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07 Mar 21 13:56
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mail on line sunday all in the public domain

The mystery surrounding a sickening photograph of three-time Grand National-winning trainer Gordon Elliott sat astride a dead horse deepened last night amid claims that a drug cartel leaked the image in a bid to ruin him.

The horse-racing star’s fall from grace took a dramatic turn on Friday night when a judge noted a ‘sinister aspect’ to the case as he handed the trainer a year’s ban from the sport, suspended for the final six months.

‘The Committee are satisfied that the publication of this photograph is part of a concerted attack upon Mr Elliott, the full circumstances of which are unknown,’ said Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB).

The mystery surrounding a sickening photograph of three-time Grand National-winning trainer Gordon Elliott sat astride a dead horse deepened last night amid claims that a drug cartel leaked the image in a bid to ruin him    +3
The mystery surrounding a sickening photograph of three-time Grand National-winning trainer Gordon Elliott sat astride a dead horse deepened last night amid claims that a drug cartel leaked the image in a bid to ruin him

Today, The Mail on Sunday can reveal mounting suspicion that the ‘concerted attack’ was orchestrated by a criminal gang seeking to ruin Elliott over a long-running feud.

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Sources allege the cartel released the image of Elliott sat on the body of seven-year-old gelding Morgan while chatting on his mobile phone in revenge for his refusal to work with John Boylan, a notorious criminal.

Boylan has 67 convictions and has been described by Ireland’s Criminal Assets Bureau as ‘a leading and directing member of an organised crime group based in the West Dublin area specifically involved in armed robbery and the sale and supply of controlled drugs’.

He was also the owner of Labaik, a racehorse stabled at Elliott’s yard in County Meath after being bought for £25,000. Boylan had a 90 per cent share in the animal and Elliott five per cent.

In its first three races, the horse refused to start but it then dramatically won the 2017 Supreme Novices Hurdle race at Cheltenham with Boylan photographed celebrating the victory and €147,447 (£127,000) winner’s cheque in the parade ring.

Coverage of Labaik’s unexpected win and Boylan’s celebrations drew the attention of the police who suspected the racehorse had been bought with money made from crime. Shortly afterwards, detectives swooped to seize Boylan’s financial documents, computers, a £30,000 Mercedes Benz E Class and a small quantity of drugs.

Mr Elliott is pictured above with his girlfriend, TV presenter Kate Harrington    +3
Mr Elliott is pictured above with his girlfriend, TV presenter Kate Harrington

When they then learned that Boylan was planning to sell the horse for an estimated £430,000, the Criminal Assets Bureau blocked the sale. A month after the Cheltenham win, Labaik returned to the track at Punchestown in Ireland, but suffered a serious injury.

Following a lengthy inquiry, Ireland’s High Court ruled in October 2019 that Boylan had indeed purchased Labaik with the proceeds of crime along with a property in West Dublin refurbished at a cost of £540,000, a mobile home worth £28,000 and the Mercedes.

At that point, Elliott – who has had no involvement with any criminality nor any knowledge of Boylan’s illegal activities – refused to work any further with him nor train either the criminal’s horses or those of his associates.

Labaik remained at his yard, but Elliott announced in January that the nine-year-old grey had died from colic late last year.

‘It has been reported (on social media) that he sustained a cut to a leg and was put down, which wasn’t true. He wasn’t being ridden out and had been retired,’ he said.

According to sources, the feud rumbled along until last week when the photograph taken in 2019 of Elliott sitting on the body of Morgan was leaked.

‘It’s been said Gordon has had a big fall-out with Labaik’s owners because he’s refused to train their horses for them,’ said a well-informed source.

‘Among the racing fraternity it’s said that the gang, or people who are connected to them, are behind the leak.’


Shamed multi-millionaire horse trainer Gordon Elliott is NOT...

Cheltenham jockey apologises amid outrage at video of him...
The theory of a co-ordinated attack on Elliott gained traction when footage also emerged of the trainer and friends enjoying drinking sessions at his yard. It was claimed that they were recorded during lockdown but Elliott insists it was filmed two years ago.

There were further lurid claims about an alleged party on Valentine’s Day where Elliott’s girlfriend Kate Harrington was said to have confronted a female stablehand about her friendship with the trainer.

Ms Harrington, a presenter on Racing TV, declined to comment on the claims, but said: ‘The last week has been tough for Gordon but I was proud to support him and was moved by how many people also were. He’s made a mistake and he is paying dearly for it.’

The events of the past week mark another extraordinary chapter in Elliott’s life, which has taken the son of a car mechanic from a small Irish village near Dublin to the winner’s enclosure of the world’s greatest steeplechase three times.

Elliott was 13 when he relieved his boredom one summer by helping to muck out stables close to his home. He quickly became hooked on horse racing, becoming an amateur jockey with almost 50 wins.

He took out a trainer’s licence in 2006 and the following year, aged just 29, won his first Grand National with the 33-1 outsider Silver Birch.

Sources allege the cartel released the image of Elliott sat on the body of seven-year-old gelding Morgan while chatting on his mobile phone in revenge for his refusal to work with John Boylan, pictured, a notorious criminal    +3
Sources allege the cartel released the image of Elliott sat on the body of seven-year-old gelding Morgan while chatting on his mobile phone in revenge for his refusal to work with John Boylan, pictured, a notorious criminal

‘This is a dream come true... I’m certainly going to celebrate tonight,’ he said afterwards.

In 2018 and again in 2019 he won the National with Tiger Roll, the first horse since Red Rum to win the race twice.

After Elliott guided the horse to his first victory, its owner Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary astonished passengers on board a flight by handing out free drinks to celebrate the win.

O’Leary, whose horses represent about 40 per cent of those kept at Elliott’s yard, has remained steadfastly loyal. ‘We all make mistakes, and what is important is we learn from them and ensure we do not repeat them,’ he said last week.

Mr Elliott appears to be intent on making a return to the sport. ‘I will serve my time and then build back better,’ he said last Friday.

Some believe, however, that the die is cast. ‘People were walking around the yard this week in tears. Horses were taken out of there on Tuesday and the girls were crying,’ said a source who has spoken to several staff at the stables.

‘They’re closing ranks around him but there’s a feeling in the wider industry that it’s too late.’
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Report 11kv March 7, 2021 2:11 PM GMT
Skeletons rattling in cupboards all over.......
Report leif March 7, 2021 2:13 PM GMT
Quick scan suggests nothing worth noting except he'd decided not to train hosses for a well known bandit.
Report saddo March 7, 2021 2:35 PM GMT
He's braver than I thought, telling a bloke with 67 convictions to feck off. How many convictions is enough to keep someone off the streets btw? Laugh
Report impossible123 March 7, 2021 2:39 PM GMT
It's done. Move on. Worse things happen in life, horse racing pales into insignificance. I hope Elliot rises up the rank of great trainers again, and soon.
Report MJK March 7, 2021 2:44 PM GMT
Discussed on the other thread this morning
Report saddo March 7, 2021 2:53 PM GMT
I never looked at that thread tbh, this thread title is more specific
Report MJK March 7, 2021 3:13 PM GMT
I might as well throw the other 'suspect ' out there, after scorned lover, gangster, stablehand with a grudge, disenchanted stable hand and Davy Russell. Apparently Tiger Roll's ex stable lass came looking for her job back after walking away, was told no, and the photo was up that evening. There's a movie in there somewhere.
Report driver2 March 7, 2021 3:14 PM GMT
Funny, I was looking at the Animal Welfare Watch website and they had a screenshot of a tweet from one of GE's stable lasses, Charlotte Crozier. She was recounting a fight between Kate Harrington and the stable hand who was flirting with GE in the stable bar. Apparently Kate was too badly beaten up to go to work the next day. I was going to copy the post on here but it was taken down fairly quickly. Sounds like a fun place to work.
Report posy March 7, 2021 3:35 PM GMT
It was reported that Crozier  had the bust up with Harrington
Report posy March 7, 2021 3:36 PM GMT
Elliott, 43, hosted the party where the row erupted a week before a horrific photo of him sat on a dead horse was leaked.

The three-time Grand National-winning trainer has apologised 'profoundly' for the image which was taken in 2019.

The Sun can reveal a row erupted between Kate, 31, and Charlotte, who is in her 20s.

The argument is believed to have taken place on February 21. On February 28, the story broke about the dead horse photo after it was circulated online that weekend.

The two had a 'verbal altercation' in which drinks were apparently spilled.

A source said: "It was a row, a verbal altercation.

"People were stunned to hear it. It's been the talk of the racing world ever since.

"Everybody is talking about it. It's a big deal.
Report screaming from beneaththewaves March 7, 2021 3:36 PM GMT
"Ms Harrington, a presenter on Racing TV, declined to comment on the claims, but said: ‘The last week has been tough for Gordon but I was proud to support him ..."

At least we're clear where Racing TV stands on the issue.
Report elisjohn March 7, 2021 3:36 PM GMT
so the ihrb, have turned a blind eye to the stable having an open bar, during lockdownSurprised
Report 11kv March 7, 2021 3:39 PM GMT
Says in "The Sun" it was a party so it must be true Laugh
Report MJK March 7, 2021 3:39 PM GMT
That's old news driver! We've been touching on that here for three weeks. Particularly Kate's 'stomach bug' as why she couldn't work on RUK. However people have to remember that all this stuff(and the rest that may come out) is strictly nothing to do with what the hearing was for so Animal welfare really have no business using it.
Report nineteen points March 7, 2021 3:44 PM GMT
so the ihrb dont mind drinking in a bar but tv presenters have to wear stupid masks whilst standing outside.
Report casemoney March 7, 2021 3:52 PM GMT
So gordon was sending this guy photos ? How did the cartel leader get the picture ?
Report brians March 7, 2021 3:59 PM GMT
Questions not answered yet, may never be...
Who took the picture ? Who put the “ hilarious “ , caption on ?
Who posted the picture ? Whose legs are in the top left of the picture.
Who was sent the picture,? More than one person ?
Report driver2 March 7, 2021 4:04 PM GMT
Haven't seen any of that MJK. Even so, there seem to be a few on here that were not aware of the stable bar! I think that Animal Welfare would tell you that they can use whatever they like in their quest to get GE banned for life!
Report MJK March 7, 2021 4:07 PM GMT
He's  had that bar for ages TV, just as many trainers do. The video doing the rounds at the time of 'Kategate' of the bar has been questioned as to the time it was taken. Some believe it was pre Covid.
Report portmanpark March 7, 2021 4:11 PM GMT
biggest mystery in this story is how the hell did gordon pull the lovely kate??
Report geoff m March 7, 2021 4:12 PM GMT
Report driver2 March 7, 2021 4:20 PM GMT
Have a look at Charlotte Crozier's FB page, you wouldn't kick her out of bed either!
Report slickster March 7, 2021 4:22 PM GMT
Tune in tomorrow folks for the next episode of Elliottenders.
Report impossible123 March 7, 2021 4:22 PM GMT
The open bar picture was two years ago not during lockdown, I believe.
Report 1st time poster March 7, 2021 4:23 PM GMT
no wonder they are all on social media/MSM saying its a great place to work .sounds more like an 18 to 30 holiday than a place of work
Report hulk23 March 7, 2021 4:27 PM GMT
how the hell did gordon pull the lovely kate

horsey crowd all ****ing each other as per ...
Report sludge March 7, 2021 4:40 PM GMT
Had to check that out driver2.........u r spot on.
Report ribero1 March 7, 2021 4:42 PM GMT
"Biggest mystery is how the hell did Gordon pull the lovely Kate" indeed it seems nowadays the main requirements for a chap now is a shaven head with plenty of tatoos and a six pack.
Report ribero1 March 7, 2021 4:43 PM GMT
Sorry and a beard doesn't seem to go amiss either.
Report driver2 March 7, 2021 4:46 PM GMT
sludgeand I'll bet you'll be back for another look!Laugh
Report sludge March 7, 2021 4:49 PM GMT
I think u r right driver2. A cracker.
Report onlooker March 7, 2021 4:56 PM GMT
^ ribero -

- that would be a 'six-pack' of Lager,  I presume ....

certainly not of stomach muscle in this instance.
Report ribero1 March 7, 2021 4:59 PM GMT
Very unfair on Gordon onlooker!Mischief
Report hulk23 March 7, 2021 5:03 PM GMT
put a bit of timber on since the days when he was sitting on the horses ...
Report duffy March 7, 2021 5:28 PM GMT
I'd have liked to have seen her mother's face when she found out
Report Eont March 7, 2021 6:43 PM GMT
Gordon is a millionaire. They love the shoes and handbags his money buys.

Have you seen the women Bernie Ecclestone has married and dated? He could not even pull his own if he stacked shelves in Tesco.
Report 11kv March 7, 2021 6:44 PM GMT
Report 1st time poster March 7, 2021 6:47 PM GMT
yeh beats taking mrs harrington down to the foodbank
Report Sir Epicure Mammon March 7, 2021 6:50 PM GMT
Eont, to be fair Ecclestone is a dwarf as well so would only be able to stack the bottom shelf!
Report acey deucy March 7, 2021 9:46 PM GMT
Report smirnoff2therescue March 7, 2021 10:07 PM GMT
remember her two years back at those RTV Cheltenham shows wiv the wine taster et al when she was knocking back fruit flavoured ciders whilst openly admitting she didnt hav a boyfriend - you had to see the segment to get connection but im amazed that Gordon got his hands on her - or that otha one for that matter - money deffo talks eh CrazyCrazyWinkWinkLaughLaugh
Report brigust1 March 8, 2021 8:40 AM GMT
I thought consorting with criminals was wrong, not an excuse. But I don't live in Ireland.
Report olddesperado March 8, 2021 9:23 AM GMT
That's beneath you brigurst.
Report kavvie March 8, 2021 9:27 AM GMT
brig you prob have consorted with criminals several times. and not known it. as im sure was the case with gordon. then when he realised he put things right.  and there are criminals everywhere not just in england or ireland.
Report GEORGE.B March 8, 2021 9:40 AM GMT
‘... we know enough from the malevolent release of the photograph, the videos, the text messages, and the countless stories seeping from Cullentra that the culture was not right’

Behind a pay wall, but for those with good eyesight
Report brigust1 March 8, 2021 9:57 AM GMT
That is what they are saying. GE was consorting with a criminal and now they are using that as an excuse. That fact that he sat on, disabused and showed total disrespect for a horse who gave his life for him and O'Leary, isn't the problem, apparently. The problem is that someone he was supposedly consorting with, working for, got hold of the offensive and disgusting photos and made them public. I am just re-stating the facts.
Report brigust1 March 8, 2021 10:01 AM GMT
And the reason our respected sports newspapers are not pressing this case, and the reason reporters refuse to criticise anyone of status in horseracing, is because of the Top Cees case. We all know that, but some see that as supporting their case. They are wrong.
Report posy March 8, 2021 10:27 AM GMT
George the author of the Times article David Walsh seems a poor judge of character !

David Walsh apologises for remarks about fellow journalist in sex crimes case
Posted on: October 24th, 2017

David Walsh apology for remarks about Tom Humphries

Well known cycling journalist and author David Walsh has issued a statement after his support and character reference in court for a fellow journalist now jailed for child sex crimes blew up in his face.

David Walsh apology for remarks about Tom Humphries

Well known journalist David Walsh, whose pursuit of Lance Armstrong was made into a movie, has apologised for remarks he made in a 2012 interview about fellow sports journalist Tom Humphries.

Two weeks ago on Today FM Matt Cooper aired a segment of the interview from five years ago. At the time Humphries was under investigation for the sexual abuse of an underage girl.

However, Walsh said he knew a lot more about the allegations than most people. He said Humphries was a “fine man” and that that would be proven in time.

Humphries was convicted of the grooming and sexual abuse of the young girl two weeks ago. And today he was sentenced to 2½ years in jail.

The matter blew up when it emerged Walsh was one of two people who gave character references to the court in support of Humphries.

Lance Armstrong joined in mocking Walsh via Twitter, saying his predicament warmed his heart.

When the fact Walsh had given a character reference for Humphries emerged, Cooper decided to air the segment of the 2012 interview.

It was deemed legally risky at the time because a Garda investigation was still underway.

Today, at the conclusion of the case, Walsh issued a statement through the Press Association containing an apology.

“As justice has now run its course I want to say that I unequivocally condemn what Tom Humphries did and have every sympathy for the victim in the case,” he said.

“I have read her victim impact statement and have some sense of the terrible ordeal she has been through.

“Furthermore, in a radio interview five years ago I spoke about the case in a manner that was insensitive and ill-judged, I apologise unreservedly for that.

“In writing a character reference for Tom I was not in any way condoning the crime for which he has now been sentenced.

“I have been a friend of his for 30 years and since his arrest in 2011 I continued to be his friend because I believe a friend is there through thick and thin.

“Tom did a terrible wrong for which he has now been given a custodial term.”

In the 2012 Today FM interview, Matt Copper asks Walsh about, what Cooper believed, were his contradictory stances on Lance Armstrong being accused of doping and his journalist friend Humphries being accused of child sex abuse.

At the time, in December, 2012, Walsh was bringing out his book on Armstrong; Seven Deadly Sins. The abuse allegations against Humphries had been published in the media at the time.

Walsh described in his book how Humphries was the most talented journalist he had known. And said he was “a fine man too”.

When he was being interviewed by Cooper at the time about the book, Walsh brought Humphries into the conversation.

In a segment, which you can hear by following this link, broadcast on Today FM two weeks ago Cooper said he couldn’t believe Walsh had made glowing references to Humphries in the interview.

He then went on to ask him about this. Cooper said two weeks ago that he didn’t broadcast that particular part of the interview at the time for legal reasons, as Humphries was under investigation.

But he said because David Walsh had “doubled down” in repeating his support for Tom Humphries in The Sunday Times the weekend before last, he felt it was fair to broadcast the 2012 comments now.

Because Walsh is Irish, has written so extensively about Armstrong and because Armstrong was introduced in a strange way into the Humphries story; we at stickybottle decided to cover the story at the time a fortnight ago.

And because we covered it then, we feel we should also cover the latest developments around Walsh’s statement.

The exchange with Walsh from 2012 in which Cooper introduces Lance Armstrong into the Tom Humphries story is just below. And you can hear the full interview by clicking on this link.

Matt Cooper: Would it not appear strange, perhaps, to people that you’re defending (Tom Humphries) in that some respects he is; it’s a bit parallel to the whole Lance Armstrong situation.

If somebody had defended Lance Armstrong in the way that you’re defending him you would not have believed them.

David Walsh: No, Matt, no. I think the comparison you have made is odious, I really do. I think it’s completely inappropriate.

And all I would say about the Tom situation is that I know a damn sight more about it than most people. I believe Tom is a fine man. And I believe in the end, that will come out and people will understand he’s a fine man.

I guarantee you; anybody who knows Tom and has remained in touch with him over the last 2½ years will offer you exactly the same view that I’m offering.

They will have no doubts. And Tom has shown himself to be a fine man through this.

Where did the name come from?
A stickybottle, put simply, is the knackered cyclist’s best friend. As a rider is being dropped from a group, the team manager or support worker in a following car holds a bottle out the window to hand it up. As the handover is taking place, the rider grabs the bottle tight, as does whoever is handing it up, enabling the rider get a good tow and push from momentum of the car. It’s known as a stickybottle because it appears neither the rider nor the person handing it up is able to take their hand off the bottle; it looks stuck to their hands. But please don’t try this at home. We’ve been slyly cheating this way all our lives; it takes a while to perfect.
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