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Posted by: Alex69 on Jun 25, 2021 at 11:04:27 AM
[b]I WORK FOR A[/b] Top Secret government department. No-one knows about it except the Prime Minister, her closest confidantes (generally the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary), the King and the department’s operatives, such as my good self. Everyone in it has a pseudonym. These change so often it’s hard to keep up. If a bad bastard knows me, or has even heard of me, it’ll be by an old pseudonym or simply by legend as the organisation for which I work is more secret than MI5, 6 and 7 put together. Even they don’t know much about it. MI1-4 know nothing about it at all. I’ve been working for MI8 (not the department’s real name of course – disclosing that could put the country at risk) for quite some time now. It could be ten years, but it could equally...