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value bet
07 Nov 19 00:02
Date Joined: 12 Feb 03
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FREE SMS mounting yard fitness today, Oaks day and Saturday.

INVESTOR PLACE BET TRADES ARE WINNING on super fit horses, 1-2-3 chances to win.

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Report value bet November 7, 2019 12:08 AM GMT
FREE SMS FITNESS Oaks today and last free day is Saturday, join now.

Most of our fitness free sms tips ran 1-2-3 yesterday but I only had time for 1
Investor Place Bet Trade coming in at easy 40% Profit.

We should of got at least simple 300% profit if I had more time.

This is because mounting yard coverage is only seconds on each horse.

To solve this problem I will go LIVE ON-COURSE rating fitness around the stables with 1-2 hours before they race, an inside edge in fitness SMS
for no rush betting plus greater profits in added Investor Place Bet Trading.

Cup Day, live 1,000's% profits.

All good and stay tuned.

Report value bet November 7, 2019 12:21 AM GMT

•    "He's posted more selections that have won in 30 minutes that most tip in 3 months. He knows his stuff....."

•    "Thanks Santa, looks like you stuffed up right - we ordered a forum Gym and you gave us a forum Jim - I think this one will be more useful"

•    "This bloke is sheer gold, I can sleep in now, and give up going to the track at 5.00 am.......Thank God..IMO."

•    "This guy is a beast lol"

•    "I know who value bet is......He's the bad dude from Back to the Future who travels back in time with a racing almanac and makes a fortune coz he already knows the winners. He has already made his fortune and is now sharing the can only be so.....fkucing brilliant"

•    "Value Bet is either 1 of the luckiest punters, or 1 of the best enclosure watchers around, I'm tipping it's the latter, very well done"

•    "Speaking of groups 1s, Value Bet appears to be G1 class at assessing them in the enclosure, well done"

•    "Hey VB do you reckon your Mum can let you come out and play again tomorrow...huh huh PLEASE lol"

•    "My psychiatrist advised me I should no longer believe in messiahs as it is detrimental to my mental health however she also tells me not to stop taking my meds but I feel good now so I've stopped. I believe that VB is the new messiah and I'll put my faith in you the next fav you reckon is not fit. I'm going all-in with a lay"

•    "WD Judge...fcuk me this is the best value thread in a long time lol"

•    "Just logged onto this thread. I think we have a new messiah."

•    "VB you’re a phenomenon!!!!!!! Move over all pretenders."

•    "Vb you can be a regular poster any day in my book.....
Report value bet November 7, 2019 12:52 AM GMT
LIVE On-Course stable fitness inside edge ratings; 30 minutes – 2 hours before they race, now allows World Wide Punters time to receive our SMS Tips.
Report value bet November 9, 2019 2:24 PM GMT
Good morning punters,

The last day of our free fitness SMS and was the hardest, but members had a huge spring carnival.

Some big overs today in low costs exotics resulted in thousands of % in profits for those players.

Then winners on top and best was $6.40 / $2.20 an Investors Place Trade winning (7) in Doomben

Investors Place Trade I believe will be the ants pants for global investors, beginner punters and seasoned punters,
and you 1-2-3 chances to win!

My goal is 200% profit per week fit place bets: 10,000% no tax profit.


•    2 weeks in: -  430% Profit Place Trading on a very low 71% strike rate.
•    I crunched some numbers and looks like 56% strike rate to break even is close.
•    We were super unlucky 3-4 bets; but always going to get some hard luck.
•    Also I wasn’t “quiet into it this new place trading” and  6 winning bets went begging as I did not call.
•    This would of made our profit place around the 700% in just 2 weeks.

The low point:

Flemington Race 5: Nature Strip was fittest on 99% rating but what do you do?
Sometimes he spits the dummy after 900 metres, other times, he keeps going. Today he kept running.

I went with SANTA ANA LANE on just 98% as called in my SMS, because he had a low blood count and sure enough; the last
200 he had no oxygen in his red corpuscles to let him finish of full off running and I knew this!

So dumb: a mixed up race and should of passed.

There were half a dozen races SMS quoted: no fitness edge, really hard, even lot and members have to either pass on these races or ¼ their bet.

All is very exciting and Investors Place Trading can only get bigger and better.

New rates start next week and I will contact you.


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