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Yellow Snow
03 Apr 16 20:16
Date Joined: 18 Aug 03
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Does anyone know what was the largest odds Pawi was before the race?

As an add on, does anyone know how to get his odds from other betting firms? Is it public knowledge from what he started at to what he ended up at?

Thanks in advance guys
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Report Zazu April 3, 2016 9:26 PM BST
16/1 with bet365 at lunchtime today (didnt look at other firms prices)

Not sure what his largest price was pre event. Probably 100/1 ish . Wouldnt have been able to get a big stake on
Report Zazu April 3, 2016 9:28 PM BST
Not sure how you get the prices now. Whilst the market is still live on Oddschecker  you can click the graph next to  the selections name to see all todays and historical prices. If you tweeted/emailed etc Oddschecker they may help
Report Yellow Snow April 3, 2016 10:46 PM BST
Thanks, I've emailed them.

Am I allowed to talk about PP here?
Report Zazu April 4, 2016 4:03 AM BST

Worst that happens in thread gets removed.
Report Yellow Snow April 4, 2016 4:00 PM BST

I'm aware of the palpable error excuse that bookies use but I've been basically robbed by them for a bet on the total novice outsider Pawi yesterday. He was consistently over 200/1 before the race with other bookies and PP had him at 500/1 for the win. So I put £20ew on him before morning warm up. Just so happens my bet was accepted and he was then 1sec faster per lap in warm up than the rest. Obviously his odds tumbled and 50/1 was seen after warm up. Remember though, I bet before all this happened. He started the race around 14/1 with PP. I can't get any info from odds checkers for before the race but doing a google for 'Pawi bet Moto3 Argentina' shows lots of old pre race odds over 200/1 with other bookies (but the pages have expired). I've emailed the independent regulator but just found out they're paid for by bookies so that's not great.

Lot of money involved for little old me here. It's not like he was a fav and they messed up his odds but that's what they're hiding behind. They paid me on the lower odds even though they admitted they put him up originally at 250/1 on 1st April!
Report Zazu April 4, 2016 9:37 PM BST
Paddypower are correct and I'd be amazed if you got the decision overturned. 500/1 might have been his price for the world championship

He qualified 4th on the grid (then had a 3 place penalty) and looked good in practice. 500/1 is clearly wrong
Report Yellow Snow April 4, 2016 11:10 PM BST
Hi Zazu, I respect your knowledge on this event but were you aware of his odds before the race? If he should have been less than 50/1 when practice started then I hold my hands up. But he wasn't, he was upwards of 200/1 to 300/1 with everyone. So it's not a case of mistaken odds, if anything, it's a case of not following the form at a pace the field is changing to. An example from the other end of the odds table would be - Rider falls off in qualifying and has virtually no chance of getting pole. I bet after his fall @50/1, yet he has only a 500/1 chance in real terms of getting back on his spare bike and trying with 3mins left. Most other bookies offered 500/1 but I only got 50/1. Then he gets pole in the final seconds. Should I have got 50/1 or 500/1??

500/1 was not his championship odds, but I've seen many riders with 500/1 in both race AND championship betting. So were the 250/1 offered (they told me this before the adjustment to 500/1) by PP to win the race a mistake too?! How about the consistent odds of between 200/1 to 300/1 from other bookies, were those a 'mistake'?! How many 'mistakes' by the odds compilers do we have to put up. To me, it is obvious they decided to offer these odds, knowing full well he was an outsider for the race. It was only after he showed his true talent in warm up that his 'outsider' odds came down to 'possible' front runners odds of 50/1 then 14/1. I made my bet when nobody expected him to do what he did in warm up. I'll be waiting for the results from the 'independent' adjudicator and will look at their findings closely.
Report Zazu April 5, 2016 1:41 AM BST
500/1 isn't the correct price on Sunday morning and is obviously wrong.

Just because I dont know the exact price doesn't make that incorrect. He wasnt 200-300/1 with everyone either. Definitely not 365. Oddschecker may have displayed those prices but won't have been on the websites. He'd have been a double figure price.

He was 7th fastest in fp3 and qualified 4th (he did 3 laps in the 1.50s so wasn't a fluke lap) so by Sunday morning why would his price have gone from preevent 250/1 you've been quoted  to double that?
Report Zazu April 5, 2016 1:54 AM BST
I don't know what you've said to the independent body but if I was you I'd email a bunch of bookmakers and ask them what price they were on Saturday/Sunday morning
Report Zazu April 5, 2016 1:54 AM BST
Or contact bestbetting/oddschecker
Report bb66 April 7, 2016 1:26 PM BST
which odds did they pay you? 50? 14?
Report Pounf April 22, 2016 12:29 PM BST
Pawi had no form and his Friday times were 24th and 25th. So I would say he could easily have been 500/1 Friday evening (and probably was). Saturday morning he finished 7th and in qualifying he finished 4th (to have a 3 place grid penalty added), and there is now way his price should have been 500/1 Saturday evening. The best I saw Sunday morning was 50/1 and I assume that, as stale prices can be left on Oddschecker occasionally, and because I looked for him after warm up which he won by a distance, and that was almost certainly a price that should have been cut to the 12/1 - 16/1 which the firms who had a clue had. What you have to remember is only a handful of firms have a clue, the rest just seem to post suspiciously similar prices, once the firms who have a clue have gone up. So an "input error" is one possibility. He shouldnt have been 500/1 Sunday morning, but thats not saying that wasnt what was displayed on the site
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