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The Dragon
24 Sep 21 20:34
Date Joined: 12 Mar 05
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7.99 a shout bloody lovely

bekaa valley 14.5%

well worth a tasteCool
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Report The Dragon September 24, 2021 8:38 PM BST
didnt even knoe you could get wine from lebanon  great stuff
Report jed.davison September 24, 2021 8:45 PM BST
Evening dragon, as it happens there is a long history - as long as anywhere in the world I should think - of winemaking in the Lebanon, in fact it was famed long ago for the quality of its reds.
Report The Dragon September 24, 2021 8:48 PM BST
hi jed

yes just been reading up on it and youare spot on. Just never made its way over to western Europe i guess.... but its really really nice.

will take off i reckon if its exported enough

have you tasted lebanese wine b4?
Report breadnbutter September 24, 2021 9:03 PM BST
Red leb and blue nun, the memories come rushing up , simpler times, long gone, I was just a child then. Now I'm only a man.

I had a dream Grin
Report The Dragon September 24, 2021 9:07 PM BST
remember blue nun but not leb red!!!
Report Giuseppe September 24, 2021 9:35 PM BST
i imagine all these places produced wine before they became muslim

lebanon historically was Christian so this is why wine continued

used to be a famous win from Iran too (shiraz)
Report The Dragon September 24, 2021 10:10 PM BST
dont think lebanon is muslim is it?
Report The Dragon September 24, 2021 10:13 PM BST
defo not
Report jed.davison September 24, 2021 10:27 PM BST
There are more Muslims than kuffar, but there are more Christians than anywhere else in the region, mostly Maronites.

The place is a proper melting pot tbf, although of course now you have the added complication of the large Hezbollah presence armed and funded by Iran.
Report The Dragon September 24, 2021 10:32 PM BST
melting pot seems a good analysis jed

wines great thiogh
Report ericster September 25, 2021 8:35 AM BST
I'm a regular at Aldi's, not wine-drinker but I DO like the Taurus tinnies.
Report Lee Ho Fooks September 25, 2021 8:51 AM BST
I still have a couple of bottles of Chateau Musar to drink and that's excellent. At £7.99 I will certainly give this one a go - I've lost more than that running for a bus!
Report vidou September 25, 2021 10:46 AM BST
For anyone who likes a nice Shiraz there's an Aussie - Jamshed around 7 quid a bottle at Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda. Can be found on offer for 6 quid and if they're doing 25% off its seriously good value
Report loui September 25, 2021 11:10 AM BST
Love it, bet fair wine club. Don't think red leb is actually a drink
Report The Dragon September 25, 2021 11:18 AM BST
yes jamsheds a decent bottle bit on the sweet side for me but nice.

One i really like from Aldiis Bin 20 around a fiver ish South Australian shiraz Bloody lovely and great value
Report PorcupineorPineapple September 25, 2021 11:32 AM BST
I'll try that one later. Cheers dragon. I'd always wanted to go to Beirut. Supposed to be beautiful.
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- September 25, 2021 11:40 AM BST
We had some lebanese red wines
when staying in dubai a while
back. Certainly seemed nice, and
not seen much of it over here.

Great find dragon, I suspect
they'll be knocked over at that
price if it's nice wine.

I've been looking for Armenian
brandy,... not found any in uk
for well over 20 years. Was good
Report Lee Ho Fooks September 25, 2021 11:58 AM BST
Agree with you on the Bin 20, got a dozen delivered when we were in lockdown.
Report The Dragon September 25, 2021 12:00 PM BST
Mrs Dragon found it .. going back to get some more for sure!!!
Report LoyalHoncho September 25, 2021 12:16 PM BST
Filter it Dragon.  Aldi wine can be lovely but bottomed in sediment.  Sad
Report lurka September 25, 2021 1:14 PM BST
You should get the Vintorio-Wine-Aerator-Pourer- from amazon if you haven't got one. look it up on there and read the reviews. Only costs £10.99
Report blackbarn September 26, 2021 7:01 PM BST
Le Ho Fooks - I am very jealous. Chateau Musar is as you know very famous.  I think it is not released until it is about five years old.  The 2002 is amazing but is about £40/50 a bottle now. Nearly everywhere sells it now. I bought my last bottle in Sainsburys. Enjoy!
Report The Dragon September 26, 2021 7:04 PM BST
hello blackbarn -not heard from yu on the forum for sometime now - thought you had gone

are you still growing your tulips?
Report Giuseppe September 26, 2021 7:09 PM BST
Lebanon used to majority Christian

now it's probbaly a three way split between Christians , sunni muslims and shia muslims
Report Giuseppe September 26, 2021 7:13 PM BST
a lot of the sunnis are palestinian refugees

historically it was Christian with a shia minority
Report Giuseppe September 26, 2021 7:13 PM BST
a lot of the christian emigrated
Report LoyalHoncho September 26, 2021 7:15 PM BST
Thanks lurka - will have a butchers.
Report blackbarn September 26, 2021 9:09 PM BST
Hi Dragon.  Still pop back occasionally!  Yes still tuliping. Though this years order going to be arriving too bl oody early in October.  Still should be able to keep them chilled till mid Nov for planting. Still growing large quantities of Ballerina, among others!  Hope you are well.
Report lurka September 26, 2021 9:10 PM BST
I don't have one but they're supposed to be very good. Read the reviews, there are over 10k ratings on amazon. I don't think they are made for screw cap bottles tho but you can adjust them I think. It is explained in the reviews. I've been meaning to get on for a while now.
Report The Dragon September 26, 2021 9:20 PM BST
all good blackbarn thanks been working from home since Covid

now have an allottment which is great

retirement beckons  but not just yet!!!!!

I  bought some blue tulips the other day called bleau aimable triumph bleu  look amazing but we shall see!!!
Report blackbarn September 28, 2021 6:45 PM BST
Nice to hear Dragon. An allotment full of tulips; I am jealous!  Seriously, Bleu Aimable is really nice and I have grown it in pots several times (not this coming year). It isnt blue of course but it is a nice colour and it is a good size too at 60cm. Hope you like it.
Report Lee Ho Fooks September 28, 2021 6:53 PM BST
Blackbarn neither are the 2002, I have a bottle each of the 2003 and the 2006
Report Whisperingdeath September 28, 2021 7:14 PM BST
My local curry house in Notting Hill no longer has a licence so you can take your own wine or beer in. There is also a great Persian restaurant without a licence. It is nice to have good food without having to drink sheep dip. I much prefer spending £15 on a £15 bottle of wine than £30 on a £5 bottle of wineLaugh!

All recommendations greatly appreciated. Aldi did a Cab Sauv I think from Stellenbosch that I used to drink. Starting to go to Tesco for wines now as the Aldi offering has dipped in kwality imho. Will try the Red Leb!
Report Lee Ho Fooks September 28, 2021 7:30 PM BST
That cab sauv was delicious WD, problem was that I could only just lift my basket off the floor because of the weight of the bottle.
Report Whisperingdeath September 28, 2021 7:38 PM BST

The Cab Merlot is supposed to be better but I haven't tried it yet! Same price.
Report The Dragon September 29, 2021 8:16 AM BST
went back to but some more all sold out and didnt know when they wd be getting any more!!!
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