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10 Jan 14 09:33
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Report DartsnBooze January 10, 2014 10:37 AM GMT
Here's the full list of venues and event dates...

Aberdeen  22 February 2014
Brighton  22 February 2014

Bristol     23 February 2014
Burton upon Trent 08 February 2014
Cardiff     23 February 2014
Chorlton   16 February 2014
Coatbridge 22 February 2014
Coventry HP  02 February 2014
Derby Q1  09 cFebruary 2014
Derby Q2  23 February 2014
Erdington  16 February 2014
Gillingham  08 February 2014
Greenock  09 February 2014
Hull  15 February 2014
Norwich  23 February 2014
Nottingham  22 February 2014
Oxford  02 February 2014
Peterborough Q Club  16 February 2014
Plymouth  22 February 2014
Reading 22 February 2014
Scunthorpe  08 February 2014
Solihull  09 February 2014
South Benfleet  23 February 2014
Southampton  22 February 2014
Sheffield  01 February 2014
Stirling  08 February 2014
Victoria Q1  07 February 2014
Victoria Q2  16 February 2014
Wigan  23 February 2014
Wolverhampton Q1  02 February 2014
Wolverhampton Q2  22 February 2014
Worcester  22 February 2014
Report DartsnBooze January 10, 2014 11:04 AM GMT
Bring it on!

Saturday+ 1st February 2014

Sunday* 2nd February 2014
Coventry* HP
Wolverhampton Q1

Saturday* 8th February
Burton upon Trent
London - Victoria* Q1

Sunday* 9th February
Derby Q1

Saturday+ 15th February

Sunday* 16th February
Birmingham - Erdington*
Peterborough Q Club
London - Victoria Q2

Saturday* 22rd February
Wolverhampton* Q2 

Sunday* 23rd February
Derby* Q2
South Benfleet

Only the winner from each comp qualifies Grin

Report DartsnBooze January 10, 2014 11:11 AM GMT
Shame it's not like last year, where the Qualifiers were played at the huge iconic darts/music venues of the UK.

I'm looking to play on each available day of the Qualifiers. Funded courtesy from darts profits. I must add - I'm Very excited. Now where's me darts? Grin
Report DartsnBooze January 10, 2014 11:16 AM GMT
£3 to enter online with 1st pint free! Happy days! Crazy
Report ocukstinky January 10, 2014 9:12 PM GMT

Jan 10, 2014 -- 5:16AM, DartsnBooze wrote:

£3 to enter online with 1st pint free! Happy days!

Really?! Plymouth and Bristol only real options for me. Soton and Cov a bit too far.

Report DartsnBooze January 10, 2014 10:15 PM GMT
Good luck OC.
Plymouth too far a trek for me. Ive been wanting to play a tourney in the capital for years. Lets hope London is an afternoon event seeing it's on a saturday, as they normally hold darts events on a friday evening - Fingers crossed
Report Toto82 January 10, 2014 10:52 PM GMT
Good luck DnB. hopefully you make it again, and draw a bigger name than you did in 2013, the pride of Ireland, William O'Connor :)
Report DartsnBooze January 13, 2014 2:25 PM GMT
Cheers Toto. Willie mugged me in the 4th leg. I was sat on D16 when he took out a 124 finish to break me and go 3-1 up. I guess that's why he called the "Magpie" Cry

My 1st UK Open Qualifier has been booked - London Victoria - It's a Friday evening as i'd expected, and i'm very excited with the prospect of playing my debut darts tourney in the capital Grin

A full day in London...What to do ahead of the darts? Crazy
Report DartsnBooze January 15, 2014 8:06 PM GMT
London Victoria Q1 qualifier is now closed with the capped entry of 64 players.
Format - Best of 7 legs throughout, which is my preferred tournament format. (Money comps usually best of 5 legs til the later stages). Getting a leg on the board is a good starting point.

Only 42 winning legs away from an imminent/miraculous return to the UK Open Grin
Report King Cally January 16, 2014 8:31 PM GMT
Can interested spectators just turn up and watch DnB?
Report DartsnBooze January 18, 2014 2:50 PM GMT
Yes KC. If i'm fit and well, i might see you there?

As i've been diagnosed with pleurisy (and on a big box of steroids) following a bout of pneumonia/bronchitis (dr is unsure?) over the xmas period i have to see my dr again next week, and if no change then off to hospital for some tests. Entries for other qualifiers are on hold for now.

Most of my darting life i've been jinxed with health issues Cry

Win 42 legs?:- typo. It's 24 legs.
Report DartsnBooze January 23, 2014 1:15 AM GMT
A week on and not much has changed. Now onto my 3rd different type of antibiotics. Blood tests and chest xrays to follow.

UK Open 2014 rules - All 24 of them!

Players will be allowed to enter more than one Qualifier.

Each game will be the best of seven legs, 501 up, straight start and finish on the double.
If the player should get the required double, yet continue to throw not knowing he/she has won, the leg is over and that player has won the leg).

Players are also required to wear a collared shirt/ polo shirt, trousers and shoes. Jeans, trainers and round-neck t-shirts are not permitted to be worn by players. No player may wear clothing, or use flights bearing advertising that conflicts with the PDC or its official sponsors during any round.

The 32 Rileys Qualifiers will each receive free entry into the televised stages of the 2014 Coral UK Open (to be held at the Butlins Minehead Resort), a personalised playing shirt for the finals and a winner’s trophy.

By participating in this event, all players will be deemed to have accepted the rules of the
championships and to have accepted the absolute jurisdiction of the organisers. All players also agree to abide by the rules of the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA).

Unless otherwise stated, the qualifying events will start as follows:
Evening events: 6.00pm - 7.00pm for Registration with toe the oche at 7.30pm.
Daytime events: 10.00am -11.00am for registration with toe the oche at 12pm


All qualifiers must be available to play in the 2014 Coral UK Open from March 7-9 2014 at the Butlins Minehead Resort in Somerset.

All qualifiers will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and subsistence logistics and expenses in relation to the 2014 Coral UK Open.

Online payment terms are covered by our standard terms and conditions which can be found at: By agreeing to the specific terms for this tournament, you also confirm you have read and agreed to our online booking terms.
Report DartsnBooze January 25, 2014 3:11 PM GMT
Latest update with the first of the qualifiers only 1 week away.
Blood tests and x-rays done. Results due in next week - Cutting it fine!

Meds are doing me nut, not had a beer all year!
Report DartsnBooze January 29, 2014 1:58 PM GMT
Dr foned with good news. Blood tests and x-ray results are pretty much all clear. White cells are a little high due to the strength of the antibiotics and other pills, but once they run their course it's a case of allowing time for things to settle down a bit. Drowsy, head's spinning, stomach's totally knotted up, can't wait to get off them and have a beer.

Been a disaster in terms of practice and preparation. For those reasons i'm giving Sheffield a miss, but all systems go for the local qualifier @ Coventry this Sunday. Bang on!
Report Navel-Gazer January 29, 2014 3:44 PM GMT
D&B - glad to hear that squire but I'm interested as to whether a few beers puts a bit extra (not on your gut but) on your average Grin
Report DartsnBooze January 30, 2014 12:48 PM GMT
Haha NG. Not sure about that. Beer can help for sure, but it's the mental toughness/self belief/mindset that counts for a lot in tournament darts.

6 pints and 2 bottles of baileys should do the trick - That's before a dart is thrown Devil
Report DartsnBooze February 2, 2014 1:02 AM GMT
Mixed news...Been practicing hard and happy with how the darts are going, however, no so good news...

I'm not long back from the hospital. My daughter had a 2nd siezure? and is being kept in overnight as a precaution, then she's seeing the consultant in the morning/afternoon. Unfortunately (and for obvious reasons) i won't be playing in today's (sunday) UK Open Qualifier at Coventry.

Providing everything's ok i'll be playing in the London qualifier on friday, and Solihull qualifier next sunday
Report Navel-Gazer February 5, 2014 3:22 AM GMT
D&B - hope all works out fine with the troubles you have...I'm well-versed with problems for ME and my balls are huge as I'm used to  EXPECTING the worst but the thought of grief involving my kids is another matter as that'd shatter me!

All the best squire Happy
Report DartsnBooze February 5, 2014 6:21 AM GMT
Cheers NG.
My daughter has some tests and was discarged on the sunday. Because it's her 2nd seizure she will now have follow up checks as well as scans. She's back to her normal self like nothing's even wrong but it doesn't stop us worrying as parents.

Three days on i have a match report! After not much sleep saturday night and moping about in the morning. I ended up going to the coventry qualifier after all. My daughter wanted me to play and her mother said it would do me good to get back playing darts.

63 entered and i drew one of the so called big guns in round 1. Not a problem to me, and it was good mentally as it allowed me to totally focus on my own game. I mean what else could go wrong? Considering i hadn't thrown on another dartboard outside my front door for 4 months was a different mental challenge, as i was totally out of match practice with the odds stacked against me - So what! I'm a seasoned campaigner.

Arriving at the venue and catching up with old friends was great, as was mixing with new faces. Everything went well on the practice and 2 hrs following the draw it was game on...The moment of truth! Could i blow the cobwebs away and get straight back into my tournament stride or would i crumble to pieces? Who can tell?

I won the bull and opened with a magical 180 with my first 3 darts, (somewhat of a dream start, yet my psychology tells me to stay focused as it's only 3 darts closer to getting a shot at a double and winning a leg). I followed it up with a poor 41 then 81. Still in control of leg but missed doubles cost me 0-1.
2nd leg was nip and tuck where again i missed doubles to break straight back 0-2 arrrgghhh.

If that wasn't bad enough i did the same again in the 3rd leg 0-3. It was now a tough ask and wasn't to be my day as i duly got ko'd 0-4. It wasn't a scoreline i expected, or deserved, but apart from missed doubles i was well pleased with my game and more so with how i conducted myself throughout the match.

Looking back it was an achievement in itself to be able to put in such a strong scoring performance with all that's gone on, and doing it without any nerves - bonus. Not only have i recaptured the tournament bug, i've also signed up and booked train tickets for the next 3 qualifiers this weekend:
London Victoria friday evening 7pm,
Burton Upon Trent saturday noon,
and Soliull sunday noon.

I feel my confidence has really grown despite the scoreline and i'm hopeful for better things to come - Forever the optimist!

One concern, well not really a concern as i'm stopping over in London. The Coventry qualifier took 7 hrs 45 mins from registration closing to the winning dart landing. London is 7pm close of registration and the club shuts at midnight, thus giving 5 hrs to complete?

Bring on the capital!
Report DartsnBooze February 5, 2014 6:48 AM GMT
I marked in the 1/4's, semi, and final.

In the final my old county colleague Carl Green (Rugby) played pdc youth player Dan Green (Rugby)
Yes indeed - Father v Son! Something for Sky Sports to talk about.
After 5 throws each, all hitting the 25, (semi bull) Carl hit the bullseye to throw first.
12 darts later, with 36 remaining he hit D18 first dart to take the opening leg in 13 darts. Carl holds 1-0.
Dan holds 1-1.
Carl holds 2-1.
Carl breaks 3-1
Carl holds 4-1 to win the final and qualify for the UK Open 2014.

A great high scoring match between both players. Aged only 19, Dan looks to have a bright future in darts. However, the plaudits go to his dad Carl, who before the final lit the room up as he held his head in his hands saying "what do i do?" "What do i do?" He really was in turmoil and wanted his lad to get though. "**** him" i said, his chance will come, you've earnt this. Carl's torture was a real defining moment for me in darts. Well done mate! Thoroughly deserved! Grin
Report DartsnBooze February 14, 2014 3:04 AM GMT
Oh bugger! Victoria Q2    16 February 2014 - Now closed to online entries.

My own fault, especially as the landlady told me there was already 150 pre-registered. (Not that i believed the high numbers at the time). Considering only 56 turned up last friday evening when i was told 120+ had paid. Someone's been telling porkies.

I checked earlier tonight and Victoria was still open to online entries with the cut of point being 48 hrs before the event (today @ 9am). I had to check trains and coach times first before committing to the whopping £3 online entry fee. What a muppet! Confused

Had it all sussed out too...With Sunday trains a non starter i was getting the 7:45am coach from town, armed with a bag full of beers. Returning from Victoria coach station @ 19:00, arriving home 21:50. £20.80 return!

Looks like i'm going to the familiar and underwhelming surroundings of Erdington in Birmingham instead ffs! Cry

The pluses are, my train leaves @ 10:12am and only takes just over 1hr (instead of 3hrs to London) and costs £11.90 return. I've under 6hrs to decide?
Report DartsnBooze February 14, 2014 4:40 AM GMT
Back to London Victoria and last week's UK Open qualifier. I'm only a week late posting this but here goes...Enjoy...

Having arrived at the early time of 11am i made my way to the venue so i was familiar with the surroundings come evening time. I walked the short distance to my mate's rented basement flat in Pimlico, worth a staggering £3/4 of a million pounds, with rent @ £1,700 pm! (Small change for some of you big hitters).

Had a cuppa then went sight seeing....namely the pub, or several pubs! What has happened to the local pubs of London? A few we went in had no dartboard yet served real ales at £4 a pint. Welcome to London town. Go on then, fleece me. A few more pubs and a bite to eat. Jees, better hope my darts bets come in at Blackpool tonight to offload the pain of the rip off prices (they didn't).

Finally found a pub that not only had a dartboard, it had a pool table and the racing channel too ! After finding a family sitting at the table right next to the dartboard and kids on the floor this wasn't gonna stop me Devil

They kindly moved to another table and i was finally toeing an oche for the very first time in the Capital. Happy days! The beers flowed as did the darts, all 4 of them. My mate having little interest never batted an eyelid when all 4 landed in the T20...Look 240! All i got was a puzzled glance in return lol. The locals were now watching and i hoped no one asked for a game as i wanted to get some much needed practice in. Three lots of cross doubles around the board and the bullseye, followed by another T20 battering. With the time approaching 5pm we were out the door and on our way to the venue for the 6pm registration.

Victoria Riley's had a rather unique set up, with the darts upstairs and the pool & snooker room downstairs. A sign on the door read Darts players only tonight. In we went ignoring the sign and straight to the bar. Another Stella, Cheers! Registration done, and from what i remember there were 4 dartboards for the comp and 2 free standing for practice.

Things get a bit blurry now, darts from Blackpool on the numerous tv screens, the landlady is mighty fine looking, and a woman near to where we're sitting is eating a bag of chips as i talk utter bollocks to her about darts? Like i remember the conversation, and i haven't yet played Grin

I got called out pretty early, maybe 2nd game on my board? No time to mess about, this is it, Hello London! Practice darts over with and we bull up. Both hit 25 and we throw again. He wins the bull so i know i now need to break to win the best of 7 legs match. From my opening dart, things went from bad to worse, embarrassingly worse, yet i remained calm and composed knowing i'd soon get going.

My opponent was hardly scoring big himself, yet i soon found myself 1-0 down, then 2-0 down and still to get my game together. Don't panic, get a leg back and take it from there. Yeah right! I'm not sure if i even had a shot at a double in an leg but i was now 3-0 down and in serious danger of bowing out having played like a complete tool. Something clicked in me, maybe a dogged determination or the thrill of coming from behind and getting on a roll.

Against a stronger opponent it would have been a big ask to come back from 3-0 down, but this geezer was pressurising himself with every poorly thrown dart when he should have been in control of himself. I was mentally switched on and my abysmal 26's and 41's suddenly became 100's and 140's. I easily held throw 3-1 down. The reign on the T20 continued as i again edged clear in the leg leaving 160. Stepping up to the oche T20, T20, D20. Game shot 3-2 and a break of throw. He was completely rattled and i levelled up 3-3. Ok, he had the darts but i had the momentum and had to keep focused and keep it going. This i did until i missed tops and 2 at D10 to leave 10. He was close to a finish so i had to nail it. D5 in 1 to scrape home and win 4-3. I shook his hand and thanked the marker for chalking. I was gonna chat to my gutted opponent but couldn't see him so went and sat down and bollocked myself for such a piss poor start, knowing i had to hit the ground running next match or it could be curtains.

More beer flowed and back to the oche to play a young gun in the last 32. Same start as first match. A lack of drive, hunger and desire was a concern as again i lost the bull and began the chase. 1-0 down, then missed doubles became 2-0 down. Not again ffs! I broke back in style 2-1. More missed doubles 3-1. The youngster played some great darts to comfortably hold his throw and with the match 4-1.

Though i was disappointed with my overall game i was well happy for him and gave him loads of encouragement and wished him all the best for the remainder of the tourney, not that he needed it. I even threw in "I qualified for the UK Open" last year - groan Blush
Maybe i thought this would spur him on even more Laugh

I marked the next game then had to leave as the couple i was staying with were going as the woman wanted to go now. I would have stayed to see the winner qualify but as a guest it seemed only right to head back with them. So off we staggered, via the chippy of course and home.

So there you have it. An insight of a typical day of tourney darts. From home to the venue location, to the pub(s), to the venue, and everything in between! Til next time...DnB
Report DartsnBooze February 14, 2014 4:59 AM GMT
P.S. I booked up for Burton upon trent qualifier the next day and had a mad early start to get to victoria underground for 5:49am then to Euston for 6:13am. Utter Madness. Drinking and talking **** til 2am was not ideal. Needless to say, i felt ill on the train and because it stopped at Coventry on the way to Birmingham new street i got off and went home Sad

Money down the drain, rough as feck and home to bed when i should have been toeing the oche. Took me a couple of days to recover.

Worse still, i forgot to pre book in time for the local qualifier @ Solihull ( only 20 mins by train). Work that one out?  But as i stated, it was probably for the best in the end. Now detoxed and ready for another shot on sunday!
Report Toto82 February 14, 2014 6:09 PM GMT
Thanks DnB for the write up. My next experience of live darts will be a Phil the Power exhibition for "charity" in Ireland in a week's time!
Report DartsnBooze February 15, 2014 12:05 AM GMT
Cheers Toto. I'm booked in for Birmingham Erdington Riley's UK Open qualifier this sunday. Enjoy the Power experience! I'll report back when time allows.
Report onehundredandeighty February 15, 2014 12:59 PM GMT
Hope you do well DNB.Kid who won the Sheffield qualifier plays in our Thursday team and can see him going far in the game.Keep an eye on Aaron Holdstock ......sponsored by meeeee Grin
Report DartsnBooze February 15, 2014 1:58 PM GMT
Cheers 180. I'll give it a go. I play on memory these days Grin

I read somewhere (fb, or a darts forum?) that you sponsor Aaron. That's fantastic mate, I tip my hat to you. Hope he has a successful go at it and most of all...enjoys the game.

I must add, i love seeing the young guns coming through and always encourage the little blighters, and offer advice when i can without putting pressure on their game or patronising them.

Darts can be an easy game to play. Sometimes it's the mind that dictates fate, not ability Devil
Report onehundredandeighty February 15, 2014 9:08 PM GMT
Cheers pal.He is fearless which i think is a good thing and is a gent when needed.Only 19 and believes in hard graft reaps rewards.Has took the plunge at that tender age to leave his job and go for it so hence any sponsorship is welcome.Im only sponsoring him on the youth tour this year as im sure he will soon be better backed then i can provide but as you say it's fantastic to see youth progress in the game.There are so many now that are good at it the future bodes well (not for us punters tho Shocked).Im devvo i cant actually get down to Minehead in March to be there live but he has my full support as do all other challengers inc your goodself should you get there Grin
Report onehundredandeighty February 15, 2014 9:13 PM GMT
And best wishes for the family ^
Report DartsnBooze February 17, 2014 11:43 AM GMT
...And to yours. Keep up the good work Cool

A disappointing low turnout of 48? at Birmingham. Two Warwickshire county players contested the final with Will Naylor defeating Graham Hall 4-1.

My game is still hit and miss as my comeback continues to gather pace, with confidence for tournament darts rising every match.

1st match i lost the bull and the 1st leg. Levelled up, then broke to lead 2-1. Missed 6 darts at doubles to go 3-1 up with my opponent well behind! then 3-2 down. Took it to a decider and pulled away. Hit 140 to leave 36. D18 in 1 to squeeze through 4-3 - Need to improve!

2nd round, again lost the bull. My opponent opened with 180,45,180 and easily won the 1st leg. I wasn't concerned as it was only a hold of throw and levelled up 1-1. We continued to hold throw, 3-3 and another deciding leg. Again, my scoring got me ahead, but then a rather bizarre twist to the game. So much so when i look back i can't recall what i required? I just know i made a right balls of it, and missed the big single number not once but twice! With my last dart when going for a 1 to leave 16 i bust my score. Here comes the punchline...Wanting 112, my opponent went for the bull with his first dart??? and hit a 20, then T20, D16 to win 4-3. I was gutted to go out this way but wished him well. We got talking after the match and i was amazed when he said he always goes that way with that kind of score left? 25 leaves 87 and bull leaves 62. He lost in the 1/4 final.

Next stop Wolverhampton on saturday (a proper darts field/turnout). Returning to the scene of the crime!
Report DartsnBooze February 23, 2014 11:54 AM GMT
Get ready for a quality seeth from Wolverhampton that will no doubt have you pissing yourselves.
Just requires a bit of fine tuning then i'll post it Devil
Report DartsnBooze February 23, 2014 1:01 PM GMT
Here goes...

Stitched up, robbed and mugged, all in one go - Thank you Wolverhampton.

Last year was a great darting moment for me as i qualified for the OK Open.
10 months on, it's turned out to be the worst, and for no fault of my own (or was it?) as i bombed out in glorious raging fashion. It would have made Painter's post match seething look pretty tame. I wonder if it was filmed!

My darts are going better than ever and i'm full of confidence as i get called to play.

I find myself on the end board with a makeshift oche, with a marker in a unicorn darts shirt, and playing a bloke who doesn't have a clue about tournament darts, while his mates are stood behind screaming like nutters! What could possibly go wrong!!!

The screaming i don't have a problem with as long as they shut it when i'm throwing. The problem was "the marker!" I've been in this position many times to know this could go horribly wrong, but on this occasion being a so called PDC Event i didn't know how to address it. Was the marker really that thick with numbers? Do i stop mid game and demand someone who can actually mark, or do i carry on?

Carry on is what i did. Winning the bull and starting 140 followed by 100 (the very same opening 6 darts i scored in my qualifying final last year. Happy days!) is pretty easy to subtract. My opponent however had other ideas, or should that be, no idea? He hit several low scores and the marker struggled to add and subtract them. Trying to help him and keep things ticking along i was telling him what was left on my score. My opponent did not, as the farce continued.

Waiting for the marker to finally get the scores right is one thing, but then toeing the oche, about to release my dart and he decides to change the score is unnaceptable. This happened so many times as i waited, and waited, and waited. As much as i tried to remain calm and focused the steam was already coming out of my ears.

When playing in tourney's such as this, you throw your darts and retrieve them and don't speak to the marker. Well, that's the idea! My concentration was long gone.

Well ahead in the opening leg, i knew i had to close it out and regain control of myself. After 12 missed darts at doubles from 32,16,8,4,2,1 route, he pegs it out in one. Oh bollocks! I'm now a break down and losing all composure. What a head ****! I need this marker replaced asap! The saga continues and it feels like a doubles match, such is the wait for each throw.

This may be ideal for slow players, but to me having to correct the marker every score is beyond belief. I'm now 2-0 down in a race to 4, but still in the match, or am i, as i'm now 3-0 down and 2  breaks down. I'm now in the ****! And i've gone into full focus mode, kept my head down and concentrated on my own throw and totally ignored the marking fiasco.

After 9 darts each i look at the scores and notice the marker has given my opponent an extra 100 points on his 2nd throw. (No one seemed to notice or inform the marker, not even my opponent?) I question the error and wanted it correcting. "Too late to change the score, it's the rules" shouts a voice behind. If i wasn't already at boiling point i was now. I stood my ground and continued to argue and berate the marker.

Rules hey?

There was no way i was putting up with this and i just stood there with no intention of throwing another dart any time soon. The marker and my opponent must have been rejects from dumb and dumber as neither said a word! Where's the seething gauge?!!! I moaned a bit more then threw my darts into the ground (a first for me) and went to the control desk going bananas. (I should have done this during the first leg, hindsight hey!)

Again i was told - PDC Rules...I wasn't accepting it, but i do wonder why they didn't disqualify me? I'm now being told my attitude is effecting players on other boards, but i'm so long past caring i really don't give a **** and have nothing left to lose.

Next thing i know, someone else from the control desk takes over the marking??? I'm totally livid and still not prepared to throw a dart. After all, the organiser's "mate" was the useless **** wit marking my game. Are they saying they didn't know he was a total ****g idiot?

I eventually stepped up to the oche and hit T20, followed by a piss poor 5 and piss poor 1. (I really thought it was going to be 180, and i'd turn the match around). This never transpired as the cheering mob celebrated with their man as he eventually closed the match out.

Although i'd been totally stitched up, i still wished my opponent all the best.
The exit door of the venue was staring me in the face, but i tend to stay and mark several matches and watch the final (transport permitting).

I looked for my jacket to put my darts away but it wasn't where i'd left it. I eventually found it and noticed my smart fone was missing along with loose change, but at least my keys were still there. I knew i'd left my fone there as i'd turned it off during the darts and keep my trouser pockets empty (apart from any note, thank ****!

I looked around the venue and asked at the bar but nothing had been handed in. Later on i asked if one of the staff could check the cctv. He had a word with the gaffer, who just happened to be running the darts tourney, the same bloke i'd ranted with at control desk! I was told to my astonishment i'd have to wait until after the final for someone to view cctv?

What a ****g disaster of a day! Just as well i'm not a violent man or i'd have been locked up!
9 months on you couldn't get 2 more contrasting highs and lows. Certainly couldn't make it up!
Still fuming and have loads more to say that i've yet to post on the matter.

Congratulations to Dean Stewart on winning the Wolverhampton Qualifier, and deservedly so. How can you knock a dart player who started the opening leg of the final 140, 180, 140.
Dean also qualified last year and got though the 2nd round winning £1k.

P.S. The organiser told me if i'm not happy i should write a letter of complaint? What a total ****!
Report DartsnBooze February 23, 2014 1:13 PM GMT
If you were there or heard about it from someone who was, then please feel free to comment.

A 3hrs round trip, not to mention the expense, and theft, then to be bombed out cos of a marker? I really wanted him to mark the final Angry
Report treble February 24, 2014 12:48 AM GMT
There must be grounds of appeal. That's atrocious. Markers who cant count? Not great for the PROFESSIONAL Darts Corporation.
Report onehundredandeighty February 24, 2014 6:47 AM GMT
Bloody Hell DNB thats shocking.
Hope they get the cctv sorted as well to nail the smug bas*ards
Report DartsnBooze February 24, 2014 9:37 PM GMT
As it was an amateur qualifier, there were no pdc markers. The criteria was supposed to be that you only mark if you are competent? If my opponent followed me and told the marker what was scored and left after each throw, though not ideal, the game would have ran smoothly.

As for appealing, there's more chance of Lord Lucan winning the Grand National on Shergar! :-D

It's gone now but the frustration and annoyance hasn't lol. As i look back it seems i was in a trance like state, (the stella effect) oblivious to what was going on around me or the players on the boards to my left. The mindset of putting everything into the game (me) compared to having a laugh with your mates and giving it a go (him) is huge! Roll on the next tournament, i'm flying and raring to go.

On a better note, my man Heydon qualified for Minehead though the pdc pro qualifiers.
Report DartsnBooze April 12, 2014 12:35 AM BST
Quick note - I've avoided posting on darts forums and instead channeled my time and energy into plenty of practice on the dartboard. Form's been better than pleasing of late. Last week's efforts - Final of local comp, including 153 checkout (T20, T19, D18), and followed it next leg with a 13 dart leg. Left 40 after 12 darts and nailed D20 1st dart to lead 2-1, before falling short to lose 3-2. Played alcohol free too !

Sunday - played in a rileys masters qualifier @ Coventry and lost in last 16 to pdc player Matt Padgett 4-2. Wired so many T20's in the match, and though my efforts were deserving of more than 60 points on many occasions i was **** a hoop not only with my performance but with my mental approach.
In the previous round i played a Polish lad. Having watched a couple of his legs in an earlier match i knew he could be hot & cold but wasn't concerned either way. I was tuned in to play my game and take any chances when they came. He flew out the blocks to win the opening leg in 15 darts! To be honest it. I levelled in 16, then 17, 17, to lead 3-1. Missed doubles to win the match before closing it out in 19 to win 4-2.
My man Heydon beat Scott Rand 5-1 in the semi, and blitzed the muffin man 6-0 in the final.

I sense my confidence is rising day by day. So much so i booked up for another stint in the capital @ rileys victoria on sunday. Anyone looking to avoid the madness of the Marathon come along and say hello. Have a beer and watch some darts!  Grin
Report DartsnBooze April 12, 2014 12:39 AM BST
^^^ To be honest "i loved" it. Helps when all the words are added first time around.
Report onehundredandeighty April 12, 2014 7:31 AM BST
Im in the smoke on Sunday for the Hull City match at Wembley DNB.If i get chance i might pop in but will have to check times etc first.Good luck all the same
Report nobbybarnesranoverthewrongtrip April 12, 2014 11:10 AM BST
Good luck for Sunday dnb.
Report DartsnBooze April 12, 2014 5:48 PM BST
Cheers Nobby.
Maximum man - I'd be amazed if you turned up when you really should be dancing in the fountains @ trafalgar square. Hope you have a great day in the Capital. Beware of those pesky street runners!

Nice post after time...5x50p e/w selections - landed a winner!
Dolan @ 66/1 corals 50p e/w beats Michael Smith 6-0 in final.
£50 return Grin

Tomorrow's darts comp - reg by 1pm. Starts 1:30pm.
Any Arsenal fans on here...Very poor so far - 39 mins played
Report DartsnBooze April 14, 2014 2:59 PM BST
DNB Qualifies for the Rileys Masters Finals!

Not as good a ring to it as qualifying for the UK Open Grin
A 7 hrs round trip by coach with 4 hrs of darts sandwiched in between.
I carried on my recent good run of form in comps with a strong run to the semi final thus securing my place in the National finals @ Wolverhampton next month.
I bowed out to the winner - another pdc player.
Excuses are easy to find when losing but there was no shame in losing to a quality opponent.
My only gripe (not really a gripe) was not getting a 5 min break from a gruelling 1/4 final.
So straight into the semi final with fatigue kicking in i carried and gave my all. Fell short in the end with missed doubles at crucial times costing dearly.
Overall, i am delighted with the process i've made in the last few months.
Roll on the Finals where i hope to punch against my weight against an incredibly strong field of players Grin
Report tobermory April 20, 2014 12:40 AM BST
Just seen this .Great thread Happy
Report DartsnBooze April 21, 2014 12:10 AM BST
There's more Tobe: Grin

Another good run in today's money comp. This time at the fancy named Langley Hall.
A comfortable opening round 4-0 win followed by a testing 4-1 win with excellent stats set me up nicely to play PDC player Scott Rand in the 1/4 final.

Scott showed me what it's like to take on a proven star of our beloved game when we battled it out on the big stage. It was probably the best match i've played in over 7 legs, equally mentally & physically challenging against a quality opponent.

I lost the bull and the 1st leg, then levelling up in 15 darts. Scotty relentlessly battering the trebles, but i didn't buckle, as we traded blow for blow! I missed doubles to level up 2-2, and found myself a break and 3-1 down.

The reign of trebles continues and Scott has a dart to win the match but misses. I capitalise to break back in 17, then hold my throw in 18. 3-3, Decider! We both leave 106 after 12 darts and Scotty takes it out 20, T18, D16 to win 4-3.

Handshakes all round and plenty of praise from local stars & pdc players watching on. So what's my secret to playing with such intensity only having drank 2 beers, yet zero nerves, and tons of bottle? My transformation in these last 7 months from well highlighted issues to completely changing my stance and speed of throw just to play the game is truly staggering. I'm getting better with age. Big up the Left handers and roll on the next comp!

P.S. Scott beat Tony Randall in the final. (2nd week running i've got ko'd by the winner!)

P.P.S. This time last year I qualified for the UK Open. Must be something in the spring water Grin
Report nobbybarnesranoverthewrongtrip April 22, 2014 11:51 PM BST
Well done dnb! Chuffed for you mate.
Report DartsnBooze April 23, 2014 11:57 PM BST
Cheers Nobby! It's 1 year since I qualified for the UK Open.

In honour of the achievement I thought i'd give the "15 dart challenge" another go today.
Captured on film in all its grainy glory for you lucky people. Not a bad score either.

Finally uploaded to you tube. (A spotlight would help!) - Enjoy! Grin
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