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San Quentin
19 Sep 21 10:20
Date Joined: 31 May 03
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RIP.What a player the best
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Report geordie1956 September 19, 2021 10:22 AM BST
As a goalscorer there were none better ... an absolute natural
RIP Jummy & thanks for the memories
Report bungalow bill September 19, 2021 10:26 AM BST
Yes, England's greatest striker by a country mile.
Always had good banter with the crowds too.

I loved watching him. Very sad news.

Report 36DD September 19, 2021 10:30 AM BST
I agree the best
Report johnnythebull September 19, 2021 10:31 AM BST
fighting back the tears here..legend..RIP
Report hunt lunt and cunningham September 19, 2021 10:31 AM BST
Not a spurs fan ,but what a player ,the greatest natural scorer this country has ever produced. Remember the back pages of the sunday newspapers showing him scoring and leaving players on the floor after dribbling round them. Also a great laugh on Saint and Greaves Saturday morning. You really dont get any players like him anymore.If anyone gets the chance watch the BBC film on him recently made.
Report belperbloke September 19, 2021 10:32 AM BST
Sad news indeed - let's hope Spurs & Chelsea give him a great send off today Sad
Report mcgill September 19, 2021 10:34 AM BST
rip legend
Report ribero1 September 19, 2021 10:35 AM BST
Johnnythebull,same here,my all time hero,simply the greatest goalscorer of all time.
Report rommel September 19, 2021 10:38 AM BST
sad sad news,great footballer,nice nice guy,saddddddddddddd day indeed
Report rommel September 19, 2021 10:53 AM BST
wasnt even o the radio 5 10 oclock news jeez
Report rommel September 19, 2021 10:54 AM BST
even on*
Report dr . atkins September 19, 2021 11:12 AM BST
he was one of our own jimmy greaves he was one of our own r.i.p jimmy from all chelsea fans
Report FATTIEWHITEYSLOVEADRINK September 19, 2021 11:14 AM BST
Same here every think about the man he was a legend
Join his mate Bobby for a beer
Report BARROWBOY September 19, 2021 11:22 AM BST
Great player,how ironic he goes on the day of the spurs Chelsea derby.
Report impossible123 September 19, 2021 11:23 AM BST
Very sorry to hear Greavsie is dead. It's sad he's had an awful last few years. RIP Greavsie!
Report SlippyBlue September 19, 2021 11:29 AM BST
That's very sad news, may be be at peace now.
Report Jumping-cuckoo-monk September 19, 2021 11:31 AM BST
A goal scoring machine and nice fella.
Report Whisperingdeath September 19, 2021 11:37 AM BST
He was just slightly before my time but I heard stories of how good he was. Not 100% sure but was told he did sweet fa most of the game then he would get the ball and come alive. He had tremendous acceleration and an eye for goal. Generally regarded as the best goal scorer we have ever produced. A funny guy and successful businessman.

R.I.P. Jimmy
Report soldieroffortune September 19, 2021 11:42 AM BST
Very sad news, a truly brilliant player.
Report moisok September 19, 2021 11:47 AM BST
A very sad day in this house.  Greavsie  my HERO.  What can one say - you guys have all said it ^

'White Hart Lane' in mourning.

Oh!  But those goals. Wow!  Never to be forgotten.
Report stewarts rise September 19, 2021 11:48 AM BST
Rip Jimmy, simply the best!
Report grayhawk September 19, 2021 11:50 AM BST
RIP Jimmy...didn't see him play but know how good he was.

Been reading that Jimmy was born in Manor running today in 2:40 Plumpton today called Manor Park omen?
Report kincsem September 19, 2021 11:53 AM BST
Rest In Peace, Jimmy.
I finished reading the Alan Gilzean biography last night.

My memory of Jimmy Greaves is Spurs losing 1-0, it is late in the game, and Jimmy has been doing nothing.
Then Jimmy scores two goals, and Spurs win 2-1.
That game probably never happened, but that is how I remember him - goals from nothing.

The modern day player that imo had a similar style to Jimmy was Romario.
Interception, drift past the defender, roll the goal past the keeper into the goal.
Report Capt__F September 19, 2021 11:56 AM BST
Report sparrow September 19, 2021 11:57 AM BST
Remember being at Maine Road for your West Ham debut in 1970. R.I.P. Jimmy.
Report SirNorbertClarke September 19, 2021 12:05 PM BST
A great goal scorer and a great person too. May his soul rest in peace.
Report rommel September 19, 2021 12:12 PM BST
david pleat,great tribute to jg on r5 now
Report rommel September 19, 2021 12:17 PM BST
he was a fine man,he was a fine man,bravo david magnificent words
Report HallGreenSpy September 19, 2021 12:22 PM BST
Very sad. True legend of the game. RIP Greavsie
Report rommel September 19, 2021 12:25 PM BST
Report Brian September 19, 2021 12:31 PM BST
He is the last of my childhood heroes, a great goal scorer.
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- September 19, 2021 12:36 PM BST
One of the greatest players this country
ever produced.

A wonderful broadcaster, and
a lovely man.

A sad day.
Report Storm Alert September 19, 2021 12:36 PM BST
Tottenham and England greatest striker. My dad raved about him and I only wish I had seen him play.

JG Question. His first goal at White Hart Lane was against whom (no googling)?
Report 1st time poster September 19, 2021 12:38 PM BST
i saw him a few times live,
had a great goal record for england anyway but martin tyer just said on sky that jimmy told him he was englands pen taker and they went 50 games on bounce without getting a pen, NO DIVERS/CHEATS in those days obviously Devil
Report FIGJAM September 19, 2021 12:38 PM BST
Hat trick ve Blackpool
Report rommel September 19, 2021 12:50 PM BST
and Greaves scored with what Moynihan described as “devastating nonchalance”. The magnificently patrician Geoffrey Green of the Times came close, however, observing on another occasion that when Greaves slipped the ball into goal, “it was like someone closing the door of a Rolls-Royce”.
Report jimnast September 19, 2021 1:07 PM BST
very sad news Sad
Report BULLET TOOTH TONY September 19, 2021 1:28 PM BST
"I Remember having a goal drought once, toughest 15 minutes of my career"

Report ImSoLuckyLucky! September 19, 2021 1:29 PM BST
Saw Jimmy many times at the lane in the sixtites
and in the cup sfinal in 1967 at Sheffied
Remember going back to the train station( a long walk)
Waiting for the train the Spurs team came on to the station
They were ecastic
Grevsie ,el tel mackie
A pure genius
Going to open my best red wine for todays match against Chelsea
To celebrate
Its a funny old game
Report rommel September 19, 2021 1:35 PM BST

Sep 19, 2021 -- 7:28AM, BULLET TOOTH TONY wrote:

"I Remember having a goal drought once, toughest 15 minutes of my career" GOOD OLD JIMMY. RiP Legend

btt great one

Report rommel September 19, 2021 1:37 PM BST

Sep 19, 2021 -- 7:29AM, ImSoLuckyLucky! wrote:

Saw Jimmy many times at the lane in the sixtitesand in the cup sfinal in 1967 at SheffiedRemember going back to the train station( a long walk)Waiting for the train the Spurs team came on to the stationThey were ecasticGrevsie ,el tel mackieA pure geniusGoing to open my best red wine for todays match against ChelseaTo celebrateIts a funny old game


Report LoyalHoncho September 19, 2021 1:38 PM BST
Sorry San, I looked for a thread and didn't see one so started another.
Report Wesdag September 19, 2021 1:44 PM BST
How coincidental that his 2 main clubs face each other today.

RIP Jimmy.
Report kincsem September 19, 2021 1:45 PM BST
In the Alan Gilzean biography it mentions when Pat Jennings moved to Spurs from Watford he made a few mistakes.
The players lost their match bonus, and there was a few grumbles. Angry
Jimmy comes over to Pat and tells him he is doing well and will be a great keeper. Love
Report BULLET TOOTH TONY September 19, 2021 2:15 PM BST
John chalis RIP
Report irishone September 19, 2021 2:23 PM BST
One of the best greavsie

GReavsie and boycey on the same day ?
Report moisok September 19, 2021 2:28 PM BST
what a horrible day - and the clouds wept too here in london

looking forward to the home game against chelsea and both  supporters respect for greavsie
Report LoyalHoncho September 19, 2021 2:28 PM BST
Ever play against him irish?
Report irishone September 19, 2021 3:05 PM BST
No honcho
Watched him as a kid at stamford bridge
99,999 quid so that he couldnt be the first £100,000 player..what a story
Report irishone September 19, 2021 3:08 PM BST
67 cupfinal was at wembley
Shefield my r s
I was there
Report irishone September 19, 2021 3:09 PM BST

all my heroes are dying
Report LoyalHoncho September 19, 2021 3:12 PM BST
I remember one commentator saying quite succinctly, when asked if he thought Greaves a lazy player.  He said "Jimmy Greaves can do more damage in one minute than most others can, or do, in the other eighty nine"!  And then, when other truly great players like Denis Law and Dave Mackay say how good he is, it says it all.
Report ImSoLuckyLucky! September 19, 2021 4:13 PM BST
Time to open a bottle

Report annie. September 19, 2021 4:19 PM BST
RIP JIMMY LoveLoveLove

As a lifelong spurs supporter, I have had good reason to always have a soft spot for jimmy.  But also I liked the man as a person who often made me laugh and always had a smile on his face.
Report twizzle22 September 19, 2021 7:13 PM BST
I was at White Hart Lane 1n 1962 when Spurs entertained Notts Forest. I was standing right at the front with another young boy when Jimmy smacked the ball into the boys nose (accidentally of course).Jim refused to play on until the St Johns crew walked around to tend to the lad despite the referee gesturing Jimmy to rejoin the match. I can close my eyes and visualise the whole incident as if it happened yesterday. A true gentleman and wonderful footballer and broadcaster. If memory serves me well Jimmy scored a hatrick that day.. God bless you Jim, thanks for all the great goals and laughs.
Report Shelli September 19, 2021 8:10 PM BST
Used to love Saint & Greavsie. Rememeber when Mark Hately refused to go on the show as a guest as the week before jimmy said "Mark can trap the ball further than I can kick it" Great days RIP
Report penzance September 19, 2021 8:54 PM BST
sure he went on that show with a big shiner,once.
Report brain dead jockeys September 19, 2021 9:24 PM BST
jimmy and gerhard mueller held many euro club scoring records untill ronny and messi came along........dont think jimmy ever recovered from not being in the team that won the 1966 world cup.
Report dukeofpuke September 20, 2021 1:50 AM BST
England 9 Scotland 3 in 1961

hat trick
Report LoyalHoncho September 20, 2021 6:02 AM BST
I remember he got down on all fours on a pitch in South America while playing for England to try to entice a stray dog to accompany him off of the pitch.  Classic stuff.  And the Saturday his Saint and Greavsie slot was filled for the whole show by a
"Spitting Image" puppet of himself.  Priceless. What a sense of fun the man had to go with his genial love of the game.
Report G Hall September 20, 2021 10:47 AM BST

Re Sheffield the poster said semi final which would be correct.
Report 1st time poster September 20, 2021 11:35 AM BST
very few live games,tv pics,slow mo,s replays etc etc,
roy keane and co were gobsmacked yesterday when martin chivers wen asked which player does greavsie come closest to in modern game,think they were expecting lineker,rush,allen,cole etc goal scorers,chivers said MESSI and you,d better believe it genius
Report stewarty b September 20, 2021 4:21 PM BST
I'm a wee bit late in posting as I was doing some research on the man. My late father was a fan of Spurs because they usually had at least a couple of Scotsmen in the team and was a huge fan of John White and Jimmy.

I googled this....

Greaves was sent off for violent conduct (his first and only red card) after attempting to punch centre-back Blagomir Krivokuća.[41] Greaves served a one match ban and was able to play in the final, where he opened the scoring after an assist from Cliff Jones and later added a fourth in a 5–1 victory (John White and Terry Dyson getting the other goals).[42] In winning the competition, Tottenham Hotspur became the first British team to win a European trophy.[40][43]

However my puzzle is to Spurs fans is why was he not part of the double winning Spurs side? (I may have my dates mied up) Apparrently he never won the leauge?? PE: RIP to the most natural goalscorer England had the privilege to have.
Report stewarty b September 20, 2021 4:42 PM BST
"A new sound was heard in English football in the 1961–62 season. It was the hymn Glory, Glory Hallelujah being sung by 60,000 fans at White Hart Lane in our European Cup matches. I don't know how it started or who started it, but it took over the ground like a religious feeling."

— Bill Nicholson[
Report stewarts rise September 20, 2021 5:10 PM BST
Stewarty, Jimmy played for Milan when Spurs won the league in 60-61 season, joining Spurs in Dec 1961, but was playing for them when they retained the FA cup in 62.
Report stewarty b September 20, 2021 6:40 PM BST
Thanks for clarifying stewarts.
Report antony_27 September 20, 2021 8:49 PM BST
No one can ever deny that he was a top quality player but would England have still won the World Cup in 66 if Greaves had been picked ahead of Geoff Hurst in the final?
Report HallGreenSpy September 20, 2021 8:51 PM BST
Report G Hall September 20, 2021 8:52 PM BST
Report stewarty b September 20, 2021 9:48 PM BST
Of course since they scored a goal that never crossed the line fully! (the whole diameter)
Report kincsem September 22, 2021 2:55 PM BST
On the Saint and Greavsie Jimmy was always taking about Hamilton Academicals in a jokey way - "the Accies".
I think that was to wind up Ian St John, who had played for Motherwell.
One Saturday a guest came onto the show wearing a kilt.  It was the Accies captain.
Jimmy thought he was going to get a hiding.  I think it was an Ian St John set up.
Great fun. Laugh
Report stewarts rise September 24, 2021 7:03 PM BST
Just looked at one of those things that pop up on your phone, about when Jimmy interviewed Mike Tyson when he was 21 and had had 34 straight wins, Jimmy did a great interview and had to avoid getting whacked as Tyson showed him a few moves, feigning to punch him
Afterwards Jimmy said he had Tyson worried at one time, because he caught Jimmy in the ribs and may have hurt him!
Afterwards he commentate on a celebrity football match at Wembley and said " hope Rod Stewart doesn't  head the ball as his hair might burst it" Also said Nigel Benn looked as if the groundsman had cut his hair with the lawnmower!
Well out of earshot of course!
Great laugh Jimmy
Report jed.davison September 24, 2021 10:31 PM BST
Stewarty I believe I'm right in saying that Spurs had as many Englishman playing in the 2019 CL final as they had in the 1963 ECWC final.
Report Regbutler September 24, 2021 10:57 PM BST
I posted this on a thread about Jimmy greaves years ago...
Mid to late 70s, I played against him when he'd dropped to playing non league
I think it was probably Barnet he was playing for, anyway I was a 16 or 17 year old centre forward, the score was 1-1 and me and Jimmy were the scorers
In the bar afterwards, he chatted to me and my mum and dad for a good 10 minutes
He was just one of the lads, and my mum was completely taken with his charm
Lovely man
Report ImSoLuckyLucky! September 25, 2021 10:46 AM BST
Did you swap shirts?
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