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02 May 17 18:29
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After almost a month of World Championship action from Ponds Forge and The Crucible it's all over - and we can all get our brains back in gear. Anyway, the opening show is up for 2018 and the best prices are as follows:

M.Selby 4/1, J.Trump 6/1, R.O'Sullivan 7/1, D.Junhui 11/1, J.Higgins 14/1, N.Robertson 14/1, B.Hawkins 20/1, S.Murphy 25/1, M.Fu 33/1, S.Bingham 33/1, M.Allen 40/1, K.Wilson 50/1, S.Maguire 66/1, A.Carter 80/1, L.Wenbo 80/1, A.McGill 100/1, M.Williams 100/1, R.Walden 125/1, Y.Bingtao 150/1, J.Perry 150/1, L.Brecel 150/1, D.Gilbert 175/1 - 200/1 Bar.

It's worth keeping an eye on how the prices change over the next 12 months, and for those of us cold turkeying it's just 354 days before we go again at The Crucible!
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Report thegiggilo May 2, 2017 6:55 PM BST
Obviously ding is huge if he continues in same form as the semi,if he comes out next season playing like that then obviously the bet surprised he's that big a price looks the natural bet to me.If he plays like he did early season those prices will crash..
Report Blackrock May 2, 2017 6:58 PM BST
Can't be backing Trump/Ronnie - not much between the ears. Higgins will struggle to repeat his triumphs of this season. Hawkins - don't make me laugh.

Leaves the Champ, Ding if he maintains his new found toughness, and as an outsider Kyren, who will have to improve bigtime, but is capable of that.
Report gobelins May 2, 2017 7:17 PM BST
The problem about making predictions now is that you are instinctively drawn to players who did well this time around. No-one is going to think 4/1 M.Selby or 11/1 Ding are poor prices, while very few are likely to back N.Robertson, for example, right now given his poor showing and amateurish preparation. But, it could, and almost certainly will, be very different in 354 days time.
Report thegiggilo May 2, 2017 7:25 PM BST
Would never back mark Selby at 4/1 or any other player,zilch value on the buckets double figures upwards for me..
Report STELLAR MANIPULATOR May 2, 2017 8:02 PM BST
The 2018 is sold out already -has this happened before at this stage ?
Report Blackrock May 2, 2017 8:08 PM BST
Snooker is such a great sport to bet on as you know that only 4/5 players can actually win it.

If you take out Robertson [on top form is an outstanding player] and Kyren Wilson whom i rate highly, who at odds of 14/1 or bigger can actually win it? None is the answer.

Yeah Hawkins might play well or Mark Allen also, but winning it - not a prayer.
Report wondersobright May 2, 2017 8:24 PM BST
long time to wait and I cant get on with either firm anyway but selby @ 4s is as big as you could possibly get him, ding @ 11s seriously what are they watching and kyren 66s that is an insulting price
Report wondersobright May 2, 2017 8:29 PM BST

May 2, 2017 -- 12:58PM, Blackrock wrote:

Can't be backing Trump/Ronnie - not much between the ears. Higgins will struggle to repeat his triumphs of this season. Hawkins - don't make me laugh.Leaves the Champ, Ding if he maintains his new found toughness, and as an outsider Kyren, who will have to improve bigtime, but is capable of that.

could not agree with you more there fella

Report thegiggilo May 2, 2017 9:59 PM BST
O'sullivan great for trading though,always gets overbet...
Report FatherMaguire May 7, 2017 8:15 AM BST
I usually book tickets a day or two after after they go on sale and have always previously got good tickets - this time I reckon all spares were hoovered up by touts - will be v annoyed if I miss out next yr
Report gobelins December 18, 2017 8:15 PM GMT
After 4 months of the season and following the completion of the first 'triple crown' event the updated prices for Sheffield are:

M.Selby 7/2 (was 4/1 after the 2017 World Championship)
R.O'Sullivan 9/2 (7/1)
J.Trump 6/1 (6/1)
D.Junhui 12/1 (11/1)
J.Higgins 14/1 (14/1)
N.Robertson 14/1 (14/1)
S.Murphy 25/1 (25/1)
B.Hawkins 28/1 (20/1)
M.Fu 33/1 (33/1)
S.Bingham 40/1 (33/1)
M.Allen 40/1 (40/1)
K.Wilson 40/1 (50/1)
L.Brecel 40/1 (150/1)
Y.Bingtao 40/1 (150/1)
S.Maguire 80/1 (66/1)
A.Carter 80/1 (80/1)
L.Wenbo 80/1 (80/1)
A.McGill 100/1 (100/1)
M.Williams 80/1 (100/1)
R.Walden 125/1 (125/1)
J.Perry 150/1 (150/1)

175/1 Bar.

R.O'Sullivan is significantly shorter now, and is up to 2nd in the world rankings. He could shorten further if he wins The Masters next month, whereas M.Selby is unlikely to shorten before the World Championship seedings and draw are known in April. The same applies to J.Trump who looks plenty short enough at 6/1 right now.
Report gobelins January 22, 2018 9:13 PM GMT
So, after the completion of the second 'triple crown' event we have a new favourite for the big one - and he's adamant he's not playing!! The updated prices for Sheffield are:

R.O'Sullivan 7/2 (7/1 after the 2017 World Championship, and 9/2 after the UK).
M. Selby 4/1 (4/1 and 7/2)
J.Trump 6/1 (6/1 and 6/1)
D.Junhui 14/1 (11/1 and 12/1)
J.Higgins 14/1 (14/1 and 14/1)
N.Robertson 14/1 (14/1 and 14/1)
M.Allen 22/1 (40/1 and 40/1)
S.Murphy 25/1 (25/1 and 25/1)
B.Hawkins 28/1 (20/1 and 28/1)
M.Fu 33/1 (33/1 and 33/1)
K.Wilson 33/1 (50/1 and 40/1)
Y.Bingtao 33/1 (150/1 and 40/1)
S.Bingham 40/1 (33/1 and 40/1)
L.Brecel 40/1 (150/1 and 40/1)
M.Williams 50/1 (100/1 and 80/1)
S.Maguire 80/1 (66/1 and 80/1)
A.Carter 80/1 (80/1 and 80/1)
L.Wenbo 80/1 (80/1 and 80/1)
A.McGill 100/1 (100/1 and 100/1)
R.Walden 150/1 (125/1 and 125/1)
J.Perry 150/1 (150/1 and 150/1)

200/1 Bar.

Obviously, M.Allen's odds have been slashed, and although I had a few quid on him at Sheffield last year, I've got to question whether he really should be shorter in the betting than S.Murphy and B.Hawkins. There's still 3 months before they come under starter's orders at The Crucible so there is still plenty of time for the out-of-form players like Hawkins, Ding, and dare I say it M.Selby to find some form.
Report thegiggilo January 28, 2018 1:55 PM GMT
A truly awful sport for betting in,i said at beginning of thread o'sullivan would be decent trade and even now can see him going a lot shorter with Selby out of touch this season,Ding looks the obvious bet  he's played well last two seasons beaten by Selby twice in last 2 years in very close matches.He likes longer matches and doesn't seem to chuck it in here like other tournaments if he gets behind and the crowd get behind him,over best of 25s will still take some beating..
Report jed.davison January 28, 2018 4:45 PM GMT
I'd rather back Wenbo at 80/1 than Ding at the prices - very close between them last year. Still think Wenbo has the game and balls to win a Worlds.
Report thegiggilo January 28, 2018 11:48 PM GMT
Because he has such an attacking game,he almost plays himself out in matches and can't repeat it match after match suppose a lot depends on draw and getting some easier matches if you are playing really open..
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