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18 May 24 20:25
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Well not really, but you know what I mean.
Pause Switch to Standard View Brighton...........Bloom sacks De Zerbi.
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Report tobermory May 18, 2024 8:31 PM BST
Mutual consent sounds plausible.

Seemed to me he was trying to talk his way out of there in interviews
Report lurka May 18, 2024 10:07 PM BST
He got them into Europe and they sold his midfield when the squad should have been strengthened with more games to play on Thursdays. Has looked like he's wanted out since before Xmas. Club don't match his ambitions.
Report Racingqueen May 18, 2024 10:27 PM BST
Good decision from Bloom imho. De Zerbi is genuinely one of the most over rated coaches in football today. Hes ok but nowhere near deserves links to Liverpool, Man Utd etc...Bloom knows every coach has a shelf life at a club and de zerbis is up. Bring new coach in to freshen it up.

De Zerbi is shocking defensive coach. That Brighton team haemorrhage goals and rule 1 of staying in the PL is no tighten up at the back.

If de zerbi stayed, i'd happily have a punt at decent odds on Brighton going down next year but not with the coach now changing.
Report lurka May 18, 2024 10:48 PM BST
lol what? They are 10th. There are 4 teams higher than them that have conceded the same or more. Potter couldn't score goals, conceded a lot less at times and finished  lower.

The Brighton manager's job is to play a certain way to increase the value of the players the club recruits for sale at massive profits to bigger, more ambitious clubs.

De Zerbi got them into europe but the owners aren't that ambitious that they want to be there and go higher. They watered down his squad by selling his best players when they needed to strengthen. His only crime is overachieving and being ambitious. No surprise he's looked fed up for months and done a runner.
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- May 18, 2024 10:54 PM BST
Brighton like others have suffered from injury pile ups
this season. He'll be better judged by what he does
at other clubs.
Report Racingqueen May 18, 2024 10:59 PM BST
Your point regarding them selling his midfield is not realistic. You expect them to just force the 2 lads they sold to stay?
Report lurka May 18, 2024 11:06 PM BST
No. They generated monstrous profits + had EL money coming in on top of that. Also sold Trossard and the keeper. Who did they buy to replace them, bearing in mind they had Thursdays to play and needed a bigger squad?
He did a better than expected job and they sold his best players and didn't back him. He had that at Sassuolo too. The bloke is more ambitious than the club clearly.
They buy promising young players cheap who suit their system, hire a manager who plays their system and maximises their value and then sell their best performers from under him. That's their strategy. That's success to them.
Report lurka May 18, 2024 11:10 PM BST
Replace them with younger, unestablished, cheaper, less experienced but promising players. Then it's here you go (backwards), do it all over again Roberto. Thanks.
Bit of a Spurs like attitude to success.
Report themightymac May 19, 2024 12:53 AM BST
Guy done a good job. Can`t understand sacking him.

In 5 years time they will be in EFL Conference League (South)
Report BULLET TOOTH TONY May 19, 2024 12:57 AM BST
Wasnt there a report about a premier league manager with alligations against them and was said that they would still be in charge for the season. Could this be the mystery manager?
Report Racingqueen May 19, 2024 10:46 AM BST
I expect its not a sacking but hes gone in making demands and Bloom has told him where the door is if he wants to leave. He could end up back at Serie A at Juventus or AC Milan maybe if hes extremely lucky and the italian media buy into the rep the UK media have given him.

As a team under him, the defence has gotten progressively poorer which is a big red flag. Most seasons conceding over 70 would see a team relegated so they are not a million miles away and this season has been an all time season for crap defences in the PL. Moyes was another who deserved sacking. WHU conceding over 70 was criminal given what they have invested.

Potter is a better coach. Give Potter the attacking talent they now have and he would have them higher this year imho. Potter had Neil Maupay azs his biggest attacking threat.
Report SirNorbertClarke May 19, 2024 11:09 AM BST
Now de Zerbi has coached nearly all the Potter out of Brighton we can see how lacking he is as a coach.
Report lurka May 19, 2024 11:46 AM BST
The UK media don't give de Zerbi too much of a rep. They gave Potter far too much of a rep because he was English. He barely scored 1 goal a game over 3 PL seasons and always conceded more than he scored.
What strikers did de Zerbi have that were better than Maupay?

The strikers performed at the same level except for Trossard who scored at a much higher rate under de Zerbi and he was gone after less than a quarter of his time there. The extra goals de Zerbi got didn't come from attackers, they came from midfielders. He took over Potter's squad and outperformed him immediately. Their strikers have always been fairly shít but they were never the focal point of the attack. All the players they've sold for big money and none of them were strikers.

This season is considered a failure but he's largely matched Potter's best season, prob outdone it when you consider the players he's lost and playing/traveling Thursday nights.
Report scandanavian_haven May 19, 2024 12:24 PM BST
De Zerbi already outdone Potter's best season last season when they finished 6th (Potter's best 9th), reached the semi's of the FA Cup (Potter best Round 5) and scored 72 goals in the league, 30 more than Potter's best. But when you look at his record as a player and manager, he barely stays anywhere longer than 2 years.
Report sickoflayinwinners May 22, 2024 10:52 AM BST
mac  you think albion will be in the conference in 5 years  ,  you are one of two things(probably both) a palace fan or clinically insane.bloom will almost certainly have a good replacement lined up  for de zerba. like most albion fans i liked de zebra and  the  style of  play.we are not a huge club and certainly punching above our weight. in really  if we had started the season   how we've played the second  half of the season  wed have  finished much lower than we did. our squad wasn't really  big enough for the  euro  campaign but it was hoping if southampton fail to  get promoted  we can benefit and  get russell  martin in charge as  it would be a seamless change of styles and with better luck with injuries we may  push for top six again next season(but 10th  would be  just fine) hopefully with  a good domestic cup run.
Report themightymac May 23, 2024 3:45 AM BST
The latter mate according to my psychiatrist but take what he says with a pinch of salt as he is a Palace fan. Crazy
Report Whisperingdeath May 25, 2024 10:13 AM BST
He had to go. Brighton have a system, it works. If worked for De Zerbi too. He can get a plum job at a bigger club now. Shelf life.

It’s pretty tough. Just remember Curbishley took Charlton as far as he could and many stupid fans wanted him out.

The management at this club know what they are doing. They are punching well above their weight.
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