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19 Aug 19 16:06
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So, Just looking at the rankings
If we take Oliver Wilson, He Finished T 119 at the Open Championship and his Points earned is stated as 444pts
He finished T2 at the QATAR Masters in March and points is stated as 121.6pts
How can this be??
Does not the points system determine Tour playing status for next year
Seems madness to me or have i got this wrong?
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Report Mighty Whites 2008 August 19, 2019 4:23 PM BST
He didn't get any race to dubai points for the open.

He did get 444 challenge tour points for the open. I think the challenge tour rankings are based on £s won so I am guessing he got £444 from the open.

The ranking system itself is a joke eight of the top 11 have played 12 events or less (there have been four majors and 3 WGC events which count) leading to Kisner and Schauffle in the top having barely set foot in europe.

I know they wish to try and attract 'names' to the big events and finale but a fairer system would surely be to have equal points in every event as they do on the PGA tour rather than it being so heavily skewed in the favour of those who play in the wgc events, rolex series, majors etc. It is very difficult for a player coming of the challenge tour or q school to retain their card unless they have a superb season.

Personally think the euro tour should concentrate on being a developmental tour which produces the next generation of stars rather than having a few big money events which lure Bryson or Kisner for a week.
Report fleetingglimpse August 19, 2019 4:31 PM BST
Thanks mighty, of course Challenge tour points... got it

Agree its top heavy with non regular players, i thought they said this system was supposed to provide the opposite effect !!
Report Mighty Whites 2008 August 19, 2019 8:22 PM BST
The old system was a farce you got more points for finishing last in a WGC event than you did for coming 55th in the open.

The new system is still massively skewed in favour of the big events imagine being the guy who finishes 111th on tour having slogged round 25 - 30 events all smaller prize funds and see a kevin kisner come in the top 10 having only played in majors or wgc events plus the odd rolex and deny you a job the following year.

New System
Each tournament will be classified into one of nine categories called bands. Each band is determined by prize fund and prestige as follows:

1.    $1 million- $1.749 million = 2000 points available

2.    $1.75 million- $2.499 million = 2750 points available

3.    $2.5 million - $3.249 million = 3500 points available

4.    $3.25 million - $3.99 million = 4,250 points available

5.    $4 million - $4.99 million = 5,000 points available

6.    $5 million - $5.499 million = 5,500 points available

7.    Rolex Series events = 7000, 7500 or 8000 points available (based on prize fund)

8.    World Golf Championships (WGC) = 9000 points available

9.    Major Championships = 10,000 points available

Also now, point allocation will follow one universal breakdown, awarding a standardised percentage of the points available to each position on the leaderboard. For example:

- 50th at every 2019 Race to Dubai event is worth the same 0.48 per cent of available points, therefore:

    - Band 1 = 9.6 points

    - Band 2 = 13.2 points

    - Band 3 = 16.8 points

    - Band 4 = 20.4 points

    - Band 5 = 24 points

    - Band 6 = 26.4 points

    - Rolex Series events = 33.6 points – 38.4 points (based on prize fund)

    - World Golf Championships (WGC) = 43.2 points

    - Major Championships = 48 points

These changes would not have a material impact on the Race to Dubai leaders, nor are they intended to. However, they do create a more consistent, performance-based system for European Tour Members who have a lower category on the exemption list.

As a result of these changes, the differential between the largest and the smallest events has been significantly reduced from 12:1 to 5:1 – thereby providing Members who do not get into the bigger prize money events a fairer opportunity to keep their card, while maintaining the traditional and important hierarchy of professional tournaments.
Report Catch Me ifyoucan October 15, 2019 8:41 PM BST
TOP 50 go thru to Dubai this year btw
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