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26 Feb 17 13:27
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1st round Haye to KO Bellew best bet for a long time??
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Report Des Pond February 28, 2017 6:26 PM GMT
Maybe, maybe not. Haye in his prime was capable of knocking almost anybody out, but who knows what kind of shape he is in these days. There was a lot of money on Haye stopping his last opponent in the 1st Rd, but his opponent, a much less capable fighter than Bellew, managed to survive into the second. Bellew has been down a few times in his career, but has usually manged to recover, and come back to make a fight of it. He may not have faced anyone with as big a punch as Haye very often, if at all, but he is tough enough and determined enough to to make it through the 1st round at least. Haye could certainly KO Bellew in one round if he catches him cleanly. however, knocking out an experienced opponent in one round is far more difficult than many fans think. Maybe grouped betting (e.g. rounds 1-3) would be a much safer bet. I personally wouldn't like to say which of the 1st 3 or 4 rounds it is likely to end in, though I do expect Haye to win by stoppage.
Report Senyatta March 1, 2017 12:27 AM GMT
think he is 17/2 first round. it could be a good price...might back him rounds 1-3 at 9/4 with the potential winnings on round 1. if it goes longer maybe bellew was right. for me, i can't see anything but a haye ko when he decides to end it. but i never fancied fury klit to go the distance either and had fury backed by ko. how wrong i was
Report dr . atkins March 2, 2017 7:29 PM GMT
not for me bellew will try and hang on and run in the early rounds
Report scandanavian_haven March 4, 2017 3:42 PM GMT
Two blown up cruiserweights earning millions off of the back of pretending to be heavyweights, they both like each other really, the hype is deliberate behind the scenes in both camps, as it always is, it's a bit like click bait, sites with misleading headlines and pics earn more from advertisers with every visit to their page, all boxers strive to be a pay per view fighter, the more subscribers the more chance of being in a ppv fight in the future, David Haye takes things to far, genuinely think he has a screw loose that can't be fixed with some of the things he's said, also think Bellew knows full well he will lose, but is looking forward to the biggest pay day of his career, biggest he'll ever get.

That said, think he'll Haye will win in R4.
Report ThommosBucket March 4, 2017 3:49 PM GMT
A lot of what you say is spot on SH - but "they both like each other really" is categorically untrue.
Report scandanavian_haven March 4, 2017 4:04 PM GMT
You'll see at the end of the fight, they'll embrace, smile, and compliment each other afterwards. Bellew will grin all the way to the bank and Haye will start calling out Joshua.
Report ThommosBucket March 4, 2017 4:14 PM GMT
They may well do - that does not mean they like each other. I can assure you Bellew cannot stand Haye - and all he stands for with the celebrity hangers on, Z list lifestyle etc.
Report Des Pond March 4, 2017 4:53 PM GMT
I think that the needle has a bit more edge to it, than the usual, but that's about it! No harm in cranking it up for all it's worth, to try to sell tickets, I just find it all a bit repetitive, tbh. It's interesting that nobody in the media, or around boxing can actually pinpoint where the "bad blood" started or what it was originally supposed to be about. I think they have just picked up on the vibe and ran with it, because they could see it was good for sales. We've seen it all before countless times, and we'll see it again!
Report scandanavian_haven March 5, 2017 12:06 AM GMT
as I was saying earlier, the amount of love and affection they were showing at the end proved all the fake hate pre match was just that, it's entertaining but take it for what it is. Couldn't watch in the end the love-in was that deep.
Report Over2.5 March 5, 2017 1:24 PM GMT
some great bixing knowledge on here LaughLaughLaughLaugh nobody on this forum has a notionLaughLaugh
Report March 7, 2017 2:15 PM GMT
tyson fury is back
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