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lewisham ranger
10 Aug 18 09:59
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Kind of scary that you can play at that level at two different sports
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Report therhino August 10, 2018 9:39 AM BST
He is a freak but there have been a few. Bo Jackson the ultimate example. Deion Sanders once scored an MLB home run and an NFL touchdown IN THE SAME WEEK. Still the craziest thing I've ever heard of in sports, will take some beating.
Report lewisham ranger August 10, 2018 9:47 AM BST
just reading about sanders. scary Scared

whole thing just seems greedy and freaky. like mcilroy knocking in hattricks for man u Laugh
Report Mighty Whites 2008 August 10, 2018 12:27 PM BST
a decent knock 1 over but dont think its that exceptional. He is t106 out of 156 in his previous attempt he came virtually last.

Suspect there will be a few scratch/plus handicap golfers out there who are sportsmen. Tim Henman was off scratch for a while.

currys handicap is around scratch and that is the us way of calculating it - i know plenty of guys who have turned pro with plus 4 or 5 handicaps who are struggling to make it at europro tour level let alone the tour.

Its a nice publicity stunt for the event but in reality is just denying someone there job for a week.
Report lewisham ranger August 11, 2018 7:14 AM BST
17 over in round two! He got exposed in a hurry! Crazy
Report trebor August 11, 2018 10:05 AM BST
I don't think it is that strange that a top sportsman in one sport should attain a high standard in another sport, there is too much emphasise put on talent, thinking that any person who gets to the top of their sport got there simply because they have more talent than the others, when in reality they have worked much harder than the others to get there, so no surprise they treat another sport with similar dedication.

Anyone care to explain to me how you recognise a talented player, other than witnessing their first few months in a sport?
Report lewisham ranger August 11, 2018 10:27 AM BST
Anyone care to explain to me how you recognise a talented player, other than witnessing their first few months in a sport?

just watch messi and ronaldo play football, or that french kid mbappe, it's obvious their talent level is higher than the others

think curry lacks experience though seems talented, for example on the par three second he hit his approach into the rough, it seemed to me that his practice swings were too aggressive, sure enough he plays a shot which scares the hole but which goes 12 feet past the cup, then fails to make the par putt coming back, a more experienced pro would have played their pitch shot shorter in the green and would probably have made an easy par
Report trebor August 11, 2018 11:09 AM BST
Yes I would say that's a fair shout with those two, maybe a reaction sport like football talent plays a bigger part, but Beckham and Ronaldo known for the amount of practice put in to improve their free kicks.

Remember seeing a prog about Ronaldo and they where testing his skills, did things on a indoor pitch like crossing a ball and him heading the ball into the net, and then plunging the room into darkness just before he headed the ball, then when the ball was half way to him, then just kicked and then even just before the crosser kicked the ball, the night camera showed how good his anticipation for where the ball was each time, was impressive.

I did'nt make it vety clear but my "how do you reconise talent" was me thinking more about in a golfer and a reaction sport.
Report lewisham ranger August 11, 2018 12:22 PM BST
How would you define talent in golf? I would look at someone like Tiger Woods or Rory, these guys are clearly talented, what tiger was achieving as a junior player was kinda frightening. Then you watch him play, even now his swing just looks a lot more economical than most other guys. That's something you can't really teach, I guess.
Report trebor August 11, 2018 4:01 PM BST
How would you define talent? good question, I would call it natural ability? hence why I think it is hard to tell how talented a player is unless you see him very early in his golfing journey.

I hear all the time how Tiger and Rory are talented and as an example Poulter is not? The example of Tiger beating up all the other juniors? how many of those other juniors got their first golf club at 8 months old? if you have been play and practicing twice as long as someone else at such a young age then is that the talent showing or the extra years of practice?

I think Tiger is the best golfer of all time, and if the ability to practice the correct things harder and longer than 99% of people along with determination and the strongest mind of maybe anybody in any sport are all counted as talent, then Tiger is the most talented golfer ever. I also believe there are hundreds of people with more talent (natural ability) than Tiger, statistically virtually impossible to be the most talented person in the world and get his upbringing.

As for Rory similar unnatural upbringing as Tiger making him appear amazing as a youngster, but I would have to question if he gets credited with too much talent, he hits the ball reasonably straight and way past most, but after that he is very poor really, even with 20 to 40yards advantage he rarely gets in the top 50 of GIR and we all despair at his putting. He is the opposite of Tiger and Seve, in that he drives well and average in other areas.

Seve is the one I think has had the most natural ability that I have seen in a player. never seen anyone hit the ball as well as he did.
Report lewisham ranger August 11, 2018 5:32 PM BST
yes I'm sure you are right!

think it's easy as well to get locked into this trap of natural talent vs workhorse when the truth is never as clear as that. for example if you thought about players in england you'd probably say that andrew beef johnston is a natural talent because of his whole sort of laid-back demeanour, I don't give an f sort of attitude, whereas danny willett would be pegged as a workhorse because when you watch him it seems like hard work, while in reality i'm sure Johnston does work very hard and willett must have a huge amount of talent to get to the level he has at all- regardless of how much work he's done.
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