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stewarty b
12 Jan 18 00:48
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Sure we can get rid of plastic but what about what really matters....people waiting on trolleys in A&E and ambulances in some cases. Any government will struggle with the NHS but plastic? She is having a laugh. The major problem is, who can replace her?
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Pause Switch to Standard View May has to go imo..
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Report Shab January 12, 2018 2:41 PM GMT
I think you are directing your anger at the wrong person.

Yes, the Government are ultimately responsible, but consider this: some hospital trusts are managing, and some are not.

Most bosses at NHS trusts earn about £250k+. Some do the job spectacularly well, others quite obviously cannot.
Report Meadow X1 January 12, 2018 3:20 PM GMT
She was promoted to Conservative leader effectively by default as the best of a (very) bad bunch. Nothing much has changed. There is simply no-one  of any clearly obvious talent and support available to replace her. If there was she would have been forced to step down by now.
Report salmon spray January 12, 2018 6:37 PM GMT
Jacob lives !
Report treetop January 12, 2018 7:51 PM GMT
Shab gets this right,why on earth aren't the media looking at the imbalance between paying big money for NHS managers (we need to get top candidates????) and the level of ineptitude they show. Hunt said on the Marr show 3 months ago that the NHS Trusts had submitted the bill for resources needed and they had agreed it but that was already out of date within a month.The managers and quangocrats are constantly passing the buck onto politicians as a form of blackmail.
Report stewarty b January 12, 2018 8:28 PM GMT
I think you are directing your anger at the wrong person.

No I'm not Shab although I agree with most of your post. I should have been more specific. May and Hunt apologised for the debacle. Fair enough but my main point is that she chose to mention plastic versus persons to try and avoid the flak re:the NHS. Cynical doesn't even begin to describe it imo.

As you say....Most bosses at NHS trusts earn about £250k+.. Bureaucracy at it's worst.
Report treetop January 14, 2018 8:17 PM GMT
Correction....they don't EARN £250k plus, they COLLECT £250k plus ! I have met a couple and I wouldn't employ them to empty p***pots.
Report lfc1971 January 14, 2018 8:42 PM GMT
they seem to be building hospitals with single wards now instead of rows of beds in a ward
ok a hospital will need some single wards but now it seems they can have an entire floor with only a few single bed wards
Report treetop January 14, 2018 10:18 PM GMT
Every complaint results in a corresponding increase of costs to placate the snowflake generation ?
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