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08 Dec 15 00:01
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First Round Draw & Tournament Bracket - Best of 5 Sets, Best of 5 Legs Per Set

1st 1/4 A - Top Half
Michael van Gerwen (1) v Thanawat Gaweenuntawong/Rene Eidams
John Henderson (32) v Darren Webster
Raymond van Barneveld (16) v Dirk van Duijvenbode
Stephen Bunting (17) v Jyhan Artut
1st 1/4 B
Michael Smith (8) v Jeffrey De Zwaan
Steve Beaton (25) v Koha Kokiri
Ian White (9) v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Benito van de Pas (24) v Max Hopp

1A v 1B in 1st quarter final

2nd 1/4 A
Adrian Lewis (5) v Jan Dekker
Andrew Gilding (28) v Gerwyn Price
Kim Huybrechts (12) v David Pallett
Mensur Suljovic (21) v Jermaine Wattimena
2nd 1/4 B
Peter Wright (4) v Keegan Brown
Dean Winstanley (29) v Ronny Huybrechts
Dave Chisnall (13) v Rowby-John Rodriguez
Justin Pipe (20) v Christian Kist

2A v 2B in 2nd quarter final

3rd 1/4- Bottom Half
Gary Anderson (2) v Andy Boulton/Per Laursen
Jamie Lewis (31) v Daryl Gurney
Vincent van der Voort (15) v Loz Ryder
Brendan Dolan (18) v Kyle Anderson
3rd 1/4 B
James Wade (7) v Warrick Scheffer/John Michael
Wes Newton (26) v Cristo Reyes
Simon Whitlock (10) v Ricky Evans
Jamie Caven (23) v Michael Rasztovits/Rob Szabo

3A v 3B in 3rd quarter final

4th 1/4 A
Robert Thornton (6) v Alan Norris
Andy Hamilton (27) v Joe Murnan
Terry Jenkins (11) v Darin Young
Mark Webster (22) v Qiang Sun/Mick McGowan
2nd 1/4 B
Phil Taylor (3) v Keita Ono/Alex Tagarao
Kevin Painter (30) v Kim Viljanen/Sven Groen
Mervyn King (14) v Aleksandr Oreshkin/Paul Lim
Jelle Klaasen (19) v Joe Cullen

4A v 4B in 4th quarter final
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Report DartsnBooze December 8, 2015 1:01 AM GMT

PRELIMINARY ROUND - Best of 3 sets - Best of 5 Legs Per Set. No tie-break.

FIRST ROUND - Best of 5 sets - Best of 5 Legs Per Set

Denotes Preliminary Round (P)

Thursday December 17 (7pm-11pm)
Andy Boulton 1/2 v Per Laursen 7/4 (P)
Jamie Lewis 1/1 v Daryl Gurney 11/10
Peter Wright 1/3 v Keegan Brown 3/1
Gary Anderson v Boulton/Laursen

Friday December 18 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
Qiang Sun 11/4 v Mick McGowan 13/10 (P)
John Henderson 4/5 v Darren Webster 11/10
Justin Pipe 8/11 v Christian Kist 13/10
Mark Webster v Sun/McGowan

Friday December 18 - Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 4/5 v Rene Eidams 9/10 (P)
Brendan Dolan 6/5 v Kyle Anderson 10/11
Kim Huybrechts 3/10 v David Pallett 10/3
Michael van Gerwen v Gaweenuntawong/Eidams

Saturday December 19 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
Kim Viljanen 8/13 v Sven Groen 13/10 (P)
Steve Beaton 1/6 v Koha Kokiri 9/2
Ian White 1/4 v Dimitri Van den Bergh 7/2
Kevin Painter v Viljanen/Groen

Saturday December 19 - Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
Keita Ono 4/7 v Alex Tagarao 5/4 (P)
Simon Whitlock 2/5 v Ricky Evans 9/4
Vincent van der Voort 2/13 v Laurence Ryder 7/1
Phil Taylor v Ono/Tagarao

Sunday December 20 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
Michael Rasztovits 6/5 v Rob Szabo 3/5 (P)
Andy Hamilton 8/11 v Joe Murnan 13/10
Mensur Suljovic 1/6 v Jermaine Wattimena 6/1
Jamie Caven v Rasztovits/Szabo

Sunday December 20 - Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
Aleksandr Oreshkin 2/1 v Paul Lim 4/11 (P)
Stephen Bunting 3/10 v Jyhan Artut 10/3
Raymond van Barneveld 1/6 v Dirk van Duijvenbode 5/1
Mervyn King v Oreshkin/Lim

Monday December 21 (7pm-11pm)
Warrick Scheffer 6/4 v John Michael 1/2 (P)
Robert Thornton 8/15 v Alan Norris 2/1
Michael Smith 1/4 v Jeffrey De Zwaan 4/1
James Wade v Scheffer/Michael

Tuesday December 22 (7pm-11pm)
Dean Winstanley 10/11 v Ronny Huybrechts 11/10
Wes Newton 5/4 v Cristo Reyes 4/5
Dave Chisnall 1/4 v Rowby-John Rodriguez 4/1
Terry Jenkins 1/4 v Darin Young 4/1

Wednesday December 23 (7pm-11pm)
Andrew Gilding 11/10 v Gerwyn Price 4/5
Benito van de Pas 8/13 v Max Hopp 13/8
Adrian Lewis 1/7 v Jan Dekker 6/1
Jelle Klaasen 4/9 v Joe Cullen 23/10
Report DartsnBooze December 8, 2015 1:02 AM GMT
SECOND ROUND - Best of 7 sets, Best of 5 Legs Per Set
Saturday December 26 (6pm-10pm)
Whitlock/Evans v Caven/Rasztovits/Szabo
Chisnall/Rodriguez v Pipe/Kist
G Anderson/Boulton/Laursen v J Lewis/Gurney

Sunday December 27 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
Smith/De Zwaan v Beaton/Kokiri
White/Van den Bergh v van de Pas/Hopp
Van der Voort/Ryder v Dolan/K Anderson

Sunday December 27 - Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
van Barneveld/van Duijvenbode v Bunting/Artut
Wade/Scheffer/Michael v Newton/Reyes
van Gerwen/Gaweenuntawong/Eidams v Henderson/D Webster

Monday December 28 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
Thornton/Norris v Hamilton/Murnan
Jenkins/Young v M Webster/Sun/McGowan
K Huybrechts/Pallett v Suljovic/Wattimena

Monday December 28 - Evening Session (7.30pm-11.30pm)
A Lewis/Dekker v Gilding/Price
Wright/Brown v Winstanley/R Huybrechts
Taylor/Ono/Tagarao v Painter/Viljanen/Groen

Last Match of SECOND ROUND - Best of 7 sets, Best of 5 Legs Per Set
Tuesday December 29 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
King/Oreshkin/Lim v Klaasen/Cullen
Report DartsnBooze December 8, 2015 1:02 AM GMT
THIRD ROUND - Best of 7 sets, Best of 5 Legs Per Set
Tuesday December 29 - Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)
Smith/De Zwaan/Beaton/Kokiri v White/Van den Bergh/van de Pas/Hopp
Wade/Scheffer/Michael/Newton/Reyes v Whitlock/Evans/Caven/Rasztovits/Szabo

Tuesday December 29 - Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
A Lewis/Dekker/Gilding/Price v K Huybrechts/Pallett/Suljovic/Wattimena
G Anderson/Boulton/Laursen/J Lewis/Gurney v van der Voort/Ryder/Dolan/K Anderson
van Gerwen/Gaweenuntawong/Eidams/Henderson/D Webster v van Barneveld/van Duijvenbode/Bunting/Artut

Wednesday December 30 (7pm-11pm)
Wright/Brown/Winstanley/R Huybrechts v Chisnall/Rodriguez/Pipe/Kist
Thornton/Norris/Hamilton/Murnan v Jenkins/Young/M Webster/Sun/McGowan
Taylor/Ono/Taragao/Painter/Viljanen/Groen v King/Oreshkin/Klaasen/Cullen
Report DartsnBooze December 8, 2015 1:03 AM GMT
QUARTER-FINALS  - Best of 9 sets
Friday January 1 - Afternoon Session (1pm-4.30pm)

QUARTER-FINALS - Best of 9 sets
Friday January 1 - Evening Session (7.30pm-11pm)

SEMI-FINALS - Best of 11 sets
Saturday January 2 (8pm-11.30pm)

FINAL - Sunday January 3 (7pm-10pm) - Best of 13 sets

In the Preliminary Round there will be no tie-break, and should a game go to the third set, the fifth leg would be the deciding leg.

In all other rounds, a tie-break would apply in the final set only, where a player must win by two clear legs. Should the score in the final set reach 5-5, a sudden-death leg would be played.
Report marychain1 December 12, 2015 4:15 PM GMT
Defending champ should be delighted with his draw. Jackpot on the other hand must be looking at his quarter and wondering how he has landed so many dangers in his section. Thornton's run to a potential QF match with Taylor looks relatively straightforward. Think Thornton and Anderson will be my first two plays. Van Gerwen and Taylor look to have reasonable quarters.
Report pauliow December 14, 2015 9:15 PM GMT
Great posting DnB, thank you. I'm away until Saturday night but will tune in from then on. CANT WAITGrinGrinHappyHappy
Report a bitofinterest December 14, 2015 9:45 PM GMT
looking forward to the annual naked group hug on here thur 6.50PM Excited
Report Leemo December 14, 2015 10:26 PM GMT
Looking forward to joining in the fun n frolics during Xmas guys. Annual tradition :)
Report marychain1 December 14, 2015 11:26 PM GMT
Been humming the song for the last week...
Report MoonJago December 16, 2015 1:07 PM GMT
Can anyone remember what the line on the tournament 180s was last year?
Report Cosmo Kramer December 16, 2015 1:57 PM GMT
Looking forward to the annual 'banter' on here.

Will we get Hibby's essential match day previews again?
Report DartsnBooze December 16, 2015 2:55 PM GMT
Moonjago...there's a total 180s thread on here from last year... Excited

I'm in the wilderness on my phone otherwise I'd post the link.
Report DartsnBooze December 16, 2015 3:01 PM GMT
Cosmo, no Hibbee = no Christmas cheer. Hope the great man is busy compiling his legendary 1st round reviews as we eagerly wait to read them. Nothing quite like a closing line - "No Recommendations." Cool
Report DartsnBooze December 16, 2015 3:06 PM GMT
Ok...found it...last year world champs 625x180
Report MoonJago December 16, 2015 4:21 PM GMT
Thanks Darts n B but i was wondering if you can remember what the opening quote was for last year. Just feel its very high this year i thought is was under 600. Could be way off tho.
Report DartsnBooze December 16, 2015 6:51 PM GMT
Moonjago, Last worlds opening spread was indeed Under 600 at 595.5

The 180s has definitely increased leg on leg this season.
Like any spread being covered, the 180 count is dependent on the big hitters going deep along with long matches.
Though on the last 2 years stats it was a mixture of both.

I'm in the positive camp and on accordingly...Overs all the way again for me - Over 625.5x180s

Bwin are offering Over/Under 650.5 @ 11/13 if you can get on.

There's so many specials markets this year. When I get round to it i'll post them all up.

Good luck everyone with your Outright bets and daily selections...1 Day to go Grin Grin Grin
Report DartsnBooze December 16, 2015 7:34 PM GMT
Tick tock - til showtime

Report happyhibee December 16, 2015 7:56 PM GMT
Evening all,

Unfortunately got that much going on at work just now I will only be making fleeting visits. Feel a bit sad not to be posting the previews been a big part of the tourney for years for me but actually feel a bit out of touch as I'm only seeing a bits and pieces of the last few tourneys

Report a bitofinterest December 16, 2015 8:05 PM GMT
sad news HH,im sure grant and wisewords will come up with something Cry
Report lightweight December 16, 2015 9:01 PM GMT
Ah no HH just logged in to see if you were around. Terrible news tournament won't be the same without you mate.
Report happyhibee December 16, 2015 9:11 PM GMT
Will still be around I'm sure DnB will be able to post up some decent wagers too. BF really doesn't do it for me much anymore either they really have knackered an incredible business sadly Cry
Report DartsnBooze December 16, 2015 10:14 PM GMT
There's now roughly 30+ weekends of pdc events per year, be it behind closed doors floor pro tour/streamed european pro tour events/delayed tv world series of darts/tv majors, and other tv events (played over a weekend) that are pretty much tin pot tourneys, not worthy of being called a "major."

Happy Good News/Bad News Sad

Hibbee returns, but no Reviews...This is a huge blow to us and more so the many once a year Christmas regulars who bring so much fun, banter and frivolity to add to the forum to tie in with the enjoyment of the arrers on the box.

This could be the start of the demise of the forum from here on in, but for now we still have the pdc world champs and bdo mens and bdo ladies world champs to look forward to. What better way to rejoice the pre darts festive season by sharing some golden gems from happyhibbee - The Greatest Darts Forum Reviewer Ever!!!

17th December 2014

"Seems like no time at all since last years tournament and I was sat laughing at random people on a forum who I've never met. Welcome one and all to the best 2 weeks on the betfair forum again and lets hope all the old faces and some new ones are here Happy

Should be around for most of it but don't finish work till Christmas Eve and I'm having some issues with laptop just now so if a preview doesn't appear there's probably more than enough people to contribute. However like sprouts and turkey it's almost tradition for these things so hopefully all goes smoothly.

Onwards and upwards to have a look at the first night anyway"

Christian Perez v Cristo Reyes:

As big a degenerate gambler as I am I can honestly say I could count on one hand how many bets I've had over the years in the prelim matches. Such a short race means it doesn't really float my boat but good luck to those who can find a bit of value.

Recommendation: No Bet Grin

Michael van Gerwen v Joe Cullen:

Defending champ takes to the stage on the first night as is tradition and in all honesty shouldn't have too much trouble in progressing. Cullen was billed as a potential top 32 player a while back but hasn't kicked on and I've seen nothing to suggest he can trouble MVG. Can't see a bet here so happy to sit and watch.

Recommendation: No Bet Grin

Wes Newton v Winning Qualifier:

As many might know on here I'm not really a fan of Newton as I think he's wildly inconsistent and his darts go in at an odd angle which doesn't help his cause. He's also had a poor year but until opponent is known it's pretty hard to do much. What I would say is the standard in the prelims is improving and last year of the 8 winners we had 2 who won their R1 match and only 2 lost to nil. Wes actually played a qualifier last year and won 3-1 so depending on prices I might look to lay 3-0 at odds on.

Recommendation: No bet at present Grin

Summary: *No bets. Grin
Best of luck to all who are punting and lets hope we can have the usual laughs, opinions and value winners until after the New year has come and gone Happy

*There were a few recommendations for Day 1, but the "No Bets" posts are too legendary to pass by.
Report DartsnBooze December 16, 2015 10:16 PM GMT
Welcome back hibee. Happy
Report GRANTCKING December 16, 2015 10:29 PM GMT

Dec 16, 2015 -- 2:05PM, a bitofinterest wrote:

sad news HH,im sure grant and wisewords will come up with something


Report ccmac1975 December 16, 2015 10:51 PM GMT
All right folks were nearly at that time of year again ).thankyou for posting the quarters Dnb .i have been using them for my quarter and outright bets although iv not been posting .had a few free bets to use so got 40 on Taylor and 40 on ando who both have avoided the hard side of the fare and shud meet in semis .also have small stakes at 1000.1 on caven Norris Jamie Lewis gurney kisst Evans guilding price .got brown and van de pas at 400s .so just 20 pound liability on my rags plus ando and Taylor free bets .heres to a profitable crimbo lads and some laughs .

Will be intrested to hear your thoughts on bets Dnb and the rest cheers
Report STEPTOES YARD December 17, 2015 10:29 AM GMT
hh CryCry

Real shame, hope to still see you posting during the comp though.
Report alun2005 December 17, 2015 12:40 PM GMT
Greetings all and compliments of the season.

Very saddened to learn that we may not be benefitting this year from The Awesome Hibee Previews that have lit up the Xmas Darts period for a decade or more. The last time I felt this upset and tearful was when my beloved Hong Kong was handed over to China, and no-one even asked my opinion on the subject OR invited me to the ceremony. The beasts.

What am I to do of a Yuletide morning now there's no Hibee 'NO BET" advice to act on? 

When I read this terrible news, I felt so violated I had to go for a hot bath. And I hardly need add that was my SECOND hot bath of the day, which is two more than most of the oiks on this Forum, naming no names.

Quite honestly I just want to shake my head and SCREAM.
Report theres only one best tonic December 17, 2015 12:47 PM GMT
Sorry youve taken the news so badly Alun

However if its NO BET action you seek I direct you to Kevin my maximum bets 1/4 point Pullein in the post

And to save you having to worry about previews heres mine

Lay Taylor to win the tourney for your absolute maximum and some
Report The Dragon December 17, 2015 1:33 PM GMT
starts this pm great stuff good look all, any tips for tonight's matches>
Report DartsnBooze December 17, 2015 2:33 PM GMT
Alun, terrific stuff old beam. Fear not for I have kind of sucked myself into offering some legendary HH "No Bets" for tonight's opening round matches for your perusal. All will soon be revealed once my publisher has given me the nod and all clear. Believe it or not, she still bollocks me for using but at the start of a sentence. (But) What does one expect seeing as I landed myself with a grade 5 CSE in English some 33 years ago? Grin

Only 4.5hrs to go...
Report alun2005 December 17, 2015 2:37 PM GMT
If I'd had ANY inkling that I was conversing with a Grade 5 CSE English sort all these years, I would never have joined this accursed Forum.

I am now wincing at my own schoolboy error. To think, I could have been chewing the fat instead with some halfway decent academics such as PO out of 'The Teletubbies'.
Report sickoflayinwinners December 17, 2015 4:59 PM GMT
only one small wager for me tonight, wright, gurney, bouton    treble pays about 11/4, don't seem the worst bet  to me, wright is so consistent  and looks pretty sure to take care of  brown who seems to have  stop improving   at there moment , in fact poss regressed a touch, gurney i thought would be  clear fav after his decent display against  mvg  and bouton cos last time i saw tontines opponent play he was fcn hopeless!!!fingers xssed as usual
Report DartsnBooze December 17, 2015 5:08 PM GMT
Alun, you know what us sporty oiks are like...Anything academic at that young age goes out the window. For what it's worth my Grade A mathematics isn't bad going for the only subject other that sports which remotely interested me. Or was it because my teacher was gorgeous? She once got told off for seeking her attention. Now that's gratitude for offering my scientific input to the art of Logarithms. Little did I know at the time that sport and maths would become the centre of my world, a near perfect combination.

On that note...The Barron Knights - California Girls parody.
"She wobbled to me like a sumo wrestler out of Japan…"
Report alfie46 December 17, 2015 5:10 PM GMT
Sow, noticed your match treble is enhanced at Koral to 10/3
Report sickoflayinwinners December 17, 2015 5:24 PM GMT
thanks but too late, and i have no coral ac   and no local    shop, then of course you've got to suffer them laying you enough to win a bowl of rice.
Report happyhibee December 17, 2015 5:27 PM GMT
Evening all,

Will still be about Steps just don't have time to write out long previews and honestly wouldn't feel right doing it given how little I've actually watched this year.

Token bet for me tonight is Gurney and Wright to win and all players to win at least a set. Pays 19/5 with the sponsors and hopefully give a run for my money Grin
Report alun2005 December 17, 2015 5:34 PM GMT
Nice one DnB - hadn't seen that spoof before.
Report sickoflayinwinners December 17, 2015 6:08 PM GMT
i think this year I'm going to have my bets and not trade (singles) but i may lay last leg of any multiple i get running  just to retrieve stakes but I'm going to keep stakes low. tontines treble just £50 and if the fist 2 win ill lay the last if he's the same or shorter than I've taken (i won't lay any  bigger)
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