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Catch Me ifyoucan
24 Jan 20 14:31
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.....or “Tour de Force

THE concept to create a star-driven global golf tour is being discussed again.

The World Series group’s lobbying effort was a major topic during this week’s PGA Tour player meeting at the Farmers Insurance Open it seems. Devil
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Report Total Bosman January 27, 2020 4:57 PM GMT
The whole concept sounds terrible and potentially very destructive to the sport, but the worrying thing is the money grabbers at the top of the game might go for it.  A 48 man closed shop tour at the top of the game ruins so much of what makes the game great - it's seeing underdogs like Higgs or Hoge go toe to toe with stars like Rahm or McIlroy for prestigious events, not just seeing the stars divide up huge purses between themselves.  And it's seeing young guys like Morikawa or returning veterans like Todd earn their way into the top events with brilliant play rather than being shut out of the top tier.  The even more worrying thing is that if half the stars go for it (and guys like Brooks or DJ will go anywhere the money is good) and half stay loyal to the existing tours we might only see a weakening of both products and only four events a year where they all get together because there's not room in the schedule for them to play both.

Plus it's completely at odds with the principles of a national open, so the moment the Aussie Open were to get involved in a 48 man money grab it would destroy itself in all but name only.
Report Total Bosman January 27, 2020 5:04 PM GMT
Also, if it's the same 3 day format and the same 48 man field 18 times a year, how exactly is it supposed to retain the interest of the home viewer?  Most will be bored of it within a couple of months.
Report Catch Me ifyoucan January 27, 2020 5:12 PM GMT
On Saturday, Premier Golf League outlined its strategy more comprehensively to media.

The League plans to run an eight-month season beginning in January 2022, with 18 tournaments (10 played in the US), and with 12 teams of four players competing to win the owner or team title in a Formula 1-type format.
The tournaments would be three days of stroke play rather than the regular four, and have no cut. Rounds one and two will feature a shotgun start to fit the entire field’s round into a five-hour TV window to speed up the broadcast, which has long been a complaint of golf coverage.

As for why the world’s top players would be interested in something other than the PGA Tour, Premier Golf League’s answer was quite simple.
“We’ll pay $240 million in prize money each season, rising over time,” according to the press release. “Shared between 48 players, that’s an average of $5 million. Forty-eight players will compete for a share of $10 million every weekend, 17 times per season. The winner will earn $2 million each week and the individual world champion will receive a $10-million bonus. There will also be a $40-million team purse, with $14 million going to the winning team.”

McIlroy didn’t sound very interested in an alternative to the PGA Tour, pointing out the tour’s proud history. But he does think that many of the ideas of the upstart tour point out blindspots on the PGA Tour and have the potential to spur change.
“These guys have exploited a couple of holes in the system the way golf at the highest level is nowadays and how it’s sort of transitioned from, you know, a competition tour to entertainment,” he said. “I’m still quite a traditionalist, so to have that much of an upheaval in the game I don’t think is the right step forward. But I think, as I said, it might be a catalyst for some changes on this tour that can help it grow and move forward and, you know, reward the top players the way they should be.”
Report Catch Me ifyoucan January 29, 2020 12:24 AM GMT
Report Catch Me ifyoucan January 29, 2020 12:28 AM GMT
In a detailed letter sent to players on Monday Tour commissioner Jay Monahan outlined the circuit’s thoughts on the new tour.

“The schedule for the Team Golf Concept is designed to directly compete and conflict with the PGA Tour’s FedExCup schedule, and to not conflict with [and would be in addition to] the Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and The Open Championship,” Monahan’s statement read.

Players are limited to three conflicting event “releases” under the Tour’s current regulations and the letter references “strict enforcement of the Conflicting Event and Media Rights/Release rules.” The letter also warns players that under Tour regulations “a member cannot have a financial interest in another player,” which is one of the fundamental features of the Premier Golf League’s team ownership concept.
Report Catch Me ifyoucan January 29, 2020 1:05 AM GMT
Report Catch Me ifyoucan January 29, 2020 1:06 AM GMT Devil
Report Catch Me ifyoucan January 29, 2020 7:43 PM GMT

Phil Mickelson played with some of the key figures in the move to establish a Premier Golf League in the pro-am at Royal Greens Golf Club in King Abdullah Economic City on the Red Sea coast. In what was certainly no coincidence, Phil was the target of a sales pitch by a group that included Majed Al-Sorour, CEO of the Saudi Golf Federation, indicating that Saudi Arabian money is behind a billion dollar start-up investment. “It was fascinating to talk with them....."
Also trying to hammer home how they think the new circuit can give professional golf a shake up were three other key stakeholders.
American sports consultant Colin Neville, who works for The Raine Group, which had already been announced as a partner in the Premier Golf League bid, also played with Mickelson, as did London financier Andrew Gardiner, a director at Barclays Capital and former executive at Lehman Brothers.
Neville, a Yale University graduate, helped broker David Beckham’s purchase of an MLS football franchise in Miami, oversaw the $4 billion sale of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and helped Manchester City sell a 13 per cent stake in the club to a group of Chinese investors at a $3 billion valuation. Danks Dempster Devil
Report dibdob January 30, 2020 7:19 PM GMT
I'm for it, but only if the best players end up on the tour. My thinking is that the events with smaller fields are always more enjoyable as a TV viewer.
Report Catch Me ifyoucan January 31, 2020 3:37 PM GMT
The third member of Mickelson’s pro-am group was Majed Al Surour, CEO of the Saudi Golf Federation. There was a fourth (Richard) that walked with the group.

It was all very friendly as they tackled the Royal Greens course; afterwards Al-Sorour introduced Phil to Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the Governor of the Public Investment Fund (the sovereign wealth fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and is the Chairman of Saudi Aramco. He also sits on the boards of the transportation network company Uber Technologies Inc. and the Japanese multinational SoftBank Group, one of the main sponsors of this week’s Saudi International.

Incidentally, Al-Surour was spotted in attendance at last December’s Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas where he was observed in discussion with Mark Steinberg, long-time manager to Tiger Woods. After the meeting was over, Mickelson was asked about his Pro-am playing partners and did not hide the fact they are behind the Premier Golf League.
Report Catch Me ifyoucan February 11, 2020 8:38 PM GMT
Tiger Woods has added his considerable voice to those rocking the golfing world by declaring a breakaway Premier Golf League to be a 'natural progression' for the game.

“When you look at all events, you are trying to get the top players to play more collectively and it is one reason why we instituted the World Golf Championships because we were only getting together five times a year at the four Majors and the Players,” said Woods. “We wanted to showcase the top players on more than just those occasions so that’s why we came up with the World Golf Championships."
Report Catch Me ifyoucan February 11, 2020 8:39 PM GMT
“Have I been personally approached? Yes, and my team has been aware of them and we have been trying to delve into it and trying to figure it all out like everyone else,” said Woods.
“We have been down this road before with the World Golf Championships and other events that have been started or other tours wanting to evolve and start.
“There is a lot of information that we are still looking at [that will determine] whether it will become a reality or not, so like everyone else we are looking into it.”
Report Catch Me ifyoucan February 19, 2020 6:01 PM GMT
Rory says “he's out” of the proposed Premier Golf League as he wants autonomy over own schedule. He also believes Tiger only wants to play 12 events a year rather than 18 mooted.

McIlroy said after being asked if his thoughts have changed on the Premier Golf League.....“The more I’ve thought about it, the more I don’t like it. The one thing as a professional golfer in my position that I value is the fact that I have autonomy and freedom over everything I do. This is a perfect example here (in Mexico), where some guys this week made the choice not to come."

“My position is I’m against it until there may come a day where I can’t be against it if everyone else goes I mightn’t have a choice.
“But at this point I don’t like what they’re proposing.” Devil
Report Catch Me ifyoucan February 22, 2020 12:37 AM GMT
Premier Golf League just joined Twattter..... twits Devil

@premgolfleague 8:16 PM · Feb 21, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
"Nobody owns golf. Golf is owned by everyone who enjoys it, watches it, and thinks about it - in other words, you. #PGL"
Report Catch Me ifyoucan March 5, 2020 10:57 PM GMT

RORY McIlrory on the proposed candour, no sitting on the fence !

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