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13 Dec 17 18:55
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What channel Kate Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill on?

Coverage of Taylor's fight starts at 9:45pm on Sky Sports Main Event. Coverage of the undercard will begin on Sky Sports Action at 6pm.
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Report jimeen December 13, 2017 7:47 PM GMT
The fact that her opponent can be backed at 25/1 sums up what an absolute crock of shiite this supposed world title actually is. On top of it being a rubbish sport, it’s also a mismatch . What chance does an American cheerleader have against Katie and God ?
I’d rather watch the angelus that lasted an hour than watch this tripe tonight .
Report neill d December 13, 2017 7:47 PM GMT
She's 1/100 to win tonight, she should be still fighting amateur and going to the next Olympics. Think she turned pro as she knew she was on the slide. Looking for a cash-out with Holly Holm as soon as possible.
Report workrider December 14, 2017 9:45 AM GMT
Jimeen is spot on, this was rubbish pure and simple, love the girl but Women's boxing is not right imo.
Report frank60 December 14, 2017 11:39 AM GMT
This was the first time a women's world title fight had topped the bill on a major night of boxing in the UK and the sold-out crowd in Bethnal Green . but i guess Katie doesn't" have to many fans on the irish forum, i agree Katie is not as good as she used to be but its great that she is earning a few quid for herself after a long boxing amateur career.
Report RoyalAcademy December 14, 2017 12:17 PM GMT
I think its the sport, not the woman herself, that's lacking the fans frank.

KT ran into a few superior opponents in her declining amateur years and there mustn't be many female boxers going pro as these one-sided fights testify. It really is a distasteful "sport" hoping a woman will floor (and worse) another woman. Her management team clearly know what they are doing and the wagon rolls on. I don't agree that she deserves reward late in her sporting life based on an amateur career-tens of thousands of GAA players would hardly agree.

Some female sports suffer majorly in comparison to male counterparts where brawn as much as brain is applauded: boxing and rugby would be the two worst examples for me.
Report neill d December 14, 2017 1:26 PM GMT
Think the York Hall in Bethnell Green holds about 1500 people. There is a lot of goodwill for Katie Taylor, but I think it will be hard to monetise, ie. in finding enough people that will actually pay through the gate to see her fight. this is well overestimated in Ireland, Hearn is aware of this, despite what he says or she wouldn't be headlining the York Hall, beautiful & historical venue though it is.

If they want to put on a big show in Ireland, They need to get either Holly Holm, who would bring the UFC crowd (although I think they'd make more in America), or get the bigger British girl that Frank Warren signed that also won gold and turned pro.

Eric Donovan, like Katie, doesn't have much time to waste at 32, & is also supposed to be pretty useful. He's around European level at I think super-featherweight at the moment, getting him a shot at someone's world title with maybe Taylor topping against the British girl would probably half-fill the O2.

I've a feeling the big money is in America v Holly Holm (the wan who beat Rousey) in all honesty.

Irish people will not pay to watch women's boxing & Hearn knows it.

Preface the above by saying she's a great person, a fantastic role-model and very very skilfull. Really stylish fighter, would put a lot of men to shame. She should be going to the Olympics, though. This is a cash grab and I don't think the Irish people will oblige her.

Have ye seen who her Dad is training for these days & who owns his gym?
Report neill d December 14, 2017 1:43 PM GMT
What chance does an American cheerleader have against Katie and God ?

Some hack will steal that line!

Royal Academy, If you're relying on braun in boxing, you'd want to be exceptionally brauny. While obviously,  power & strength are needed to a certain level; all of the guys at the top are strong and can hit like mules.

The two most skillful & best fighters of this era are probably Lomachenko, Mayweather & Andre Ward, none of them renowned as big hitters, although the former two operated way out of their weight class.

McGregor had over 20 pounds on a shot Mayweather and prepped on coca cola & KFC, there's more to it then strength and power, because they're all strong and powerful. McGregor's skill-level at striking was pathetic as the many internet gifs of his crappy jab falling short will show.
Report frank60 December 14, 2017 1:52 PM GMT
The analogy between GAA and Women boxing is not a fair one R.A., The GAA man and women know what there getting into from the outset, having said that i have great admiration for the loyalty of GAA, theres not many amateur  organizations that can boast 80,000 fans at their grand finals, [ if any]
Report workrider December 14, 2017 7:48 PM GMT
I think Kate is a wonderful woman, she has a belief in God for which she makes no apology, clean living and very beautiful, she deserves every penny she makes...
Report jimeen December 14, 2017 9:33 PM GMT
So yesterday women’s boxing was not right, and the fight was rubbish, today she is wonderful and deserves every penny she makes. Who knows what tomorrow might bring ?
The mind boggles.
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