Unable to withdraw from account for a week now
Dear Betfair people,

For some reason my account appears to be suddenly and without warning suspended and I am unable to make a rare withdrawal. Depositing is fine of course.

My account  is verified, I sent you the following documentation as proof of me being me - passport, driving license, utility bill with my home address and the Visa Debit card details I use to access my account.

Short of your verification team asking for a DNA test, or perhaps my first born, I am unsure what else you guys need from me so I can continue losing money and paying you far too much commission on my bets placed with Betfair over the past several years.

What happens on the site/app whenever I click on 'withdraw' on the account page I get a popup that tells me "You are not authorised to view this page.
Please contact the Betfair helpdesk for assistance." So I do contact the helpdesk but I receive no assistance whatsoever.

For eight days now I have called, e-mailed and tweeted to you multiple times now so this is my last attempt and if this is not resolved within 24 hours I will be calling you to close my account once and for all.

Poor show from you guys on this so issue, the lack of coherency is staggering and I am at a loss as to why this is happening.
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Apologies to hear about your negative experience and for the delay, these are not actively monitored. I hope this was resolved with beneficially results for you. If not, apologies yet again about that.