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++ 2015/16 AW Comp: Week 20, FINAL MEETING, Good Friday, Lingfield ++

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When: 25 Mar 16 17:57
I'll just sort out today's result and then I'll post the final table.
When: 25 Mar 16 18:01
I can't wait!

When: 25 Mar 16 18:02
Pretty sure that last race means no top 10 for meSad
When: 25 Mar 16 18:02
TheNorfolkMafia, we look forward to seeing you next season Love
When: 25 Mar 16 18:03
Soz stephaniebot Sad
When: 25 Mar 16 18:03
Smar Tarse wins @ Wolves HappyCoolCryHappyCryCryCry 20 well done
When: 25 Mar 16 18:08
Yes, maybe you can find another girl friend for him next season!
When: 25 Mar 16 18:08
Firstly many congratulations to cosmik debris...a tremendous performance and you always seemed to have enough in hand to maintain your lead.
Secondly thanks very much to George for running this competition so well.It is a testament to the respect in which you're held George that this competition runs for over 20 weeks and everyone behaves throughout in a civilised and gentlemanly (and of course ladylike) manner.
Thirdly many thanks to everyone who has entered into the spirit of the competition especially Norfolk and Stephanie who have frequently offered light relief.There is a rumour that Skinto is going to be in the naps premier division next month;however as it's only a rumour probably no truth in it !
Roll on November.
When: 25 Mar 16 18:11
End of Meeting

Well done to unluckyStu who wins the final comp of the season and I think will see Stu finish in third place overall. Macintoshmatty makes sure of a top 10 overall finish by taking the runner-up spot today, and newly crowned champ cosmik debris ends the season in style by landing  hat-trick in the final 3 races.

Well done also to the rest of the top 10

    Position        Competitor        Score   
    1        unluckyStu        31.5   
    2        Macintoshmatty        30.5   
    3        cosmik debris        27.5   
    4        haltymags        24.5   
    5        pumphol        24   
    6        Bigsmiffy        21   
    6        GEORGE.B        21   
    8        dukeofpuke        20.5   
    9        tictacman1        20   
    10        stephaniebot        19.5   
    10        qqking        19.5   
    10        Kelly Brook        19.5   
    13        TheNorfolkMafia        18.5   
    14        posy        17.5   
    14        haplessamatuer        17.5   
    16        Billposter        16.5   
    17        lilBobby        14.5   
    18        Black Emperor        14   
    19        mackies-fc        13.5   
    20        hollyday        12   
    21        Narcolepzzzzzz        11.5   
    22        Virgin        10   
    23        MrsSmiffy        5   
When: 25 Mar 16 18:12
unluckyStu Cool

TT Happy

George LoveLoveLove

Cosmic CoolCoolCool
When: 25 Mar 16 18:13
Thanks for your kind words, posy, and very well done on another excellent effort to go so close to winning this comp again.
When: 25 Mar 16 18:15
Final table will be up around 6.30.
When: 25 Mar 16 18:16
HTF did I hang on and win that Laugh

Thanks for scoring George Happy hope you re-think your retirement Sad

Good luck to mackies-fc next season Crazy
When: 25 Mar 16 18:18
Well done Stu
Many thanks for all the hard work George, a great effort on your part
Thanks for the entertainment Steph and Norfolk
Best of luck to all the other players, it's been a privilege
When: 25 Mar 16 18:20
well done today stu tt
very well done cosmik on overall comp win
and a big thank you George once again an enjoyable comp
Happy Punting All
When: 25 Mar 16 18:26
Stu Cool
Posy CoolCool
Cosmik CoolCoolCoolCool

Thanks to George & everyone else with input to tables & Stats, see you later in the year.
Smar Tarse
When: 25 Mar 16 19:24
Well done today unluckyStu Cool

The champ Cosmik Cool

Cheers George Love You have done a cracking job throughout, hope it is just a semi-retirement.
When: 25 Mar 16 19:51
Thanks all for your kind words.
cosmik debris
When: 25 Mar 16 19:52
well done unluckystu and top ten for winning a competitive heat today. many thanks to posy for his very kind words. that was very competitive with the lead changing hands several times in recent weeks and with the outcome of the whole competition probably resting on the final race with your nap still to be played. i don't know about having enough in hand, i think i was hanging on for dear life! many thanks also to everyone taking part, and in the right spirit, to make this a very enjoyable competition and especially to george who has organised it in such a patient and professional manner. cheers everyone!
When: 25 Mar 16 19:57
End Of Competition

                  *** Congratulations to ***

                  ***** cosmik debris *****

             *** 2015 / 16 AW Competition Champion ***

Runner-up: posy
Third place: unluckyStu

4th:  mackies-fc
5th: qqking
6th: Bigsmiffy
7th: MrsSmiffy
8th: haltymags
9th: Macintoshmatty
10th: GEORGE.B

A brilliant effort by cosmik debris to claim his first title, ending up with a huge score of over 400 pts. As no one yet has managed to defend this title, I do hope cosmik returns next season to defend his crown!

Tough luck on posy who has to settle for second for the second year running. having gone so close, but a tremendous effort all the same.

unluckyStu claims the final podium place, on the final day of the season. Very well done indeed, Stu.

Another fine season for mackies-fc, who was bang in contention for much of the way.

qqking finishes a hugely respectable 5th, with a big score of around 358.

Bigsmiffy wins the bragging rights in the Smiffy household, but a really good season for both Mr and Mrs S, and I think I may be right in saying this is a PB for both?

Admirable progress up the table from Macintoshmatty, who I think I'm right in saying joined the comp later than most, so very well done indeed sir.

It was very close for the final top 10 spot with myself, Billposter, stephaniebot, Kelly Brook, Black Emperor and pumphol all in with a chance on the final day, but my lucky pin did just enough.

Thanks again to all who took part and I hope everyone will return again next season when mackies-fc has kindly volunteered to run the comp.

All the Best.

    Position        Name        Overall Score   
    1        cosmik debris        423.75   
    2        posy        399.75   
    3        unluckyStu        368.08   
    4        mackies-fc        361.08   
    5        qqking        357.83   
    6        Bigsmiffy        356.58   
    7        MrsSmiffy        352.5   
    8        haltymags        346.33   
    9        Macintoshmatty        320.5   
    10        GEORGE.B        309.67   
    11        Billposter        308.5   
    12        stephaniebot        305.67   
    13        Kelly Brook        302.16   
    14        Black Emperor        295.33   
    14        pumphol        286   
    16        mysexyscousebirdkylietait        268.92   
    17        Smar Tarse        260.83   
    18        twm        237.75   
    19        lilBobby        235.67   
    20        haplessamatuer        227.83   
    21        TheNorfolkMafia        227.08   
    22        dukeofpuke        208.58   
    23        holkerstreet        208.5   
    24        hollyday        193   
    25        flux        191.5   
    26        guernseyw        180.33   
    27        s.kenbo        176.5   
    28        Motseel        176.08   
    29        the dealer        175.33   
    30        Betme        165.5   
    31        tictacman1        164.33   
    32        Breedingmad        152.83   
    33        jonnyrotten        122   
    34        Narcolepzzzzzz        103.75   
    35        STATSMAN        89.83   
    36        Fryboy1        77.5   
    37        gnashersblackpool        75.33   
    38        Montoria        75   
    39        Sing when ur winning        74.83   
    40        nellie1970        71.5   
    41        11kv        68.5   
    42        Virgin        66.5   
    43        metro john        59.83   
    44        general custer        54   
    45        Aquarius        51.5   
    46        stridingedge        47.5   
    47        number 7        40   
    48        murton99        39.33   
    49        McCoy Carp        31   
    50        Draw 1        28   
    51        Micky Finn        27.5   
    52        stewarts rise        25.25   
    53        uptheboro        21.5   
    54        De_man        15.5   
    55        ItsMeSwaddle        15   
    56        Buffythebookieslayer        12.5   
    57        Daftracing        12.5   
    58        Man of Kent        12   
    59        razmos        9   
    60        raspberrybottom        6   
    61        parachute punter        3   
    62        angeleyz        1.25   
    63        charliepotheen        0.75   
When: 25 Mar 16 20:06
I omitted to give a mention to haltymags Cry, the ultra-consistent haltymags, who yet again finished in the overall top 10. Very well done indeed.
Kelly Brook
When: 25 Mar 16 20:26
wp today stu

VWP cosmik and overall TT

Cheers George
When: 25 Mar 16 21:12
Well done Cosmik. Cool

Thanks to George and stand in scorers too. Cool
When: 26 Mar 16 00:19
Congratulations To March And Overall Competition Winner Cosmik Debris Cool Well Done Today's Winner Unluckystu Cool

Thanks George Cool
When: 26 Mar 16 00:48
WD stu Happy and top ten Happy

Very Well Done Cosmik  - some cracking picks throughout - hope your balance has done well Cool

Well done top tenCool - a true exercise in RELENTLESSNESS as V occasionally reminds us ShockedCool

Good to see a really healthy compyCool and good to see a few newbies stuffing us wrinklies Wink Enjoyed the banter - especially sophieWink and ,of course, for the very first time a BF cash contribution Laugh
And yes both us smiffys achieved a PB ty GeorgeLaugh

But most of all a REALLY BIG THANKS to George - without whom this all would have fallen flat on its face. Thanks to to other scorers - they at least double the daily effort Happy

I'd really like to see strider back and of course the inimtable Aviboyd. But until next November, good luck to all you mad stards who persist in trying to unravel thw pecular weirdness of All Weather.CoolCool
When: 26 Mar 16 00:50
Oh !  and HC - howdyalikedemapples WinkCoolCoolCool
When: 26 Mar 16 01:04
well done today , stu

Very well done  Cosmik, fine tipping and overall TT

Grateful thanks to George for excellent comp and his scoring team.
When: 26 Mar 16 07:54
Well done Cosmik, great performance.

Unlucky posy, the bridesmaid again eh?

Well done to everyone who lasted the course. Slightly less relentless this year but still tough going.

Massive thanks to George

Big Smiffy, no one would like to see Striding come back more than me!!

Have a great flat season. See you in November
When: 26 Mar 16 11:10
Awww Mackies you're just a smooth talker Cool !
When: 26 Mar 16 11:14 did you end up in the ATR comp ?
When: 26 Mar 16 11:14 did you end up in the ATR comp ?
When: 26 Mar 16 12:25
Is it Kempton today George ? Confused

Hard habit to break Cry
When: 26 Mar 16 12:29
wd for yesterday stu and for finishing third overall.

whilst in a way i'm glad it's over it feels very strange not having to put up selections !
When: 26 Mar 16 12:31
Very well done cosmick, and wd to unluckystu. Great comp, thanks for all your work George
When: 26 Mar 16 16:41
Finished in the top twenty posy, if either Senor George on Thursday or Sign of the Kodiac had won and not been second I'd have won a prize. In fact if Sign of the Kodiac had won I think I'd have taken the Lingfield course prize.

A bit disappointed because at the start of March I was 3rd overall and I had so many double figure seconds in March it was untrue. I could have sat on my points total but I went for the big one but sadly it wasn't to be.
When: 27 Mar 16 10:30
That's some achievement;very well done indeed
When: 27 Mar 16 12:28
Is it Wolverhampton today George Sad got withdrawal symptoms Cry
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