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26 Dec 10 23:11
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Not long before transfer window opens and although Sir Alex Ferguson says he is not a big fan of the January opportunity, he has been known to come up with the odd surprise!

Newspapers say Pepe Reina is a target. True he is unsettled at United but would he move to United knowing the "rumpus" that caused. Also United have earmarked young Anders Lindergaard as the long time successor to Van Der Sar but Reina much better at the moment.

The other name that keeps getting mentioned at Old Trafford is the Chilean winger Alexis Sanchez. I heard that Inter were going to sign him but he is waiting to see if United move for him first. Not sure about truth in this because Antonio Valencia is making a quicker recovery than first thought and I would have thought Sir Alex might be prioritising  a centre half and midfielder but who knows.

Anderson is starting to show a lot more of his undoubted ability but the defence is key for United if they want another title. Sunderland were not great today but United's defence was absolutely solid, unlike much of this season. Anyway we will find out a bit more at Birmingham on Tuesday as they will be tested a lot more by a fresh side with plenty of time to prepare.

Anyway good luck to fans at all clubs in this festive period. It could go a long way to deciding your season.

For United fans looking for a 19th title-  BELIEVE
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Report anxious March 18, 2018 8:52 PM GMT
Report mafeking March 18, 2018 9:00 PM GMT
fwiw i'd rather play you at villa park. it's a joke that semi finals are played at wembley in the first place

i don't know that there's any real advantage to us in any case although i'm sure mourinho will bang on about it endlessly. 50/50 split on tickets and we've lost our last 7 fa cup semi finals
Report peter the butcher March 18, 2018 9:10 PM GMT
Good luck mafe but it’s wrong even though we knew the score before the tournament.

As I said before,  imagine if you were drawn to play us at Old Trafford. I’d be very confident if that were the case.

You should be equally confident. Don’t forget we are in the middle of a crisis, possibly the worst United team for years under one if the worst managers we’ve had.

I might not bother going down there Devil

On the other hand......
Report mafeking March 18, 2018 9:15 PM GMT
after our initial stumbles at the beginning of the season our season away at wembley has turned out better than expected

that said it's still a vast soulless bowl most seats miles from the pitch and doesn't feel like home. can't wait to get back to tottenham and the new ground. don't envy the chavs having to spend as many as 4 seasons there
Report anxious March 18, 2018 9:18 PM GMT
4 seasons why is that are the re locating back to Vladivostok ?
Report peter the butcher March 18, 2018 9:23 PM GMT
Anx Laugh
Report ufcdan March 18, 2018 9:39 PM GMT
I am detecting anti SEMItism on here Laugh
Report ufcdan March 18, 2018 9:40 PM GMT
You've got the home dressing room ffs Mischief
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:05 PM GMT
Lost the last 7  semi finals have they Totenham , wasnt it 2009 league cup final on penalties Cool
Report themover March 18, 2018 10:17 PM GMT
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:20 PM GMT
The Bitter Bertie back again with his cartoons , you should be praying for more oil you bell
Report peter the butcher March 18, 2018 10:22 PM GMT
You on form tonight anx Laugh
Report duffy March 18, 2018 10:22 PM GMT
All things considered, I'm thoroughly cheesed off.
Report peter the butcher March 18, 2018 10:23 PM GMT
I’m looking forward to the semi final. We’ll be the underdogs so nowt to lose Devil
Report duffy March 18, 2018 10:23 PM GMT
Mainly cause Cheltenham's overSad
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:24 PM GMT
yeah we carved it up a couple of days didnt we duffy Crazy
Report peter the butcher March 18, 2018 10:24 PM GMT
Why what’s up duffy? Has Mourinho signed another extension?
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:24 PM GMT
Report peter the butcher March 18, 2018 10:26 PM GMT
Oh ok. I had one of my best Cheltenham’s ever. Backed all Gordon Elliot’s winners and a few more big priced ones.

Not sure how that happened
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 18, 2018 10:28 PM GMT
How u boys do at chelts
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:31 PM GMT
Had a few winners RP nothing massive but won a few pennies
Report duffy March 18, 2018 10:33 PM GMT
I ended about £800 up mainly from I/R.....had a nice little multiple ante-post...could have done with Mr. Adjudicator winning the triumph.
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 18, 2018 10:36 PM GMT
Only really caught the first day had a decent place bet on menglhi khan and a winner at Sedgefield missed next two days but last day three good winners one of gizzards kilbricken something 33s pacha depolder 25s and one of Nichols with geraghty on in McManus colours le preziene also had the dead heater for third in pacha race

So on the whole not a bad two day festival all be it in Spanish
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:40 PM GMT
Where in Spain were you RP
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 18, 2018 10:40 PM GMT
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:42 PM GMT
Right remember the song by the Clash Spanish bombs in Andalucia
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 18, 2018 10:44 PM GMT
Lol don't know that one
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:46 PM GMT
about the Spanish Civil WAR
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 18, 2018 10:47 PM GMT
How hard did u try not to say Seville war lol
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:52 PM GMT
Please RP dont go there
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 18, 2018 10:54 PM GMT
Only saw bits of game as I was in a restraunt I thought you would have had enough to beat them but did think if u lost it then the home leg would be the one
Report anxious March 18, 2018 10:56 PM GMT
Yes i do remember you saying that Plain
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 18, 2018 10:59 PM GMT
Its an odd score line nil nil away it almost feels like u have done a good job

But in reality its better for the home team as they gain the draw option

And even if u go one nil up its always in the balance
Report anxious March 18, 2018 11:02 PM GMT
Report themover March 18, 2018 11:05 PM GMT
Spanish Bombs was about ETA bombings on hotels on the Costa Brava, not the Spanish Civil War Wink
Report duffy March 18, 2018 11:06 PM GMT
Said straight after the first game, 0-0 was a bad score away from home even in the days when United were good.
Report anxious March 18, 2018 11:16 PM GMT
Ok mover i stand corrected
Report anxious March 18, 2018 11:16 PM GMT
Are you sure about that mover
Report anxious March 18, 2018 11:19 PM GMT
The song actually talks about the Spanish Civil war and ETA
Report Capt__F March 18, 2018 11:22 PM GMT
Report anxious March 18, 2018 11:25 PM GMT
Whatever it refers to the Clash were a fantastic band CoolCool
Report hippie March 18, 2018 11:43 PM GMT
"Spanish bombs on the Costa Brava
I'm flying in on a DC 10 tonight"

When the song was written Freddie Laker was flying holidaymakers into Spain on DC-10s and ETA was targeting the tourist industry.
Report pushkin99 March 18, 2018 11:44 PM GMT
Unlucky comrades.

U have moanrhino, who loves himself soooooooooooo much he continually blames everyone else but himself. Have fun chasing only the minor baubles for yet another year.

While we have Klopp, in whom we trust.

Ps In the day my fav band was the Clash, equalled only by the Stanglers and the Jam.
Report themover March 19, 2018 12:06 AM GMT
Think I've still got London Calling on vinyl somewhere Shocked
Report pushkin99 March 19, 2018 12:12 AM GMT
I still have give em enough rope in the loft somewhere, with quite a few others.....................
Report pushkin99 March 19, 2018 12:12 AM GMT
stay free, as sung by mick jones probably my favourite.
Report themover March 19, 2018 12:13 AM GMT
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 9:35 AM GMT
Interesting article,

Manchester United players are finally fighting for their futures

Man Utd players who were present and elsewhere for the Brighton fixture may have been addressed by Jose Mourinho at his post-match press conference.

At lunchtime on Saturday, Matteo Darmian's wife uploaded a video onto her Instagram page of the couple driving into Manchester city centre with friends. The short clip was the second in her Instagram Story out of 10 as the Darmians' day was documented while the majority of the United first-team squad prepared for their biggest match of the campaign at The Lowry Hotel.

Darmian may be injured or just dropped. Whatever the circumstances behind his squad omission, he is not obliged to spend the day brooding indoors or working out while watching Antonio Valencia, the player he was bought to replace, defend unconvincingly. It does still speak volumes of Darmian's character that he is content with his wife confirming his squad absence and then flaunting their social life on social media on a matchday.

The contrast came from Ander Herrera on the same social media platform. He was unfit for Brighton but attended the match with his partner and one-year-old daughter, who was read an English book on the car journey home. Herrera has a shorter United contract than Darmian but there is little doubt over which one will be in Manchester beyond the summer.

It is players like Darmian who Jose Mourinho was maybe referring to at his pre and post-match press conferences. "See where they play, when they play, how they play, if they play," he spat while discussing the United players who have left under his watch. For Darmian, the where is doubtless Italy, the when once a week, and the how could determine the if.

"My calculation is without pressure they don't perform well," Mourinho explained on Saturday evening. "What can I lose? And the ones that are always there will always be there." 'Personality' was a buzzword. "A few of the other guys were scared to play. I cannot say much more, I think is the relation with personality," Mourinho remarked.

Darmian is comfortable. His lack of playing time was not an incentive to angle for a January transfer, what with Italy failing to qualify for a World Cup for the first time since 1958. He even made Luigi di Biagio's Azzurri squad for this month's friendlies with England and Argentina. And Darmian got to take his wife to Dubai for United's warm weather training trip. The perks of being a United player are unlikely to be matched by whichever Italian club Darmian doubtless joins.

The full-back did at least avoid a Mourinho rebuke on his Saturday off. "Every time they went in his corridor the cross was coming and the dangerous situation was coming," Mourinho opined on Luke Shaw's performance. Shaw could solve the government's Russia crisis and still receive a ticking off from Mourinho.

This was Mourinho's watershed week. The Champions League defeat to Sevilla was unquestionably the most humiliating European Cup knockout ejection in United's history and Mourinho's merciful approach to the players he inherited has ended. He urged them to 'grow up' on Friday and accused certain starters of not wanting to play on Saturday.

Mourinho's ruthlessness was underpinned by Alexis Sanchez's overdue demotion and the presence of Paul Pogba on the United bench again. Tension has lingered between manager and midfielder since Pogba's removal at Tottenham on January 31 and Mourinho is testing Pogba's ego by starting Marouane Fellaini and Scott McTominay ahead of him in successive cup ties.

"Pai e filho," Diego Costa commented on Nemanja Matic's Instagram upload of 'father' Mourinho joining him for a coffee at Carrington two weeks ago. He wasn't the only former teammate to do so. Mourinho's surrogate son reflects the United manager on the pitch like Roy Keane did with Sir Alex Ferguson during United's hegemony and however stoically Matic may perform he is every teammate's yardstick, from Pogba to Darmian.

'A Jose Mourinho player' was how the United manager described Matic in the press release announcing his signing. "Matic and Lukaku are performing at a high level since day one until the last match," Mourinho stated on Friday. Lukaku raised his clenched fist in Mourinho's direction following the opener against Brighton, as if he were a son seeking their father's approval. He received it.

Few United players enjoy such a tight bond with Mourinho. David de Gea was indulged with the hiring of Emilio Alvarez, his old Atletico Madrid mentor, and shares the same agent as Mourinho. Ander Herrera was previously Mourinho's on-pitch lieutenant until Matic joined, Scott McTominay and Marouane Fellaini attentively follow Mourinho's instructions. Sergio Romero and Marcos Rojo have improved, Eric Bailly, Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young are definitive Mourinho players. The majority are not. Not yet, anyway.

Report PorcupineorPineapple March 19, 2018 9:45 AM GMT
To be fair, Darmian's been garbage and out of contention for a long time. He was out of the picture long before Italy were knocked out of the WC.
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 9:47 AM GMT
Not sure it says anything really pete.

Unless Darmiens lunch or dinner or whatever was during the game and he didnt bother to attend in which case he's a cnt and should be made train with the reserve's.
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 9:49 AM GMT
Would there be a rule that the senior swuad have to attend if not in the match day squad ?
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 9:52 AM GMT
We have always known Herrera was a 100% committed professional but that doesn't really get him a look in either.
Report PorcupineorPineapple March 19, 2018 10:00 AM GMT
Herrera's a weird one. Was your best midfielder last year but has hardly had a look in since Matic joined.
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 10:11 AM GMT
Ye dropped at the start of the season and looked like he was almost trying too hard on the odd occasion he was given a chance after.
Its a pity,  I like him.
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 10:24 AM GMT
Tbh I think a lot of our players are suffering from rotation.

Despite playing well certain players would find themselves dropped again for next game and performances have dipped.

Players like rashford, martial,herrera ,darmien,shaw never seem to get a decent run.

The centre halfs have injury issues so no chance to get continuity there but there's no doubt some of the others would benifit a proper run even through a bad patch as matic and lukaku were afforded this season.

It bonds the players and forms a tighter knit group.

Of course if someone is completely out of form over a period then they should be taken out like pogba and mikiy were.
Report PorcupineorPineapple March 19, 2018 10:29 AM GMT
Another piece on Mourinho's relationship with the players.

Luke Shaw’s Manchester United team-mates were left stunned and angry after Jose Mourinho’s latest humiliation of the defender. Shaw was surprisingly hauled off at half-time in the win over Brighton to leave many United players dumbfounded, in the latest setback to the England international’s Old Trafford career.

It is understood that some United stars even believe Shaw is being “bullied” by his manager and the defender is facing an increasingly bleak future while Mourinho remains in charge.

Mourinho was seen shouting at Shaw during the first half before substituting him at the break, later insisting he wanted his team “to defend better”.

His latest public humiliation of Shaw comes just two months after claiming the left-back was one of the best in his position.

Shaw has more than a year remaining on his contract, but could now be facing another extended period out of the United first team.

The England international was not alone in being criticised by Mourinho, with the Portuguese furious with a number of his players after they struggled against Chris Hughton's side.

Barely 24 hours after launching an impassioned defence of his 20 months in charge at Old Trafford, Mourinho declared that only Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku - the two goalscorers against Brighton - were safe from his wrath.

And with Mourinho having accused his players of “a lack of personality, lack of class and lack of desire,” it was left to Matic, his loyal lieutenant both at Chelsea and now United, to try and explain a second memorable outburst in as many days.

“I didn't have many managers in my life but he is special because he wants to win always,” said Matic. “You can see when we lose a game he cannot accept that. Probably that's why he won more than 20 trophies in his life.

“It is very difficult to work with him because he always wants more and more. Even if you win the league he wants to win again next season.

“He is like this and the players need to be ready for that. Because at this high level, at Manchester United and where I used to play Chelsea, the players need to be ready for that because the pressure is big.

“Everyone expects you to win every game. Obviously it is not possible, but supporters always expect. It doesn't matter if you are tired or not, supporters want high quality football. It is normal.”

“Normal” also describes these latest pronouncements, at least for Mourinho. It is a pattern he has followed before in his managerial career and which helps explain, at least in part, why he has never spent more than three years in any one post.

Having turned from admonishing supporters, to criticising his predecessors, to self-defence, to hitting out at his players, all in the space of one weekend, Mourinho conceded on Saturday evening that a policy of being so public in his pronouncements could backfire.

It is conceivable, he admitted, that he could “lose” the dressing room after his scatter-gun approach towards a group of multi-millionaire footballers not readily known for their acceptance of such public embarrassment.

Not that Matic features in that category, with Mourinho’s admiration for the player long since a matter of record. If the 29-year-old does represent the resident United teacher’s pet, however, it was not a point he wished to analyse.

“I think this is a question for him. I am doing my best and I am happy to work with him, I'm happy to be part of his team, club,” he said.

“I think he respects what I am doing every day, not only in the game, but in the training sessions and I am happy for that and I will continue like this.

“I like when the manager always wants better and better, so you have to improve always. Always do your best. I like this kind of work, this kind of relationship. I'm happy.”

All of which leaves United in a curious state of limbo for now. Should they win the FA Cup and finish second, does that represent an improvement on Mourinho’s debut season, when he won two pieces of silverware in the League Cup and Europa League?

Given that embarrassment against Sevilla in the Champions League in midweek, probably not. And, for Matic, a season in which the FA Cup is the only honour, cannot be considered success.

“I think no,” he said. “Because I always want to win more and more, but in the Premier League you have six or seven teams who want to win the league.

“It is not possible to always win, but if we win the FA Cup it is good, but not perfect. You have four competitions in the season, if you win one for me it is not enough, but you always have to do your best.

“In the Premier League when you are in the first four this is not perfect, but is good to play for the Champions League next season. If you win the FA Cup I cannot say it is a successful season, but it's a good season.”

I think it shows the two sides of him and his players. When it works as with Matic he gets 100% loyalty and adherence but if he falls out with someone he usually does so publicly. Issue is if this player is popular with others or the rest of the squad feels he is being treated unfairly then it leads to them questioning the methods or motives of the manager and can undermine the trust. It's something Jose has done throughout his career to be fair and while he's had success it usually falls apart at the end with him losing the confidence of the players who know they have a cushy contract and will either get a move accompanied with a nice signing on fee or a new manager.
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 10:29 AM GMT
Herrera has been injured, suspended and dropped at various times this season.

Still played 30 times this season. Last season with all the cup runs he was a big part of United's set up and played 50 times, seasons before 41 and 30.

Not really got going and tbf McTom has been much more consistent.
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 10:34 AM GMT
Tells us nothing we didn't see for ourselves and that we interpreted differently. Easy to say "some United stars" and not name them.

What is clear is that Mourinho has had enough of being the scapegoat for the style of play or for the lack of responsibility some players are showing during matches. He knows they have no future and is happy to "out" them.
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 10:35 AM GMT
'A Jose Mourinho player' was how the United manager described Matic in the press release announcing his signing. "Matic and Lukaku are performing at a high level since day one until the last match," Mourinho stated on Friday.

I don't think I could argue about Matic, who has been tremendous since he joined, and given the choice of him or Herrera I'm afraid Matic wins for me. Whether theres room for Herrera in the team in addition to Matic is open to debate...... As regards Lukaku, its only in maybe the last 8-10 games there has been a definite improvement in his whole game in addition to his goals. Early on I didn't think he was performing to "a high level", he missed plenty of chances.

As regards Mourinhos bullshit about Shaw, he needs to be told that his "team" performed BETTER with Shaw in than out, BOTH goals were scored in the second half as a result of his change and Mourinhos apparent inability to roust his side at half time.They came out like a damp squib
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 10:36 AM GMT
Ye this injury couldn't have happened at a worse time for him with pogba out of favour.

POP,  jose has had a busy eventful week hasn't he , Grin
Report PorcupineorPineapple March 19, 2018 10:42 AM GMT
Thing is, I agree with players not taking responsibility but when it seems to be so many who at the same time are either not following instructions or are showing fear then does that not raise the question of the message or messenger. If it's one or two then fair enough, but if it's several then either they all simultaneously foul up or the tactics and motivation just isn't getting through.
Report tickerty boo March 19, 2018 10:48 AM GMT
Hey dessie, do you think it's acceptable for Shaw to turn up in the state he has.
I would call it picking up a fat cheque whilst being a lazy tw@t .
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 10:51 AM GMT

"Players like rashford, martial,herrera ,darmien,shaw never seem to get a decent run"

Not sure I agree with that oldesp. Rashford has played in 42 games and Martial has played in 40 games. I appreciate they haven't started in all of those but ironically when they both had long runs of starting they weren't as good at the back end of those runs. Herrera has had 30 games as mentioned already.

Darmian and Shaw not getting long runs in the team is hardly a surprise is it? Even so Sarmian has played 13 times and Shaw 15 times.

I'd hope the manager could make his mind up by that time
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 10:52 AM GMT
Report anxious March 19, 2018 10:54 AM GMT
I was shocked when i seen shaw at the Palace game , he was an absolute disgrace looked like he had been on the cheeseburgers and ambrosia rice pudding , awful and embarrasing
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 10:55 AM GMT
Showing fear? I don't believe that. Tell me one United squad player who you think would say "I don't fancy this game boss"
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 11:00 AM GMT
tick, the knives are properly out for Mourinho. Fans bringing up anything they can throw at him. He's no angel and has let himself down with some of the rubbish he's been spouting in the media but a lot of other stuff needed saying

Many of these players rebelled against Moyes and LVG but it seems to have escaped some. Common denominator and all that.

I know LVG is a loon but only today he had this to say;

Louis Van Gaal has criticised his former Manchester United players, describing them as "unprofessional" for refusing to read his emails.

The former Netherlands manager spent two seasons in charge at Old Trafford, but was sacked and replaced by Jose Mourinho in May 2016, just two days after leading the club to their first FA Cup trophy in 12 years.

Van Gaal revealed he used to have individual meetings with players to track their progress, but admits they would often ignore his messages preparing them for the session - forcing him to track when they had been read.

"I developed the digital tracker with my IT man. Each player was able to log in," Van Gaal told German publication Bild.

"So I gave everyone the opportunity to prepare for the conversation with me at home and to meet me in dialogue at eye level."

When asked about players not responding to emails, he said: "That's true, too. But this testifies to their lack of professionalism and I have then addressed them.

"But I already did that with the emails at Bayern. My conviction is that a full professional also wants to live professionally. Like Arjen Robben. He read the emails."

Tells you a lot about the players doesn't it?
Report tickerty boo March 19, 2018 11:02 AM GMT
Correct Pete,as I said Shaw a disgrace,absolutely no excuse.
looked like he was pregnant.
Report tickerty boo March 19, 2018 11:04 AM GMT
Jose knows now he's  going to get a reaction,wether it be good or bad he will
know where he stands.
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 11:06 AM GMT
You'd think Shaw would be ultra fit, raring to go and want to impress. Lads were actually laughing when we saw him limbering up.

Looked like Rooney did that day at Everton, opening match of the season. As a result Fergie sent him to fat club in America.

Shaw will be doing his weight watchers in North London next season I suspect.
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 11:09 AM GMT
Mourinho's problem is that they are on such good contracts its hard to get rid of many of the players. perhaps he's trying to embarrass them into leaving....or shape up.

You know what is embarrassing? United still 2nd in the league and into semi finals of the Cup and we think we have huge problems.

Imagine the others (City aside)
Report anxious March 19, 2018 11:10 AM GMT
Peter yes i agree with  Jose regarding Shaws fitness no question about that , but i do think he has picked on him a bit too much there are others too who have shown a poor attitude like lukaku , martial etc at times and he has not gone for them as much
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 11:11 AM GMT
Anxious he was on the bench and came on after 67 minutes at which time we were behind. We went on to win. If Jose put him on the bench and was prepared to bring him on when behind, do you think Mourinho was wrong? I didn't hear any criticism of Shaw that night for being "fat" or "fearful".........

There are numerous players who need regular games to obtain and maintain match fitness, there are numerous who are sticks whatever they eat. Shaw went from being one of the best left backs around to being ridiculed by mourinho in a couple of weeks. Just as he publicly ridiculed his club doctor for doing her job, which started his downfall at Chelsea. He is his own worst enemy imo.

I'd love to hear what the likes of Ferguson and Charlton now think about his management two years in......
Report anxious March 19, 2018 11:15 AM GMT
i was listening onthe radio before and this United fan was on saying how Fergie had to get rid of Paul Mcgrath who was a fatastic player because of his alchohl issues , same with whiteside , moran  etc when Fergus came to Old Trafford in 86 he said it resembled Salford Social Club
Report degsy42 March 19, 2018 11:22 AM GMT
when your depressed you eat , hence why pete likes a kebab or 2 after  watching utd Laugh
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 11:32 AM GMT
Amazing how fans forget how good Shaw was before that fecker broke his leg, how bad his break was, how he has fought to get back, and how traumatic it must have been in the early days of getting back playing with physical involved. The lad deserves more respect than Mourinho does imo. NOTHING Shaw has done can be worse than things Mourinho has done
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 11:34 AM GMT
DeSS, its easy to say Shaw went from world beater to what he is now but don't forget the bad leg break he had. Who knows if that is still on his mind? Whether it is or not, he will certainly never be quite the same again.
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 11:34 AM GMT
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 11:35 AM GMT
He hasn't fought that hard to get back. I'm in better shape than he is, I promise you
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 11:43 AM GMT
hmmmmm yes Pete......

Changing the subject, well done re following Elliott at Chelts, amazed to see two irish meetings today and despite being 400k behind Elliott, Mullins I think has just one runner whilst Elliott has loads. I know Mullins likes to target bigger prizes, but it does seem to be handing Irish Trainers title on a plate to Elliott.....
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 11:45 AM GMT
Cheers DeSS. Yep agree re the strange tactics of Mullins, would love to see him get it back from Elliot
Report rommel March 19, 2018 11:47 AM GMT
any pro footballer with a weight issue-goes a bit deeper...needs to sit doon with the likes of pete or dessie,anx even,then hand him a rope,show him the bannister
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 11:52 AM GMT
rommel you're such a lovely boy.....
Report rommel March 19, 2018 12:03 PM GMT
it is possible to have a squad thats just too big....
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 19, 2018 12:11 PM GMT
I think the manager has caused most of the crisis culture that some think the club are in

As Pete points out second in the league and still in the fa cup

There's plenty of teams who would take that apart from a team whose either top and in cl or top four and still in cl

I think you have a bit of a mental battle between fans who want to see good entertaining football and what looks progress against those who will take anything that's served up as long as its seen as successful

Its about if that style of play can bring success every fan like it or not would like to see the city model every game very good football linked to successful results

That has to be the goal imo
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 12:14 PM GMT
Yep agree with most of that RP
Report REDUNDANT PUNTER March 19, 2018 12:19 PM GMT
Also anyone comparing Moyes and mourinio in terms of management ability can't be on the same planet

Moyes at his best could get any team in the prem to sixth place and I include city in that
Report rommel March 19, 2018 12:37 PM GMT
still think that whoever took that job-straight after fergie,was the biggest mug in world football
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 12:56 PM GMT
I dunno in remuneration terms I think he was no mug Wink
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 1:04 PM GMT
For now I'm giving Mourinho the benefit of the doubt that he does want us to press forward, but I wonder why he has basically kept the same defenders as LVG indoctrinated to his methods of holding of the ball and laboured,tippy tappy, backwards/sideways football?? Were Bailly and Lindelof supposed to transform us? Is there another top side in any league that plays a right footer in the left back position?

Peter, Shaw looked in pretty good shape to me at the start of the CL game, you look like that do you??
Report duffy March 19, 2018 1:13 PM GMT
None of the last two pages addresses the route problem that lies beneath everything else and would still exist whether Luke Shaw was 3 stone lighter or not.....Mourinho's style of play whether it brings trophies or not is unacceptable.

He's a gonner I'm afraid...sooner rather than later I suspect...he's a gonner.
Report duffy March 19, 2018 1:20 PM GMT
Mourinho saying he wants the team to attack, well I'd bet the players would  testify differently to that.

Does he really expect us to believe that the stagnant play that has the Mourinho stamp all over it the we've been enjoying all season was actually the players choosing to ignore his wishes and be negative.

The players must take a lot of responsibility of course because whatever style they have to play it can be done in a far better way than they are currently doing, but I do believe that Mourinho has drained the confidence from them to a point that many are hiding away on the pitch.
Report peter the butcher March 19, 2018 1:20 PM GMT
DeSS, I reckon I could give Shaw a good race over 100m, especially if there is a kebab waiting for the winner
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 1:34 PM GMT
Tbh sometimes people just dont click.

Ive never seen shaw let us down or look any worse than any of our other 4 fullback options yet he continuously gets hammered by jose.

He should cut his losses and leave as he will never please jose as its obviously personal.
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 1:37 PM GMT
In fact more often than not he has looked our best fullback imo.

Young has had a good season tbf but I would switch him to the right and give us a genuine attacking threat from both fullbacks.
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 1:51 PM GMT
only if you ankle tapped his bad leg within two secon
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 1:51 PM GMT
only if you ankle tapped his bad leg within two secon
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 1:51 PM GMT
seconds peter after that he'd be well out in the distan
Report DeSSieReborn March 19, 2018 1:53 PM GMT
ce. Fed up of this fcking laptop need to get a new one its more annoying than jose
Report olddesperado March 19, 2018 1:57 PM GMT

Your welcome.
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