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18 Feb 12 15:28
Date Joined: 18 Feb 12
| Topic/replies: 4 | Blogger: justlikethat's blog
apparently saying rangers should be stripped off titles and trophys.....but not in so many words....pri££
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Report Platini February 18, 2012 3:45 PM GMT
that's what I've been saying for ages. The only justice is to strip them of all the titles they bought. Administration is no punishment. points deduction this season, big deal !
Report Francis Benali February 18, 2012 3:53 PM GMT
they should be strpped of their trophies. they have won them through cheating financially
Report skullery February 18, 2012 4:31 PM GMT
ok on that moral high ground point , history should be changed that Rangers and AC milan should be awarded joint winners of the 1993 champions league , madness ? exactly
Report Francis Benali February 18, 2012 4:37 PM GMT
it would be madness to award it to rangers and milan when milan were the beaten finalists. do you know that juve were stripped of a couple of their league titles?
Report Platini February 18, 2012 4:44 PM GMT
Don't remember Rangers winning many games in CL that season. They're lucky they never made the final - Milan would have mauled them.
Report skullery February 18, 2012 4:59 PM GMT
so you saying Rangers should be awarded Champions league winners Grin

Marseille were charged and convicted of bribery , The french asked UEFA to do the same they refused , they made a special mention of the CSK MOSCOW game .

all i am saying is if someone is using a moral ground to strip Rangers of trophys , then they will agree on the moral grounds of 1993 ...
Report Just Checking February 18, 2012 5:00 PM GMT
Ridiculous idea. It's 11 men versus 11 men. So sportsmen who have earned championship and cup titles in their career should have them taken away years down the line because some people in the boardroom were (perhaps) a bit iffy? Where does the madness end?

Celtic of course have form for this, they were beaten squarely by that swiss team a few months ago on the pitch, and were complaining to get them turfed out on an off pitch technicality. If they can't man up and beat 11 other grown men on the pitch according to the rules of the game, fairly and squarely, then shut the hell up or grow a pair.

They're like kids running to get their mum to get her to go speak to another kids mum as the other kid who beat them at football "had more expensive trainers". Awww it's soooooooooo unfair. The celtic victim complex.

And no I'm not rangers fan, old firm are as bad as each other, each with bigotry problems, and can both rot.

PS to compare match fixing (i.e. cheating) to off pitch "financial issues" is ridiculous.
Report NobbyClarke February 18, 2012 5:42 PM GMT
they should be strpped of their trophies. they have won them through cheating financially

Unless their stadium, training ground & players can cover the tax debt then people need to be jailed imho.
Report Francis Benali February 18, 2012 5:43 PM GMT
if you think the old firm are as bad as each other then I assume you don't really know what you are talking about.
Report sticky wicket February 18, 2012 5:46 PM GMT
elaberate please francis
Report RichyH February 18, 2012 5:50 PM GMT
Of course the titles should be removed it's a no Brainer.Rangers fans have more to worry about than what Neil Lennon says but that maybe explains the reason why they are in the predicament they are.
Report sticky wicket February 18, 2012 5:57 PM GMT
i,ll elaberate for you francis.....back here in the real world,where the rules of the street and common decency apply,the whole celtic board and manager..let me make it clear..not mr lennon and the current board,.....they continued to employ a man(mr.torbett) whomb they knew to be(and was later convicted of child abuse) is worse than who?
Report Francis Benali February 18, 2012 5:58 PM GMT
why do you think rangers are called 'scotlands shame'?

in recent history both teams made it to a uefa/europa league final. thousands of celtic fans went over to seville and had a great time, no arrests and the locals welcomed their presence. rangers played in manchester and smashed the place up causing millions of pounds of damage.
Report Francis Benali February 18, 2012 5:58 PM GMT
im not saying celtic are without sin, just rangers are worse. if you know a lot about both clubs i dont see how you can argue that
Report paulcarm February 18, 2012 6:01 PM GMT
Neil Lennon is a f*cking idiot. It's not against the rules to get deeply in debt. What if the Glazers walk away from Man Utd? Should they lose their trophies if they go into administration. Even by Lennon's standards this is stupid as f*ck.
Report benalder_ February 18, 2012 6:10 PM GMT
Is this all on the back of Lenny's Friday press conference? If so I didn't hear him say Ranger's should be stripped of any titles. But hey, let's not let the truth get in the way of a good story. Even Traynor's making out he said it.
Report Just Checking February 18, 2012 6:10 PM GMT
Should Gretna have to give their titles back and other teams retrospectively get the titles, considering they essentially "bought the titles" to a number of leagues then went completely bust (owing the taxman) - or is only when Celtic are "victims" that this idea of making the rules up as you go along and applying them retrospectively should be applied?

And make no mistake, this would be making the rules up as you go along and applying them retrospectively.
Report justlikethat February 18, 2012 6:20 PM GMT
hidden or not.....neil lemon should be a bit repectful.....its only 15 years since celtic were days away from closure. scottish football for what it is and i know its not the best league ever......needs rangers and would i think sink without them.
Report justlikethat February 18, 2012 6:21 PM GMT
Report mexicano February 18, 2012 6:21 PM GMT
this is a classic of thread.

start it with a false premise. lennon said no such thing.

then go ahead and spout irrelevant nonsense at each other.

i've missed the of thrLaughLaugheads
Report RichyH February 18, 2012 6:23 PM GMT
Rangers didn't pay Tax while every other Club in Scotland did, giving them a financial gain, how hard is that to understand???If the SFA/SPL behave in the same way as any other Football Organisation that are worth their Salt then Trophys will be removed.
Report RichyH February 18, 2012 6:27 PM GMT
and while we are on about what Chairman/Directors knew and didn't act upon, what about the Ibrox Disaster, 3 time they were warned about the safety of Fans leaving the Stadium at that part of the Ground after crushing and injuries and they never acted on it.The Board of Rangers have Blood on their Hands of their own fans, despicable.
Report sticky wicket February 18, 2012 6:32 PM GMT
mexicano!comprende"...i,v been bumping the provy,bank loans etc. for years f them all......but i was overcome with gult and remorse when i informed john in the work that the £50 bet i had with him for the lge.was under pressure as i am going in to administration and as aconciquence ican only pay him £10p in the £
Report Kriskin February 18, 2012 6:35 PM GMT
Anyone for jelly and ice cream?  Has wee joe1690 gone into hiding along with Stallion, Welcharen, tatty soup, etc

Report BraveInca2006. February 18, 2012 6:38 PM GMT
Yes, I havent seen many recent posts from Joe entitled - "lay Celtic" or him urging everyone to get on Rangers for the league, Scottish Cup, Champions League etc as Celtic are garbage and Neil Lennon is the devil. A good Celtic man is our Joe.

The money making machine for the rest of the season will be laying Rangers until the market starts pricing them accordingly - that is on a par with Hearts, Motherwell, Dundeed United.Laugh
Report Platini February 19, 2012 11:52 AM GMT
strip them of their tainted titles

and maybe just maybe they might then have the decency to get rid of those embarassing 5 stars on their shirt
Report wallshavears February 19, 2012 12:07 PM GMT
the green eyed monster is bearing its teeth lol
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