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01 Jan 17 21:45
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I reckon with a bit of luck and a following wind, 'The Governor' could have probably delivered a 120.91 avg and won fairly handily on the bridle.
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Report Angoose January 1, 2017 10:50 PM GMT
Only with the aid of his drone darts, imo Scared
Report theres only one best tonic January 2, 2017 12:35 PM GMT
Never forget how Merv crumbled in the World Grand Prix final against MVG
Afraid to say even his A plus game isnt quite good enough now Laugh
Report Cosmo Kramer January 2, 2017 1:47 PM GMT
The last time I saw Merv was in the glamorous location of Hull train station early one Saturday morning with a young blonde feminina on his arm (which wasn't his missus).

But to get back to darting matters the fabled 'A' game would have destroyed MVG last night and left the Mekon a blubbering and inconsolable wreck!
Report alun2005 January 2, 2017 2:43 PM GMT
Cosmo my friend, we can only swoon in humble admiration of your life's endeavours in the impossibly-romantic environs of Hull, lest we forget recently appointed the World Capital City of Culture for 2017 (and probably forever onward).

As I recall you had your darts version of the 'Shootout At The OK Corral' there in days of yore, sadly a quite futile undertaking against The Lion Rampant.

Now you tell us that you saw 'The Governor' gently chaperoning what I presume was either a young niece, or more likely one of the city's Organising Committee members for this year's celebrations.

I am sorely tempted to visit this great city of Larkin, The Housemartins and (my own favourite) John Venn in 2017.

What would absolutely guarantee my visit would be for the city to re-enact your timeless darts game against The Lion, where the averages 133.43 and 129.25 were recorded, admittedly by BDO-sourced scorers. 

Please tell me this aspiration isn't just a pipedream, and that for a 6-figure payment you both might consider it?

I would say that if this were to happen it would be the greatest reunion since Ilsa walked into Rick's Bar in 'Casablanca' and ordered a LIght Ale and Pork Scratchings, although I'm not sure how well you would carry off the blouse, skirt and chapeau ensemble.

Ah well, you'll always have Hull.

As James Cagney (or was it Gareth Hunt?) surely once said "Here's looking at you for 2017 kid".
Report Cosmo Kramer January 2, 2017 3:12 PM GMT
I'm sure the young lady in question was one of Mervs markers for one of his many sold out exhibitions and she was just making sure he caught his train on time. Any suggestions of jiggery pokery would be a scurrilous attack on the integrity of the man with the seldom seen 'A' game.

I would only be too happy to recreate my often talked about final against 'Loopy' Lionel. No six figure sum would be necessary, just Mlles Seydoux and Ledoyen waiting 'backstage' would suffice. It would surely be the highlight of our year as city of culture. Whether they could afford the walk on girls (a Latvian lass on a fruit picking trip and buxom barmaid Steph) is open to question. Not to mention the Visa no doubt required for the aforementioned Latvian lovely due to Brexit, people just don't think of these things before voting, pffft!

As an aside I fancy the Mekon to claim a hard fought 7-5 victoire against Eyemouths favourite son 'Subtitles' tonight.

Anyway Alun, I'm off to practice as I want to exact revenge on Lionel when the inevitable renewal takes place.
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