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No chatname registerd
15 Mar 21 21:54
Date Joined: 27 Aug 09
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FIVE MINUTES after the goal the score is STILL not updated and the first half clock is continuing and it does not say It's Half-Time!
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Report No chatname registerd March 15, 2021 8:55 PM GMT
NOW SEVEN MINUTES since the goal and STILL says 0/0 and this happens most of the time now.
Report pushkin99 March 15, 2021 9:14 PM GMT
I thought it was just my 'pc' somehow being slow in updating.

Really poor from bf.
Report lurka March 15, 2021 10:30 PM GMT
Why do you use a notoriously slow site for score updates?

Why start 3 threads on 1 issue?

Why is it an issue at all when you were obviously aware that the score wasn't 0-0?

The forum is outsourced, run from India last time I checked and Betfair don't keep an eye on it.
Report shiny new shoes please March 15, 2021 10:38 PM GMT
India ExcitedLaughLaugh
Report moisok March 15, 2021 10:55 PM GMT
but it was a nailed on win for pool so it didn't  matter. but allow some people to moan on and on and on
Report No chatname registerd March 16, 2021 4:16 AM GMT
When Betfair and the World was young if someone complained about gross negligence then others would add their like-minded comments and nearly everyone would be in accord and something positive would be done about it, usually involving a phone call where you actually got to speak (don't laugh ) to a real live Human Being yet now in these "progressives" times the Betfair Community tolerates an appalling service through stealth.

Why start 3 threads? Because the title of the first wasn't sufficiently descriptive and, at a glance, would look, like it was just a reflection of the scoreline and view of the game itself.

I note 2 out of the 3 responses aren't even supportive of this viewpoint which is incredulous to me.

If every single person betting in-running was in a logistical position to know exactly what the situation is in a game then the fact that the match situation a la Betfair was so different from the reality might not be so significant but when it says Liverpool ae 1.25 and yet it is, supposedly, "0/0" then how many Layers have got stuck in assuming there may have been a sending off creating those , superficially, low odds, for example.

A combination of Suspending the market in Football every time there is an incident and not always re-opening at all, if , for example ,  a late goal was scored , or not doing the OBVIOUS thing and ONLY lifting the suspension once play has actually resumed whereas Betfair often lift the suspension BEFORE VAR has got involved and changed the Pitch Officials'verdict, so any odds displayed are presumptive on the goal standing and then when it doesn't all those transactions on the false market and wrong scoreline have yp be voided. If someone turns on their Computer and sees 0/0 @ Wolves after 58 minutes (like yesterday ) when it was 0/1 @ 45 Minutes and Half Time and , mistakenly, think you can lay Liverpool @ 1/4 when it seems it is 0/0 and that is ok ?

As someone, acknowledged years ago by Betfair, as one of their Top 5 earners Worldwide said to me a couple of years ago "It's like, as a Nation, we have had a collective mental breakdown!" and, at times, I think he is right, as the lack of protest over  a diabolical, ridiculously bad service shows.

I suppose we could "Live Talk" with a Robot with a human name but it seems they are not the only Zombies and Robots around.

ps: For the record , this has been like it all season and I only laid out £6 on the match so I was not talking "thru' my pocket".

Having watched Live Sport since 1960 and attended matches since 1962 I don't bother so much and really wanted to see Wolves go 1/0 up in the Second Half and count how many of their players would go down theatrically "injured" as they have turned it into an Art Form and it's hilarious to watch their antics...:)
Report No chatname registerd March 16, 2021 8:29 PM GMT
"but it was a nailed on win for pool so it didn't  matter"..............haha

Best bit of aftertuming I have seen for many a long day. Why didn't you tell us all b4 the match started so we could all have our Mortgages on it ?
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