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26 Sep 14 14:25
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I would've added this to my original post but as bf have fecked up the forum settings i have started another thread - THE PLAYERS...

So, who are the players???

The majority of the field would make for a good wide open tv tourney.

Includes 2 BDO World Champions. Several England Internationals (how many can you name)? And youth players of the future.

Entrance fee for spectators = FREE! Cool

The list of players in no particular order:

1 Antony Allen
2 Dickie Foster
3 Richie Howson
4 Colin Osbourne (defending champion)
5 Jamie Caven (former winner)
6 Dean Stewart
7 Kevin Dowling
8 Dan Russell

9 Jamie Robinson
10 John Bowles
11 Dave Honey
12 Steve Hine
13 Paul Redfern
14 David Pallett
15 Tommy Aldridge
16 Simon Power

17 Paul Deslandes
18 Ron Meulenkamp - Holland
19 Kim Huybrechts - Belgium
20 Mark Sidgwick
21 James Richardson
22 Ian McFarlane
23 Rob Hawker
24 Ricky Evans

25 Craig Allen
26 Wayne Jones
27 Mick Todd
28 Josh Jones
29 Steve Sharpe
30 Jelle Klaasen - Holland - former bdo world champ
31 Mark Jones
32 John Mann

33 Ollie Stell
34 Chris Skeates
35 Steve Bunting - current bdo world champion
36 Trevor Frost
37 Paul Austin
38 Lewis Venes
39 Simon Stevenson
40 Ben Ward

41 Jim Walker
42 Paul Amos
43 Jamie Hughes
44 Jay Foreman
45 Stuart White
46 Adam Paxton
47 Mark Carter
48 Nigel Heydon
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Report a bitofinterest September 26, 2014 9:48 PM BST
nice to see all the faces are there Cool
Report DartsnBooze September 29, 2014 12:27 AM BST
Warwickshire Invitational Classic 2014

I had a most impressive group of players to keep in order.

In the photo you'll notice my head has been "tampered" with?
For some bizarre reason it came out like this! Devil
It clearly shows Colin Osborne (with a shrunken head) and Neil, (the organiser)in a stamp? Angry
From left to right - Myself? Cry Ricky Evans, James Richardson, Trevor Frost, Stephen Bunting, Paul Amos, John Bowles.

The photo is still "pending approval" since this afternoon!!! Confused

My Group - Group 8:
Winner - John Bowles
Runner Up - Stephen Bunting

3rd - Paul Amos
Bunting goes through on leg difference by 2 legs from Amos.

Full Table:
1st) John Bowles - games won 3, games lost 2, legs for 22, legs against 19, pts 3. (legs + 3)
2nd) Stephen Bunting - games won 3, games lost 2, legs for 19, legs against 17, pts 3. (legs + 2)
3rd) Paul Amos - games won 3, games lost 2, legs for 21, legs against 21, pts 3. (legs +/- 0)
4th) James Richardson - games won 2, games lost 3, legs for 19, legs against 17, pts 2. legs + 2
5th) Ricky Evans - games won 2, games lost 3, legs for 17, legs against 20, pts 2. legs - 3
6th) Trevor Frost - games won 2, games lost 3, legs for 16, legs against 20, pts 2. legs - 4

Last 16:
On my board i chalked the match between Kev Dowling v Jelle Klaasen.
Kev went 4-0 up, Klaasen missed several darts at doubles to make it 4-2 before Kev wrapped it up to win 5-1 and progress to the quarter final.

Last 16 - 8 Winners
^ ^ ^ As above - Kev Dowling (PDC)
Kim Huybrechts (PDC) beat Jamie Caven
Stephen Bunting (Current BDO Lakeside Champion)(now PDC)
John Bowles (PDC)
Jamie Hughes Love (BDO England International)
Richie Howson (PDC/Challenge Tour)
Stuart White (PDC)
Jay Foreman (Former BDO England International)(now PDC/Challenge Tour)

Last 16 - 8 Losers
Jamie Caven (reigning champion)(PDC)
Jelle Klaasen (Former BDO World Champion)(Now PDC)
Ben Ward (PDC)
Dean Stewart (BDO)
Wayne Jones (PDC)
Dave Honey (PDC/Challenge Tour)
Jamie Robinson (PDC/Challenge Tour)
Ollie Stell (PDC/Challenge Tour)

Quarter finals:
Jamie Hughes beat Kev Dowling
Stephen Bunting beat John Bowles
Kim Huybrechts beat Jay Foreman
Richie Howson beat Stuart White

Semi finals: Best of 11 Legs (on stage)
Stephen Bunting (99.75 average) beat Jamie Hughes (89.52 average) 6-4
Kim Huybrechts (90.18 average) beat Richie Howson (82.32 average) 6-1

Final - Best of 13 Legs (on stage)
Stephen Bunting v Kim Huybrechts
Stephen won the bull and throws 1st
1-0 bunting
1-1 huybrechts
2-1 bunting
2-2 huybrechts
3-2 bunting
4-2 bunting breaks
5-2 bunting
5-3 huybrechts
6-3 bunting
6-4 huybrechts
6-5 huybrechts breaks
6-6 huybrechts
7-6 bunting
Bunting (98.61 average)  5x180
Huybrechts (90.15 average) 1x180

Interesting to see both averages of the semi finals pretty much franked in the final.

Warwickshire Invitational Classic 2014 Champion - Stephen Bunting

In years to come people will only remember the winner - Rightly so.

Having chalked all of Bunting's 5 group matches it could easily have been oh so different. He was somewhat lucky to get out of the group! A slow start against James Richardson saw him turned over 5-1. "Ruthless" was most impressive in beating Bunting, yet in his 2nd match he produced an indifferent performance, against my old county colleague Trevor Frost. "Frosty" played an absolute blinder himself to win 5-1 (including a 134 c/o). This is how the group continued to pan out with all 6 players either winning 2 or 3 games and losing 2 or 3 games.

No one knew the outcome of the group until it was announced from the top table. Out of Bowles, Bunting, Amos, and Richardson, the least deserving/most lucky to qualify would be Bunting. It went down to the final match of the group and the players were asking me??? I had no idea and thought Paul deserved to go through on his overall play.

Unknown to us it transpires the result between Paul Amos v James Richardson would decide the fate of 4 players still chasing 2 spots.

When James broke Paul to lead 4-3, a hold of throw would have see him top the group. Bowles would have finished runner up and Bunting ko'd!
Paul played a great leg to break back and level in 12/13 darts, then won the decider.

When the group winner and runner up were announced both Paul and James were gutted. Guess who simply smiled!? lol

The obvious hard luck stories followed. Namely from Paul who had several darts to win one match and ended up losing it (not the plot). His next match he beat Bunting 5-3. More broken violin strings need replacing.

Got to hand it to Bunting, from looking far from impressive, and dead and buried in the group stage, to scraping through, thanks mainly to his last match 5-1 win, and results going his way. To pulling his finger out in the K.O. stages then lifting the title. To top it all off, he was in my group Grin

The cream certainly rose to the top! Well done The Bullet!
Report DartsnBooze September 29, 2014 12:39 PM BST
Any lurkers taking notes?

Jamie Hughes won a recent friday "early bird" money in money out event, prior to the EDO - England Darts Organisation main events on saturday & sunday - England Classic & Winmau Matchplay. Bet Vic traders (read on) acted accordingly? Confused

Those of us who follow darts in the midlands have known about Jamie for years.
I was surprised he didn't jump the bdo ship this season and join the pdc ranks.
A very level headed player of great potential (many similar types tried and drifted into darting oblivion). Now a regular England International (of the 12 man team) and a player to be respected on the oche. Has a good team of mates and local businessmen backing behind him which enables him to travel/play in the exotic bdo darting locations like Romania and Czech Republic. Picking up valuable ranking points on most if not all the events he plays in. An automatic place at Lakeside looks more likely than not. Now it's a case of pushing on and continuing to climb the ranking table. Every year there's a "springer/rag" in the market. Could do a lot worse than have a poke on Jamie in the outrights.

Victor's darts traders thought Jamie was a worthy addition to their already laughable outright book and quote him just 20/1 (in what would be his debut) to win the Lakeside Championship 2015 Crazy

I was expecting 50/1 at least!
Be 16's if the high street parasites read this Blush

C'mon Yozza! Love
Report DartsnBooze September 29, 2014 1:50 PM BST
...And now for that classic bdo moment broadcast LIVE on the beeb.

Step forward Rob Walker (07:14) who moves is just as the golden girl gives the "Leeds Assassin" an arm massage Laugh Laugh Laugh
Report s.kenbo September 29, 2014 7:50 PM BST
Thanks for the write up DartsNoBoozeWink

Where in the Midlands are you? I'm in Loughborough. I'm thinking of going to Whitwick to watch an exhibition in March next year. I've never been to a game before so it'll be a first for me.
Report DartsnBooze September 30, 2014 8:51 AM BST
I'm in a lovely spa town Grin

Photo finally approved! My group from left to right: (don't ask why a stamp appeared in my place) Angry

Ricky Evans, James Richardson, Trevor Frost, Stephen Bunting, Paul Amos, John Bowles.

Report DartsnBooze September 30, 2014 9:07 AM BST
Across the city on the same evening (as above event) was a darts exhibition was a most novel name:
"Lock Stock and Three Smoking Arrows"

Adrain Lewis, Dave Chisnall, Bobby George, Colin Lloyd, Steve Beaton, Justin Pipe, Kevin Painter, and Wayne Mardle.

VIP tickets included meeting Eric Bristow & Keith Deller and a hot buffet Laugh

I have it on good authority that Adrian Lewis was in top form throughout and duly blitzed the field. Dave Chisnall was on the end of a proper beating as Lewis' winning legs included 10, 11, 10 Shocked
Report DartsnBooze December 10, 2015 9:06 PM GMT
Warwickshire Invitational Classic 2015 - Coventry Bishopsgate Club. Saturday 12th Dec

The Warwickshire Invitational Classic hosts another quality field with pdc, bdo, county players/lesser lights away from the tv screen. Team Mac is once again strongly represented, though their top man Kim Huybrechts won't be playing in it this year. I left it too late to get some items signed by the man himself, to be framed as a christmas pressie for my girl, his number 1 fan. Oh bugger!

I'll be on marking duty again, just the 105 legs to mark in the group stage for starters!

48 players in 8 groups of 6 players. All 7 legs to be played in each group match with 2 points for a win, legs difference counting if any grouped ties. Top 2 from each group qualifying for the last 16, where a new draw will then take place. All players numbered in no particular order for the group draw...

1 Antony Allen
2 Dickie Foster
3 Richie Howson
4 Tony Randell
5 Ted Evetts
6 Dean Stewart
7 Kevin Dowling
8 Jamie Atkins

9 Jamie Robinson
10 Lee Martin
11 Dave Honey
12 Steve Hine
13 Tom Martin
14 David Pallett
15 Paul Brown
16 Simon Power

17 Paul Deslandes
18 Kyle Anderson
19 Robbie Green
20 Mark Strong
21 James Richardson
22 Ian McFarlane
23 John Morris
24 Ricky Evans

25 Wayne Harrison
26 Glen Durrant
27 Mick Todd
28 Darren Johnson
29 Dave Ladley
30 Tommy Ryan
31 James Hurrell
32 John Mann

33 Mark Turner
34 Rich Hosey
35 Jelle Klaasen
36 Tommy Aldridge
37 Andy Smith
38 Wayne Pepper
39 Simon Stevenson
40 John Bowles

41 Jim Walker
42 Daniel Day
43 Jamie Hughes
44 Jay Foreman
45 Michael Barnard
46 Deta Hedman
47 Mark Carter
48 Nigel Heydon
Report a bitofinterest December 10, 2015 9:36 PM GMT
all the faces again Cool
Report DartsnBooze December 12, 2015 11:26 AM GMT
My group board...

Wayne Harrison
Steve Hone
Jim Walker
Tom Martin
Darren Johnson
John Mann
Report DartsnBooze December 12, 2015 11:26 AM GMT
Hine ^
Report DartsnBooze December 12, 2015 6:36 PM GMT

Kyle Anderson v Jamie Hughes
Report DartsnBooze December 13, 2015 4:59 PM GMT
My Group
Steve Hine - Winner
Wayne Harrison - Runner Up

Group highlights
Tom Martin - 170 c/o
Darren Johnson 10 dart leg (180/180/T20,S19,T10/D16 in one.

Last 16
Glen Durrant-ENG v Jelle Klaasen-NL -

I had the upmost pleasure of marking this match. An insane standard littered with 11&12 darters and 180's throughout.
Some note worthy highlights being Glen 147 c/o, and Jelle 110 c/o with Glen on 41 after 9 darts looking to break. (140, 180, 140).

Mick Todd-ENG v Wayne Harrison-ENG
James Hurrell-ENG v James Richardson-ENG
Kyle Anderson-AUS v Antony Allen-ENG

Ricky Evans-ENG v Mark Carter-ENG
Steve Hine-ENG v Robbie Green-ENG
Jamie Hughes-ENG v Jay Foreman-ENG
Andy Brown-ENG v Simon Stevenson-ENG

Quarter Finaals
Jelle Klaasen-NL v Mick Todd-ENG
James Richardson-ENG v Kyle Anderson-AUS
Jamie Hughes-ENG v Andy Brown

Ricky Evans-ENG v Robbie Green-ENG

I also marked this one. Another match of high standard with
Ricky winning the deciding leg after both missed matched doubles.

Semi Finals & Final played on main stage

Semi Finals
Mick Todd-ENG v Kyle Anderson-AUS
Ricky Evans-ENG v Jamie Hughes-ENG

Ricky was 5-2 up and blew chances to wrap it up. Jamie produced a great sequence of quality legs to win 6-5

Final - Kyle Anderson-AUS v Jamie Hughes-ENG - Best of 13 Legs
Hughes throws first

1-0* Kyle, 15
2-0 Kyle, 14
3-0* Kyle, 18
4-0 Kyle, 14
4-1 Hughes, 17
5-1 Kyle, 12
6-1* Kyle, 14
6-2* Hughes, 17
6-3 Hughes, 16
6-4* Hughes, 18
7-4* Kyle, 16

Kyle 96.63 ave - 4x180
Hughes 91.08 ave - 2x180

Kyle - winner £1,400
Hughes - runner up £700

Semi final £300

1/4 final £125

Board Markers
dnb - £30 Laugh
Report a bitofinterest December 13, 2015 10:40 PM GMT
Report DartsnBooze December 14, 2015 4:49 PM GMT
Last 16
Glen Durrant-ENG v Jelle Klaasen-NL -

I had the upmost pleasure of marking this match. An insane standard littered with 11&12 darters and 180's throughout.
Some note worthy highlights being Glen 147 c/o, and Jelle 110 c/o with Glen on 41 after 9 darts looking to break. (140, 180, 140).

I have been corrected...Jelle 122 c/o (S18,T18, Bull) with Glen on 41 after 9 darts looking to break. (140, 180, 140).
Jelle 110 c/o won the match.
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