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sewter lives again
28 Feb 19 11:16
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I'm sure many of you play golf as well as being on here.

So, I would be very interested to know what your opinions are on this rule change, and whether you leave the flag stick in or take it out when putting?

Personally, putting is perhaps the strongest part of my game and ever since the new rules came in I have putted with the flag stick in.
Yet to have a ball bounce off the flag. Interestingly, nearly all my golfing cronies started putting with the flag out but have now started to leave the flag in.
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Report trebor February 28, 2019 11:49 AM GMT
I remember the days before the hole hade a white insert placed in it to give it the better appearance that it has now, without it you would occasionally get one of the two holes inside the cup directly opposite your putt,(these two holes are used to put the hooks in to pull the cup out). It became a much easier putt to hole if you just aimed at them rather than the hole itself. very similar to if you put a tee peg directly behind the hole, it focuses the mind better and the hole just gets in the way, leaving the flag in gives you the same more focused view, I would leave the flag in for sure, unless maybe putting into a strong wind.

A tip I would always give was that before a round practice on the putting green putting too a tee peg rather than the hole 3 reasons, 1, you focus the mind better. 2, you can choose a unused less marked piece of green to use.  3, you never miss the tee peg by more than a fraction if you do miss it, promoting confidence before playing your round, miss the hole a few times and you can go out feeling that you are in for a bad day on the greens.
Report trebor February 28, 2019 12:09 PM GMT
Forgot to put that an uphill putt from distance maybe better to remove the flag? not completely sure on that one. whereas there is probably no debate needed on the  advantage gained for a downhill putt.
Report lewisham ranger February 28, 2019 12:35 PM GMT
If I play, which is only once in a blue moon. for me it ruins the game, both as a spectator and a player.

I don't understand this rule at all. I get that they want to speed the game up, but it ruins watching golf for me.
Report lewisham ranger February 28, 2019 12:37 PM GMT
should have said "if I play would leave the flag out"

note as well that a lot of the dodgier putters like scott prefer to leave the flag in. although even he seemed unconvinced by it when interviewed at the Riviera. seemed to suggest that in an ideal world he'd leave the flag out but at least it gave him some kind of temporary visual aid.
Report sewter lives again February 28, 2019 12:57 PM GMT
I agree trebor about concentrating the mind and I'm sure that has helped people like the ponce.
A lot of players will think this is an advantage that outweighs the possibility that they might bounce the odd putt off the flag.

What has surprised many of my playing partners is the amount of putts that still go in WITHOUT hitting the flag stick.
I think this point has convinced many of them that the advantage lies with keeping the flag in.
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