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value bet
12 Feb 18 06:46
Date Joined: 12 Feb 03
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Hi Members.

We are LIVE TOMORROW WITH ONLY 5 Fittest horses on the top line.

Our last stats with Pick 4’s in and 7 selections of fittest horses.

•    Exotics tipped in 29 weeks:        $1,347,770.00
•    Lays a win 460 / 458                    99.57% strike rate:  Profits 63,200%
•    Lays a place  460 / 434               93.91% strike rate:  Profits 34,600%
•    Last 125 hours live:                     $295,586   $2,364 per hour every hour profit for 125 Hours.
•    ROI                                               8,530%
•    Top line fittest 5 horses strike rate:  86% strike rate win.

Will now go to top line of 5 fittest horses only.


Hi Members.

As we move forward after our 7 month winning starter pack, our stats information tells me:

·       I will do top 5 fittest horses only where we have an excellent 87% wins strike rate.
·       I have never kept stats on duets before, but would be the hundreds of % profits, unknown to me.
·       Will drop my stats on pick 4’s, even though plenty came in on my 1-2-3-4-5 fittest ratings,
        but everybody knows they have to put in extra runners. Let’s look at it as a bonus win.

·       Stats now on Winners, Quinella, Exacta, Duets (Forecast called in Asia) and Trifectas.

·       Plus our 99.56% win strike rate on unfit lays 460/458, last 348 straight, undefeated

       and a bit less on the place lays,

That is enough.

Duets (Forecasts) have a $5m pool EVERY RACE by Honk Kong punters and nearly $20m in the TAB,

that is where we are heading, because I get 15 minutes to rate the horses in the parade yard,

[The same in USA] compared to 1-3 minutes or none in fact with more and more

broadcasts showing nearly all horses on the way to the barriers.

I think corporates could be taking over Australia media also.

Our  Triple888 Asian Punters Club (All welcome) coming soon.

Our 6th and 7th horses did find the $33 - $100 pick 4 horses that made many massive dividends

and we were heading towards our first $1.5 million in exotics, but had over-all low strike

rates for the extra costs.

If you like to go wider, check your form guides.

I have done over 3,500 races now and time to try harder and members to win bigger by betting less.

This can take up to 70% or more out of your costs.


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