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09 Mar 18 19:05
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I am running out of space for my books and I don't want to get more bookcases!
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Report Foinavon March 9, 2018 8:42 PM GMT
I only buy Kindle books, Annie. The print is much easier to read and the Kindle goes with me everywhere.
If you get one, best get the Paperwhite which is backlit and can be read in poor lighting conditions (or no light at all if you read in bed).
Another advantage is the text links to a dictionary if you come across a word which you are not sure about the meaning and when connected to Wifi you can look up explanations on Wiki. (This is useful if you come across an event or person in a historical work and want some instant background).
I don't have Kindle unlimited but on reflection, it probably would have represented a saving. I haven't bothered doing the calculation because of the small sums involved.
Report Foinavon March 9, 2018 8:49 PM GMT
There is a downside. It is very poor when showing maps and diagrams. The way round this is the have the Kindle app on your PC or tablet so you can view them there.
Report annie. March 9, 2018 9:20 PM GMT
I do read a lot in bed, Foinavon, so that would be a help.  Have you ever fallen asleep with it on - would it come to any harm?

I do like the idea about connecting to wiki.  I really like historical fiction but as you say I come across people I would like to know more about.  One of the reasons I want a kindle is that I want to read the big series of historical fiction but they would be a pain to get unless I bought them all and it seems a bit of a waste to spend so much money and then give them away which is what I would be doing.  I don't keep most books I have read, my bookcases are full of stuff I haven't read.
Report Foinavon March 9, 2018 9:42 PM GMT
Yes, I read until I'm ready to drop off. I have a case which has a hand strap so I don't drop it and when my hand collapses involuntarily on my chest, I know it's time to put it away and sleep.
As you probably gathered from the Books thread, I'm reading the Flashman novels which are based on historical fact and there are lots of references of names and events which I can look up instantly which is very satisfying.
I have loads of books on my Kindle and they don't appear to affect the performance. All the books are stored in Amazon's cloud so you can read them on other devices (your page is saved across the system) and you can't lose them should you lose or damage your Kindle. You can also remove books from the Kindle but they are kept in your Amazon account.
Report Des Pond March 9, 2018 11:45 PM GMT
Kindles are great. I'm an old luddite and and got one as a Christmas present. I'd never be without it, now. You can get almost any book instantly, and many of them at a quid, or free for the old classics. I have a Paperwhite and an older one. I must say I prefer the older one with the buttons, as it is more user-friendly than the paperwhite.
Report Makybe_Diva March 10, 2018 11:27 AM GMT
I rebelled against having a Kindle for ages. The more people kept banging on about their bl**dy Kindle, the more determined I was that I would never have one.

I was forced to buy one for our month long holiday a couple of years ago, to save on packing space as I wanted to take lots to read.

And now I wouldn't be without it! I have the Kindle Paperwhite with the Kindle leather cover.

I love my Kindle! Love Love Love
Report dunlaying March 10, 2018 11:36 AM GMT
I have mixed feelings about Kindle . Many of the books are ruined by typos . The French dictionaries are rubbish and God knows why because the free version was superb . Wiki thingy doesn't work and finding extracts highlighted or underlined because some idiot does it on the other side of the world is irritating .
But even though there is room for improvement I use one everyday .
Report salmon spray March 10, 2018 11:43 AM GMT
I've had one for three years. There do tend to be a lot of typos particularly in the free stuff ( I LIKE Victorian novels ). I have problems remembering what has happened in the plot though and it's not as easy to flick back as with a book.
Report Foinavon March 10, 2018 12:03 PM GMT
You can turn off the "public notes", Dunlaying.
Go to settings>reading options> explore this book>popular highlights> off.
Report Poppydog. March 10, 2018 12:22 PM GMT
Paperwhite is leaps and bounds ahead of other Kindle devices.

Be quick £20 off for Mother's Day weekend
Report Makybe_Diva March 10, 2018 12:27 PM GMT
Salmon Spray makes a good point about problems not remembering a plot. This happens to most people too.

This is interesting

I would also add to this that when you have a real book, each time you pick it up you read the title and look at the cover picture, whereas  with a Kindle you open it and go straight to the text.

I couldn't tell you the name of the book I'm reading right now, for instance Confused

Don't let this put you off tho'.  Kindles are brilliant and will save you loads of money on books.
Report Poppydog. March 10, 2018 12:39 PM GMT
Decent website for tracking current Kindle bargains

You can narrow down your genre preferences
Report Just Checking March 10, 2018 1:19 PM GMT
I've a paperwhite and like others, it's much better.
Couple points: They are very low power, thin light and strong.
The battery lasts ages, they don't get "hot" or anything as it's doing so little.
I'd have no fear about falling asleep with one on.

Secondly if you like old stuff they are fantastic as old stuff that's out of print can be free, perfectly legal, or dirt cheap.
Look at the free stuff on amazon  or bundles.
But in addition to that if you can't see it there or it costs, look at say the "project guttenburg" stuff
which has this stuff downloadle. You download the mobi file and transfer over USB (I think you might also be able to email
but I don't). It sometimes doesn't appear immediately ,and make sure you put the filter of books to "all",
and maybe needs a reboot to appear but they are perfectly legal as well, the copyright has expired.
Report Just Checking March 10, 2018 1:22 PM GMT
If you learn a foreign language the dictionary is handy, you just hold your finger over a word and it (hopefully) finds it in the dictionary for that language.
(You can get free dictionaries). This is without wifi, you can get more looking up abilities if wifi is enabled.
Report annie. March 10, 2018 2:36 PM GMT
Thanks everyone Happy

I think the answer is definitely yes about the paperwhite!

My experiences of resisting them are so similar with chit chatters and also that bit about forgetting the plot!  I now read them every night so I don't forget.
Report Just Checking March 10, 2018 4:01 PM GMT
I've an elderly relative who falls asleep reading one.
They are so low power as I say it's not a worry imho. You don't even notice it's on, it's like a .. slate.

Anyway - it has an autotimeout feature if you don't touch the screen for X minutes it switches off.
You can get cases for them (I've one) as well to protect it.
Report Just Checking March 10, 2018 4:03 PM GMT
I've already so much cheap and free stuff on mine I've years of reading to do and that's without kindle unlimited!
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