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Knowledge and inside information is power
IN THE WORDS of my two eccentric uncles The Pet Shop Boys: “It’s a… it’s a… it’s a… sin.”

No it’s not. It’s a bit of harmless fun. Gambling that is.

We’re not all as rich as we’d like and we haven’t got a bottomless pit of cash. Spending money on gambling, however, is often seen as a massive sin. Next time someone harps on about what a ‘waste of money’ gambling is and how you’d be much better saving it or spending it ‘more wisely’, show them this. All prices are accurate-ish circa July 2017.

What can £100 buy you nowadays?

30 pints of beer - the equivalent of at least four hangovers and an increase in waist size, baggy eyes and a red nose
14 packets of cigarettes - not that good for you the last time my butler ‘Daft’ Frankie Johnson looked – especially in the lung region
10 CDs – how many of these are you still going to be listening to in three months’ time?
2.5 tickets to a Premiership football match (unless you live in London)
1.5 meals out – didn’t much care for the starter/the house wine was a bit too dry/that waitress was well miserable
1 posh jumper/jacket - like, how often are you really going to wear it?


50 £2 bets perhaps, where you could easily double, triple or quadruple your cash and spend the winnings whichever way you like?
20 £5 bets, see above
10 £10 bets, see above
Etc etc etc

Do you like the sound of making some more cash, followers? I’ll post some more tasty tips – and a few words on protecting your investments too, very soon.

Until then, good luck & happy punting!

Remember: It’s no good having balls bigger than King Kong if your next meal’s a bottle of meths   

Bye for now.

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