout/Lay Dutching Pop-Up TOOL ... Until BETFAIR FIX Their CODE.... or use FIREFOX

Don't hold your breath.

My Browser of choice is Vivaldi - So I Downloaded the PREVIOIUS VERSION (from filehippo - where you can source Previous/Earlier Versions of all kinds of things) - in order to get rid of the Latest Update (aligned with CHROME 90) that CONFLIUCTS with the Betfair Code for the Dutching TOOL.

Thankfully - Vivaldi DOES offer you the ... ('Notify me when a New Version is available - But LET ME CHOOSE to Install') Option... But, of course - You NEED to SET your Browser to that Option - via the Browser Settings.

  *  I had tried another method of - The straightforward - 'System Restore' ... to a date a bit before April 28th - when this problem manifested itself.

However - As Outlined above - the ANNOYING AUTOMATIC Browser UPDATE on CHROME, and all Chrome-based Browsers, scuppered that - when they - almost immediately - Automatically Updated - Again

IT GEEKS eh. Cry
Report FatPunt May 3, 2021 1:05 PM BST
I haven't been able to use this feature for two weeks. Contacted BF and they said I have to wait until the chrome update.
Report marla May 13, 2021 1:30 PM BST
Its working for me now in Chrome.
Report onlooker May 13, 2021 1:57 PM BST
There was some Betfair work done earlier - and, thankfully, Code now Fixed and working on ALL (latest) Chrome-based Browsers.
Report FatPunt May 13, 2021 9:47 PM BST
Working fine again here now.
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