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There is nothing more infuriating than finding a nice winner only to see it get beat in a photo (well there is something worse than that: Tommo commentating and shouting out PHOTO!). You spend ages ma More...
The following favourite stats are extreme! They have very high strike rates, and return a hefty profit. The stats were uncovered by the FlatStats Archie stats page. These are stats that pass Steve More...
This table shows sire stats for the Tapeta all weather surface. Table Key: Pos = the position in the table W = Total wins for the sire on Tapeta R = Total Runs W% = The Strike Rate A/E = The More...
I WORK FOR A Top Secret government department. No-one knows about it except the Prime Minister, her closest confidantes (generally the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary), the King More...
Here we go again. The greatest NH racing on the planet. This has been a season affected by 2 viruses, Covid19 and what ever ails some stables. Only half of the main trainers are in any sort of consist More...
Just had the great expoerience of backing Hawthorn Cottage in the 15:10 to run a place. Lost cash in cold blood as not weighed in ?? Disgraceful in a professional sport. See a footballer run out w More...
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By johnnythebull on 20 May 22 22:09
should be the only subject on any educational curriculumconstantly drilled into people until they become truly righteous and atone for the sins of their forbears
By therhino on 20 May 22 22:08
Big opportunity for those on course now with the wind gone.
By ----you-have-to-laugh--- on 20 May 22 22:07
I remember back to 1973 when many players boycotted. I half thought there might be a bit of that this year.
By rock piper on 20 May 22 22:04
Rangers appear to have lost the chair tossing Olympics too going by Twitter videos.
By ProSniper on 20 May 22 22:02
kenny. Eye honestly believed eye read the name of Loose Lips in hulky's OP on the night in question but it must've been the quick replies from swifty&birdy that pushed me to misinterpret. Any confusion arose from that pair