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19 Dec 15 22:57
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I'm surprised we haven't got an on-going thread on this as there are so many hilarious episodes to choose from.
My favourite is when the camera zoomed in on Mervyn King's enraged boat when he was suffering yet another kicking from Taylor a few years ago...probably around 2009/10 but I can't remember which tournament - I wish it was on youtube as it was absolutely hysterical.
I've mentioned it before on here and it seems NOBODY else witnessed it except me & my Ex...we were creased up in bulk at Merv.

I'll get the ball rolling with a quickly assembled personal top 10, many of which are sure to be favourites for most darting aficionados on here:

Taylor's 'Filth' interview after the Mason 'Big Balls' comments
Colin Lloyd's fisting of the 'unicorn' a few years back
MVG's 9-darter against Steve Beaton
James Richardson's 'Vindaloo' walk-on
Dean Winstanley's crazed abscondment after his 9-darter
Barney's pissed-up man-on-man gay love appreciation for Bunty
Steve Farmer's smug celebration after hitting consecutive 180s only to realise he's bust his score
Kevin McDine daring to ridicule MVG...only to get ransacked after the interval
Michael Meaney's glum & unappreciative boat after the crowd were singing along to MVG's tune..."Oh Michael van Meaney" when he scored an unexpected ton.

I hope so of you will remind me of some other obvious magic moments I've forgotten about.
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Report chavman December 20, 2015 1:02 AM GMT
taylors distasteful barney comments..pretty much sums him up
Report STEPTOES YARD December 20, 2015 2:30 PM GMT
Lewis walking off stage v Manley, with Manley clearly chatting behind him then trying to look all innocent.
Report happyhibee December 20, 2015 2:41 PM GMT
The daleks invading the commentary box during the final one year
Lewis and Wade "Air-Con Gate"
Report Cosmo Kramer December 20, 2015 3:04 PM GMT
Dave 'Special Brew' Askews walk on one year, people have climbed Everest quicker than the the time it took him to get to the stage.
Taylor's infamous 'filth' interview after beating Mason. "I'll walk away tomorrow, I'm not having somebody like that eff and blind at me like that on stage".
Martin Atkins getting treatment on his arm in the Jimmy Tarbuck suite by the Golden Girl and then coming back on stage to give a rambling 'emotional' speech as to why he can't carry on.
Report STEPTOES YARD December 20, 2015 3:06 PM GMT
The england captain working as a pundit with ray stubbs hammered on BT sports
Report STEPTOES YARD December 20, 2015 3:28 PM GMT
just now....
Report Danno December 20, 2015 10:27 PM GMT
Ted Hankey having "a stroke" on stage when he was just battered. Shots at T20 ending up in the 17 bed and the like. Incredibly he recovered from such a serious condition mid-match (ie, sobered up a bit) and won the game.
Report chavman December 20, 2015 10:38 PM GMT
"the count"- greatest pantomime villain in the history of darts
Report happyhibee December 21, 2015 8:03 PM GMT
LOL just remembered what about Ted offering out the crowd and shouting this is Lakeside
Report a bitofinterest December 21, 2015 8:14 PM GMT
he did that every year Angry
Report charwell. December 21, 2015 10:32 PM GMT
Richie 'Pot Noodle' Burnett beating Barney and fist pumping to me as I got carried away in the BDO WC final (stuck £5 on him!)

Paul 'Put 'em to bed' Nicholson sitting on the stage floor. Another moment was when he was crying like a girl in the pairs final with Whitlock, who looked less than impressed with his partners emotions after losing to Taylor/Lewis.

Listening to John Boy Walton wax lyrical about the size of the 'Tripod' whilst having a beer in the Krankie suite @ the Lakeside.

Ted Hankey winning the worlds with a 170 checkout and a 7-0 win. He was unstoppable that year.

Barney making the switch and beating Taylor in a classic WC final.

Tony Fleet smashed @ the lakeside and hitting double 1 when aiming for T20. Averaged 63 and never had a shot at a double if memory serves.

Paul Lims 9 darter. Was the holy grail @ the time.

C0cky Bristow leaving 32 v Deller instead of going for the bull only to see the milky bar kid check out a big finish.

Wolfie & his Mrs in bits after Phil Nixon recovered from 6-0 down to take it to a deciding set in BDO WC final.
Report Toto82 December 21, 2015 10:45 PM GMT

Dec 20, 2015 -- 4:27PM, Danno wrote:

Ted Hankey having "a stroke" on stage when he was just battered. Shots at T20 ending up in the 17 bed and the like. Incredibly he recovered from such a serious condition mid-match (ie, sobered up a bit) and won the game.

I think you're mixing up 2 games. I can't remember who the stroke was against but he came from something like 6-1 down to beat Whitlock 10-9 in a 1.01 buster

Report DartsnBooze December 21, 2015 10:59 PM GMT
The stroke incident was against none other than mvg.

Some belting memories there. Richie is one of darts great enigmas of the game.
Report Gibberish December 21, 2015 11:15 PM GMT
Great stuff Charwell - some crackers there, though I'm unaware of the John Walton 'tripod' business.

I forgot to mention Jaws' jugs...not the ones on his abominable torso.
Report STEPTOES YARD December 22, 2015 11:23 AM GMT
Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 4:25 PM GMT
The lad in the bdo worlds...both brother and sister qualified one year...his name a raul or something...i'm off to check.
A rather brazen character who's darting display warranted automatic qualification for a further 10 years.

I'll find him then post some you tube footage of this great darts enthusiast. Grin
Report Gibberish December 22, 2015 4:26 PM GMT
I know D&B - Rohit David and I think his sister had a different surname
Report Gibberish December 22, 2015 4:29 PM GMT
Rachna was the sister...her surname was David.

I remember he used to throw 26, 45, 17 & then smash in a 180 when you weren't looking! Laugh
Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 4:34 PM GMT
Rune David...

David qualified for the televised stages of the 2012 Winmau World Masters, and defeated three-time former champion Martin Adams 3-1 in the last 32.[1][2] Plain

David qualified for the 2013 BDO World Championship via the International Playoffs.[3] He played Wesley Harms in the first round losing to Harms 3-1.[4]

David's sister, Rachna, plays on the BDO women's circuit.[1] The David family are of Indian extraction.[3]
Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 4:35 PM GMT
Hahaha Gibber, just seen your posts. Grin

Great little thread is this.
Report Gibberish December 22, 2015 4:42 PM GMT
D&B - being a black Norwegian, he was one of those 'once seen, never forgotten' characters who was very entertaining on stage - I'd like to see him qualify again...if only for the laughs Grin
Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 6:09 PM GMT
Mirror mirror on the wall who's got the shortest fuse of all?

Painter v Adrian Lewis is a good one.
Painter as we know is a total angel...
Cue the carnage - Might surprise people that this incident led to several months suspension for both players.

Hence one of the reasons why no phones are allowed in the behind closed doors pro tour events.
Other reasons:
No phone rings during play.
No betting at any time.
No photos at any time.

Painter v Adrian Lewis..All kicks off here...Devil
Report DartsnBooze December 22, 2015 6:18 PM GMT
The follow up clips are even better...Then there's The Angry Darts Players Compilation. Love
Report Gibberish December 22, 2015 7:19 PM GMT
I've saw that clip a few years ago but I can't remember what it was all you recall?
Report Far From Trouble January 11, 2016 11:19 PM GMT
Anthony Fleet's performance against Martin Adams in undoubtedly the funniest moment I've ever seen.

If memory serves me correct Wolfie won the first leg with a solid 26 darter Silly
Report pandora1963 January 16, 2016 5:44 PM GMT
adams v the hammer mason years ago at the lakeside
Report argentine@lunch February 6, 2016 2:32 AM GMT
lewis/wade air con gate

Taylor loss in Dublin - he prowling around in an underground car park and a reporter was sent down but couldn't find him

JAWS Lloyd - topless celebrations

Any TED HANKEY match

Burnett drinking radiator water

Barrie Bates Gout holding him back from the player he could have been
Report cooperman12 March 7, 2016 3:12 AM GMT
Taylor not noticing his double 12 versus Winstanley wasn't actually in the double. Winstanley standing 15ft away queried it, the commentators queried it, but Phil standing beside it didn't notice. Mind you there were lots of shadows on the board!
Report theres only one best tonic March 7, 2016 1:58 PM GMT
Taylor had no trouble noticing all those MVG doubles flying in last night LaughLaugh
Report cooperman12 March 12, 2016 3:50 AM GMT
Taylor offered to replay the match, donate his winnings, then he said when the mc calls game shot that's it, neither of which answered the question. He's managed to brush this one under the carpet as it was a minor tournament, but he'd be more of a man to admit he pulled a dart he knew wasn't in.
Report Nilsson Schmilsson March 13, 2016 7:38 PM GMT
if there's no mention of KJP and 'muralgate' there is now Cool
Report wildmanfromborneo April 11, 2016 3:14 PM BST
Might need help on this one.

The great Welsh player Alan Evans returned from some lengthy ban and was playing his old foe Eric Bristow,he won but his victory celebrations were manic and showed years of frustration.
Report wildmanfromborneo April 11, 2016 3:15 PM BST
Lots of buck leppin,think its around 35 years ago.
Report alun2005 April 11, 2016 6:03 PM BST
Remember it well. Evans, post-ban, beat Bristow in what used to be the UK Professional Championships when it used to be on the BBC in around 1981. The match was shown on Sportsnight, and as you say, Alan Evans raced around the stage in celebration to rub it in.  Sadly can't find on YouTube.

A grudge match of sorts. Evans had also knocked Bristow out of the '79 World Championship in a match famous for the 'afters' interview on telly, when as I recall various fines were handed out.
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