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25 May 23 20:56
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For those like me old enough to remember this iconic triumph, let us remember with respect and affection the great Celtic team and its magnificent achievement, 56 years ago this evening.
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Report REDROB May 25, 2023 9:32 PM BST
Best ever Scottish club side, and by some distance too.
Report BonnieDday May 25, 2023 9:38 PM BST
Well said, REDROB.

I often think of Tommy Gemmell's 20 yard piledriver as I watch paint dry in the modern day "superstar" era. Pretty diamond passing and no entertainment, unless one enjoys Premier League synchronised diving, starring Maddison and Grealish.
Report REDROB May 25, 2023 10:01 PM BST
Hate the way the games gone, so much better when 4 real wingers were on the pitch.
Report raspberrybottom May 25, 2023 10:05 PM BST
This brings it all back....
My best mates at junior school's surnames were Collins and Dolan, and whenever someone said about
Man U being the first English team to win the European Cup (in '68), the two named above would cry,"but Celtic were
the first Scottish AND British team to win it!"

Brilliant days!
Report LoyalHoncho May 25, 2023 11:52 PM BST
Bertie Auld was magnificent in the final.  I still look down the terrace and up, when I occasionally pass, at the door of the house/flat in which I watched that match and it all comes flooding back.  It could easily have been 5 or 6-1, so anointed was their goalkeeper Sarti that night.
Report BonnieDday May 26, 2023 8:44 AM BST
Fantastic replies and memories, everyone.

Bertie Auld, Tommy Gemmell, Billy McNeill - what names to conjure with and admire.

No comparison with the modern business - you can't call it a game these days - with leeches and locusts running it for self interests.

My suggestion for low mood - stick on You Tube and watch some footage of pretty much any football from the 60s and 70s - take your pick - George Best, Denis Law, Ron **** "The Collosus", Banks' save from Pele - works most of the time and brings a smile.
Report BonnieDday May 26, 2023 8:46 AM BST
The asterisks should have said Y eats, don't know if I typed something rude in error so it got deleted. I'm getting old!!
Report REDROB May 26, 2023 8:57 AM BST
Watch the Chelsea - Leeds 1970 FA cup final on there Bonnie, both games, you'll love em.
Report BonnieDday May 26, 2023 10:30 AM BST
Will do REDROB, although as I remember, both games were X rated, especially the replay. How nobody got sent off, I don't know. For all that, though, we still talk about the matches over 50 years after they were played. With most of the modern day garbage, I have difficulty recalling them the next day!! Sterile and insipid. I haven't been to a game since 2001, England v Ukraine at the old proper and only real Wembley, complete with the iconic twin towers, unlike today's equivalent which could be a clone of anywhere, along with the burgers and beer for which you need to take out another mortgage.
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- May 26, 2023 11:56 AM BST
About the only footy on tv back then.

FA cup final, home internationals, and british
teams in euro cup finals. Add in world cup too.

No wonder we treasure those memories as there were
some good competitive football matches.

Wall to wall tika taka these days, not so much
fun to watch.
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- May 26, 2023 12:08 PM BST
I still remember seeing celtic game, and man utd
game. Then celtic final again when they lost.

Huge huge games, and so influential on the way
we wanted to play at school too.

Celtics goalie, Ronnie Simpson, was a hero
in these parts for his part in winning 2 fa cups
with Newcastle.

Going further back he played for great Britain
in 1948 London Olympics.

Quite a link to the further past.
Report BonnieDday May 26, 2023 10:00 PM BST
Great stuff, you-have-to-laugh. Agree with all you say. Wonderful memories.
Report LoyalHoncho May 27, 2023 12:55 AM BST
Ronnie Simpson did a back pass, i.e.put his foot on the ball and used his studs to roll it back behind him to a Celtic colleague, outside his box when being pressured by Mazzola I think it was, at a crucial stage of the game. Totally non-plussed the Italian. Highly risky.  Stein was apparently most unimpressed. One film record catches it, one doesn't. According to wee Jinky he gestured to Fachetti as the sides walked onto the park.  Jimmy tried to get across that he wanted to swop jerseys when the game was finished.  It didn;t work and Fachetti thought he was taking the proverbial.  Jimmy had a quiet night (by his standards) and to his credit was fulsome in his praise of the midfield players who he said were most responsible for the great win.  True or not I don;t know but big Jock got stuck into Herrera at half time over some perceived sleight.  A bit of psychology probably to show his players there was nothing to fear.  Ironically, in that season's "pre-season" Stein had gone to Milan for a four day visit to watch how they trained and to see how Inter did things.  One of those odd co-incidences.
Report jimnast May 27, 2023 9:57 AM BST
A great team and a great achievement
Report jimnast May 27, 2023 10:00 AM BST
55 years on Monday since United became the first English team to lift the European cup Happy

Unfortunately in two weeks time the other Manchester team will probably win it Cry
Report alun2005 May 27, 2023 10:37 AM BST
Watched it as a wee primary schoolboy. A Thursday evening as I recall?
Report LoyalHoncho May 27, 2023 5:19 PM BST
I think it was.  Sunny over there. decent here, parts of Glasgow like a ghost town.  Streets emptier than a lockdown!
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