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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good evening and welcome to my blog.   

People have often asked me why I don’t put prices on the tips I provide. The simple answer, my followers, is that you can’t put a price on love, for I blinking LOVE punting. It’s up there on the Official List Of Life’s Greatest Joys alongside fast cars, the best cocktail bars and sliced bread, freshly baked by my head baker ‘Crazy’ Joyce Illingworth.

Furthermore, as I may have mentioned once before, one man’s value is another man’s rip-off and what might seem an outrageously generous price to me might seem parsimonious to the next (ill-informed) man.

The road to being a high-roller has been a tough one, rather like trying to deny you’ve got stigmata when the palms of your hands keep bleeding.   

Despite coming from a highly-privileged background I have had to spend time on the streets, with working-class people. In fact I’m a very accomplished street footballer and regularly outplayed the scruffs I had the misfortune to face. I enjoyed my time as a street footballer immensely, but I just got sick and tired of my team-mates dribbling into cul-de-sacs.

I digress. I don’t have any immediate tips for you as my spreadsheets have had to undergo a major virus check in the wake of some jealous idiots in cyberspace trying to hack into my much-feted statistical database. Don’t worry though, followers, I represented England under-15s at Tron and I soon gave them a good virtual whipping.

Tonight’s Medium-term tip

BACK: A 147 break to be made at the 2011 Snooker World Championships

With the standard of snooker universally accepted to be at its highest ever level, a dozen of the competitors at The Crucible are more than capable of scoring maximum breaks. With 31 matches to be played over the course of two weeks from April 16, at least one player will make the perfect visit to the table and justifiably take their place in snooker’s hall of fame.

Good luck and happy punting!

Remember, betting success can only be gained by resolution and determination.
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