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31 Dec 12 01:53
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Interesting series of tweets by an experienced Dutch reporter, who was there backstage ( I have added some translation.

Barney en Taylor staan ruzie te maken off stage. Geen camera's bij!!! #rtl7darts
-> Barney and Taylor are fighting off stage. No camera's present.

Ze schijnen elkaar de hand te hebben geschud. Zou om misverstand gaan! Maar beiden boos! Mogen ze zo uitleggen in interview! #rtl7darts
-> Apparantly they shook hands. Seemed to be a misunderstanding. But both still upset. They can explain it in the interviews.

Barney schijnt ergens in de catacomben te zitten, vol emotie en ZOU, zegt men, geen interview willen doen. Geloof ik niet! #rtl7darts
->Barney seems to be sitting in the catacombs somewhere, full of emotion and it is said he doesn't want to do an interview. I don't believe that.

Net Phil gesproken. "Zware wedstrijd was het. Barney kwam goed terug en ik was echt bang dat ik zou verliezen. Over na afloop: #rtl7dartsPhil: Ik was echt gesloopt lichamelijk en het kwam er even uit. Er is niets ergs gebeurd. Na 3x vragen.. Kappen nou! Echt kappen #rtl7darts
->Just spoke to Phil. ''Was a tough match. Barney did well to come back and I was really afraid I was going to lose.'' About the aftermath: ''I was really worn out and it came out for a moment. Nothing serious happend. After asking three times:..Shut up! Really shut up.''

Raymond v Barneveld is weggevoerd. Waarheen is totaal onduidelijk! Hoop hem nog te spreken maar of het gaat lukken. ?? #rtl7darts
Barney has been moved away. Where to is not clear. Hoping to speak to him but don't know if it will happen.

Phil schijnt zo zeer verbolgen te zijn over opmerking Raym "dat ie niet meer bang is voor Phil" dat ie hem wegduwde. #rtl7darts
->Taylor seems to be so angry about Barney's comments about not fearing Taylor anymore he pushed him away.

Phil vond dat niet van respect getuigen en reageerde geirriteerd. Back stage zijn er harde woorden gevallen en daarna is Raymond #rtl7darts
.. weggevoerd om erger te voorkomen. Silvia van B is er nog. "we zijn helemaal klaar met die mafkees. Dit komt niet meer goed!

->Taylor found that very disrespecful and reacted irritated. Some hard words fell backstage and after that Van Barneveld got moved away to prevent worse. Sylvia is still there: 'we're completely done with that freak. This will never come good again.'

Phil loopt net lachend voorbij, geeft een tikje onder mijn kin en zegt: "The old man is still here" en loopt lachend door. #rtl7darts
->Taylor just walks past smiling, taps me on the chin and says: 'The old man is still here' and smiles along.

Blijkbaar was er in de zaal al sprake van vijandigheid tussen beide kampen. Vandaar dat Raymond na 5-3 met tranen in ogen stond. #rtl7darts
->Apparantly there was something going on between both camps during the game. That's why Barney was in tears at 5-3.

Blijkbaar iets voorgevallen tussen vriendin Phil (zou gespuugd hebben) en kinderen Raymond. Wordt niet totaal duidelijk! Morgen? #rtl7darts
->Seems something has happened between Taylor's girlfriend (would have spit) and Barney's children. Not totally clear for now. Tomorrow?

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When: 31 Dec 12 02:27
Some new tweets:

Begrijp nu dat er NIET gespuugd is door vriendin Phil. Oorzaak van alle ellende zou zitten in het feit dat Phil de opmerking .. #rtl7darts
... van Raymond over dat ie niet meer bang is voor Phil 'niet respectvol' zou vinden. Gaat nergens over, reactie Phil ook niet! #rtl7darts

No spitting it seems. Cause of all the fuss seems to be Phil feeling very disrespected by Barney's comments about not fearing him anymore. Really non issue, Phils really overreacting

Raymond is helemaal kapot van het verlies én het incident. Hij heeft ook niets verkeerd gedaan. Reactie is niet mogelijk. #rtl7darts
Barney is totally devastated by the loss AND the incident. He hasn't done anything wrong. Barney not able to talk about it.
When: 31 Dec 12 02:37
thanks for the translations Happy

Sylvia is still there: 'we're completely done with that freak. This will never come good again.'

When: 31 Dec 12 03:04
Sad. Particularly when Barney's children were there.
When: 31 Dec 12 03:20
Shame on Taylor for taking the sky-hype bait. No class.
When: 31 Dec 12 04:11
maybe. because at like 5-1 when barney took out a good leg after taylor missed 2 shots for the set taylor smiled and was clapping him. but as barney started to come back and make a game of it, it appears taylor was in no laughing mood.

the end spoiled the game for me. was looking forward to hearing both men speak in the same interview but was shocked to see that happen.

not the first time ive noticed a bad side to taylor. love watching him when hes playing near his best,but i wouldnt be at all upset if mvg thumps him. barney is no angel either to be fair.

mvg from what ive seen seems like a nice chap. the 9 darter and next leg were incredible. would be delighted for him to win it after knocking the champion out. i fear the occasion may get to him tho. showed signs of weakness against lewis and wade. u cant get away with those things against taylor, although hes not as his best is he. shud be a great game look forward to it
When: 31 Dec 12 09:08
May explain why Silvia was stood up for most of the game, must have moved away, I also noted the camera never went on the respective camps during the first 5 sets don't know whether that meant anything
When: 31 Dec 12 09:17
Why was their no Ad breaks for last hour and half ?

Hey you don't fear me , how dare you... WTF
When: 31 Dec 12 09:30
Sylvia was still applauding Taylor's darts late on in the match, so, just like her husband, she didn't seem to have a problem with Taylor.

Whilst we don't know exactly what went on/was said at the end of the match, we do know what was said beforehand and we saw Taylor's reaction immediately prior to the handshake.  Nothing wrong with a player celebrating victory, but then Taylor walked towards Barney and was beating his chest as though he was taunting Barney.

As for what was said prior to the match, I don't get Taylor's problem with Barney saying he didn't fear him.  Barney didn't cast doubt upon Taylor's abilities or what he's achieved, he simply said he wasn't scared of him.  Regardless of whether that was true or not, I wouldn't expect any competitor to say they feared an opponent, respect them yes, know I'll have to play my best yes, fear them no.

Yet Taylor's reaction to what Barney said was aggressive and inappropriate.  Comments about Barney saying he wanted to die in his sleep etc., that's private stuff, I'm sure everyone has said daft things when they're in a bad way, but if someone we know told us that we'd keep it relatively private.

Taylor is lucky not to have been thumped by one of the many players he's had altercations with over the years.  Manley, Mason, Painter etc., etc., now of course Taylor hasn't always been the guilty party but there's no smoke without fire, whereas you look at the likes of Lowe, Priestley and Barney and recognise how well liked they always have been by their fellow professionals.

For me, Barney was extremely respectful towards Taylor at the end of the game last night but Taylor's pathetic ego-fuelled character was evident for the world to see.  Of course he wouldn't do (because Taylor would have walked out) but I wish SKY would have asked Taylor how he thought the watching public would perceive his behaviour.

Unfortunately Van Gerwin has got the final to concentrate on but I'd love it if in all his pre-match interviews he sarcastically said how he was terrified of Taylor etc.

As for Barney, the man is too nice a guy to do so, but if I was him I'd never shake Taylor's hand again.
When: 31 Dec 12 11:14
If Taylor had pushed Sylvia Van B reckon she of decked him,thats a proper heavyweight clash.
Cosmo Kramer
When: 31 Dec 12 11:23
Taylor just been on Sky Sports News, said he was ashamed of himself and he acted disgracefully at the end of the match. Obviously been told to say something in the hope to keep the crowd off his back for the final. He didn't look great and said he feels like he has pneumonia.
When: 31 Dec 12 11:23
taylor acts like a 5yr old kid.Sad
When: 31 Dec 12 11:55
Very disappointing from Phil. He should certainly know better than buying into the Sky pre-match hype nonsense. I don't think it would have happened though if he had hit the double top at 5-1 and MP up.

Interestingly, no-one has seen fit to comment to date on Wade's sullen failure to acknowledge MVG's 9 darter, the near 9 darter, and his peremptory ungracious pretendy handshake at the end was rotten form.
Cosmo Kramer
When: 31 Dec 12 12:03
Just seen the Wade game Alun and his post match handshake was pathetic. Not too bothered about after 9 darter being hit, he wanted to keep his mind on the game and I understand that but the handshake at the end (limp, no eye contact) was bad form. He would blame his 'demons' no doubt if he was asked about it.

Just caught the end of the Taylor match and they didn't show the 'altercation'.

Now saying he is thinking of walking away from darts, why tell us? Either do it or don't! Another O'Sullivan, hoping for everybody to beg him not to, pathetic attention seeking. I need to find a green shirt for tomorrow night, will a St. Etienne shirt do?
When: 31 Dec 12 12:05
When: 31 Dec 12 12:17
Just seen the Taylor interview. he looks embarrassed and I'm not surprised. Clearly not well either.

Hardly the way to prepare for one last hurrah against the incoming new force in the sport. I can only see one winner here, and let's hope it's not a bloodbath.

"Barney's a big lad and he hurt my arm' evidently was the cause of the overreaction according to Phil.
When: 31 Dec 12 12:21
" Comments about Barney saying he wanted to die in his sleep etc., that's private stuff, I'm sure everyone has said daft things when they're in a bad way, but if someone we know told us that we'd keep it relatively private."

>>>You're a scumbag if you don't keep that to yourself after being told in confidence,anyone with any class knows instinctively that when you're told something like that, you know to keep it private.

Taylor went on TV and blurted it out, because he's a ****.
When: 31 Dec 12 13:44
is taylor interview online anywhere?
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