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22 Apr 20 15:28
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Seen most of these and if I had to pick a couple then it would have been Ballyregan Bob and Pigalle Wonder.

Greyhound Star

The following article was published in December 2003 when we attempted to list the ten most influential greyhounds in Britain of the previous 77 years. Sixteen and a bit years later, how many hounds would force their way into the perfect ten. Westmead Hawk, without any doubt, but to what position. Any others?

YOU can barely switch on a TV or pick up a tabloid paper these days without being subject to somebody’s ‘Best Ever’ list. Never being slow to leap aboard a bandwagon, we’ve gone for it.
So do you base your selection on ability to break track records? Should it be on major events won?
Dunno! It’s a personal thing
We simply ask that it isn’t taken too seriously, because by tomorrow – if not sooner – most folk will have rearranged their own list in and replaced half the dogs on it
(Mutton Cutlet-Wary Guide) April 1929 Trainer Sidney Probert Owner W A Evershed

Arguably the next big superstar following Mick The Miller. In his first year in Britain he won the 1931 Laurels and Cesarewitch.
In early 1932 he won the Spring Cup and then contested the English Derby where he added the White City 525 track record to his Wembley equivalent. (He also held the 600 clock at West Ham.) He reached the Derby Final but was beaten a neck.
In 1933 Cutlet won his second Cesarewitch and then contested the Derby which he won by a neck.
He was retired later in the year. His future was ensured when his deceased owner left money in a trust so that Cutlet should see out his days in luxury.

(Newdown Heather-Come On Dolores) March 1969 Owner & Trainer Bert White

Which bitch to choose, Cranog Bet, Westmead Chick? In the end we opted for Surrey born Dolores Rocket.
After winning the Puppy Oaks and Sporting Life Juvenile she was entered in the 1971 English Derby where she just beat Supreme Fun (reckoned by some to have dodged).
The Rocket then went on to win the St Leger, Essex Vase Spring Cups (Wembley and Wimbledon), Cearns Memorial and loads more. She set track records at Crayford, Romford and Wimbledon. One of the all time greats

(Ruby Border-Mythical Daisy) 1946 Trainer Stan Biss Owner E W Goddard

For two year in the late 1940s, Local Interprize was a dog who could not be ruled out of any competition.
In 1948 alone he won the Scurry, the Gold Collar, the Welsh Derby and the Cesarewitch. He was second in the English Derby and fifth in the Laurels.
In 1949 he again won the Gold Collar, was beaten a short head in the Scurry and again reached the English Derby Final. Four classic wins (the Welsh Derby was not designated a classic until later) and another four finals – some record.

(Sand Man-Old Rip) January 1981 Owner & Trainer Ken Peckham

The greatest marathoner ever – no contest. From a strictly purist point of view – Scurlogue Champ left a bit to be desired. To put it in a nutshell – he was, on occasion, prone to ‘jacking it’. On at least one occasion he stopped in a solo trial
But for those who preferred their hound with a touch of Hurricane Higgins compared to the Steve Davis image of Ballyregan Bob – Scurlogue was the biz.
His record only partly tells the story. 63 races – 51 wins – 20 track records between 663 to 888m.
Due to TV’s Sportsnight he became a great favourite with the none racing public – and ‘doing a Scurlogue’ became a running style often attempted but never seriously challenged.

(Come On Ranger-Rapid Vienna) January 1998 Trainer Charlie Lister Owner Ray White

The most recent double Derby winner who won both his finals in the same time 28.71 – a far better time than it would later appear, given changes in the Wimbledon circuit and timing.
Ranger also reached the Scottish and Irish Derby Finals where he finished third and second respectively. He was also a narrow runner-up in the Eclipse and second in the Racing Post Juvenile.
A born racer who never put in a bad performance

(Silver Hope-Patsicia) July 1970 Trainer John O’Connor & Adam Jackson Owners Stanley,Marks,O’Connor

One of three Double English Derby winners, Patricia’s also landed the Triple Crown by capturing the Scottish and Welsh deciders – on two of the occasions beating the perennial bridesmaid Super Rory.
In the second Derby he also landed a massive gamble – he was 33-1 ante post. Not heavily raced he also finished runner-up in the Anglo Irish and also contested a Pall Mall Final.

(The Grand Champion-Witching Dancer) Aug 1956 Trainer Jack Harvey Owner Noel Purvis

Pride might have only won one English Derby but his record puts him alongside the double winners.
He actually ran third, first (undefeated) and second in his three finals, two of which were outstanding decider that included first Pigalle Wonder and secondly Crazy Parachute.
Pride also achieved the Grand Slam by winning the Scottish and Welsh Derbys. He also won the Cesarewitch. Just class, pure class

(Champion Prince-Prairie Peg) March 1956 Trainer Jim Syder Owner Al Burnett

Pigalle Wonder (the brindle in the pic) is perhaps a controversial choice at no.3 being placed ahead of two double Derby winners but 45 years on, for many serious greyhound students he is the fastest dog of all time – the complete greyhound.
Wonder did of course win the 1958 Derby, again reckoned to be one of the best ever, having broken the White City 525 track record in the heats – the record remained his for 10 years.
He also broke the 525 records at Wembley, Harringay, Carntyre, and Powderhall as well as the 550 clock at White City. He won the Pall Mall, dead heated in the Cesarewitch and a string of other big events. At four and a half he returned to Ireland and was runner-up in the Irish Derby.

(Ballyheigue Moon-Evening Daisy) May 1983 Trainer George Curtis Owner Cliff Kevern

The most famous greyhound of the post war era and the best stayer that British racegoers have ever witnessed.
Bob will of course be remembered for passing Westpark Mustard’s win record of straight victories and then stretching it to a world record 32 in December 1986.
But there was so much more to Bob. An NGRC career with only six defeats in 50 races. There were the 16 track records set or equalled.
There were wins in the William Hill Lead, Olympic, Test, and Essex Vase. There was the match against Scurlogue Champ that made the national TV news. There were the appearances on children’s TV and BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
He remains preserved as a museum exhibit – a fate reserved for the few

(Glorious Event-Na Boc Lei) June 1926 Trainer Sidney Orton Owner Arundel Kempton

It could only be Mick – arguably the most famous greyound the world has ever seen.
In terms of his track achievements,they are all there. 20 Irish Races, 15 Wins. 61 British races, 46 wins. He won two English Derbys and made another final. He won a St Leger at five years old. He won 19 races in a row. He won two Spring Cups and an International. He broke the track record on his way to the 1930 Cesarewitch and Welsh Derby wins.
But Mick was so much more than that. At a time when greyhound racing was the most exciting new sport on the scene, Mick arrived right on cue. He was constantly in the newspapers, on the news reels – in retirement he even made a film.
He was as well known to Britain in the 1930s as Red Rum would be half a century later. The most important greyhound ever to race in Britain – no argument.
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Report wedge1 April 22, 2020 7:17 PM BST
seeing as this about England and not Ireland that I have seen sherrys prince yankee express and the hawk
Report sparrow April 22, 2020 7:28 PM BST
Would agree with Westmead Hawk and Sherrys Prince, wedge.
Report muzzle April 22, 2020 7:53 PM BST
great thread some super dogs there memories
Report shiner April 23, 2020 10:42 PM BST
sparrow u obviously love your dogs sound like someone i would love to have a pint with to reminisce about the good old days
Report sparrow April 23, 2020 11:00 PM BST
Trouble is shiner that unfortunately it's all in the distant past. The information thankfully is still available for us to see and I'm old enough to remember most of the dogs mentioned. I will keep finding stuff to post whilst the lockdown continues.
Report Thegamestraightlol April 26, 2020 7:43 PM BST
Great read well done
Report woodmanchester April 28, 2020 2:08 PM BST
Before my time but surely Patricias Hope should get a mention being a dual Derby winner?
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 2:17 PM BST
28 Apr 20 13:08
Joined: 25 Aug 11
| Topic/replies: 29,818 | Blogger: woodmanchester's blog
Before my time but surely Patricias Hope should get a mention being a dual Derby winner?

(Silver Hope-Patsicia) July 1970 Trainer John O’Connor & Adam Jackson Owners Stanley,Marks,O’Connor

One of three Double English Derby winners, Patricia’s also landed the Triple Crown by capturing the Scottish and Welsh deciders – on two of the occasions beating the perennial bridesmaid Super Rory.
In the second Derby he also landed a massive gamble – he was 33-1 ante post. Not heavily raced he also finished runner-up in the Anglo Irish and also contested a Pall Mall Final.
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 2:19 PM BST
woody.....................Perhaps a visit to the opticians will be your first call after the lockdown ends.
Report Deptford April 28, 2020 2:31 PM BST
Ignore him sparrow, he is just a covid 19 coont
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 2:33 PM BST
Report the bairn April 28, 2020 3:34 PM BST
I know it's personal but surely Some Picture has got to rate the best 4 bender, my favourite dog though was Dusty Trail, the fastest dog I had seen live at the time, never forgot it, cheers.
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 3:53 PM BST
So many great dogs over the years that it's very difficult to limit ourselves to 10, but Some Picture would be an obvious candidate for many. My candidate for further consideration would be the great Yellow Printer an Irish Derby winner who didn't always have the best of luck over here.
Report the bairn April 28, 2020 4:20 PM BST
you are right again sparrow, it is impossible to name the best dog, only your personal favs, one dog I bet in the English derby was called Ivy Hall Flash, bet it ante-post, it was trained by an Irish trainer called Kane, can't remember his first name, followed it all the way to the final it was fav, but it ran 4th I think, I'm not certain but I think Dolores Rocket won the race, it was so exciting in those days, the anticipation was almost unbearable when I think back. cheers.
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 4:34 PM BST
Kane was trained by Paddy Keane it seems who I of course remember at my local track Clapton and for me the best trainer of my lifetime.

Position     Name of Greyhound     Breeding     Trap     SP     Time     Trainer
1st     Dolores Rocket     Newdown Heather - Come On Dolores     2     11-4     28.74     Herbert White (Private)
2nd     Supreme Fun     Newdown Heather - Top Note     6     6-1     28.80     Sid Ryall (Private)
3rd     Leap and Run     Booked Out - Aubawns Dream     3     3-1     28.84     John Bassett (Private)
4th     Moordyk Champion     Monalee Champion - Nelsons Farewell     1     6-1     28.90     Freddie Warrell (Private)
5th     Cobbler     Monalee Champion - Yurituni     5     20-1     29.08     Dave Geggus (Walthamstow)
6th     Ivy Hall Flash     Proud Lincoln - Ivy Hall Rose     4     7-4f     29.20     Paddy Keane (Ireland)
Distances  ¾, ½, ¾, 2¼, 1½ (lengths)

Competition Report

With the National Greyhound Racing Club allowing trainers to seed+ their greyhounds wide for the first time it was generally agreed that there would be less crowding in races. Little County and Moordyke Spot had both retired but defending champion John Silver was entered for the competition. Clohast Rebel trained by Geoff De Mulder set a time of 28.28sec in a solo trial, two spots faster than the track record held by Yellow Printer. Laurels champion Sole Aim, Puppy Derby champion Crefogue Flash and Irish entry Postal Vote topped the ante-post lists alongside Clohast Rebel.

The qualifying round was held on a firm track and many greyhounds posted fast times including Postal Vote who recorded the best time of 28.33, a heat that ended with the elimination of John Silver. The fastest first round winner was Brighton’s Hurst Wickham trained by Fred Lugg in a time of 28.56; Sole Aim, Crefogue Flash and Dolores Rocket also claimed heats.

Dolores Rocket and 'Leap and Run' both won second round heats and remained unbeaten whilst Clohast Rebel bounced back to winning ways in the fastest time of 28.39. Postal Vote and Gold Collar champ Down Your Way both failed to make it to the semi-finals. The semi-finals resulted in two 10-1 shot winners, the first was Leap and Run who had now made the final unbeaten. Clohast Rebel and Crefogue Flash failed to progress. The second semi went to Irish hope Ivy Hall Flash; Sole Aim handled by Nora Gleeson for the duration of the event went out.

The final saw Supreme Fun first away from the traps but Leap and Run soon took the lead and maintained an advantage from Supreme Fun and Moordyk Champion. However it was Dolores Rocket who came from last place to first becoming the first bitch to win the Derby since 1949. Dolores Rocket's dam was Come on Dolores owned by Ernie Gaskin Sr.

Quarter finals

Heat 1
Pos     Name     SP     Time
1st     Dolores Rocket     3-1     28.61
2nd     Ivy Hall Flash     5-4f     28.79
3rd     Supreme Fun     7-2     28.85
4th     Davyhulme Expt     20-1     29.15
5th     Micks Pride     7-1     29.16
6th     Big Crash     25-1     29.24

Heat 2
Pos     Name     SP     Time
1st     Clohast Rebel     7-4     28.39
2nd     Michaels Bar     50-1     28.77
3rd     Sir Ginger     12-1     28.87
4th     Postal Vote     4-5f     28.89
5th     Spectre Jockey     8-1     29.19
6th     Herrhund     100-1     29.51

Heat 3
Pos     Name     SP     Time
1st     Leap And Run     4-1     28.88
2nd     Cobbler     14-1     28.94
3rd     Sole Aim     6-4f     29.00
4th     Down Your Way     9-4     29.06
5th     Mullas Shore     9-2     29.38
6th     Linmaree     8-1     30.98

Heat 4
Pos     Name     SP     Time
1st     Ballybeg Era     4-1     28.76
2nd     Moordyk Champ     14-1     28.90
3rd     Crefogue Flash     4-6f     28.92
4th     Hurst Wickham     3-1     28.98
5th     King Lester     10-1     29.66
6th     I'm Careful     33-1     29.68

Semi finals
First Semi Final [9]
Pos     Name of Greyhound     SP     Time     Trainer
1st     Leap And Run     10-1     28.67     Bassett
2nd     Moordyk Champion     10-1     28.93     Warrell
3rd     Cobbler     25-1     29.23     Geggus
4th     Ballybeg Era     10-1     29.24     Holloway
5th     Clohast Rebel     4-5f     29.30     De Mulder
6th     Crefogue Flash     3-1     29.56     Mitchell

Second Semi Final [9]
Pos     Name of Greyhound     SP     Time     Trainer
1st     Ivy Hall Flash     10-1     28.76     Keane
2nd     Supreme Fun     7-2     28.86     Ryall
3rd     Dolores Rocket     11-8f     29.12     White
4th     Sole Aim     6-1     29.13     Geggus
5th     Michaels Bar     10-1     29.21     Rees Sr.
6th     Sir Ginger     14-1     29.31     Warrell
Report the bairn April 28, 2020 5:04 PM BST
sparrow, that must rate as one of the best finals, I remember all those dogs, god it is great to see the cards again and you could put them in context with the modern day runners, their will be guys talking about the present day dogs in the future like we are reminiscing just now, only they will be able to watch them. cheers.
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 5:09 PM BST
Yes a good point bairn as we only have our memory to rely on when it comes to remembering the 50s,60s and 70s and mine fades by the day!
Report the bairn April 28, 2020 5:39 PM BST
you have certainly made my day sparrow, nobody on here seems to have lived past the millennium, if they have they must be very quiet with nothing to say about their early experiencies, you are the only one to share the golden days with us and it makes for great reading. cheers.
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 5:57 PM BST
I am interested in the history of almost anything bairn and enjoy researching and bringing it back to life whether it be Greyhound Racing, music, football, family history etc.etc. Maybe it's a generation thing, who knows?
Report the bairn April 28, 2020 7:36 PM BST
sparrow, if I remember correctly, you were the only guy willing to give David Moyes a chance to help West Ham escape relegation, which he did, most of the fans were willing to shoot him down without giving him a chance, saying he failed at Man Utd. but everybody knows he never got a chance there to prove himself, lets hope he sorts West Ham out and prove you were right to give him along. cheers.
Report Deptford April 28, 2020 7:42 PM BST
Yes ^ let us hope he sorts them out, and takes them down!!
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 7:57 PM BST
the bairn, I'm always at odds with the fans these days and it was just the same when Allardyce was there. Still looking back to 1926 and the dockers, deptford? Laugh
Report sparrow April 28, 2020 8:03 PM BST
deptford, when my dad first started taking me to West Hm in the 50s no one ever mentioned Millwall and not hardly in the 60s either and I've never really understood why it suddenly reappeared after all those years. For me and many others it's Spurs I don't like but even that's got a bit boring.
Report The Knight April 29, 2020 11:39 AM BST

Can't disagree with your top 10 although I'd extend it by 1 and put in Ballinderry Moth.

On YouTube there is a great video of Ballyregan Bob beating Ballintubber One at Walthamstow over 475 metres. You will have probably seen it.

The pace of B One up to 3/4 is marvellous but the way Bob stayed with him and then opened out as he straightened up is breathtaking. He absolutely epitomised the term 'stretching away'.

A heart-wrenching video to see my beloved 'Stow at the height of her powers. Christ, they were such great nights there.
Report sparrow April 29, 2020 12:01 PM BST
The Knight.....It wasn't my top ten but a list from an article in the Greyhound Star published in 2003.
I wouldn't disagree with the selections though but obviously so many great dogs would always be left out of any compilation.
I have seen that video you mention and Ballyregan Bob for me was easily the best stayer of my lifetime and few would argue about leaving him out of any list.
Report Deptford April 29, 2020 1:13 PM BST
sparrow, you are ok for one of them!! Got a lot of West Ham mates, more nowdays its the youngsters.
Report Cardinal Scott April 29, 2020 2:48 PM BST
Doesn't Westpark Mustard not make the grade? broke Mick The Miller's record of 19 races won in a row Shocking Omission

One of those wins was about 1 & 1/2 mile from where I type this post in Brough Park! Grin
Report Cardinal Scott April 29, 2020 2:52 PM BST
A very very striking bitch too was Westpark Mustard if you google him you will see why.
Report Cardinal Scott April 29, 2020 2:53 PM BST
^^^ If you google HER that is Blush ....apologies Westpark
Report the bairn April 29, 2020 9:00 PM BST
cardinal, there are so many great dogs to put in a top 10, and everyone has their fav. and rightly so Mustard was exceptional. cheers.
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