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An all-British Heavyweight title fight is always going to generate buzz and David Haye's showdown with Audley Harrison is beginning to do just that. Last time out we saw Frank Bruno take on Lennox Lewis for his third attempt to win the crown. Bruno was up on one card (59-55) and tied on the other two cards (57-57) before Lewis stepped up to finish the contest in the 7th.

They were two very evenly matched pugilists and that was a true pick 'em fight. This Haye v Harrison is not the same. WBA Champion Haye is by far the better fighter and Harrison has done nothing in his career to deserve a title shot.

For the past year Haye has running his trap, calling out the Klitschko brothers at every opportunity. When Wlad stepped up and offered him a fight on 50-50 terms with no clauses it seemed as though it was all set. Instead Haye ducked and mouthed off some more saying that the terms were unacceptable.

So we are left with a fight the boxing world in general doesn't care about. Audley Harrison has been one of the most disappointing sportsman of the past decade. After he won gold at the Sydney Olympics the future looked bright. However he turned down the overtures of the top British managers and went alone. In retrospect, it was a disastrous decision. He hasn't been loved - or even respected - by the British public since.

Harrison is 38 now and will be 39 by the time the fight comes around. He has four defeats on his resume, Danny Williams, Dominick Guinn, Michael Sprott and Martin Rogan. None of them can be called world-class. Why does anyone think that he can beat a legit Heavyweight title holder in Haye?

The answer is simple - one thing we do know about the Hayemaker is that his chin is a massive weak spot. He went down against Jean-Marc Mormeck and even against Monte Barrett he was wobbled a couple of times. The one thing we know about Audley Harrison is that his left-hand has real power and if lands one plush on Haye's chin the Bermondsey-born brawler will be in trouble.

All common sense and logic points towards a short fight. Harrison can't go deep with a fighter of Haye's calibre. Throw the points decision out of your betting thoughts as neither are going to happen. Haye should win by knock-out by the mid-rounds at the latest but the odds for that are insanely short.

If Audley can hit the champion with straight left then he has a chance. A puncher's chance. The markets have the challenger at 6.8 and that is where the value is. Haye should always be favourite to win this fight but should he be as short as 1.16 against Audley's left hand?

Early Betting Tip: Back Audley Harrison for the upset at 6.8 or longer.

By Neil Monnery

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