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Posted by: Betting.Betfair on Apr 12, 2012 at 03:12:57 PM
[b]Ross Brawn is weaving his magic again with Mercedes new 'F-Duct' offering blistering speed - but can that advantage be turned into points this weekend?[/b] When it comes to cracking ideas, the only inventors who can claim to be better than Ross Brawn are Wallace and Gromit. It's now three years since Brawn took the Formula One world by storm when his 'blown diffuser' catapulted Jenson Button to the world title. Now he's back with another gizmo - the 'F duct' - and he's got the rest of the grid using the 'F' word about it. Just like with the diffuser, the default response of other teams to seeing an innovative bit of technology isn't to design their own version, but to call for the lawyers and have it declared illegal. The FIA's technical head Charlie Whiting has already ...