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21 Dec 15 23:12
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…and there isn't a 'Boring Boring Table in sight'. There is however a proper darts crowd in attendance. 

This is something I saw happen 'live' on ITV's 'World of Sport' one early summer's afternoon, and through the wonders of technology it can be seen again almost 40 years on.

We are just about to watch the final of the 'News of the World Darts Championship', which along with the World Masters, and, erm, the Indoor League Men's Singles was just about the closest thing there was to a 'World Championship' for telly darts fans.

Representing Wales is Leighton Rees. We are very keen for him to win it after Alan Evans stole the show but came up a fraction short for us in '72, and Rees himself under-performed in '74. The two are winning just about everything else in sight, with Evans the reigning World Masters champ and Leighton a twice Indoor League champ. Evans is there with Rees for this weekend, helping his friend relax, and trying to calm the nerves.

Half of Wales has gone up to the Smoke for the day, and at least one coach-load from my own small town. Some may even make it back. I should be there with them too by rights, but as the fates would have it I'm studying hard for exams.

Leighton has come through to the Final, where he will play that fine English international Billy Lennard who in just a few years time will become another household name through many TV appearances.

It's the Best of 3 Legs for the title, Billy is due to throw first, and your commentator is the doyen Dave Lanning. Very best of order please. Well, unless you are there in the frenzied, adrenalized crowd. May the best man win.

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Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 12:14 PM GMT
Alun, this indeed folklore in every sense of reality!

From the opening clip of the shirtless bloke way up high on the pylons...I will say no more, and now watch the entire show piece.
Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 3:13 PM GMT
Alun, this is a truly magnificent bit of darting history!!!

Alun's link to this incredible darting occasion

"Bob Brown" - such simplicity in a banner.

Bill Lennard of Lancashire, England International v Leighton Rees of Ynysybwl, Wales Champion/International.

Both players stand waiting as Bernard Manning patrols the stage. We're told Bill won the coin toss and he instantly steps up to the oche without any eye contact or acknowledgement to Leighton. Manning calls "game on."

The In play Stats n stuff are further down my post as i'm a bit of an anorak of the arrers and couldn't help myself.
But surely you want to watch the action?

Alun's link to this incredible darting occasion

Bill Lennard v Leighton Rees

Bill Lennard v Leighton Rees

Bill Lennard v Leighton Rees

Bill Lennard v Leighton Rees

Bill Lennard v Leighton Rees

Best of 3 Legs
Bill throws 1st in the opening leg

BL 55-446 left
LR 85-416 left
BL 45-401
LR 45-375
BL 125-276
LR 85-290
BL 60-216
LR 55-235
BL 60-156
LR 60-175
BL 120-T20, T20, missed D18 - 18 left
LR 97-78 left
BL 1-0 - 18, D9 in 1. 36 c/o - 20 Darts

Leighton throws first in the 2nd leg

LR 60-441
BL 62-439
LR 40-401
BL 60-379
LR 83-318
BL 40-339
LR 41-277
BL 85-254
LR 60-217
BL 85-169
LR 55-162
BL 137-32 (T20, T19, S20)
LR 60-102
BL 2-0, 18. 0, D16 in 2. 32 c/o - 20 Darts

News of The World Champion 1976 - Billy Lennard, England

Leg One Stats
Bill - 75.15 average
Leighton - 70.50 average

Leg Two Stats
Bill - 75.15 average
Leighton - 57.00 average

Match Stats
Bill - 75.15 average
Leighton - 66.10 average

Such a great 2nd dart under the circumstances. Moved slighty to the right to slip home the winning double. Leighton hugs the champ and a fan wearing a red and white hooped hat jumps on stage and hugs Bill. Near pandamonia as security rush in to form a chain. Each one looking 60 plus? Leads me to go off a tangent. No doubt all brave men serving Our Country and seeing the horrors war brings at such a young age. I can't help but wonder when we as a society changed for the worse and showed little or no respect for our elders? These young whipper snappers soon exited the stage as swiftly as they'd arrived.

Anyway, back to the arrers...A most enjoyable bit of archive footage. Bill was a thoroughly deserving winner of the final. He had three non scoring darts at doubles and won both legs in 20 darts. Leighton had one bounce out and never really fired. That's the beauty of a best of 3 legs tournament. Little or no margin for error, and i've yet to mention the wild crowd. We get to sense the atmosphere yet don't truly appreciate it nor fully receive it over the airwaves. Bill nailed 2xtreble 20's and the camera wobbled as it zoomed in for the possible 180. A remarkable moment in darts. Is this the earliest footage of a camera zooming in on the T20? I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole match over and over again and picking up on different things each time. Cheers for that Alun. Merry Christmas!
Report alun2005 December 22, 2015 3:27 PM GMT
My favourite bit of the whole film is that FEARSOME "security" operation on stage at the end.

A bunch of pensioners dressed up like old school hotel doormen ensure that any ne'er-do-wells thinking of invading the stage can jolly well think again. If only we had men of this awesome power manning the Premier League venues. 

I think it's the milkman style caps that gave them that indefinable 'authority'. Plus the sashes.
Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 3:39 PM GMT
Alun, a truly remarkable bunch of fine men.

Now look what you've opened link is Eric v Lowe in World Masters Final 1981.
The highly enthusiastic mc is none other than the current forum fav Tony Green.
Could even say Tony was a precursor to Sidney when it came to madness on the mic!!!

World Masters Final 1981

Report GRANTCKING December 22, 2015 3:41 PM GMT
Match Stats
Bill - 75.15 average
Leighton - 66.10 average

Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 4:44 PM GMT
Grant, both legs in 20 darts is top bombing for the occasion. A proper bear pit of an atmosphere, unlike today's non darting cretins gobbling up chunks of tickets to go on an almighty bender. Just think what Leighton's average might have been had he had darts at doubles? Then again, what if the great man produced what he could and did at many times. We'd be looking at 90's+ for sure.

Next match link up Bristow v Lowe both averaged 95+ on the super thick wires too.
And what a sporting gentleman the winner was too. Not one ounce of one-upmanship between these former greats.
Superb stuff.
Report Hamsterdam December 22, 2015 8:58 PM GMT
Great atmosphere tbf but best of 3 legs? lol
Report casemoney December 24, 2015 2:17 AM GMT
The evening of I believe it was the 1/4 or Semi  finals, Jockey was as drunk as a sack ended up rolling on the ockey after falling over ,I,m sure Sid was commentating ,I can remember The Words "JOCKEY IS ON THE DECK" Laugh Im sure he was Playing Dave Whitcome who he Kept slapping on the back every time he had thrown his darts Grin Think it was 1986
Report alun2005 December 24, 2015 3:47 PM GMT
Case - I'm pretty sure that crazy match where Jocky kept shaking Whitcombe's hand or backslapping after every good DW throw was actually the 1984 semi.  It was deffo a Friday night (Semis in those days) match because I remember going home for weekend on the train and getting in late. 

Whitcombe actually beat JW three years running in the latter stages of the BDO tourney, but I think 2 of them were in earlier rounds.

I was a Jocky fan back in those far-off days of yore, and was SEETHING as it became obvious he was tanked-up even by his own formidable standards.
Report chavman December 25, 2015 10:35 AM GMT
the sheep round your way must have got a well earned rest that day
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